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I can’t help but make a thread to address all of the negativity on this board. PLEASE READ!!!!!


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I have a hypothetical question for you guys. If you could look into the future and see that USF is going to win a national title in 2024, would a bad season this year or next year hurt as much? Would you still stress or be mad about losing season this year, or UCF going to the Big 12? Probably not, you would simply sit back and enjoy the ride knowing that you have a guaranteed National title in 2024. Kind of like when you know the ending of a movie. The movie is not as intense as watching it w/o knowledge of the ending. If you are a Tampa Bay fan, you might have hated the Lovie Smith years, hated Jameis Winston, and probably had a lot of anger and unhappiness with the team prior to Brady’s arrival. Now you mofos won a superbowl….AGAIN. Think about all the time you wasted having heartache over your team, when you could have simply enjoyed the ride to your Superbowl. 

The future is merely how someone "perceives" how an event will take place. Whether you feel we will have success or failure in the future is not a fact until it actually happens. So why have such a negative outlook? Once you learn to accept whatever happens in life, good or bad, then you will handle things "not going as planned" or "how you wanted" much better. In life, I try to always remain optimistic "along the journey" for everything I do. The reason is in case I actually do "have success".  I would hate to WASTE time I can’t ever get back on stressing, having anxiety, or worrying "on the journey" to success. To me wasting time being negative is worse than  "not succeeding" at that moment. Because whatever life, fate, or God (for those of you who believe in him) has planned for you, will happen regardless. I know that whatever I have in my heart that is meant for me will eventually come to me. 

That is why I keep my Green and Gold Goggles on. I know that success WILL COME and refuse to be bitter or negative along the journey. I can’t tell anybody how to feel, nor am I putting anybody down. I am just trying to plant a seed in your head about a better way of navigating through life altogether. I recommend you get the audiobook (I have both) from a guy name Eckhart Tolle called “ A New Earth.” This book has opened my mind. 

P.S - 

I want to address those who are butt hurt over UCF going to the Big 12 instead of us. Jealously is for pooh-seas! Stop giving UCF fans ammo to make fun of us. We need to show them that we don’t care. Real men don’t hate or try to block another man’s success. That is man-law #486.  I do not like UCF, but in the end, they helped the AAC stay relevant and get some shine. They earned their success and my hat is off to those boys. Their success does not mean s*****t to me nor do I feel it hinders USF success. When I “was” a Gator fan, I never got mad when UM or FSU won. I just kept supporting my team knowing that our time would come. Rather than be jealous, simply keep supporting our team so that USF can rise to the occasion when the chance comes. Our schedule for the next 4-5 years is STACKED. If we can figure out how to win with that schedule and a new playoff system that has a spot for a G5 team we should be good. We have a freshman QB that even though he had a bad game, still looked like the real deal. As long as we win games the success “off the field” will come.

Conclusion - 

This thread is not intended to put anybody down or make anybody feel bad. I just want to offer another perspective so that you can enjoy your journey as a USF fan and life altogether. My favorite professional teams are the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Heat. Both teams were expansion teams that sucked a$$ before they finally won championships. The Saints sucked for 25-30 years of my life prior to our Superbowl victory. I speak from experience regarding staying positive because I’m a professional fan of bad teams lol Real fans support their teams through the good times and the bad times. 

Go Bulls!

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Nice you took the time to express yourself regarding the USF Fan state of affairs. You could be preaching to a minority that are bitchin moaning and carrying on way way too much. For most, we just roll with all things USF, the good the bad and yes the ugly. This too shall pass...


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