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  1. It looked like our game vs them but they didnt get spanked as badly as they did us
  2. Miss State whipped up on NC pretty good last week. Watched it thinking, seeing them play that badly against a team that is good but prob not great..it made our beating feel even more tragic
  3. Maybe one of our current D ends could be let go more. hate waiting for next year every year especially since we just started the year. Hate to say it but, CJL could coach up the D line. We were pretty brutal. Dont know much about our DC but seems like FAU had some aggressive defense couple years ago. Early yet, we shall see.
  4. Think it's cool. People always look like they are enjoying the game.
  5. I'm waiting for that special running back to appear. Make something from nothing. Hit the line of scrimmage at full tilt. Get us out of 3 and outs. Nothing wrong with just chewing up the field picking up 1st downs. That would open up our passing game. I'm a tight end type, big aggressive w/ hands. Quick hits. Play the short game instead of trying to launch the ball 30-40 yds to someone in double coverage.
  6. We use to be called smaller but we were fast and hit hard---in the old days. We ever get 2 D ends that can manhandle blockers and wreak havoc in the backfield we will be great again..Wow, that could be a motto??
  7. Dam...the Red Arrow gang are on a rampage today. Now bullsmonkeybusiness has launched one. Tough crowd today. Oddly, I've only given a Red Down Arrow to one guy over the years..only because he was acting like a d***. You know you could be gracious like NEB and just: naw not a good idea. Do that first then go for the throat..dam younger generations.
  8. Does move the stands back from the field a good ways. I was thinking a combo would be more cost effective and utilize less land. Wonder if a grassy berm( or knoll for conspiracy folk) at one end would be a way to have fans in a party like setting and then be able to expand on that end in future if more seating is desired. Of course, being FL somebody will need to be in charge of Red (Fire) Ant demolition.
  9. Ok bullonly, the "laughing emoji" that's much better...you look a lot nicer when your laughing... And. I won't ever mention that stadium idea again.
  10. Ok buloneyi, so I take it you didnt like that idea...got it. But, a red down arrow? Extreme dude borderline violent.
  11. Very nice feature on this young family. Good read-Nice insight into one of our players. Good drop NEB--You old softy...
  12. Put the track inside the stadium..pretty common
  13. But did he tell FL A&M to delete that from their scouting reports??
  14. Keep it going for a few years see if it stays a rivalry or not. It's an easy geographic game for fans. FL teams. And it's always nice to knock off one of the P5.
  15. Sad part is the reality that App State would prob beat us. If you have ever watched their games, their size-speed and coaching are impressive. They won 3 conference champions ship in a row until 2020. They whipped up on ECU handily. UAB? Their kinda like us-hit and miss.
  16. Oddly, you added the above which made me look to the bottom right of your signature line..little dodad said, block your signature and Presto!(computer jargon) it disappeared. Keane is no more when I view any words of wisdom supplied by Gatorbull325. RIP Keane
  17. The meaning of life. Could be the only other thing I'm inquisitive about.
  18. Yes, I believe the Canadians would refer to the situation as a....Cluster, eh!
  19. Think it all comes down to How Big the money pie is.... 🤑.🥧 The B12 may not want to split it 20 ways?? Now if the $$ came in w/ AAC members and added to the pie--Maybe? Poss a bigger better deal could be struck w/ tv since it would be like a super conference...? Then there is Politics. What hierarchy would prevail? Seems like too big to much hassle to embark upon. Time will tell
  20. My point re: Williams. He was the starter all season(I believe) for Miami. Set a record in one game for passes-td's. They had a mid level season but it appears he did perform pretty good for a freshman. Then D. King was hired so he bailed. Seems he has some pretty good game experience..but, he appears to be among the missing. CJL normally names them all but Nope...not Williams? Dog House? Out House?
  21. Ok Ok....the uni's make you look mean so, how about we actually go kick some *** that would make the outfits look even better. I don't care if they wear sack cloth and ashes just go out and look like we have a 4 quarter football team that is going to win some games w/o looking like it's by accident. "It Is Time" We have the look, the hype and the hope parts down now....just win..and yes in a dominate way, that would help inflate the fans somewhat...................We're Waiting
  22. Ah..any team that's won 2 games in a row ??
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