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  1. I dont see this happening. Both teams have an easier path to the playoffs in the Big 10 and they make money as well. Plus, every giant needs a rival. All these teams in the SEC will have to play each other and they will shoot each other in the foot. The new playoff format and transfer rules have changed the game. Everybody has the same "ceiling" and opportunity.
  2. College football realignment: AAC may look to poach Big 12 teams should Texas and Oklahoma exit, per report - CBSSports.com The AAC would see its football presence increase with the...
  3. CFB - 2021 1. Transfers (first time) can play immediately 2. Every player from 2020 gets an extra year 3. NIL 4. OU and Texas headed to SEC 5. Big 12 may add teams or disband 6. USF stays in the AAC and life goes on. I'm just ready for the season to start 🤷‍♂️
  4. I think the AAC should snatch up Kansas for their basketball program. With Duke, Wake, FSU, Louisville, and Kansas the ACC would be a power house bball wise.
  5. So to make up 4 getting off target. It seems as if USF, BYU, Boise State, Colorado State, SMU, Houston, UCF, Cincinnati and Memphis would be on the list of teams the Big 12 would go after. I read this in another story as well. https://www.si.com/college/2021/07/22/texas-oklahoma-leave-big-12-where-does-conference-go
  6. There are 2 types of smokers. Thise who smoke and do nothing and those who are actice, but enjoy doing things high....from what i heard.
  7. They cant get into an NY6 becuase they havent been winning, not because they are independent.
  8. If we make the playoffs as a G6, the recruits and money will come regardless.
  9. We have an honest path to the playoffs. I personally no longer care as much about becoming a P5 member. If it happens then cool, if not we have the same ceiling as the big boys.
  10. I'm sure I personally gave enough praise and optimism to a lot of underachieving players lol That should be good enough. 😁
  11. You are aware that CJS has brought in 40 new players to this team since he got here? Thats almost 50% of the team. The rest of the team has a lot of experience. I also assume those 40 new players may have some kind of positive impact.
  12. I feel we have a chance 4 a good season and at minimum, we will be waaaay more competitive. Ill have my "eat crow" thread made after we win our 6th game. 😁
  13. Our defensive line and LBs is full of seniors as well. To me, it all depends on what they did this off-season during workouts and conditioning. They have the experience, but weren't fast or strong enough. Hopefully that new S&C trainer from Tennessee got these guys ready for the season. DEF #1 #2 #3 #4 DE Xander Yarborough Stacy Kirby Thaxton, Ryan RS SR/TR Incoming Transfer Grant, Darrien RS SR NT Mangum, Thad GR/TR Pinkney, Kelvin GR Kegler, Kevin GR DT Green, Blake GR/TR Yates, Rashawn SR Incoming Transfer TYRONE BARBER LEO Stewart, Jamari FR/TR Vaughn, Jason JR Logan, Tramel SO LE'VONTAE CAMIEL WLB Boyles, Dwayne SR Bellamy, Demaurez JR Harris, Mac SO Helton, Keyon RS JR MLB Grier, Antonio SR Mims, Andrew RS SR Norris, Brian RS JR CB Evans, Daquan JR Knox, Ben SO Ervil, Lubens SO/TR SS Robinson, TJ RS SO/TR Hill, Matthew RS SO/TR Curry, Jayden RS SO FS Jones II, Will RS FR/TR Davis, Vincent SR LaPointe, Mekhi RS SR CB Williams, Christian SO/TR Stokes, Jaelen FR STAR Townsel, Christopher SO Nichols, Brock GR/TR
  14. Here is how it should like by the first game. I think this year our offensive line finally gets it together. #1 #2 LT Jennings, Donovan SR Blanchard, Joshua RS SO LG Harris, Demetris RS SR Sainterling, Sebastian RS JR OC Cecil, Brad SR Hall, Dustyn RS SO RG Wiggs, Michael GR Greene, Uriah SO RT Jacobs, Demontrey RS SR/TR Kilfoyl, Andrew FR Hopple, Jarrett GR/TR
  15. I took notice that CJS basically mentioned that the O-line "finally" got in shape and habe all transformed thier bodies. He stated that they will be one of the best position groups this year. I been saying that we have 2-4 potential NFL players on our offensive live. Not a bad interview if you need a small football fix. USF Head Football Coach Jeff Scott Sees Big Opportunity in Front of Team - becklesandrecher | iHeartRadio Ian and Jay welcome USF Head football coach Jeff Scott to...
  16. I still think we can be good this year and beat N.C State. I feel our team finally gets its strength and conditioning together which to me has been the biggest problem. These are recent pics of the DBs and our oline. My sleeper pick for our next Bull to get drafted. Hopefully our defense put on some weight.
  17. Statistically, a majority of our DLine transfers the past few years have been productive. Darius Slade, Patrick Macon, Tyrik Jones, and currently Thad Magnum and Blake Green were starters. We still have Thaxton. Im going to hope that Yarberough and Stewart (DE from Mississippi) can give us 7 - 10 sacks, and 6-8 TFL combined and we should be ok with those 2 transfers. Im still hoping we magically find space for another DT.
  18. Yarberough is going 2 be a beast at DE. Terry is going 2 be our MVS/Rodney Adams.
  19. Ex-head coach as an assistant is always good. We have a whole new team and coaching staff....lets fo this!
  20. This article gives the entire AAC only 1 P5 victory this year. They aldo hsve us beating Houston.
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