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  1. The same McCloud who threw for less than 100 yards in 1/3 of his starts last year? There are only about 5 QBs in the entire country we should never consider for our depth chart and 3 of them are already on our roster.
  2. I mean, whatever's being reported is definitely going to be an inch or two bigger than actual.
  3. If I was a marginal football player with a year left, I'd absolutely find a lower level football program at a higher level academic school. I'm actually surprised you don't see more of that. Hell, I'd contemplate dropping down to an FCS school if it meant another free year of education at an elite location.
  4. Technically, you're only allowed to transfer if the school you're headed to has a graduate program your current school doesn't offer.
  5. I'm positively sure you'll be telling us this every chance you get even long after my kids have only faint memories of being on a Stay at Home order.
  6. How much would you like to bet on the average person’s stupidity?
  7. Seriously. Where can we start posting our best recipes to help with the quarantine situation? And I'm not talking about "...dude, I smoked some ribs." I want some Israeli couscous. I want spicy ginger pork lettuce wraps. Bring that ****, TBP.
  8. So you won't be posting any articles about how the Rays are in first place and their offense looks to be on par with the Yankees so far this year season?
  9. And doesn't LA Tech only have something 12 bowl appearance in their history and Skip has more than half of them?
  10. Total **** link. However, the MBB article beneath this clickbait was pretty good.
  11. It was always a given the numbers would come down and that worst-case scenarios get their name because...for ****'s sake. The fact that people have to explain what a worst-case scenario is mind-boggling. And that's not directed at you. It's directed at the people who see a hurricane cone 10 days out and then claim the NOAA doesn't know anything when the hurricane hits somewhere else.
  12. If I win, can I make your statement my signature just to rub it in your face?
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