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  1. I had 300 each on Maryland, TCU, and Oklahoma.
  2. JTrue

    Good News for T Horne

    My lawnmower wasn't working the other day and I had to pull the start 20+ times to get it going. My shoulder hurt for a few days afterwards and I'm still getting over it. Being old sucks.
  3. Gotcha. I'll ignore that you said there was no way he could do it so we don't have to go back and forth on this all day.
  4. Saying he won't come here is an opinion, saying it's impossible to graduate in three years is neither fact nor opinion.
  5. Deshaun Watson Josh Rosen Leonard Fournette Artavis Scott Alex Smith Jaylon Smith Again, graduating in three years is hard, but not unlikely. Wanting something to be true and it actually being true are very different things.
  6. I'd like to know what makes you sure of this.
  7. We were going faster under SG than xCWT. Like Bell said, we're not going to go fast just for the sake of going fast.
  8. My favorite part of that article was "...our kids can learn it within a week." The last thing we need is a lost year learning a new system.
  9. JTrue

    USF New President Search

    8 wins in the P5 is 16 in the AAC.
  10. Not sure. It definitely says I lost all the 600 points I point on teams not Oklahoma, but that bet isn't showing up as won or lost. TCU was the safe bet from everything I read. People weren't too convinced he'd end up with Oklahoma even in the articles the past few days, despite his visit. Maryland looked like a good bet, too.
  11. You could make real $$$ bets online as late as 12:00 today. My Bovada was still taking action. I made essentially the same bets there, though definitely not as rich.
  12. All Miami did was keep me from putting 300 on them. I still made all the same bets I had intended. As soon as I saw that report this morning, it reminded me I needed to get my bets in ASAP, never for a minute thought Hurts was announcing today.
  13. MBB win totals would be fun. But you’d have to lock it soon or continually keep adjusting numbers and odds.