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  1. <sigh> Alright... I want one of you to get herpes and that your flare ups fall into the 99 percentile for regularity.
  2. JTrue

    USF Will Win on Friday

    Solid first post Tommy Rubber.
  3. You're all lucky I don't know your real identity. I would 100% stand next to you and **** my pants. Make it a double if we were in an elevator. Also, I hope all three of you get chlamydia.
  4. Make that three people who should kiss my ass.
  5. JTrue

    UCF Hate thread

    Maybe he thinks you're a big deal.
  6. Is Zion Roland still playing baseball or just football? Curious based on his background, etc. but I haven't seen anything baseball related regarding him.
  7. What's funny is, when we were looking for a new AD, a ton of people on here were adamant USF should never even consider a guy like Tom Jurich. Yet a bunch of those same posters have no problem admiring our comrades to the East. The same athletic department that thinks paying outgoing coaches for a fake National Championship is more important than the family of a player who died because of their training staff and coaches.
  8. JTrue

    UCF Hate thread

    I hate this thread.
  9. I want us to win really bad. We're going to get our asses handed to us. I'm going to drink far too much for my age and station in life. More than a few coeds will be undressed with my eyes (both USF and UCF). This place is going to meltdown. Saturday, after Thanksgiving and this game...I'm going to drop a deuce that slows down plumbing in Iowa. I'm going to rally and go to the MBB game.
  10. Absolutely. But not until we've built an OCS.
  11. I'd say it's about 70/30. Some because they think losing to UCF will speed up the firing process on CCS. Some because they simply love coming on here to complain about USF and would like nothing more than to start a, "Remember when I said..." thread after we lose.
  12. I do every time someone compares our athletic department to their's.
  13. Where do wrongful death lawsuits fit in? Actually, that's not fair. I know the answer to my question. You paid more money out in "National Championship" bonuses than you did to the family.