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  1. Wait until UCF has a lead against Duke today...the board will full on melt down with calls to cancel all sports.
  2. We struck out another 85 times this weekend. Never saw that coming.
  3. Unfortunately, no. The post that sparked the independent argument was legit.
  4. My point was mostly that the haves and have nots have existed for a long time. Nothing that's happening now is new.
  5. Even if we use the most liberal counting methods available AND include teams that don't even field football teams anymore AND we close our eyes AND wish real hard AND include polls that don't even exist anymore AND we let UCF have one...60 teams have ever won a national championship out of the well over 300 schools that have ever played what could be considered D1 football. That means more than 80% have never had a chance. To get mad about it now is ridiculous. Not completely related, but still emphasizes that college football hasn't changed at all in a long time, here's a an excerpt from a class I taught a few weeks ago that covered college sports. I'll let you fill in the blanks and I've redacted any information that tips anything off. "In [year], there was an expose done on [coach] and [school] football and the claim was that the athletic department had accumulated a slush fund of about [amount in dollars] from ticket sales and an [yearly amount amount in dollars] student fee. The president of [school] refused to investigate the charges and [coach] declined comment on the matter. The issue was "confirmed" in [year] when [school] opened its 78,000 seat stadium, the [name of stadium]."
  6. I just assumed that since you always knew more than half of all football teams had no chance at winning the national title, but it only hurt your feelings when someone said it out loud, the opposite was true.
  7. So it makes you all warm and tingly when you hear a playoff committee guy say the AAC has a path to the final four?
  8. It’s even uglier inside than I thought it would be.
  9. You guys know there has never been a time when college football was equitable and everyone had a shot at a national title, right? Literally, NEVER.
  10. I would say our current options are infinitely better than they’d be as an independent.
  11. You’re forgetting the part about not having a TV contract and no income.
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