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  1. So now 108 teams have access to the playoffs and money!? That is complete ********. The number of teams I believe should have access is exactly 66.
  2. Here, let me explain why UCF doesn't matter at all to me.
  3. And 21 more pages in another thread about how they're not our rival and undeserving of any special treatment from our fans.
  4. JTrue

    Looking for watch party

    That was where I was going with my question.
  5. JTrue

    Looking for watch party

    What does an Uber cost from there to town?
  6. It's going to be at least 5 more pages before we completely agree on how much we don't care about UCF.
  7. So you're saying you think we should build an OCS?
  8. Our attendance always sucks. It's because of the frats.
  9. Is this a real comment? Look at the attendance last year and 2015. We’re not rivals. It says so on every page of this thread.
  10. Then you’ve never been to a USF-UCF game.
  11. What's the over under on how many more pages this thread still has in it?
  12. When was the last time you heard of the privileged class giving up their advantages in the name of things being "fair" for everyone?
  13. Can we combine all the UCF stuff into one, @Triple B? You know, like we do with all the other schools who aren't our rivals when they have multiple threads going totaling 20+ pages during a week when we don't even play them.
  14. And what's going to happen if we get left out? What's his leverage?