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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  1. Nah... I'm still married to the same woman and don't know any porn stars. Not to mention, I don't make enough in education to be able to hire someone to cheat on my taxes. Plus, the White House plumbing is from the 50s renovation, those toilets don't stand a chance against my 21st century bowels.
  2. I really thought you were going the sarcastic route in this post when it started. If you're trying to earn respect, you're not getting it via Troy and App State. Yes, they are better than an FCS team, but no one is saying at the end of the season, "Gee wiz, USF went 8-5, but one of those wins was in place of an FCS team and instead they played a former FCS school. Kudos!"
  3. Here's my plan...we build an OCS, go all in, 50k seats, luxury boxes, scoreboards, the whole nine...then, strategic default. Let the bank take that **** over. They're going to have to rent it out to make back their money and we pit RJS and the new OCS against each other. We can rent our own OCS for the same price we're paying at RJS. Boom! You're welcome, Kelly.
  4. ACC - Clemson Big 12 - Oklahoma PAC 12 - Washington, USC, Stanford, Oregon, maybe UCLA on name SEC - Georgia, LSU, TAMU Big 10 - Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State If I had to pick one, it would be Ohio State just on name, history, stadium, etc. Oregon would be a close second, just because I'd like to hit up their stadium and I've always had a soft spot for them as my secret West Coast team I follow.
  5. But we had multiple threads over the past few years remarked on how QF could throw a ball 70 yards in the air! Are you telling me we now have two QBs who have better than NFL arms?
  6. Bobby Bonilla not playing is still better than Chris Davis's last two years.
  7. So... McCloud and Battle are or are not better than QF? What consensus did we come to?
  8. Tanaka left at roughly the same age and scored 7 years $155. And I doubt the NPB could get away with holding an American players rights for over the 6 years. Who was the last pitcher to get $155 million with 4 years left before free agency? The biggest dollars/youngest age combo I could find was Snell's recent signing, 5/$50 or Nola at 4/$45.
  9. Of course...all of this is predicated on his production, but that's equally true here. All things equal, he makes more money both in going to Japan and by shaving 4 years off his free agency.
  10. Let's say best case works out for him whether he goes to Japan or reenters the draft. Scenario 1) He's on a reasonable timetable. He makes his major league debut June of 2022 at 22 years old. He's made a total of $2 million to this point and chugged his way through the minors. In 2025, he's 25 years old and made $3.5 million (if you use today's minimum salary). Whoever drafts him delays his start time and he gets to be a free agent in 2029 for the first time in his career and he gets something like 7 years and $140 million as a 29 year old. 30 year old earnings - $23.5 million Career - $150 million or so Scenario 2) He comes to majors at 25 for the 2025 season with more than $10 million in his pocket. His contract with Fukuoka calls for $7 million over 6 years with significant escalating clauses based on performance. In 2025, he is declared an international free agent and signs an 8 year $200 million dollar deal. By the time he's 30, he's missed out on three years of major league experience and made more than $100 million dollars. 30 year old earnings - $132 million Career - $230 million or so
  11. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/carter-stewart-the-braves-top-2018-pick-reportedly-opts-for-deal-in-japan-over-2019-mlb-draft/ Might turn out to be worth tens of millions for him in the long run.
  12. It never occurred to me that he wouldn't be the head coach. He's been running the team for 10 years. I'd be ecstatic if CBG was named national team coach, but the news of it would have worn off just a bit by now if he'd been coaching USA basketball since Kobe Bryant's last MVP.
  13. The fact that's been with team USA for almost 20 years and the head coach for almost 10 is what makes this a little less exciting.
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