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  1. Would you bet the entire USF athletics budget for the next ... however many years? Because if USF makes an athlete take the field and they die, we are going to get epically sued. There is literally no amount of money a jury won't award a family when they go into court and explain that their son/daughter was told play your sport or else.
  2. https://www.si.com/college/illinois/football/illini-football-zoom-media-conference-with-milo-eifler-postponed-after-covid-19-tweet You may not care, but this kid can't be the only one who does. And the professor's math makes this a little bit icky. 3-7 deaths this year? That means 3-7 athletic departments are going to get absolutely annihilated in the court room for telling an athlete they either play or lose their scholarship.
  3. I think we should invite Boise State and San Diego State.
  4. Plus side, we just made the AAC baseball tourney in 2021.
  5. Meh... if you're in the huddle and they call your number, the last thing I want you thinking about is a website no one even knew existed before tonight.
  6. If CJS needs herosports.com to motivate his players, we're in for a world of hurt.
  7. I know they made a rule that if you hire a HS coach, you can't go after his players for a few years. Not sure on the parent thing.
  8. This is where we normally claim he was a 7 star recruit until he committed to USF.
  9. What about whether or not to put sauce on Publix hot and spicy wings? Is that in the top 10?
  10. Do we need someone to take over asking what would have happened if we didn't fire Holtz? We have 2/3 fantasy worlds covered.
  11. Your geography is atrocious. The Waffle House is further from campus than Busch Gardens.
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