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  1. I don't demand better coverage because there's nothing to cover.
  2. Mine are 10 and 8 and it’s even worse now than when they were little. I wasn’t at all sad my older one’s football team got an early exit from his tourney last night. I got to eat a real dinner on a Saturday night for the first time in months.
  3. The NFL doesn't have any impact at all on Saturday football except for casual attendance. A person who wants to see a game in person will likely pick the Bucs over USF if they're a casual fan, but they aren't choosing to watch on Sunday over Saturday because of the Bucs. And TV is all that matters. If UCF and USF are equal on the football field, we're not loosing viewers because we have the Bucs in town. I've yet to meet someone who's reason for not watching us was because we've got Tom Brady playing on Sunday.
  4. Someone with the Twitter needs to point out that Orlando is bigger than Miami, but Tampa is bigger than both according to Nielsen.
  5. Geography is the ONLY reason we're even mentioned in expansion.
  6. If my shirt comes off in public, that's generally a good sign things are going haywire. Dignity, sound decision making, the care of my children... it's all out the window.
  7. Skip Holtz was pulling 5* transfers to USF a decade ago. It's not as exciting as you think.
  8. It's going to be tough, because Wander has a ripple effect. Do you bump Adames to 2B and Lowe goes to the bench? Adames out? And if Franco starts slumping, how much rope do you give him when it's taking ABs from Adames and Lowe?
  9. It's not a Rays thing to sandbag a young talent for service time. Kris Bryant sued the Cubs over it. And Adames is a proven MLB shortstop. Franco has 20 at bats above A ball and he's 20. I don't disagree with them keeping him in the minors one bit. The last thing you need is him coming up and slumping. Not to mention, he played 0 games last year against competition that wasn't alternate site hitting off the same 10 pitchers and BP. Let's say Franco is the best rookie shortstop EVER. That means he has an OPS+ above 130-140? So if he's the best ever, he's as good as Adames was last year. Wh
  10. If I just took a quick glance, stats aside. I'd be more inclined to think they laid out a plan for a young pitcher with a TJ surgery who has limited MLB experience. It's the first month. 60 or so pitches for a couple starts. Ramp it up to 80. Then 100. Why burn him out in May? If the Rays are going to make any noise, they need him in August.
  11. This may have been talked about earlier in the thread, but how legit is our chance to get him? Is this just wishful thinking on a transfer or are we actually in the mix?
  12. Or maybe, it does help us. If you're a run of the mill 4-5 star guy signing with a big program, you're lost in the mix. You sign with us, you're a star and you might get something.
  13. We won’t even pay to watch our own players play football and basketball. This has zero effect on our programs.
  14. Dudes who are willing to shell out some money to Pahrump a lady.
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