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  1. Is this a thread where we say how impressed we are that our football coach doesn't want his own players fighting with each other? That's the new bar to clear?
  2. The next coach is as willing to come here as we are to pay him. Same goes for staying.
  3. Of course. This isn't a good team, by any stretch, and that is on him. If he wants to keep his job, he can't finish last and point to a few isolated players as a sign of good things to comes. There needs to me marked improvement across the board AND some impressive individual performances.
  4. I can live with the ups and downs of an inexperienced team if the year ends on a high note and our guys seem to be getting more consistent as the season wears on. This year was never going to be good, Mohl just has to show he's got the roster moving in the right direction.
  5. If words are worth less than money, I will send you $5 right now through Venmo/PayPal, whatever you like if, you openly declare you won’t bring up xCJL until April. If you do, I get $25.
  6. Keep in mind, I’m 100% not betting on the actual outcome. I’m solely betting on you saying, “I was wrong.” The actual outcome is irrelevant. You might love money, but your brand is going to suffer if you take a dive.
  7. I enjoy making bets on here. So here’s another, you put up anything you want on @puc86saying he was wrong and I’ll double it taking him saying he was right on the outcome. There is no cap on this wager.
  8. I don't like that girl's Southern accent. - no one ever
  9. We’re ****** if the best those three can do is carefully look around for excellence.
  10. The biggest learning curve in college football is definitely QB, but the biggest physical curve is OL. I'll take an OL transfer from any college every day of the week over a 2-3 star HS player.
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