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  1. I was worried this thread was going to get lost after 10 months. Way to resurrect it.
  2. Not sure if this has been said, but didn't Rhule flat out state that when he left for Baylor he wasn't going to try and poach any Temple guys or Temple recruits? I'm not sure if its common or uncommon for coaches to openly do one or the other. And I know he went to combine specifically to vouch for his former Temple players and said that he promised them he'd support them no matter what.
  3. They're talking about free throws and Wilt Chamberlain on the broadcast right now. Why didn't Wilt just practice shooting them? Did he not have a coach who explained that FTs count as points and he should try and make them?
  4. But, we’re 8-0 when we play better than the other team. So if we can just do that today, I think it will neutralize the fact that we’re on the road.
  5. That was the only Dead song that had an MTV video.
  6. I don't know about naive and idiotic. In any 10 year span, so far, it looks like the AAC will likely claim 6-7 of the bowl games and the other 3-4 will go to someone else. Maybe MWC and Boise, but W Michigan scored the Cotton Bowl a few years ago. It's not crazy to think FAU could finished in the top 20 in a down year for everyone else or a year where in conference people knock each other off and they make a run.
  7. Everyone who argues "honestly" claims they're a realist.
  8. But if he was was the men's coach here, he'd be a legend. Same facilities, same roadblocks.
  9. But what's our ceiling? We're a top 25 team every few years, make the tourney more often than not the past 10 years. If this was a men's team in a mid-major we'd all be calling CJF a genius.
  10. Anytime he bitches about the AAC or xCJL you see it. So you’re getting all of his posts.
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