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  1. JTrue

    Gear grab Wednesday

    I was just thinking, are a lot of regular people really buying cleats rom USF?
  2. JTrue

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    JK: Does anyone know if UF won their game tonight at the CWS? TBP: I know the announced attendance was 16620. But for some reason, Omaha doesn't provide actual attendance and it's a god **** travesty.
  3. JTrue

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    Because the Q to A ratio wouldn’t be worth anyone’s time. Not to mention the complete lack of insight.
  4. JTrue

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    If you've spoken to him numerous times to with your concerns, he's obviously not listening to them and doing anything different or there wouldn't be a reason to talk him numerous times.
  5. Not sure if this is one of those cases, but a lot of these type of "schools" are essentially a club team of kids who are technically being homeschooled and do online work at a facility with someone overseeing it.
  6. JTrue

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    Bottom line, JK is bad at his job and likely eats poop.
  7. JTrue

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    Absolutely nothing.
  8. JTrue

    Omaha! Omaha!

    Also, I love UW's pitching coach being close to 300 lbs.
  9. JTrue

    Omaha! Omaha!

    Also, I hate TD Ameritrade park. I loved Rosenblatt.
  10. JTrue

    BJ Daniels

    Hey now, that kid's wish was Mons Venus. Who am I to argue?
  11. JTrue

    Omaha! Omaha!

    I love college baseball as a game so much more than MLB. Mostly because there's still the major element of the stolen base and such a lower reliance on the HR.
  12. JTrue

    Omaha! Omaha!

    Things I like and don't like about the CWS this year: 1) I'm sure it was pre-determined, but I hate that the two lowest seeds are playing each other tonight. I would have preferred them spread out a bit. 2) I love the UW pitcher tonight. 3) I love the MSU uniforms.
  13. JTrue

    BJ Daniels

    Whoa now. I was on the '85 Bears practice squad. True story.
  14. JTrue

    World Cup??

  15. JTrue

    World Cup??

    I wasn't impressed with Nigeria. Who was it from Africa a couple Cups ago that made a nice little run, Ivory Coast?