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  1. Not a big fan of football stadiums with tracks as it pushes you too far away from the action. Looks like they could retro fit a track around the soccer stadium and reuse the stands / lights etc...
  2. Put a tack around the soccer stadium and move the tennis courts by the softball stadium then you would have plenty of room for the football stadium. It would be cool to have the football stadium in this location as it would be close to the students and connected to Athletics.
  3. USF paid Judy over $1M and the USF job covers multiple campuses. I would say its more of a lateral move but not impossible and would depend if she wants to come back to the Tampa Bay area etc...
  4. South Florida, Left Out Of Big 12 Expansion, Is Building For A Better Day South Florida's rival, UCF, along with two other American Athletic Conference members, are headed to the Big 12. What that means for USF...
  5. #1 choice - USF background and got UH into the Big 12 - Renu Khator - Wikipedia
  6. UH was ahead of realignment and invested ($300M) to get into a power conference. I hope this recent kick in the balls gets USF thinking big and we get our on campus stadium as this is what it takes to play with the big boys. Inside UH's $300 million quest to join a Power Five conference Cougars have spent nearly $250 million on new facilities and committed $40 million to...
  7. U.S. News and World Report ranks USF as America’s fastest-rising university, inside the top 50 The University of South Florida is the fastest-rising university in America, public or private, according to U.S. News and World Report rankings released today. For the...
  8. USF is one of the schools that the Big 12 is considering regarding expansion and I would not be surprised if an on campus stadium is a requirement for a future Big 12 invite. I would bet good money that Weatherford and others have had this conversation with the Big 12 executives and have some type of agreement if we build it then we get an invite when they go to 16 teams. Now that we have the indoor practice facility underway let's go all it and build a 40K on campus stadium so we can elevate the USF experience. Game day would be awesome on campus!! Everyone on this board should get behind this initiative.
  9. https://www.bizjournals.com/tampabay/news/2020/12/09/student-housing-project-university-mall.html
  10. https://www.tampabay.com/news/hillsborough/2019/12/20/hillsborough-commissioners-eyeing-museum-of-science-and-industry-site-for-community-catalyst/ 5-10 years from now maybe we see a stadium across the street from a live work and play district - USF's downtown / uptown and gathering place before and after games. It make too much sense - show me the money!
  11. Day late but I'm sure they will take my money for the IPF. Russ Duffey, Thank you for your $250.00 gift that supports the ongoing initiatives at the University of South Florida.
  12. A construction manager has already been hired which is a very good sign. https://www.usf.edu/administrative-services/facilities/design-construction/in-procurement.aspx Construction Manager USF 581 Football Center Award Notice
  13. The truth hurts: https://medium.com/@stholeary/12-reasons-why-uconn-will-regret-the-new-big-east-6a90b9a00043
  14. Check out the realtime RPI rankings this week!! http://realtimerpi.com/
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