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  1. I'm still a big Sharon Stone fan, but it doesn't mean I'm clamoring to see her in an interrogation room in 2021.
  2. They probably went to bed like this last night.
  3. Doing no research to back up my claim, but winning is the number one thing needed to make people think you're going to win. And people spend infinitely more dollars on winning teams than losing teams. That also is backed by no research.
  4. If we didn't come here to wallow after a loss, Brad would have had to shut this place down a long time ago.
  5. Uh... we're not actually going to build a stadium any time soon... I know its been a fun distraction the last week or two, but I've been attached to USF and USF football for long enough to know it ain't happening before my 8 year old goes to college. So, where should I set my recruiting expectations if we're hitching them to this stadium?
  6. I've said this to friends for years. All I want and would be satisfied with for USF football is to not know the outcome before I turn the game on for like... more than half of the times the play? Is that really too much to expect?
  7. I didn't even watch more than 5 minutes of the game today live. I taped it in-between kids baseball and football games today and I couldn't even pretend to care and I was fast forwarding through. I had to stop at the half and run off to a flag football game when it was 17-3 and part of me was like, "Don't look at the score, you can watch it when you get home." And then, the other part of me said, "You're smarter and better than this, just see how bad it ended up." I looked at the score and deleted the game when I got home.
  8. And if you average last year and this, hell, Lousiana Rajun Cajuns are smoking us. And they're not even the worst program to be able to say that.
  9. I mean... we were 65 in 2021 and we're 109 right now. Yale is out recruiting us.
  10. I know I don't know him personally, but I made the same joke in the hospital with my dad while he was laying in the bed after a stroke. He told me I clearly wasn't that concerned based on the amount of socks and towels I was making my mom wash when I was a kid.
  11. Since we're on to the second page, can I make a joke about how I've been concerned with my strokes since I was 13?
  12. And if he leaves a turd on the field while making his way across, the the "JTrue Deuce Crew" will get it. They're a bunch of kids who I give tickets to on the condition they pick up ******** if needed.
  13. "And if you look over there, Rocky the Bull is getting riled up as the music is starting... they're about to let him out of TheBullsPen.com for his run across the field!"
  14. Right now, we're 0 and forever. That's the facts. Until we win a game against an on par apuoonent, no one can say CJS has changed the "culture" of the program. It is total undefinable and there is no proof to back up that statement no matter how much you hate xCCS. Strong was bad, but he beat other FBS teams. So, how can you say CJS is changing things and it is now better? I think CJS needs time and he'll likely be better than Strong, But, that is a completely subjective opinion. What's the proof that CJS has made the team feel like they're winners now and xCCS made them feel like losers?
  15. Absolutely. Until you win, what you're doing is hypothetical. No one could say I was building anything. The buy in and the proof comes with the W.
  16. It produced tangible results. For example, my first JV team I met with the parents (which is a thing when you coach high school sports, or was back when I did) and told them I was going to steal 100 baes in my first year in 15 games. In my first meeting with them, I said I am going to apply pressure to every team we play, If it's the 7th inning (high school baseball is only 7 innings) and we have someone with marginal speed on base, I'm going to run. If we get thrown out, so be it. I think we can be successful this way and I won't back down from that. We stole 100+ bases that year. The next year, no one batted an eye. When I moved up and was the assistant coach and pitching poach for the varsity, I told everyone my philosophy in my new role. When it produced, I created a "winning" culture. I had cred because the thing I said I was going to do worked. And I absolutely realize I'm using JV high school baseball as my evidence. But, my point it, when you win, you're creating something people can't second guess.
  17. 100% Haven't seen too many articles popping up about Joe Maddon creating a winning a clubhouse these days. But, they were a dime a dozen when he was coaching the Rays and Cubs.
  18. I'm just not a fan of using "culture" as any sort of benchmark. If the things you're doing lead to wins, you've created a winning culture. A winning culture doesn't start before wins. As a head coach, you lay down the law on what is your thing. Everyone buys in or they don't. You do your thing as it fits to what your thing is. If it produces wins, you've created a wining culture. You can't hang your hat on how you're creating a winning culture until wins follow. Right now, how does anyone say CJS is changing the culture?
  19. I just don't understand how you do this. Are there things you can point out to a group of kids that are "losing" things? How do you tell a team that my things are "winning" things and these are "losing" things? Then proceed to lose for two years when the "losing" things produced better results.
  20. Not at all,. Win and the culture creates itself. The culture is created by winning. You've said you coached HS basketball. I've coached HS baseball. You know why the things I said held any weight when I was coaching? Because the kids I was coaching knew I was legit. My first couple years, I fell back on my personal playing career and accomplishments to get a little credit, but, after a season or two, no one cared about what I did back then. It was all about my current success and wins. You know what made my kids believe I knew what I was talking about, **** loads of wins. I could tell them every player I had took a dump in their pants before the game and they would have done it, without question. That's not culture, that's being a good coach. And, if anyone wants to give me **** about where I was coaching. That would be Palm Beach Gardens and Marjory Stoneman Douglas.
  21. Why is THIS a thing? We have a coach who's best effort to date is beating mediocre teams in the division below us. This is a real fact. Whether you think CJS is the guy (awesome, he might very well be, we looked tough last night in then back half of the game, he's instituting a winning culture, we showed fight, Timmy looks legit) or you think CJS sucks (awesome, we haven't beat anybody in two years and we recruit like ****). I guess my bigger question is, why is either a "Fire Jeff Scott" thread or a "Jeff Scott is the Best!" thread a surprise? We're going to get tons of both until a) CJS is fired or b) CJS wins a football game. 30% of my posts have been about pooping. That is thousands of posts. Have we really crossed the line with saying Jeff Scott is doing a bad job right now?
  22. I completely understand that. But, does this mean that for the rest of the year, no one is allowed to bring up the defense?
  23. I guess that’s better than having a coach that doesn’t know the defense sucks. But, if we’re being TBP specific, should we all just expect that CJS will rectify our defensive struggles because he knows our defense is bad and, therefore, bringing it up is in bad taste? I’d have to look back, but I don’t think the board ever got shamed for being critical of Holtz.
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