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  1. Yep. I'd be willing to bet the number of people who like football has a lot of crossover with kids who play football in the area. Friday night game just lost every HS kid and family member even losely connected to the sport through participation. Not to mention every local prospect you'd like to have come see you play a "big time" opponent or watch you on TV that night.
  2. Assume so. They're playing a double header. Which is also a good example. If you just want people, don't play a day/night where you get to empty the stadium and sell another round of tickets. Sort of like how Disney does their Halloween and Disney nights. You have to buy a ticket for one or the other, you don't get to buy the day ticket and stay for the evening fun. It's regular price, but the park closes early and then they get you for the night celebration for another ticket.
  3. I taught an economics class years ago and would use movie theaters as my example. Let's say you have one screen for the example and you charge $5 a ticket. As you incrementally raise the price, you're looking for the sweet spot that doesn't actually mean the most people. $5 x 300 people = $1500 $7 x 250 people = $1750 $10 x 200 people = $2000 $15 x 100 people = $1500 $20 x 50 people = $1000 200 people is less seats filled, but more money. It's not always about asses in seats when you're running a business. If your goal is filling the stands for a game, yes, $10 tickets for the whole stadium gets you a sell-out, but it likely won't make your bottom line look better. Yes, I know concession is a factor, just an example. Like the Rays probably found out this year, closing the upper deck didn't help attendance, but when you're selling those $5 tickets in the upper deck and you force everyone down to the lower level at a higher price point, you only need a few of the $5 people to buy a $30 ticket to make the money work in your favor, but you drive off a lot of actual people.
  4. Not sure this goes on the main board, but everyone loves ******** about attendance for USF and the Rays. Watch the clip of Trout's HR today and tell me attendance isn't a problem everywhere right now. Yes, this is a mid-week day game, but there can't be 5,000 people in attendance in a metro area of 7+ million people, the 4th largest in the country. And for comparison, one that is more than double the Tampa Bay metro area. https://www.mlb.com/news/mike-trout-sets-career-high-in-home-runs
  5. I wouldn't have even guessed for a minute you're the type of person who focuses on the past and losing that golden moment as opposed to the present.
  6. I always assumed this was on your wall next to a picture of xCJL, Ponyboy.
  7. If your bits hang all the way down the seat, you’re one of our older fans and gravity is winning.
  8. How do these things work? Sails: My family has had a terrible year and they need me back in Tampa. NCAA: Totally agree. Transfer to USF, you'll received full financial-aid through a scholarship, AND we'll throw in a year off where you don't even have to worry about playing games, the time constraints, travel, etc. You can put much more time into your family and your academics. You're welcome! Sails: Uh...can I be slightly less helpful? Is that cool?
  9. I'm sure @Thebullsfan will make the same bet with you as he's going to with me. Get in on the action!
  10. Love me some Wilcox, but he's not going in the first round. Even if he had an elite size/speed combo, which he does not, he dropped 8 passes last year. For you numbers guys, that means he dropped 16% of the balls that were in his hands. Unless you're 6'6" 260 with WR speed, you can't have hands like that and expect to be someone's first day pick as a TE. I 100% believe Wilcox is getting drafted. I also 100% believe it will not be in the first round.
  11. Wilcox is definitely one of the top 60 TEs in the country. I concur with this list.
  12. Put down the pipe, homeboy. If Wilcox goes in the first round, I'll let you pick a game during the 2020 season and I'll cover your entire beer tab. Second round or later you pay mine?
  13. The Ford thing is pretty lame, but Wilcox and the other TEs is a bit of a tossup if you look at their stats. All three of those guys had relatively similar numbers in 2018 AND if you're not very high on USF's potential (which isn't exactly hard to imagine), it makes sense to rank them how they did here.
  14. Sometimes they send you a tee shirt, too.
  15. Welcome back. I was just wondering where you disappeared to.
  16. I'm willing to bet any amount anyone is willing to wager. USF will win at least 2 conference championships in 2019-2020.
  17. Maybe... but that would be like Spielberg saying I didn't know the shark was going to eat people until I watched Jaws.
  18. Is there an article anywhere not brought to you by someone’s $$$?
  19. Whoa! Sloppy and undisciplined?!? We're the only ones who get to call USF that, not some AAC punk!
  20. Not sure if it being Pro Football oriented, they're ranking these guys on straight production, pro potential, some combo of the two? King is QF-esque, I'd take him as a player any day of the week, but I don't know if he'd be my first choice if I was building an NFL team.
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