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  1. Any and all money collected will be split evenly between me, the Guard speaker I'm having on, and the Human Fund.
  2. No idea how my messages turned off. It wasn’t something I did and I was receiving them up until at least a month ago.
  3. This particular class is AMH2020, Modern U.S., but that’s not really my area of expertise, so to speak. But, I’m hosting this Zoom to tie in with the 100 year anniversary of the guard.
  4. A few of you have expressed interest in some of the stuff non-sports, non-USF I’ve posted over the years that pertains to history... I’m hosting a Zoom in a couple weeks for my HCC class with a friend of mine who is a former Tomb guard. If you think you’d like to hop on and hear what he has to say, shoot me a message and I’ll get you the information once I confirm. I know this isn’t main board material, but I thought it would reach a broader audience here for a little bit. Feel free to move it wherever you think it would be better apply.
  5. It's almost like the more people you have in your state the easier it is for the virus to spread. Especially if you have high concentrations of people in small geographic areas.
  6. Right...and 19 out of the top 20 worst are GOP states, too. California is 24th, Texas 29th, Florida 30th in cases per 100,000. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/public-health/states-ranked-by-confirmed-covid-19-cases-july-1.html
  7. Half as many people and half as many cases. We’re doing comparatively better just by virtue of our size. I don’t think either state should be bragging. CA: 7,773 cases per 100,000 FL: 7,399 cases per 100,000
  8. Did we get moved to the Off Topic, Off Topic thread? Meh... he’ll just dodge the bet in some other thread, but he won’t pull a @TigerJay.
  9. But you also said only black people know what racism is and other non-white, non-black races don’t.
  10. They should be at their own personal best, which doesn’t mean jack. Two is twice as good as one, but it’s still two.
  11. What’s our guy ranked on the other site?
  12. I’m feeling better about this pickup now that I know kickers use Kohl’s rankings where Fowler is the 100th ranked kicker in the country. Guys he’s tied with in the 100th spot have committed to Valparaiso, Madonna University, Randolph Macon, and Saint Aslem College.
  13. It’s entirely the first. But, you’re staying on brand by declaring you don’t like something everyone likes, but I like the new twist where you throw out the possibility of it not being that...but you know it is.
  14. 7-10 times a day on here you’re proof that nothing can erase xCJL.
  15. I assumed puc would be ecstatic about this hire. BJ has stood in the same room as xCJL, shouldn’t that be worth an extra few wins next year?
  16. Which of those programs do you think USF can legitimately claim to be better than or offer more to?
  17. Mike Ditka CFB HOF NFL HOF Super Bowl winner as a coach
  18. I give xCWT tons of credit, just not for being the only coach in America who thought Marlon Mack could play RB.
  19. The School of Google. Knocked out my degree in 3-5 seconds while I was typing “marlon mack recruiting” and then clicked on the article from his hometown newspaper about his being offered as a RB by UCLA. Mack emerges from humble beginning SARASOTA — Ronnique Hundley wouldn't miss Monday's Miami Beach Bowl for anything. And not just because the Booker Elementary School teacher is a
  20. This is one of those things that sounds fun to repeat on a message board, but has no basis in fact. Like Jordan McCloud only started playing QB his senior year or Mike White didn’t play football until his senior year. Yes, many programs saw him as a DB, but he was a 3 star RB who had offers from FIU, Ball State, Marshall, FAU, Middle Tennessee, NIU, Ohio University... ZERO chance we’re the only school that said he could play RB. If anyone can prove we were THE ONLY school to offer him as a RB, I will tip my cap to our coaching staff and take back every post I’ve ever made about thi
  21. Must be why he hired xCJL. A good portion of his money was given to him just to stay away from players.
  22. Every coach who ever won anything owes it to the players who suited up for him. One guy was on the sidelines in a polo, the others were out there winning the game. Show me a coach who got paid who did it without players.
  23. There are only about 6 jobs in the NCAA you can’t/wouldn’t move up from if you had. Every coach at every program is eventually getting fired or moving on. And I’d do it, too.
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