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  1. Flowers is a superstar! What a gamer & what a heart!,
  2. Let’s go special teams.... kick the **** ball out of the end zone.... never mind 55 takes off helmet...
  3. Teams take on the personality of their head coach. Came in saying we would be an aggressive, disciplined hard hitting team. Soft, soft D. Teams push us all over the field when we need an end of game stop.
  4. Gilbert’s a joke. Totally freezes in the red zone/ short yardage. What a *****y play caller. Zero imagination. Can’t believe how many times he’s taken the ball out of QF hands. You’re telling me QF rollout/ bootleg couldn’t beat the defense to the corner?
  5. Bullsbuxcane

    What can we expect from Oladokun next year?

    Unfortunately, between our piss poor special teams, average D at times and conservative game plans, we never got up big in many games to give either backup quality snaps. Would have been beneficial for next year.
  6. Bullsbuxcane

    Flowers > Ferguson

    No way Memphis QB is better than QF. Making 1st team all AAC QB is a joke. Dude hade 5 delay of game penalties and looked clueless under pressure today. Must have loaded up stats vs cupcakes. Coaching staff really tied QF’s hands this year. Strong’s defense & special teams let us down in two biggest games on schedule. Hopefully he moves team forward...
  7. Bullsbuxcane

    Charlie Strong needs to go!

    Sanchez was a liability. Gets credit for tackles 7 yards down field. Never fills the hole like a true mlb & gets taken out of more plays if you really watch him. A 4 year starter w/ heart but we need to get better @ lb position to compete. One of the best adjustments all year to take the two “slow” LBs out after they got exposed for 21 points tonight.
  8. Glad we finally took our two “overmatched” linebackers out after we spotted them 21 points. Better hope Frost goes to Nebraska so he doesn’t school CCS in recruiting at Florida. So many coaching miscues on this team to not run teams off the field this year w/ 23 seniors is crazy. Feel bad for Q to be handcuffed his senior year with Gilbert trying to turn him into Tom Brady. Amazing how UCF moved the pocket & gave their QB a chance. Charlie being the defensive guru needs to teach his D ends to set the edge & maybe bring heat so you don’t constantly get picked apart when games are on the line. One of the fastest guys in the AAC is probably a bad idea to kick to w/ a horrible coverage team. Sorry for the rant but played baseball @ USF in the 80’s & no fb team, was a Miami fan from growing up there. Not a good football day!