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  1. After a pretty brutal 3 game stretch, there appears to be a 5 game stretch of "winnable" games.
  2. 62 fouls on the night. We're going to have to work a little harder of we are going to take down that record
  3. I actually saw betting advice saying take the Bulls and the 6 1/2. Says quite a bit about the respect being shown this team
  4. Fouling to stop the clock now. We could make a run at this record
  5. Probably going to struggle to win many games with those numbers. Gotta give Houston a lot of the credit though
  6. No doubt. Even Collins on the floor was getting slapped all over
  7. Just hit the big 5-0, 34 fouls to go Why didn't someone call a TO with Collins trapped on the floor?
  8. It appears the D1 basketball for fouls in a game is 84 although the D2 and NCAA record is 91 http://www.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_most_fouls_committed_by_both_teams_in_an_NCAA_basketball_game
  9. It definitely appeared to be a mystery. Gregory confused, announcers confused, Samson's been confused. Just bad officiating overall
  10. The officiating is just bad. I hope the AAC reviews this and does something about it
  11. That foul call was just awful. For us, but still awful We're shooting 2 the rest of the way. So we got that going for us
  12. The foul calling is getting ridiculous. Are they getting paid by they whistle?