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  1. One might say that the preseason question marks weren't as unfounded after all. Still time to settle in and win some games. Our pitching staff is looking like Collin Sullivan and pray for rain
  2. Yeah, everyone might as well buckle up. It's going to be a bumpy ride. The prognosticators might have known a little more than some wanted to believe.
  3. Probably should sweep Dartmouth, but it isn't a given and there has always been competition for players in the area.
  4. I'm saying it's baseball and bad teams beat even the best of teams. You're talking about shutting the program down if we lose one and two weeks ago we manhandled Top 5 UF. Underachieved? I guess you can say that if you want, but that isn't what you originally said. Sure there is lots of talent around here, but we're also competing with several D-1 programs in the state including 3 very high profiled and several that are just as well positioned as us. On top of that, top teams throughout the county come to the state and bay area to pluck the top talent. So again, why SHOULD baseball be the most dominant team on campus?
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