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  1. We're a middle of the road team in this ****** conference. Time to stop ******** about the conference
  2. That's a big part of the fraudulent system
  3. I agree with you for the most part. Average fans aren't going to build the facilities. Like I said above, it really hasn't seemed like it was a priority to build these type of facilities needed to move to the next level
  4. There are people being paid at the university whose job it is to raise money for such ventures. It really has not felt like a priority. Maybe it will be in the future
  5. ucf absolutely deserves to be ranked where they are (if not higher). The espn talking heads will absolutely use an USF won next Friday as a "I told you so" moment to poop on ucf and the G5 in general
  6. That was a long time ago. We've had many years to make it a priority to have an OCS if we wanted to
  7. chapelbull

    Our QB is not a good QB

    BK did not look "very good", he looked ok at best. 7 - 0 is 7 - 0
  8. chapelbull

    Our QB is not a good QB

    Not remotely related
  9. chapelbull

    Our QB is not a good QB

    Man if that was "very good" then our standards have really slipped
  10. chapelbull

    Postgame Comments??

    Because that's what he does. We have coasted through every game over the past 2 years. It goes back to early last year. There is absolutely now killer instinct
  11. chapelbull

    My email to AD Michael Kelly

    I hope there was a fat check attached to that email to help build the IPF and eventually the OCS
  12. We'll see how they do once Milton is gone.
  13. Man we are a few bounces and breaks from being 3-8 right now. Like I said, we were 2 touchdown underdogs to ******* TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!! That's **** close to being as bad
  14. Man, we were just 2 touchdown underdogs to ******* Temple. We're **** close to as low as we've been right now