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  1. Maybe they have a pretty good system for FCS ....
  2. That's what I was thinking .... of course up there he probably only has to pedal up one side of the mountain and can coast down the other
  3. They close that thing every year at Spring Break time it seems. Whole thing is shut down right now anyway ... except for the golf course. That place is packed daily
  4. Maybe Charlie should head to Conference USA ....
  5. We're currently are being drubbed. Better step it up
  6. Bunch of Chris Godwin jerseys crossed out with Brady ..... I also heard they jacked up prices on the season tickets after his signing .... nothing like price gouging
  7. They had a Junior Golf Tournament here at the local course yesterday. Place was packed. Spring Breaks, schools/colleges closed, no sports, bars and restaurants starting to close ..... might as well get out and golf.
  8. Need Tp .... There's plenty of ucf gear at walmart still .....
  9. Definite possibility or just go ahead with no fans. The conference tourneys are not necessary so easy to cancel.
  10. Not Good. Sullivan started tonight but only threw 43 pitches. Looks like CBM used it as a night to get work in for pitchers.
  11. Does that make us Back to Back champs? Another banner?
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