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  1. I don't think that the fact that someone might prefer the NCAA tourney bid diminishes the winning of a pretty competitive tournament. There are teams every year in the NIT that are better than some teams that got into the NCAA due to auto bids
  2. Just like your takes. Great, I look forward to a couple more dozen threads by you telling us how bad the offense is and how CBG doesn't know what he's doing .....
  3. Good comeback. Do you type it every time or just cut and paste that too?
  4. I think Durr has improved. Feel like Castaneda has played better at times. No sure anyone has really "regressed", but definitely minimal and hard to find improvements as well as holes being exposed big time
  5. And if you are talking ALL alumni, you are talking folks that graduated long before football was a thing. I would be interested to know that
  6. According to your first 3 wives ..... yes .
  7. I'm not sure why QF would be a bigger draw than Aaron Murray who played his High School ball right down the street at Plant High and then played at an SEC school in college. Ultimately winning games is what will draw fans.
  8. Thanks for updating. Hope you had a good time despite the outcome. You're right about the traffic. I live in Wesley Chapel and I'm just not making that drive much anymore for a Rays game. It was around 1.5 hours one way for the playoff game. You hit the nail on the head about players. I'm not a big fan of Castaneda. Rideau does well on the defensive end, but not good on the offense, and we are hurting down low. I actually think Durr has improved, but has a way to go and I don't see the other guys helping out much on the glass. Next year with Yetna healthy and other additions we should see a rebound hopefully one that includes postseason.
  9. I don't know about the shooting issues, but losing a player like Yetna (in relation to our team forget about overall ability) is going to have a huge impact. We've been very close in several games. We were like 10 - 7 in these "close" games last year compared to like 1- 6 this year. Other weaknesses become more glaring. It's a trickle down effect from there with a program like ours
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