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  1. Yes, saw that. Probably saving face at this point as well as covering the AAC's and ESPN's collective rear ends
  2. I was just about sold by all your optimism. Now I'm worried. Then again, maybe the rest of the d-line is just that good! Back on board baby!
  3. 14-0 (AAC championship and bowl game .... we get screwed out of the CFP but do declare ourselves National Champions)
  4. I'm pretty sure it was the attendance thing. Only thing we've ever really disagreed about on here that I can think of. He's not a fan of the actual facts being presented. Kind of childish to put me on ignore, but whatever. Ironically, I was going to offer to pick the stuff up for him but I saw you offered so he can piss off ..... 😂
  5. Apparently I am ... I guess he didn't like me putting him in his place regarding our attendance again
  6. Rays supposedly in talks with the Cubs for Bryant and Kimbrel. After dealing Castillo to the Mariners last night, they need this deal (to go with the Cruz get) or it's more or less business as usual since the yankmees, red sux, and jays all got better at the deadline
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