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  1. And a solo shot to Pete Alonso in the 3rd, but struck out 7 and walked just 1 in 5.1 innings (and 75 pitches ... hip hip hooray). In line for the W as the Rays rallied for 5 in the bottom of the 4th and are up 6-4 in the top of 6. He was just lifted for Kittredge.
  2. Logan Gilbert from Stetson made his major league debut for the Mariners tonight along side Kelenic. He was drafted #14 in 2018, 17 spots I believe ahead of Shane. He is also 24 years old, he got lit up a little in the 2nd, but other than that a fine debut. He threw 71 pitches in 4 innings.
  3. I agree. I think he is the one that they could use back and he is the one that seemed to be making actual gains in his game. I didn't know if @Dave Glaser had heard anything with his sources.
  4. Do you think there is any chance he comes back here?
  5. Speaking of sandbagging young talent, Jarrid Kelenic is getting the call for the Mariners. Of course, he was in the middle of the controversy this past offseason when the form President (I think) of the Mariners talked about the practice of sandbagging young talent. Got him fired for saying what everyone already knows. As for the Rays, I am being somewhat facetious with my complaints. I know what the Rays do and that it has worked for the most part. I have supported it overall and I even excused Cash's pulling of Snell in the World Series because it is what they do/had done. All of
  6. Jonesy isn't the only one questioning the 1000 win coach and one of the most consistently good athletic programs in our school. As Cousin Ricky pointed out, it sounds eerily familiar to the complaints about CJL back in the day.
  7. Maybe because Red Sux fans are bandwagon fans just like everyone else ......
  8. I saw this last night and thought maybe I was a little tired and misread a few of these posts ..... but nope people have gone plain crazy. Let's fire the guy that just won his 1000th game to go looking for a "better softball coach" than the guy chosen to run the Olympic team ..... smh I'll wait for Brad's downvote now .......
  9. Yes, we have fallen all the way to 2nd place this year .... Fire Eriksen now!
  10. You're probably right. They are forward thinkers and all. Right now they have Wander down there working through AAA pitching .....
  11. Not so fast my friend. His struggles started in the late 50's into the early 60's. His pitch total climbed to 80 because they let him work through the inning. So ironic that he can work to 80 when he is struggling and not in line for a W but we have to pull him after 4 innings and 60 pitches when he is rolling and has the potential to earn a W ..... Either way, it was his worst inning in 3 appearances and he worked through it.
  12. They know what they are doing for sure ..... control their "assets" and hold back the young guys as long as possible to save money. Shane's numbers are not being artificially skewed better, they're being held back. He is supposed to be going today so let's see what happens I know right
  13. Speaking of drunk on a message board ... anyone seen Jonesy?
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