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  1. Of course you could .... Better commissioner than Aresco, better AD than Kelly, better coach then Gregory .... I don't know what in the hell they are waiting for ....
  2. And the officials helped see that he got it, that nonPI call was atrocious .... although we helped a little
  3. The trending up is all that really matters this year. Hopefully competitive in conference.
  4. You're not going to see anything because you are stuck in 2007. Like I said, you don't need to post it. We all know your schtick. I doubt anyone is "happy" about where we are Agreed. Or nothing too special in the other 2 .... I think/hope it's the former
  5. If CJS is hitching his wagon to McCloud, he might want to tell Dabo not to fill his old position ......
  6. It's not that you're annoyed with the plight of the program post CJL, many people fall into that category, it's that you ***** about it constantly. The idea that anyone is ******** about the current coaching staff 2 games into their regime is a joke. The fact that another yahoo is littering the board by still ******** that our new AD at the time didn't fire a coach coming off back to back winning seasons is also a **** joke. There's really no reason for either of you to post at all. Everyone knows your schticks and it would be nice sometimes to discuss current team affairs without ever
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