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  1. chapelbull

    Well, there's a missed opportunity . . .

    It seems silly that there wouldn't be some sort of athletics presentation as well as an effort to sell season tickets. And not just a table at an expo.
  2. Common sense. Half our conference in basketball can and/or has competed with the best (and not just 1 and done) vs. 0 football teams
  3. There really is no debating that our conference schedule is tougher in basketball than football
  4. I'm not sure what any of that has to do with what I was saying, but our conference schedule is more formidable in basketball than it is in football at the current time and probably will be most years
  5. Butts in seats doesn't have anything to do with "development" and i just mentioned some of the "best". Take your pick Let's also not forget that the AAC conference schedule is not the same joke that he AAC football schedule is relatively speaking.
  6. That non conference schedule is "weak" if you are UF. For us, it's about right. Most of those teams are probably as good or better than us. Play the best? Getting our ass kicked by Duke, Kansas, UNC, etc. every night doesn't help us get better.
  7. chapelbull

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    Well don't stop with Tulane. We can look to the skating by against Stony Brook and later against the powerhouse Tulsa Hurricanes. At least Tulane and San Jose St were road games. Bottom line is that skating by bit us in the ass against Houston. And of course we ended up losing to our "rival", exciting game but we still didn't get the job done. It's great that we put up some gaudy numbers, but we did have our most dynamic offensive player at the helm and we were primed to do what ucf did and fell short.
  8. chapelbull

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    Losing at home to a mediocre Houston team will sour the masses ......
  9. chapelbull

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    He could be making fun of them with the Caddyshack reference.
  10. chapelbull

    Joey Johnston

    Probably not the time or place to lecture folks about decision making. Heard about this Monday night from one of Joey Jr.'s long time coaches. Hoping for the best for the young man.
  11. chapelbull

    QB Reportedly Suspended, Story Disputed

    So are we basically waiting to see if the NCAA accepts his Basketweaving 101 class or not?
  12. chapelbull

    When do Season tickets get mailed?

    That is sweet. Wish I would have the forethought to do something like that
  13. chapelbull

    Welcome Gary and Susan

    They should
  14. chapelbull

    Shane McClanahan Update

    I think he cost himself more money by saying I want $3 million or else than anything
  15. chapelbull

    Shane McClanahan Update

    A change of mind during discussions late Thursday led to a deadline day deal for USF LHP Shane McClanahan and the Rays. The No. 31 overall pick signed for just about slot value at $2,230,100 to start his pro career rather than go back to the Bulls as a redshirt junior. McClanahan told teams in an email during last month's draft he wanted $3 million. http://www.tbo.com/blogs/rays/2018/07/06/rays-journal-ex-usf-ace-shane-mcclanahan-signs/