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  1. Kick all three of them out and UConn football.
  2. chapelbull

    Practice Facility updates??

    You go big spender
  3. Tulsa has like 300 yards offense in less than 3 quarters and they suck. If we lose to either of these teams we should be relegated to FCS status
  4. Maryland, if you want to call them decent. They were probably looking past Nova and Buffalo in anticipation of that game
  5. I'd go, but can't miss that ucf/fau football game
  6. chapelbull

    Looking for watch party

    This thread is from last week
  7. And that Arkie State is no joke either.
  8. They look good because they are playing each other .... And Temple did have to play power teams like Villanova and Buffalo
  9. chapelbull

    Looking for watch party

    We play this weekend? I've been completely focused on that ucf/fau game ....
  10. Not to mention nobody showed up to watch it since they weren't undefeated and reigning National Champs
  11. And gotta have a UMass win over Charlotte this weekend to help that SOS
  12. Yeah, well who we rooting for tonight in that big Tulsa vs. Temple rivalry game?
  13. Ok, now look in 2007 And I guess I should have been clearer as I was referring to our home games not theirs
  14. Sure have and it's been packed even when they weren't 11-0