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  1. 1 inning of shutout ball for Sugar Shane today. Allowed 1 hit and had 1 K in his Spring debut for the Rays
  2. You think Williams transferred here to be a backup? I don't know. If Fortin does earn the job and is successful, then guys transferring out will be less of an issue though for sure.
  3. Well you did by putting this in your response to my post. I'm not doom and gloom about everything in any way, shape, or form, but reality is what it is. This guy may be great and personally I think we are making a the SC Coach a little more important than it needs to be. You are right, coaches do bring in their own guys and I'm not going to repost the "carousel" from above, but the bottom line is when the music stopped playing we got the guy that didn't have a chair.
  4. They "retained" him, but brought in the guy from ucf to be the head of the S & C program .... sounds like he got demoted
  5. So now we are getting the guy that the former Knits guys rejected when they got to Tennessee? This just keeps getting better and better.
  6. I'm with you. I was just pointing out their record. It will definitely be a test for our young team. They have a couple stud pitchers and are the favorites to win the ASUN over Florida Gulf Coast.
  7. Mark Kingston and we made the NCAA tournament 2 of his 3 years and the year after he left we made it again under Mohl. He was a good recruiter. It actually appears that Mohl may have adopted his philosophy of recruiting hitting and building from there
  8. I can agree with that in general but if it was never going to be good then that is in part at least to Mohl. It is way to early to pass any judgement, but while I am impressed with a few guys early in the year I am not very impressed with the team in general. That can change though as the year wears on with these young guys.
  9. I didn't knock him, I stated a fact and said we could live with that. He is 7-9 in 3 games and 0-12 in the other 4 .... all or nothing. Hogan feasted on poor FAMU pitching and he has some pop for sure, but let's see how that average holds up over the season. Brutcher, Ruiz, and Lane have been the most consistent and very good ..... after those 5 though, not much at all. I already said we have some young guys in the line up with some potential. Pitching is terrible after Jaziak. Either way the question marks are there for Mohl. We should be at least in the middle of the pack i
  10. I believe it is guest list only right now. Stetson is 9-0 to start the season
  11. And FAMU leads off the 5th with another dinger. We are down 4-2 in 5th
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