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  1. Doesn't this go without saying that as we get closer and if the situation doesn't improve that there will be more cancellations
  2. He has nothing else .... ***** and moan about USF football and basketball coaches is his whole schtick .... personal attacks when ass handed to him .... rinse and repeat
  3. No he shouldn't have been and you don't know that the team was "set back a year" by Kelly doing what every AD in America would have done ..... Reality is we may have been set back many more years if Kelly had in fact fired CCS after year 2 with the record he had
  4. Agree and I think the QB play is the most important. You can hide some bad o-line play with decent coaching, play calling, and qb play. We're not playing in the SEC here .....
  5. Appalachian State, Appalachian State .... every time someone starts talking expansion this fool starts talking about Appalachian State.
  6. No it doesn't. Your position was he should have been fired after year 2 .... that was wrong
  7. We can just look at any of your posts EVER, they all predict doom and gloom for our teams and tell everyone how bad the coaches are .......of course you'll be right on occasion .....
  8. And if we do go 10-2, I'll be so ecstatic I may not notice he left
  9. Their prediction is literally based on our offense being as pathetic and clueless as it was last year. I don't see that. We may not be title contenders, but I don't see us 11th either
  10. Huh? You don't see the upside of playing a solid SEC team on a neutral court? What's the downside?
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