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  1. I would figure that he would know better than that, since those are kind of the rules.
  2. No idea the point of these speculations. I feel older reading through this thread.
  3. Back in those days we had a really obnoxious taunt for their team based on adding 20 to the name of their team. It kind of got us in trouble when their BB coach heard us an complained to the "security" at the Sun Dome. The crazy part was that crowd I hung out with rarely drank, so they could not blame that on beer fueled enthusiasm.
  4. Did any of them do anything to deserve an invite? That historic collapse at the second half of the season would indicate "no".
  5. I think they require a "professionally built" float. How do they determine who are professional float builders?
  6. They could have had the Do Something phrase with a classy picture of Dr King's face and it would have been OK. Photoshopping Dr King doing the tomahawk chop is where they went wrong.
  7. The stumbling block is the $1 million dollar liability insurance and the costs for a professionally built float.
  8. The Rays have done this before. I forget if they did this before or after Sternberg bought the team. I think they just want the stadium to look full on TV and cut the operating costs of running the upper deck. Selling more expensive seats is just a bonus. Should USF open the upper deck at RJS as well?
  9. It will cost more and take longer to do it in phases. It will also slow down fundraising if they only build part of it. We would look real stupid if we only built part of it and never got enough funds to complete the whole project.
  10. UCF lost. They were never in the game. They can go slob a knob, but they were a paper "champion". LOL.
  11. 24 -14. LOL. Nitro better hope he wore his kevlar butt shield. LOL.
  12. Right now UCF is getting mauled by the LSU Tigers. I would like the AAC to prove that it is legit, but when it comes to UCF, meh....
  13. A win is a win is a win. 10-2 is a good place to be right now.
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