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  1. hightechbull

    Rays eliminate upper deck seating

    The Rays have done this before. I forget if they did this before or after Sternberg bought the team. I think they just want the stadium to look full on TV and cut the operating costs of running the upper deck. Selling more expensive seats is just a bonus. Should USF open the upper deck at RJS as well?
  2. hightechbull

    Football Complex Fundraising

    It will cost more and take longer to do it in phases. It will also slow down fundraising if they only build part of it. We would look real stupid if we only built part of it and never got enough funds to complete the whole project.
  3. hightechbull

    UCF Admiration Society

    UCF lost. They were never in the game. They can go slob a knob, but they were a paper "champion". LOL.
  4. hightechbull

    UCF Admiration Society

    24 -14. LOL. Nitro better hope he wore his kevlar butt shield. LOL.
  5. hightechbull

    Mark Richt

    LOL. So true.
  6. hightechbull

    UCF Admiration Society

    Right now UCF is getting mauled by the LSU Tigers. I would like the AAC to prove that it is legit, but when it comes to UCF, meh....
  7. A win is a win is a win. 10-2 is a good place to be right now.
  8. hightechbull

    14,135 Announced Attendance

    Their fans were just a notch below WVU fans. So many of them were hillbilly goobers. I overheard some of their conversations in the parking lot, but repeating them would send this thread to the Mad Cow Lounge.
  9. Back in the 80s when UM won a few national championships, a large number of people wanted to go to UM just because of that. One year their dorms were so overfilled that they housed students in a near by hotel. Maybe back when that movie came out, yes. Now, not so much.
  10. hightechbull

    Cannot Print Free Bowl Tickets WTF

    Because people have nothing better than complain (wanted to use the B word) on the internet. How about call someone at USF? Nope? Send then a nasty tweet. That is the passive aggressive way to handle it.
  11. hightechbull

    Gasparilla Bowl

    I saw that, and now I am more inclined to just buy tickets directly from the Gasparilla Bowl website instead of from USF. USF is charging $85 for the tickets, and if those are corner seats I would be pissed off about that. They did the same thing for the MagicJack Bowl that we went to years ago. I can pay $85 and get club access seats, or $65 and still get good lower level sideline seats. Or I can go cheap and get $25 endzone seats.
  12. hightechbull

    Roll call

    You can get cheaper tickets directly from the bowl website. USF is charging $85, and they do not say what section. I do not know why USF does that, or if other schools do that as well. For all we know, they may stick those tickets in the corners like they did for that MagicJack Bowl years ago in the Trop. https://www.gasparillabowl.com/tickets/
  13. hightechbull

    Gasparilla Bowl

    He does have good inside sources. I hated seeing his smug face on ESPN when he worked there, especially when he put his kid on TV. We get it dude, you procreated just like billions of other people. Every parent should be proud of their kid, but it does not mean that you should put them on TV for that "awe how cute" factor.
  14. I guess no one remembers that embarrassing Sun Bowl game. CJL was completely outcoached in that game. I am surprised Oregon hired him as an assistant after the drubbing Oregon gave USF in that bowl game.