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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

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  1. They did beat us one year at home. I think that started the whole FireJimLeavitt.com talks.
  2. I am in 137. In 2018, the scholarship seating donation was $750. Is it the same this year? I cannot find a break down on the ticket master website. As a software developer and overall systems guru, I find this lack of information very disappointing. I could easily fork up an additional $250 to get the club access if the $1000 donor level would give me club access. What I am not willing to do is pay the price jump between my section and the next section that has club access. One section over is not that better, and I have had these seats forever and I do not want to move.
  3. I got a message from the USF athletics department that my section in RJS no longer includes club access. They said I could upgrade to a different section, but the price differential was not worth it. I renewed my season tickets online, and I am positive that my section indicated club access. I had club access the past few seasons. Has anyone else experienced this? I think this is kind of dumb idea from the athletics department, considering that they do not have the season ticket holder base that USF used to have when they were in the Big East. You would think they would do whatever they could do to expand the season ticket holder base and not agitate the existing season ticket holders.
  4. Manscaping razors and bidet seats? Hey I know ads pay the bills, but these ads are a little out there.
  5. Who are the fools who are talking about shutting down the FB program? These people obviously do not remember the days of no football and the pushback from the administration to even talk about starting a football program. This is why many USF fans adored LRS. His voice gave the idea of starting a FB program a legitimate chance. Do these people understand how hard it is to start a FB program? Do they know how many schools without FB are considering starting FB at their respective schools? A few bumps in the road are not a reason to scrap the bus. These latest schedule announcements are proof that good things will happen when you get the right people in charge. This is also a wake up call to Coach Strong. He has to recruit a team that can play at the level of the big boys. Other programs in Florida took this route of going on the road to build their program. UM and FSU come to mind. That happened back when I was a kid, so most of these spoiled brats who are calling for the demise of USF FB were not even a twinkle in their daddy's eyes yet. It takes time to build a program or rebuild a program. Alabama was a pathetic program not to long ago. Now they are the top dog. They got the right people to lead their program and stuck with their long term plans.
  6. I tried to be optimistic of the new logo, but it was hard to like that thing. I did not like it because it looked stupid, not because it was like Merrill Lynch's logo. I do not know who decided to hire that Spark firm, but that was a disaster. This article https://spark.us/news/university-of-south-florida-spark/ says at the end “A third of our employees are USF alumni, including myself,” said Dulani Porter, Partner and Executive Vice President with SPARK. “We are incredibly excited to be a part of telling USF’s story, and highlighting their accomplishments and global impact. This is our opportunity to help USF gain the recognition it deserves on a much larger stage.” You would think they would want the best for USF, not that stupid logo.
  7. Does USF have any plans to sell a CBI Champions t-shirt? I know the CBI is the poor man's NIT, which is the poor man's NCAA Tournament, but it is still USF's first post season tournament championship for MBB. I would buy one, but I have yet to find one.
  8. I want a T-shirt that says CBI Champs. And maybe a free sample from the sponsor Roman
  9. Nobody complained when the women won the WNIT, and the women's version of the NIT is a lot lower in public opinion when compared to the men's NIT.
  10. This thread is nominated for the most idiotic topic of the year.
  11. I would figure that he would know better than that, since those are kind of the rules.
  12. No idea the point of these speculations. I feel older reading through this thread.
  13. Back in those days we had a really obnoxious taunt for their team based on adding 20 to the name of their team. It kind of got us in trouble when their BB coach heard us an complained to the "security" at the Sun Dome. The crazy part was that crowd I hung out with rarely drank, so they could not blame that on beer fueled enthusiasm.
  14. Did any of them do anything to deserve an invite? That historic collapse at the second half of the season would indicate "no".
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