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  1. I already stated it wasn't an insult, but a general statement. That would of been a good time to acknowledge the misunderstanding. Instead you chose to insult me. I'm disappointed in the hypocrisy.
  2. It was a general comment Brad just like I said above. Period. It wasn't meant to insult or compliment anyone. Are you really going to micromanage how people post on the board now
  3. Pass Why did LSU fire Ed Orgeron? Tigers make surprising coaching change two years after championship Here's what we know about the situation between LSU and Ed Orgeron and what led to their separation agreement.
  4. There was nothing insulting in my post. It wasn't a dig at the players or anyone. Just a general statement. I haven't criticized a single player on here, hell most of my comments made are general in nature in regards of where we are and they have all been directed at the coaching. "Wait for next year" is a losing mentality. "We're just a play away" is the same thing at this point. Just excuses for not getting the job done when it should be done.
  5. We have enough talent to win games in the aac just not enough to overcome poor coaching and win FBS games
  6. Truth which is why I haven't dwelled on that particular play call. This is a cumulative poor coaching effort
  7. This is correct. there was not a large difference in athletes on those teams and tulsa did not look 40 spots better than us per rankings. We are poorly coached/prepared for whatever reason. We can only hope that all of this frustration leads to success in the future
  8. Every winning team we have had has been led by a QB that could make things happen with their legs
  9. The mantra of losers. But again, I think the posters point was (and i believe he confirmed this above) that since CJS is looking like a bum of a hire we could have saved some dollars and just stuck with CCS. Honestly, if we fired CJS today (we won't/shouldn't) are really any better off. Would a new coach be able to step in and win right away. Win more than CJS ... yes, but I mean really compete
  10. Well if he wants to win here, he better be able to run the ball some
  11. I believe I read it as a "we might as well have" stayed with CCS
  12. That's kind of what I was thinking. We're not talking about running the option
  13. Come on man. I could easily say the defense looked fine when it was forcing 3 turnovers and holding them to 1 TD in the first 29 minutes of the game. Same DC
  14. He's indecisive. I've said that before so he calls timeout, they go back and forth and decide to do the same thing again and hope it works. Unfortunately it didn't. The defense sucked. They did get a pick six, but they were pushed around all day long. Play was good just too long (4th and 12) and that slow kicker got run down
  15. No, but 7 points in the 2nd half could be and 14 of those 31 were from ST and the defense
  16. There's blame to go around, but the defense is awful and it isn't just "lack of talent"
  17. On the good side, he was looking downfield to make plays usually while on the run. It didn't look like it was just pull it down and take off all the time
  18. I think the reasons for the OCS have been discussed and not sure W/L's have been mentioned. Seriously, we should consider Corbett. Maybe they could just hand out personalized fans to each guest Meant to look you up today during the game, but got caught up talking to some old friends and didn't make it happen. Maybe next weekend if I can make it to the game. Wouldn't mind meeting up with @NewEnglandBullas well.
  19. Lot of these were in my mid to late 20's ... sounds like you were just behind me. We preferred Jellyrolls to Howl at the Moon though
  20. Patricks 911 Masquerade DNA Bar near Sheppards (can't remember the name) Ybor City in general
  21. Sat with some friends that I used to tailgate with and sit with at every game ... or at least try since my tickets back in the day weren't with them and many games we couldn't just sit with them. Well today there were plenty of seats around them and have been for the last several years. Way back when there were 25-30 people sitting there together (and we'd have even more at the tail gate). Some dropped off just in general due to attrition. But now there are 8-10 still around. I only saw 4 of them today and 3 barely. The rest were in the A/C the rest of the time along with those 3 because "it was too hot to watch this ****". They told me this was it. They've been season ticket holders since the beginning or **** near and the last 8-10 are done after this year. "Can't justify coming out each week to watch bad football against bad teams". So they plan to go to a couple of games a year "probably" with single game tickets. This is what the administration did when they fired CJL and decided to minimize the football program while using it to raise millions for the university with minimal reinvestment into the program itself. We might as well move into Corbett .. seriously
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