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  1. They also have a Tampa boy on their roster ... that Clearwater boy is also listed as from Tampa
  2. I think they know what they are up against. They know what the CWS is, they know who Texas is, they also know that they are huge underdogs and have pretty much no pressure on themselves. But they have also played in some big tournaments in their lives albeit not on the CWS scale, but state championship tournaments and some big perfect game tournaments for sure. The key is they know they are playing with house money and the pressure is on Texas. The pitchers really have seemed to be pressure free for the most part in these last two tourneys. Hope they stay like that this weekend
  3. Pitching and defense are the great equalizers. Pitch well, make plays, win games .... and stay in the winners bracket of course
  4. Put the first ball right up under Cam Williams hands ....
  5. Interesting reads. Didn't know about the possible connection to the tragedy up there. I do know he was definitely being considered/considering the move to LSU. If he parts ways with UF, Marc Salvi from South Alabama may be a contender. I also heard the Sante Fe CC coach could be considered, but that he has been considered before and passed up.
  6. This is true. Additionally, Taggart got a raise in the multiMILLIONS to go to Oregon and have a better shot at a national title. Mohl might be getting a few hundred thousand. Still significant but not the same. Best part of all this is we are discussing keeping Mohl in a thread started to demand he be fired ....... lol .... classic
  7. You know this for a fact or are you speculating?
  8. Yeah, I know. And I don't blame guys for taking those jobs. That's why I say with a little raise, then maybe he sticks around if approached by a P5 school. I think he is making 200K or so now plus some nice bonuses this year I'm sure. Get him to 300-350K maybe? It ain't always what it is cracked up to be in the big time.
  9. DI Softball Championship History | NCAA.com The complete list of NCAA Softball DI champions from the first season to today. Fresno State was the last nonP5 to make the finals in 1998 and they won it. They also made it a few times late 80's/early 90's. Cal State Northridge made it to the finals a couple of times back around that time. Cal-Fullerton won it in the 80's as well. In other words, it ain't happening much and it's been awhile. James Madison was a great story this year but didn't make the semi's
  10. It's a feeling and sure if he gets an offer for 600K this offseason like Kingston got he might be gone, but the limited conversations I had with him he seemed like a down to earth guy. The relationships he seems to have with the fans. He could be happy here with a little raise and knowing he can build a pretty good and consistent G5 competitor here in a lot less stressful environment than a P5 school. or maybe not
  11. Why's that? I'm not saying he's going to get hired away, but the last couple of weeks aren't a coincidence and aren't by accident. The recruiting has been improving each year as well.
  12. Just win Sat and Sun. Let them know, Im sure they'll be happy to take care of that for you.
  13. Unless we ordered like 12 ... just like the XL AAC Championship shirts. Do you have to know somebody or are they available?
  14. I don't care about the $$$$ , but if one person (and there appears to be more than one) wanted to by a shirt and you didn't have their size, then they lost out on an opportunity for someone to be seen in public with that championship shirt on. I would have probably bought one for each member of the family so they lost 4 opportunities for their championship shirt to be worn out in public. Missed opportunity
  15. I feel like Mohl could be a guy that would stick around and build something here as opposed to jumping to the "big time" at the first opportunity
  16. Buy extra and donate leftovers or severely discount them, but make sure you capitalize on the opportunity to build your brand at this time
  17. I don't disagree, but I don't know who you sit down. DH him instead of Rivera?
  18. We have the pitching depth to take a short series and Mohl has done a great job down the stretch and i the postseason mixing and matching these guys to be effective. They're going to see some crazy good pitching up there, but we've had a variety of guys stepping up and delivering at the plate. And hell, now Brutcher looks to be back and ready to swing the bat. At least we have a shot
  19. I think so. I was unfortunately unable to see it either, but he dominated them for 4 innings. Ran out of gas there in his 5th inning
  20. Great job by Kerkering today. Shut 'em down for 4+ innings to give us a chance to stay in the game and win it. Dirty Sanchez shutting it down. Eventually the hitting got to the Jag pitching/defense
  21. So no #4 seed has made it to the CWS since 2012 .... sounds like it's time for another 1 ....
  22. LOL, site has South Alabama advancing ........ 2021 Division I Baseball Official Bracket | NCAA.com The official 2021 College Baseball Bracket for Division I. Includes a printable bracket and links to buy NCAA championship tickets. Of course not, we're winning in 2 ........
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