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  1. jg233

    Baseball Next Year

    I'm sure Genord's off the field stuff played a part but he is more of a DH type than anything else and that will certainly hold him back. He played first base but he is not exactly Don Mattingly over there and does not look all that comfortable playing the field.
  2. jg233

    2018 MLB draft

    314 slot value is $136,800 so he will get a nice bonus. I don't know about $150K, but close.
  3. jg233

    Baseball Next Year

    Genord and Villar will get drafted but they most likely won't be getting much of a payday if they sign.
  4. jg233

    Baseball Next Year

    I saw a preview of the regional and we only has two guys in Baseball America's top 500 prospects(SM and Perez). That's approximately the top 15 rounds or so. We will definitely have hitters drafted but I'm not sure it will be a no brainer for any of them one way or the other.
  5. jg233

    The Deland regional

    Yeah, I'm not sure if I would want guys like Villar, Genord or Montes back even if they don't get picked high enough in the draft. None of them can hit any pitchers that are halfway decent. You will never win anything with guys that don't step up their games when it matters most.
  6. jg233

    The Deland regional

    SM is one tough watch...it almost looks like he has never been coached at all. I hope something crazy happens and he gets to pitch again but he is chaos on the mound.
  7. jg233

    The Deland regional

    You have to win four games in a row, it doesn't matter if you go 0-2 or 3-2, you still lose. If SM were the kinda guy you could pitch 3 or 4 innings and then have him come back and do it again two days later that would be different. It's a gamble but it gives you the best chance at 4 in a row.
  8. jg233

    The Deland regional

    Not at all...you can't waste SM against a team that's highest RPI win is 180. If we can't win that game with Yager or Stuart then we should just go home now. You can't give up after one game. You need to at least try and give yourself a fighting chance.
  9. jg233

    The Deland regional

    Gotta go with Stuart or Sullivan against Hartford.
  10. jg233

    The Deland regional

  11. jg233

    The Deland regional

    I would assume Yager or Stuart against Hartford now, maybe Sullivan.
  12. jg233

    The Deland regional

    Zech and Dietrich hit 8 and 9 for a reason...
  13. If we can get a regional like Baseball America's final projection it would be the best chance we have ever had to get to a super. 1. Stetson 2. South Florida 3. Florida Atlantic 4. Northwestern State
  14. jg233

    Any Shot we host

    Our RPI is currently 19...i would think we go to Deland, JU goes to Tally and FAU goes to Gainesville as the 2 seeds...that makes too much sense though.
  15. jg233

    AAC Tournament

    I think the game might end if it gets to 15 runs.