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  1. USF sets pretty low standards for itself. We probably should let the Sunbelt and CUSA know we are interested in joining them now.
  2. Do yourself a favor and stop comparing us and UCF. They are good, we are awful. They care about and invest in athletics, we do not.
  3. Rothstein was very high on us the last few years and that didn't work out. It is difficult to project anything from them right now. You could probably pick the starting 5 out of a hat right now.
  4. Just sounds like he has other priorities in life, which is fine.
  5. Completely agree...4 is me being optimistic right now😉
  6. We had a bad Pop Warner coaching staff last year...and we still have most of them on staff.
  7. Optimism is great but we have garbage talent and a suspect coaching staff...3-4 wins seems to be where we are headed.
  8. The draft is only 20 rounds this year and there is not a whole lot of draft eligible talent on the team. Lane, Jasiak and Kerkering are the best prospects and they aren't eligible. Hogan is 24 years old already and would go if he gets drafted but I would not expect him to get picked. Pena, Jake Sullivan, Eaton and Gonzalez are eligible but highly unlikely they would get drafted. Lord, Sanchez and Stuart are long shots too at this point. As far as I can tell, Colin Sullivan, Burns and Lyle are the only guys that are out of NCAA eligibility.
  9. They did a great job. Most of the team should be back next year and expectations should be higher.
  10. This almost guarantees we win the conference before the playoff expands so we can't go.🤣
  11. Playing in a super regional in baseball gets you more name recognition than being in the US News top 25.. Someone should tell that board that.
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