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  1. Letting a road team that was below .500 last season dictate where your "home" games are is a pretty weak look.
  2. Are we playing the return game at wherever the AAC tourny is the following year? It is Auburn, not UF or Kentucky. Guess they just want to play in a quarter full arena instead of half full.
  3. I really like DC, but I have seen enough of him at USF to last a lifetime. We need something different.
  4. I think Yetna has a chance to do well going forward. He doesn't have to be the man at Seton Hall. Going from scoring option 1 or 2 at USF to being maybe 4 or 5 at SHU. Durr will probably be in the same situation. They had a lot of pressure to perform here, especially Yetna.
  5. We basically get to start over with guys that have been productive players elsewhere. The group we had did not play well together for the most part last year. This at least makes things more interesting going into next season.
  6. They just need to ax Herrion or Gregory or both and get it over with. We have six players plus one incoming freshman right now. Gregory needs to be hitting the portal hard now to fill out the roster for next season. The longer this drags out, the worse it will be.
  7. A top 20 team that won the regular season and conference tourney gets an 8 seed? I don't care much about women's basketball, but that doesn't seem quite right.
  8. I like Gregory but is there anything to like about this team going forward? They need to completely start over roster wise.
  9. You mean they are better than Nick Roberts? No ****ing way!
  10. You have to be really, really bad to have one losing season, let alone multiple losing seasons in the AAC. I think UCF is at a point where .500 is probably the bottom of the barrel for them.
  11. 1. Get better players. MAYBE 2. Hire better coaches. MAYBE NOT 3. Play an easier schedule. DEFINITELY NOT
  12. Here is a question...If we go 1-11, do we fire Scott?
  13. So we can get to 8-4 without improved QB play and 10-2 with it? Have you seen the team play in the last few years? Optimism is great but this is insanity.
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