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  1. jg233

    Transferring players

    He was flat awful...not a D1 QB talent wise, running or passing..
  2. The talent level is light years ahead of anything Antigua put out there.
  3. jg233

    Players transferring out...

    Why would people care if players left? Most of them aren't that good. Players leave programs every year. Frankly, the only players that would bother me if they left would be Johnny Ford and Duran Bell.
  4. jg233

    CFB Live

    UCF's program is doing very well for a G5, but does anyone really still watch ESPN, let alone get up on Saturday morning to watch Gameday. I wouldn't care even if we hosted it.
  5. Strong will have to have multiple under .500 seasons in a row here to get fired. That will be difficult to do in the AAC.
  6. UCONN is averaging 13 points per game against FBS opponents so far this year. If they get somewhere around that, we will have to put up 45+. They have the worst defense in college football history. They are giving up 55ppg. A thirty point spread might actually be conservative for the book makers based on the data they have.
  7. It is an away game...that's the only thing I can confirm at this point. Tulsa may be tougher and the crowd may be a little bigger.
  8. UMASS will be the worst team we will have faced so far. They have lost 4 games by an average of 28pts. We have had two weeks to prepare. This is a head scratcher. Should be an easy W.
  9. If you ever have a question about how to watch any game, check out this site. http://mattsarzsports.com/
  10. The game is on NESNplus. If you get NESN, download their app and you can watch NESNplus on the app.
  11. jg233

    Season Tickets?

    My tickets will be delivered tomorrow according to UPS.
  12. Tough to make a schedule that is worse than last season but they somehow figured it out, I'll give them credit for that...
  13. jg233

    Shane McClanahan Update

    Shane's people probably think he can come back and dominate next season at USF and go #1 overall. He has the talent to do it but he has a better chance of being even worse than he was this year.
  14. I'm sure Genord's off the field stuff played a part but he is more of a DH type than anything else and that will certainly hold him back. He played first base but he is not exactly Don Mattingly over there and does not look all that comfortable playing the field.
  15. jg233

    2018 MLB draft

    314 slot value is $136,800 so he will get a nice bonus. I don't know about $150K, but close.