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  1. Can't blame Scott for wanting to coach in a few more big, meaningful games. They might be the last ones he coaches in. Plenty of small time, loser football in store for him.
  2. Heupel has had a few good years with Frost's recruits. It would be a much better coaching job if Scott wins with Strongs recruits.
  3. You don't think that if he somehow wins 8+ games next year no one is gonna come knocking?
  4. Hopefully he hires some good assistants because with that buyout he will be gone in an eye blink if he does halfway decent even next season.
  5. I would much rather have a coach who isn't used to having the best players in the country. He is in for a rude awakening. Hope he has a plan and wins a lot of games though.
  6. The job would look more attractive if the SCHOOL would pay for the IPF and an OCS and take the initiative that almost every other D1 school has at some point in the past. The only time we spend any real money on athletics is in buyouts...which is sad.
  7. Not surprising though. Leavitt and Taggart are the best choices because they know what they are getting into. They aren't gonna take the job and after a week say to themselves "this sucks" and their only motivation is to get a better job ASAP.. USF has little interest in investing what they should in the program so top candidates are not gonna be interested.
  8. Watching USF is an utter waste of time at this point...glad I didn't.
  9. KB has done a flat out awful job this season. He has nowhere to go but up if he is still here next year.
  10. This is exactly why we should hire him...it's the USF thing to do. A joke of a program and a joke of a coach would make for a lot of laughs. In all seriousness, he might be the best we can do at this point.
  11. This loss is not on McCloud but he still is pretty awful...he is not a difference maker.
  12. Durr, Maricevic and Mack better be ready to play huge minute totals...even if all they do is rebound.
  13. I'll believe it when I see it. Playing at home might help a little.
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