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  1. jg233

    AAC Tournament

    He only pitched in seven...not a good ratio
  2. jg233

    AAC Tournament

    His numbers in conference games are terrible. We have the worst pitching staff in the conference in AAC games. Tough to make all conference that way.
  3. jg233

    AAC Tournament

    I would pitch PS in game one...it doesn't seem like SM has ever been concerned whether USF does well or not. He should have just signed a pro contract outta HS.
  4. jg233

    Craig Watts

    From 4 star recruit to D2...total bust.
  5. jg233

    AAC Tournament

    Best case scenario for us would be the 2 seed in Deland. I would think a win or two at the AAC tourney would keep us outta Gainesville.
  6. If Coastal Carolina can win the college WS, we should at least be able to get to a super regional once in a while.
  7. jg233

    USF vs WSU

    At this level, guys will chase those pitches out of the zone if he can get ahead but he can't throw them for strikes to help himself when he throws so few fastballs over the plate. Fastball command is an enormous problem for him. A top 10 pick shouldn't have a 6+ era in AAC conference games.
  8. jg233

    USF vs WSU

    His secondary pitches are poor and he makes his living on batters chasing fastballs out of the zone.
  9. jg233

    USF vs WSU

    Only USF can have a top 10 pick who isn't an automatic win just about every time he pitches. Every time I see McClanahan pitch I wonder if he has any coaching at all or just does whatever he wants. He is the definition of a thrower and not a pitcher. He should dial back the velocity a little and actually try to control the ball in the strike zone.
  10. jg233

    Bulls vs Gators Tonight

    I would start McClanahan today and Sunday to get him ready for the post season. He is gonna have to start pitching more than once a week soon anyway.
  11. Can the AAC really get 8-9 bowl eligible teams? That doesn't seem likely.
  12. jg233

    Updated baseball projections

    I would say if we win 6 of 8 and win the AAC tourney we have a good chance to host. Gonna be tough to do though.
  13. jg233

    Bulls do the rolling today over ECU

    Strzelecki is a much better pitcher than McClanahan. He may not have the same kinda stuff but he knows how to pitch.
  14. jg233

    Brooks Larkin- Oh Boy this is interesting

    I'm not gonna miss a walk-on who clearly thinks he is better than he really is. He also has no love for USF or the program if he airs it out the way he did.
  15. David Collins is the most talented USF player since Dojo...Add a few more pieces around him and we will have a chance in every game.