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  1. This isn't a D2 or even a D3 team...It's NAIA, glorified HS ball. Not a good look.
  2. It's USF, they do nothing well, and I mean nothing.
  3. Football sounds like the easy choice, but being good in the AAC amounts to a whole lot of nothing. Basketball would have more of a chance to make some noise on the national scene if they could be really good once in a while. Winning two games in the NCAA tournament in 2012 is better than any season the football team has ever had.
  4. We would have a better chance if our team weren't just a bunch of queefers.
  5. So basically, you are saying we are winning the conference next year? 8-10 wins with our OOC schedule next year means 0-1 conference loses. UF, BYU and NCSt. will be bloodbaths. I look at our schedule and see maybe 4 wins next year. 6 would be really pushing it.
  6. Anyone is better than Johnson...He makes Pat Julmiste look like Joe Montana.
  7. I like Publix subs but their rolls are VERY inconsistent. It is a complete crapshoot whether you will get a fairly soft one, an edible one or one you could club a baby seal with. My wife will only get wraps from them because of their bread issues.
  8. The saddest part is that Strong would have probably won 3-4 games with this group and Scott will win one game. The talent is not great on the team but the coaching staff looks like they are lost in the woods. I'm sure Scott likes all the money and his giant mansion but I'm sure he didn't think things would be this bad on the field.
  9. Every game I hope Roberts targets someone and gets tossed, they I realize the next time he hits someone will be the first time...
  10. I'm growing to dislike this coaching staff pretty quickly.
  11. Designed run plays for McCloud are just dumb play calls.
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