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  1. You can't fumble it if you don't catch it. Smart playing from Mitch.
  2. Winning on errors, that seems to be our calling card this season.
  3. This teams idea of a blast is a two base error. It is a win if we get one double in the game.
  4. This is USF men's basketball we are talking about. Being a mediocre coach here will allow you to keep your job indefinitely and parlay it into a better job. Just ask Seth Greenberg. Brian Gregory is smarter than we think.
  5. I think I'd just take the 10 wins every year and not concern myself with all the details.
  6. The early signing period has made today a non-event. NSD used to be very interesting and exciting.
  7. If Scott left, Kelly would have to call Leavitt, right?
  8. Lee Rose would be the only coach that I would consider to be good based on winning %. Pascal had 6 losing seasons in 10 years...not good.
  9. There might be 4 more wins on the schedule, which is a very sad development.
  10. I like Gregory but he is doing an absolute s&%t job this season, even with Yetna hurt.
  11. We should spend ALL the money on athletics...academics is highly overrated.
  12. Can't blame Scott for wanting to coach in a few more big, meaningful games. They might be the last ones he coaches in. Plenty of small time, loser football in store for him.
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