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  1. I'd make him the Head Coach over Scott...A bag of dog shat would be better.
  2. You expect to win against Tulane, Temple and ECU? What leads you to believe beating them is possible? Scott won't let them win even if they are in position to.
  3. Improvement needs to be shown this season. The conference will be much weaker in a few years and we need a coach that can consistently keep us in the top third of the conference. Hopefully that is BG. Football is one thing, but men's basketball going from the best league in history to a mid major league in a ten year span is crazy.
  4. Houston Selected as 2021-22 American Athletic Conference Men’s Basketball Favorite - American Athletic Conference Houston has been tabbed as the preseason favorite to win the 2021-22 American Athletic Conference men’s basketball title in voting done by the league’s head...
  5. That hasn't helped us one bit. UCF has always scheduled much easier OOC than us. Win more conference games and people will notice just as much.
  6. This is true, but scheduling Alabama, Louisville and NC St. in the same year makes no sense for us to do at any point.
  7. Hoping you can go 2-2 in the OOC is not ideal for us right now. That looks like 1-3 again next year unless things change drastically. Having to win 5 conference games just to get bowl eligible looks like it might be a tall task for a while.
  8. We schedule like it is ten years ago. At this point we should play one p5, one CUSA, one Sun Belt/MAC, one FCS. In the future, we should be scheduling to get bowl eligible and not to impress anyone with how many P4 teams can kick our asses in one year.
  9. Considering Bethune might bring a few fans, I'm gonna go with 1350.
  10. Men's Basketball opener vs Bethune, 4pm on a Tuesday Place should be packed.🙄
  11. Navy's defense is undersized and outmanned but they play hard every play, which is the opposite of ours.
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