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  1. This loss is not on McCloud but he still is pretty awful...he is not a difference maker.
  2. Durr, Maricevic and Mack better be ready to play huge minute totals...even if all they do is rebound.
  3. I'll believe it when I see it. Playing at home might help a little.
  4. Please, no more McCloud! He isn't good even when healthy. Just play Evans and run the ball every play.
  5. This team sucks at every position...the coaches are just pathetic.
  6. The AAC is garbage, as is the rest of G5. When the best G5 team can't beat a bottom of the barrel ACC team, you know the G5 is crap.
  7. They probably would not have even looked at the play if he was not shaken up.
  8. This team will be completely overmatched against any team with a pulse. They just are not very talented, doesn't matter who is coaching them.
  9. Moving your best RB to receiver seems like a very USF thing to do...
  10. He was flat awful...not a D1 QB talent wise, running or passing..
  11. The talent level is light years ahead of anything Antigua put out there.
  12. Why would people care if players left? Most of them aren't that good. Players leave programs every year. Frankly, the only players that would bother me if they left would be Johnny Ford and Duran Bell.
  13. UCF's program is doing very well for a G5, but does anyone really still watch ESPN, let alone get up on Saturday morning to watch Gameday. I wouldn't care even if we hosted it.
  14. Strong will have to have multiple under .500 seasons in a row here to get fired. That will be difficult to do in the AAC.
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