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  1. If St. Stephen's played in the FHSAA and not glorified JV football I'm betting these kids would have gotten recruited a lot more. Competition certainly plays a part. They are obviously good enough but chose to play on a level that is much less challenging.
  2. The biggest question for me, as long as everyone stays healthy, is Murphy's lead guard ability as a Frosh. If he can handle things most of the time it would make the offense better and more consistent IMO. If Castaneda has to be out there handling the ball most of the time you won't be able to play your best offensive team all that much.
  3. He must have been desperate to get out of school. Taking $20K max when you have only pitched 20 innings in three years of collage seems a little odd to me. If he came back and had a really good year next year he could easily make WAY more than $20K. If Ragsdale can get picked in the 4th round only pitching 50 innings than what would he have to lose pitching his junior year. There is no minor league season this year either. Just weird. He will be getting paid $400 dollars a week next season up from $290, so that's something.
  4. He got picked in the 4th round...WOW
  5. I look at the schedule and see six wins being the absolute best case scenario. Four wins seems just as likely as six to me though. The coaches would have to be miracle workers to win nine.
  6. I like Gregory but this seems like something that does not need to be done for another few years. Running a "great" program and having on-court success don't always happen together but they probably should be a little more evident in this case if you are gonna give him a large extension.
  7. What a loser. How does this idiot have a job?
  8. If Scott can pull a 4-star kid from St. Thomas Aquinas then I will be a true believer.
  9. The BE is a better situation for them basketball wise but Jim Calhoun is long gone. They will probably be able to get some better players here and there but the BE is a much more difficult conference from top to bottom than the AAC and they weren't exactly dominating the conference here. As for football, they seem to be raising the white flag.
  10. He took the only P5 offer he had. It would have been nice for us to at least offer him.
  11. If that is a legit 62 yards, give the kid a **** scholly.
  12. You can't fumble it if you don't catch it. Smart playing from Mitch.
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