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  1. Seeing that cheap ass looking blunder I stand firm with my tried and true logo..I believe this logo would win if it was put to a vote. The Prancing Bull w/ smile vs.....the Bad Ass Bull that exudes strength, dominance, pride, and a "couple" other attributes...The BAB is the epitome of our USF roots....
  2. Isn't that qb for Tulane the one who got his first playing time when we played them over at their place 2 yrs ago? They almost beat us but of course, Q came through. Mobility is the name of the game in college football both those teams have quality qb's. That catch and run was insane. Fun game to watch for sure.
  3. Didn't look in here re: Tulane win so posted additionally as new topic...oh well. The videos are great.. Obviously a good coach
  4. I know this is AAC topic biz but for those that didn't watch this fun, exciting game last night it's worth a look. Of course, in comes Houston with media hype. It appears that Tulane is going to get steam rolled. But, Tulane exhibited what you want your Team to be, the heart, determination and some **** fine coaching. Sure, Houston's D left something back in Houston but...don't we all remember the finish that Houston put on us a few years ago to kill our season? Hat's off to Tulane...Hope our Bull's were watching this game. https://deadspin.com/tulane-uses-fake-kneel-down-to-set-up-game-winning-touc-1838271857 Enjoy
  5. "roll" model ...that would be when he hits the ground after a great play...otherwise, he demonstrates that he is a "role" model.....
  6. Looks to be the real deal not only in football but as a dad and roll model..very nice. Glad he's a Bull
  7. Oh man...your going to take a beating on that Oline prognostication...keep your head down their coming for you...
  8. It kind of parallels the WT scenario(except he was supposed to be an offensive genius) with the addition of Briles and Leavitt he has bolstered himself I think. Kinda like CCS. I know the head of the snake always gets taken off but, can you constantly be replacing and rebuilding year after year? You have firings along with AAC coaches leaving for the P5 after successes causing teams to reload again. You give a new coach 3 years to produce that could be a constant merry go round forever. Somehow there needs to be a constant to build on. Mediocre Head coach who hires top notch assistants?? If this group of assistants produce it could equal winning programs...yep, lots of variables. I just get tired of seeing a swinging door always in operation at USF.
  9. Were at the point in this new Offense, new QB situation where we need our D to be a dominant force on the field. Turnovers, TFL, 3 and outs, no points.. give our Offense a chance to get going and find plays that will get us points. It might be a 60%D vs 40%O to pull off some wins until this whole Play Fast Score Faster thing appears. Our O line is what it is for now. Never know they might insert a freshman if one shows he can handle it. Nothing wrong at all with a team that has a dominant/qb punishing D. We beat SMU I think that's the true start for this Team.
  10. Interesting side of this is..now we have CCS, KB and SK bringing in recruits. Along with the D coaches all getting more established in the State. FL-GA should be fertile. It takes just getting the right coaching core and getting them to stay. I'm sure the Fire CCS right off the bat doesn't help. He(they all) know how the fans feel about the losing streak. No, CCS didn't have the right O coach when he got here. I believe he does now. The rest of the season should be interesting hopefully, the pieces are coming together. 8-4 would be great. 7-5 would be a success. 6-6 ?? after last year?
  11. Hope that's the case from here on?? If the McCloud experiment works out..SMU will need to revamp their game plan. If you noticed, the players really seemed to embrace and celebrate McClouds game performance. BB didn't look happy with the situation. Should be interesting since he has bailed on 2 other teams when he wasn't the starter. I'm hoping it's all smooth with the situation. If the O line gets better so BB can be in the game we could have a two headed offense but, BB wasn't on at all with his passing again. Time will tell
  12. Looking through some of the scores it would appear that other teams played a similar lessor opponent by comparison yesterday and had similar scores. No..not ucf Stanford but currently that isn't far removed. I wish--we had won that GaTech game which, I think we should have especially now that they lost to Citadel. Possibly...we wore them out ?? after they celebrated way too much....
  13. Agreed and...the players were having fun and many experiencing their first college football moments. Let them savor the feeling of winning for a time. Hopefully with the bye week some of the things can get improved upon and players shuffled. It was just nice to win one maybe were on our way to winning two....
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