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  1. Ha! Were still looking around for a step stool so we can even get on our "high horse"
  2. Hopefully...thing that is concerning when a team has a dismal season is the possibility of kids bailing on a losing program. Guys like QF, Mack and gang were a diff breed that wanted to come to USF to build something and...WT was a heck of a salesman. Were always hoping for a good future, next year.
  3. Wait for a TD to open your first beer...?? **** brother you could die of thirst !!! But then, if CKB offense worked just think youd prob be an alcoholic
  4. And Wilcox..there was quite a bit of "UP" input on TBP prior to the Temple game. There was a hint of enthusiasm going on about our potential but...USF didn't show up for the Temple game. Our connection to USF must be pretty solid we all seem to stay around....Hoping!
  5. I've seen the posts titled.."I'm Done and I'm Not Done" Doing a personal seasonal assessment(even with 3 games left) I figure "I'm starting over again" Basically I've fizzled out on this season. Yes the Horn's still fly out in the yard. Sure always turn on that tube( no tubes anymore) on game day to watch the Bull's and yes, there is this small flicker in there that thinks there just might be..possibly..a chance we can win. Could we win 2 and get a bowl game?? ( yes children a "Miracle" could still happen ) Oddly my wife and I take about any small positive from our games to high five..YEA!! we got a first down Let's have another beer.....Go Bull's !!! So now, I look forward to all the possibilities that NEXT YEAR can bring because its what I (we) do as Bull's fans. I'm hoping to catch a high off our bball team this season whenever they might get their **** together. C'mon CBG we need you to deliver us football folk to the mountain of success.
  6. See...I told you..You got the IT factor on creativity..just saying, that chemical engineer stuff might be holding you back?? have a good one...bball game day Alright !!
  7. Interesting. Well look, if you get tired of that now you know you have a second calling you can fall back on... Chemical Plants-Interesting field..
  8. Good for Tulsa they deserve a good win they have been close and played their butts off. And ucf….Ah, Nah I got nuthin
  9. Haha..well I guess that just about sums it up and provides a visual.....I bet you make your living as a speech writer dont you ??
  10. You know SG, you felt "beat down" like so many of us last night because you maintained some hope coming into this week that the Team was better. We had a shot at the remainder of the season THEN like so **** many times before your sitting there watching going WTF. We (for some reason) were at a loss for words. Last week I noticed a lot of comments that had a "hopeful" tinge to them Yes...even "puc" seemed a little warm and fuzzy. Then reality rears its ugly head and ****, ****, piss here we go again. Half a team showed up. It is a beat down. We all know theres one constant...You gotta be strong to be a USF Fan
  11. You know when you make the CJL reference your supposed to accompany it with the "Jesus Christ Superstar" music
  12. I feel bad I told my son he should put it on last night at his bar out in Calif..Maybe everyone was intoxicated and thought it was Oregon or....?? He went to UF so he looks down upon me already when it comes to football kinda like...don't worry dad maybe in your remaining lifetime they will be really good.../ But--when we were at the USF v UF game he did get worried for a short time..
  13. For whatever reason people in the trade respect the guy. Maybe his time at UF and a Natl Champ he was a good DC. He had a moment at Louisville. And I guess he had a rep for trying to help make young men into good men. As a HC at Texas and now USF ?? I would assume he is done when he leaves here. ****! I would really be pissed if he left here took the Rutgers job or other P5 and won a Conf Championship...Now there's one for usf fan nightmares.. I'm sure his future wont be judged on whether he is a good guy or not. Maybe the coaching flame went out. He should have prob taken time off after the Texas debacle?? Question is: what is USF going to do??
  14. Jordan says, "the fans gotta stick with them". I think as pissed as we all are now that yes, we will stick with them hell man...its our school. This has been said so many times in the past but, we are always hopeful that our football team is going to have success in turn, we have success, a feeling of pride. For sure we will all get ready next Saturday clad n our Bull's shirts, turn on the tv, open a beer and yes.....Again we will be hopeful.. Strange isn't it? No matter how bad it gets it never really drives us away...
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