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  1. Ha! or the Big East or CUSA for that matter. Nope, no fun watching ucf hav all the fun and get the limelight but hey..their winning. Hope our turn is coming..."Hope" the other 4 letter word
  2. Great 20th win..Congratulations to Coaches and Players..keep it going..Go Bull's !
  3. Nice thing about this season besides watching some fun basketball is, it gives you hope for next season. There's talent galore, their young and now have D-1 experience. Coaching is impressive and gets you hopeful for great things sooner rather than later(keep them) Add a few quality recruits and maybe a transfer or two we should be balls to the wall solid. 19 wins? Fantastic. Great job to the b-ball team actually both the mens and womens teams. Thing about the womens team is..we have come to expect winning seasons and quality play and coaching. Just think, if we start to kick butt seasonally in football and basketball what a wonderful world it would be....Go Bull's
  4. Kinda helps form a pic of what CKB said about getting the best players/ play makers on the field..
  5. Excited? Hopeful? Yep, just like all the other previous seasons...go bull's
  6. Az..that's an ultra happy face dude I gave you on your prediction it's good to be optimistic...
  7. Maybe Q will get a better look with this new HC since he's qb oriented?? And one of their RB is in hot water after 2 recent post season arrests.
  8. he looked good against Memphis doing it all receptions, runs and his blocking. QE was also dominant he looked good, in shape. it's nice these guys get a chance to show their abilities to a national audience and the scouts. now if the league can just make some $$ so they can cover their pay and come up with a season 2. they had a good crowd in Orlando.
  9. Looked through the posts and didn't see anything about one of our Fav son's//D'Ernest Johnson 22 and how well he is doing with the Orlando Apollo's. He's playing great and getting his exposure shot that he deserved. Q. Eatmon 70 also playing well as is Sean Price 80. Throw in the old "ball coach", there's a good recipe for watching the AAF games. Best of luck to all these Bull's they make you proud.
  10. Ha! thx "lotsofbull99". As I reading thru some of the comments on the topic I saw that some of these guys were just learning to walk, getting potti trained, going into middle or elementary school, just got the training wheels off or..training pants. So as I reflected on the year(life stage) I realized I was working my butt off in that stage struck me as funny thinking of my age difference compared to theirs but, were all Bull's fans/alum. Life? It's an interesting invention.
  11. Feel bad for the guy he was going to get his shot as a starter. Hopefully he will mend and return soon. Injury knocks B.J. Daniels out of debut in new football league – Capital Outlook.emlInjury knocks B.J. Daniels out of debut in new football league – Capital Outlook.eml
  12. 1992? Let's see retired for the first time so I could work my butt off at other things that I was interested in. Remodel cabin in NC mtns, fishermans bungalow on Matlacha Is. and partnered into small marina purchase on SW coast..moved onto the boat after sending son off to college. Otherwise, just sitting back having boat drinks. **** ! No wonder I'm so worn out now.
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