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  1. Howdy. Riverview as in town or high school?
  2. Agree and so true. Some of these alumni athletes could add a lot to the atmosphere of USF sports. Auggie just attached to 2 coaches on a downhill slide. Maybe CJS will reassess ( if there is ever football again??) the potential of having someone like AS on board??
  3. Think of Laquincy, that guy is more solid than some of our running backs. But then, they both would prob try and dribble a football and that just results in groin injuries
  4. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bulls/2020/04/03/why-usfs-auggie-sanchez-chose-to-walk-away-from-football/ Sounds like Auggies stint in coaching left a bad taste. I hated to see him let go from USF. That young man bleeds green and gold. Hopefully, he finds his path in life. Personally, I think guys like Auggie and Lamar are a plus to our program. Coaching is a tough business. Coach Scott is a good example of ex-players/grads being retained by their alma maters. Good luck Mr. Sanchez.
  5. Collins is a very good ball player. NBA potential? To be determined. Personally, he needs another college year and show he is a superstar if he has NBA dreams. You Mr. Frisco, of course I think highly of you..how could anyone not think highly of you? Confusion? hmmm? Cant do a thing to help with that your on your own. Seems to be a lot of confusion going around. I couldn't get the NBA part right but alas, I just live with my confusion its interesting.
  6. Oh ****, I cant get football off my mind. NBA NBA NBA Ok I think I got it now??
  7. Collins is good but I think he could be even better. Another year at USF probably the best thing he can do to polish his play up to the NFL level. Like to see him dominate at the college level with consistency.
  8. POSITIVE: " Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what your doing, you will be successful" Albert Schweitzer
  9. Nice article. Interesting strategy. Insightful. Nice going Adelson.
  10. ALE open, pour, DRINK....Repeat
  11. At least he doesn't send up a barrage of perpetual negative bs about every subject on the planet. His looks? His tone? Painful? Your sad? ( get a grip) I'm sure the "people" may not share the same low, critical opinion of the Coach. Pathetic Crap...CJS is a good man with a good reputation. Reportedly he is a good father and has his on spiritual beliefs. Good for him and his family. Good for USF that we didn't get some seedy, bottom feeder for a coach. He strives to be POSITIVE and send a GOOD message to fans and his players. How he sounds? How he looks? How he believes? That's his own **** business..I'm concerned more about his creating a winning(POSITIVE) culture at USF. You (puc) got on my ass once with your sidekick to tear down something I posted one time. I was amazed at the time that grown men would even act that way or say those things. How chickenshit and small you present yourself. CJS projects much better than you. Just same crap, same person continually gets old. I guess he's perceived as cute?? And of course, we all have opinions. That's fine just..don't target people with teardowns of their looks, speech, etc. Think therapist... That's it. One of the "people" has spoken. I'm done with it. let the games begin....
  12. Hmm? Someone wasn't practicing Social Distancing.... Congrats to the Scott Clan
  13. My son sent this pic of his overnite in NMex. Said he has been practicing "Social Distancing" since before it became a daily life term. A few months ago he left a high stress bar/rest partnership in Ca. Currently he's traveling out West. His plan would take him about 28,000 miles if it works out for him. Basically, no route just whatever interests him. I'm hopeful he gets to de-stress and soak in what Nature provides. He is on Instagram: "Smokey and the Vandit"….. I do get a kick out of his new found freedom. Mine was on the water his the Land. Thought this info might provide a grin during this bummer of a time going on.
  14. look at all the input your getting obviously, people on here are worried that you are turning into a shadow of your former self...you best listen to this bunch of alcoholics who only have your best interest at heart in these "trying times"...Their "trying" Vodka, Schnapps, Scotch, Gin, Ale, Wine, Rum and all the other Antibacterial liquids
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