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  1. Ok, so basically you are staying in your normal game day mode.
  2. Ha! well in that case if his reputation precedes him to Tx. Possibly the mask will help disguise him so he can get to his seat???
  3. Green & Gold googles are ok you look good in them...
  4. See, you see it too. We better jump over on to the Conference Realignment topic page..I think it's page1325..:-)
  5. Go into the stadium quietly. Where a Texas shirt over your USF shirt. You can throw up the horns because nobody will know that your not throwing up Texas horns?? As the game starts..whip off your UT shirts. Hope this all helps. Think Stealth.
  6. As the season "hopefully" proceeds, it will be interesting to watch. Saw some video on NJ he looked good-quite. Also, Fortin looked good in some video. We give Mc the benefit of the doubt due to O-line last year. Lack of experience, etc. I wasn't to impressed with him but the jury is out. We hopefully will have a better Oline and better coaching across the board(how could we not). He will be interesting to watch and see if he has grown??
  7. Nope amazingly, no CV ref. I remember the Aresco announcement on the move. Prob not a bad move by comparison to where they have been. Geographically, he has positioned us closer to Big 12 Country!!!!!! Oh hell, did I actually open that Pandoras box..?
  8. Owwww...You are so-so brutal. Manson really? Better talk to Brad see if he is open to the idea
  9. True. Wonder if they were opting for a good grad transfer to start the season to be competitive at the get go?
  10. I thought acquiring Johnson was an interesting move since CJS had already brought Fortin in plus having last years starter McCloud in house.
  11. Would appear that Las Colinas area is a thriving community. AAC is keeping some good company there. Might as well operate out of a popular/thriving area of Tx. Texas has got the door open saying: Y'all c'mon were open for business. Prob not a bad move for the AAC offices
  12. Gave you the old CJL "Me No Likey" but...we dont have a CJL "Likey" so just consider it a nod and a smile from old Jim on you post...I think we need a CJL emoji with a big **** eatin grin...
  13. You know, if these pages keep going on this Topic into the future...CousinRicky will prob be back with us by then. KInda like the Conference Realignment topic... I'm thinking he will sneak on TBP see all of his fan's then feel compelled to return by popular demand.
  14. The Tx Governor was saying this 25-50% attendance in an interview last month. Figured his comments were at least hopeful back then that there would be a game. FL and TX both trying to reopen to some form of normality despite the V# rise coming from the testing. Thirty days will prob tell a lot relating to the CV. 60 days until game day??? At some point there will need to be practice(s) taking place...Strange times lots of unknowns... Stay tuned
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