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  1. If Malzahn creates more high profile winning seasons at orlando he will prob be part of the catalyst to push them into p5 conf. That way he can take his whole package with him and stay at the same univ. He does have name recognition kinda like us getting CS except, I think old gus will do well. Upcoming season will tell us a lot about the state of affairs of USF football. A bowl game this year a gotta do..any bowl game. orlando does things differently. They commit and go forth. Here we are mid May and still...nada on the IPF.
  2. I'd be content to see us win 2 of the first 4 games. NC State a maybe? First game jitters and playing away prob in front of a packed house on natl tv?? I'm hopeful on that one but.... Florida? Whew...No Trask but they just might be too much for us that early in the season. I hope we make a good showing and our fans find seats if UF hasn't taken them all...FL A&M? If we dont win this one I am worried about our entire season. BYU? Possibly we are on a par with them talent wise. And yes we beat them previously buy, 2000 mile trip, higher elevation, prob packed noisy house...could be a toss up
  3. Ha!! Just great. The arbiter is Judge Roy Bean reincarnated....I am more doomed than the doom I was previously..all this because of durr's FT %....who would have thought they'd go out this way?? Ok, this was fun...
  4. Ha! Maybe I can retain Smazza? or Giuliana? if he isn't too busy....?
  5. Alright we will recognize you as the Arbiter from hence forward It takes all kinds to make a village. However, in this specific matter you do appear to be somewhat jaundice in your ruling. I will prob appeal your decision.
  6. Oh, this isn't Mike? Ah hell never mind then I was just trying to pull his chain a little. This isn't Laquincy is it? Rideau that you...?
  7. I do appreciate you policing the posts for accuracy. Must be a full time job on TBP?? 80%? Possibly Durr should strive for 90% ??
  8. VT coach prob told him...Son your going to need to practice your free throws----deal breaker
  9. think that's his dad trying to keep Ginger Jimmie from having a happy stroke.
  10. Your getting the same number of replies that I've recvd in the past when inquiring about RV and USF folks. FYI--we have stayed at Bay Bayou RV several times when we have come in for games. Nice place, shaded, clean and about 15-20 mins from RJS. Madeira Beach KOA is a good one(popular) and great for biking the area. Longer drive to stadium. Nice spot if you have a few days. "Years ago" stayed "one night" at the Tampa RV park on Nebraska...should have named it Knife and Gun RV. Supposedly, it has been purchased and redone??? Last season we were going to try Lazy Days off I-4 at 75. They run a
  11. Think you mean cooters and do chuck taylor that lives down the street....
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