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    Life on the water. Staying connected to USF. Of course now at 70 working on staying healthy and alive. I mean there's games in 2022 I want to see..

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  1. Best quit joking this is a very serious topic kinda sorta like brain surgery to go...As the Nuns use to say: (and this could apply to TBP) "No Talking, Laughing, Turning Around or Fooling Around" … words to live by. Of course that would make someone boring as hell but.....
  2. BulledOver


    No status but...that young lady plays all out she is fun to watch. Her play has gotten better this year she is sorely missed. Hopefully, they will get her back in the lineup soon.
  3. BulledOver

    OT: reaction suggestion

    I will cherish the moment...I have arrived!!
  4. BulledOver

    OT: reaction suggestion

    AhHa..I imagine the WTF Happy Turd gets a lot of use as it pertains to some of the comments. I appreciate the definition and I will wear it proudly. Funny part is, I was the commenter on the original comment and I got the Turd..go figure? if I had PC tendencies I would be crushed and prob need a soft puppy and quiet room but.....Ha! Not. Just finding fun in all the wrong places. TBP is an interesting study on society when you think about Topics, Comments, Sub-Comments. Personally, I like to keep it light..probably drives some folks nuts.
  5. BulledOver

    OT: reaction suggestion

    Ok so JTrue, if the pile of dairy queen style turd was frowning that would be negative right? Thus, smiley turd is kinda like a warm and fuzzy puppy right? Good job.
  6. BulledOver

    free throws

    Forgot---But on the plus side, great--fun--exciting basketball going on with this team. When they peak they will be tough to beat.
  7. BulledOver

    free throws

    Bull's could have had another 60 points this year had they made their "free" throws...Possibly the refs will let some of the guys step outside the 3 pt arc so their chances are better.
  8. BulledOver

    OT: reaction suggestion

    Whoa !!! You got nailed on that thought didn't you?? Possibly there is a keyboard posse coming so you might want to hide out for a while until their fingers get fatigued. You are never...never...supposed to point out the obvious in life. Funny--
  9. Hell i was close...i figured you might like drinking/// coca cola .of course i was referring to Einstein..who used a straw via nostril the story goes..
  10. Whoa...next thing will be the tree falling in the woods..does it?? Man, you can tell we are all grads of a superior university. "Always keep questioning" ..per that old white haired, coke snorting, scientist
  11. Ah I just love the Old English terms..
  12. Good thing it wasn't graded "Pass / Fail" we would feel even worse. At least at a C- we will get a 'talking to' but shouldn't get grounded or lose car privileges... Reality- I was hoping we would come out and beat Marshall just to end on a head-up positive..but we really just pooped the bed on that one. The OC hire gives us hope once again for what might be in 2019.
  13. BulledOver

    Bell’s Hiring Could Impact the IPF

    Hmm? A sexy Gator Chomp..? Interesting. I fathered a Gator ( no not the handbag reptile) but he now puts the Bull's games on at their bar in Ca. Also, has the Gator faithful their for games. One weekend he said, he had the UF game on 3 tv's and USF on 1..Now that has to be a hoot.
  14. This hire should bump Charlies stock up with the fans it seems like a good move hopefully it translates out to a great move. Head coaches have broad shoulders( why the big bucks $) to take the heat when things aren't going well. A really good coach finds a fix. A great coach has the guts to hire someone who could possibly take his job in the future...it gives us Optimism!!
  15. BulledOver

    Bell’s Hiring Could Impact the IPF

    I'm giving you a positive CJL on that one just because this hire could bring back some game day memories except on the O side of the ball.