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  1. Ha! Your one of the good ones John..Thanks for what you do
  2. the plague is the excuse for all things large and small. there is a multitude of construction going on in Fl and most of the country where people really want to live. ipf all or nothing at all due to sluggish funds might make one rethink the plan and adjust to what "could" be built. coaches in the past have suggested that the weather can reek havoc on practice schedules and game prep so......sounds like the major concern is the ability to adjust to the weather first and foremost. more amenities and luxuries can be added later. seems we need practice practice practice...think phases
  3. Have you considered being the Ambassador to the UN? Your straight forward logic might help solve some of the worlds strife. Your topic is right on and needed to be stated. People give what they can to whatever is near and dear to their heart. Crazy example: remember the talk this season where everyone was going to pledge so much $ for every USF win? Of course this season didn't amount to much for sure. I was going to donate $20 bucks to USF Athletics after each win and notate the reason. So, first win... thank you Citadel. I sent my $20 in the name of "CJS 1st win". Amazingly, I received a
  4. Biff is just a thought, a dream and a specimen right now in the Life & Legends of Augie but....someday the Coach Biff Sanchez saga could come to fruition..and the Bull's will be waiting for that day....um, obviously there will be a lot of different Bull's on here thirty years hence slashing and bashing.......// possibly even a little NEB the III ? IV V VI ?? Ok I better go after reading back through that line of ****... I'm pretty sure it's wine time...As Manuel Beiro use to say... "Salud and Happy Days" 965.. ( poss the bolita n
  5. And TBP has a Topic : Fire Coach Sanchez..........problem is, it's Augie's son Biff
  6. Fret not..Of course we wont be bad forever...of course we wont.. of course we wont..of course we wont.. ///////// oh dam I hope we wont ???
  7. Yep, Life has a way of jerking you in all directions. My Mom use to say, " Life is great if you don't let it get you"..I kinda didn't get it until later on in life. Were very adaptive creatures to both enjoy and fend off what we experience in life. I'm sure this young man's folks/family are wondering about the Why?
  8. We are but "1 heartbeat away from whatever comes after". I heard a rabbi say that it's quite thought provoking. Life is very fragile. When you see someone at 37 meet their demise we always think, way too young. Very sad thing for parents needing to bury their child. Life can be very cruel at times. Feel sorry for them. Then, you somehow get into your 70's and your not quite sure if your being rewarded or punished.
  9. Ha! That's a really Old hat.. Never know with all this Cvirus scenario how many families/players are thinking about staying closer to home?? It appears that we didnt offer him prior to his Illinois signing.
  10. Always thought the handle "Bull Dozer" was quite cool. RIP young man.
  11. Hopefully not. But in his first outing he tossed two or three interceptions?? I started thinking he was a plant for the other team or...a color blind situation. The kid shows poise and his arm is strong. His accuracy is a lot better and he runs pretty good but...hopefully, he isn't a player prone to injury? Don't know extent of saturdays injury.
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