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Hi Guest,

Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

Thank you,

Brad Brad



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  1. Ha ! thought I'd take a glance at this topic to see if it had really died..But ! low and behold there's a page 20... If I was more computer literate I'd take that goofy-dandy bull image and put it on it's side with X'd out eyes. Long Live the
  2. Ahh don't worry go ahead and guzzle like a gentleman there are programs for that later...
  3. Right, right and so right about that... But, on-going pissing and moaning just may stem from loneliness or those seeking camaraderie or....it's raining thus a time waster?? Or, it's not quite beer30 yet in central time zone...
  4. Thought this horse had been beaten to death by now but seems it's on going for obvious reasons $$. USF might be "preeminent" but that doesn't mean that common sense prevails throughout the ranks. Knowing how the Alumni feel about their university might be the catalyst to start installing more USF folks in Admin positions. Build from within, people who take this school to heart compared to hiring from outside. Yes, it's a business but it's also Our University. ( seems like there was a vote/survey taken?? while back about the "new" logo?? think we must have lost) OK, hope I don't twist my ankle climbing off this soapbox.... Maybe some of those monster signs can be repainted and utilized again to help keep some costs down. Possibly, Merrill Lynch would buy some of the signs?? Hopefully, re-purpose and not just warehouse. Look good on the new football facility or the OCS..???
  5. Interesting but (to me) makes no sense when searching for the "why"? I'm sure there is some plausible reason which would put my mind at ease but then..why be good to my mind at this phase of the game.
  6. Ah but you where your sarcastic side so well I would embrace it and forego a search. In this PC world we need people who can maintain a sharp edge/wit. I think it's admirable that you keep the memory of CJL alive it's in lieu of a monument on campus..oh wait, it would prob be covered by a tarp.
  7. Final Thought. USF football has had a tough time putting butts in the stands. There has been an effort to get the student body more interested/involved. It's a fact that many of today's students aren't into football, outdoors or sweating and many don't understand it. So with a marketing push by Kelly to get students involved why would USF Academics then create a program that by it's own identity removes it from their own Athletics Dept. identity/efforts? Why would academics want to stand alone? Aren't these Student Athletes representing our university?
  8. I'd rather be represented by this Bull It represents my attitude better than Prancing Bull...it was kinda cute though in a Disney kinda way...
  9. Ok, Joe just took the bullet for his team sometimes a management position sucks. Yes they screwed the pooch on this one but...what's done is done hopefully all can move on. Of course $$ money was wasted on this idea but far less than one of the bad coaching hires of the past I'm sure. The POSITIVE out of all this?? We had a "united voice" that forced a change. We all felt strongly about our Bull's U logo and what it represents to us. If that power were a constant just think what could be attained at USF. We are one university with one logo..... Go Bull's ! **now I think marketing needs to take an amount equal to what they spent on this ahhh, idea.. out of their budget and donate it to the Football Facility...yeah yeah, I like unicorns too.
  10. Question? Is the USF Administrations 401K managed by Merrill Lynch ?? Just wondering...
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