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  1. I think CJS is the right coach at the right time to fix our sinking ship. Even sitting in my living room watching us get whipped by...(pick one), and hearing the announcers inject pity or criticism of our program was...embarrassing. More than once they would reference our winning seasons just 2 years prior. We all know that CCS caught the coattails of WT work/recruiting which gave him ONE winning season after that...we were Texas 2.0 CJS will create a winner at our university, I think he will stand for no less.
  2. I'm hoping this Team hasn't peaked already this season. They looked tired. Appeared that WS played our defense against us the takeaways were crazy/to easy. Future teams will now keep giving us the outside shots since we cant make anything. I do like Dawson it will be interesting to see how he grows/improves.
  3. what an impressive guy. how many coaches have we had over the past years that asked the interviewer to "have me back"?
  4. "He Gone"! ....The sun is beginning to shine on USF once again. I like this Scott guy. He seems very aware of what needs to be done and all in to get it done...
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/opinion-abandon-mountain-west-for-the-aac-boise-state-football-appears-to-have-options/ar-BBZeGYa Appears Boise is either using the AAC potential to negotiate $$ from MWC or...…?
  6. Always liked App St football and fanbase plus, had a place( wife from there) up there so geography was a plus. Problem is, Boone isn't near any major airports which would mean a pretty good bus trip for teams up the mountain. Not sure if schools from the AAC would want to do that due to safety potential. November/December games could be a real challenge. Boone small airport otherwise: Charlotte, Greensboro, Bristol, etc closest. That was the negative I always came up with when thinking about their potential to our conference.
  7. Yeah, you mentioned much of the diff in your question. All that plus, watch their students/fans during games they appear to be having a great time. Sure they have their own stadium which helps centralize/focus your people. Their AD was promoting like mad. Orlando is bigger area and seems to show support for the college. After the downfall of the O'Leary days they have rapidly gotten a lot better. Are they better funded in Orlando? More deep pocket sponsors? As for the weekends bball loss..? We had no outside game to bolster our strong game underneath. Maybe the home game will go differently.
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