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  1. Ha! To pragmatic to be delusional. Whimsical maybe...but, I'm glad you worry about me.
  2. Well there you go some stimulation of topic instead of fire the coach, players, mascot, cheerleaders. Constructive( no pun intended) points of view pro-con and ah, pointless. My intent with all things considered as projected by replies, was to show the rapid growth of a young FBS program. Point about Tampa's pro teams..maybe that "should" stimulate more interest in USF not diminish it? As for fan base at UCF..Watch those fans on tv and most are really into it kinda nice to see. Yes, if they were 7-3 maybe it would be emptier?? Since 7-3 is considered a losing season by some...Note: I truly believe that we may just beat UCF. We may just play up to this team. My opinion? ( I know I know) USF needs to create their own identity with a OCS and the Practice Facility --IF-- the administration wants to see it's team rise to national prominence..then, we will see if it helps propel us into the so-called p5. But, you gotta win a championship first. That seems to be something that we just cant do in any conference. We consistently only get to the top 3rd rung of that ladder never the top. IF, we had all the structural amenities & staff to build an annually great football team and still couldn't do it?? the problem is something else...maybe the lack of heart, hunger, desire, pride?? Ok, fire away I can take it...
  3. Good Job I'm awarding you the Big Ball's Bull award....Congrats!
  4. BulledOver

    Post Game Pressers

    Wilcox--now there's a kid you want to see do well. He's become quite the bad@@@ tight end.
  5. BulledOver

    Charlie Strong contract

    I read the kids bio the other day because I didn't know much about him. I think he started playing late but went on to be very productive and then excelled in the summer 7on7 comps, etc..it looked like he was prob pretty good at a 3 star with about 4-5 offers. For getting thrown into the ring I thought he did pretty good. Not a Q but he is an O
  6. By Comparison--Interesting that stadium talk started about an OCS about a year ago or so( joined FBS in 2014 football since 2007). The city of Mobile and the College have now shifted to full speed to get this stadium built for their first game in 2020. Cost for 25,000 seat stadium will be around $74 mil. It's interesting to read about similar "young" programs and watch their progression. Their area is nuts about them even though they have intruded into rabid ALA AUB country. Mobile-Tampa, kinda sorta similar except the city of Mobile seems to be excited about USA's progression and, they weren't happy that it would mean that they wouldn't be using the City's public stadium any longer. Yes, it's not a giant stadium at 25k but, their fans, boosters, students and the community seem to be totally behind this project now. I just find it interesting how universities seem to prioritize things like football of which, USA seems to play at a pretty good level. Food for thought. disclaimer: I'm sure there is more politics and history/discussion re: their stadium that I don't know about but...it does provide a comparison.
  7. BulledOver

    Charlie Strong contract

    Doubt it's "firing" time. CCS has some season left it will be interesting to see how it works out. "IF" he wants to stay on as USF coach?? he will have some decisions to make regarding his asst coaches. As I watched the games this season you could see from the start that our inexperience was showing( both O and D) but we muddled through the first 7 games until we hit the brick competition wall. You watch teams dice and slice our D. Seems the past 3 games they have all used the same game plan our weaknesses are obvious. I was wondering early how Barnett would hold up but Temple beat him up. Needs fixing. Yep, our freshman will have a year under their belt and prob bulk up and be coached up in the off season. Might need some transfer help? After Houston I lowered my expectations about our season. The H and the T games were and should have been embarrassing. At Cincy- we looked better but then assumed the look of the 2 prior games. Cincy is much better & well coached. They show heart like ucf does. I was impressed with our qb O( I was nicknaming him Okie Dokie) in his first start I believe he has talent & possibilities. My wish? See how the Temple game goes but be able to go in full power and hungry against UCF snag a win, then go on to win our bowl game even if it's in the Toilet Bowl. Play with heart and some pride. End the season on a giant win and a final win. Amen
  8. I believe it's the Gospel according to Apis da Bull. I think it was on a sticky note on the back of the Dead Sea Scrolls if my memory serves me...? It scared the out of me though so I'm tuning my comments up.
  9. We **** the bed on that one...….too. Nothing to say good so I just wont say anything at all.
  10. If we don't play Tulane like we did Houston we should come out of this with #8..we better. Tulane is no slouch at all were going to need to play the complete game that we keep hearing about(CCS)that hasn't appeared as yet. Good possibility that this will be another close one..Vegas likes them apparently. Teams see how to exploit our D and pretty much use the same game plan against us. Maybe..just maybe, the Houston spanking didn't set well with this Team. Humiliation on National TV shouldn't digest well...
  11. ****! this topic again?? This is the gift that just keeps on giving...it keeps going and going and... Similar to chumming it lures everyone in to the "hopeful" page. Yep, I bit.
  12. BulledOver

    Slow-up on the CCS hate

    If we manage a 10 win season with all the young guns we could be something to reckon with next year. Now...if Cronkcrite and Barnett return???
  13. BulledOver

    Slow-up on the CCS hate

    Houston has the Q 2.0 I expect this could be their year then they will bottom bounce after their HC leaves for a P5 program.
  14. BulledOver

    Justin Burke Has Got To Go!!

    Here you go the ultimate...Fire TBP! Cut off the head of the snake. Make the naysayers go back to writing the negative vibe in restrooms, bus stations and under bridges... Did that get it there??
  15. BulledOver

    Thank you...

    Hmmm? Southern Border?? Very Cool. Patriotism and School Pride rolled into one...