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  1. BulledOver

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    Ha! Had that figured out since your handle wasn't Beer Bull...or Ying Bull...us USF grads are pretty slick folk when it comes to deductive reasoning. Cheers!
  2. BulledOver

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    Bourbon Bull, by the looks of your fridge you might have a drinking problem? Or your just trying to keep your kidneys flushed. I think if you move the Blk/Tan up top it will balance better oh and maybe the girls light beer to the drawer...enjoy your Yuengling.
  3. BulledOver

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    Old established American company. A nice sponsor get for USF. Whether you like the product or not doesn't really matter it's the $$ coming into athletics. Personally I like the sound of it over Sun Dome always sounded like a tanning salon to me.
  4. BulledOver

    Judy Steps Up for USF Athletics

    To Judy Genshaft and her husband, Thank you for your generous contribution. Also Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Savage for their generous contribution to USF football. Maybe this will help to propel this facility along and encourage others to donate. I've only met President Genshaft once at a pep rally she seemed pumped, I thought that was pretty cool.
  5. BulledOver

    New AD Search

    Depends on how you cut the cheese...
  6. BulledOver

    New AD Search

    Interesting concept the 2 person AD job. Football is pretty much a full-time promotional/administration job especially when you have a university that is striving(hopefully) for a practice facility and an OCS and, (hopefully again) a jump into a P5 conf. You need a football guy. Brooks has a pot full of attributes he brings in but of course he doesn't possess the admin experience. He would make a great front man for our program. He and CCS seem to be on good footing. I'm sure he "gets it". Interesting thought. I'm sure countless doors would be open to him. I think its going to take someone who views the above noted items as extremely important for USF and the Tampa Bay community. Sometimes I think football(sports) is not prioritized as much as it should be at USF. As for Derrick Brooks. tough to know how much time he actually spends in Tampa anymore maybe you local guys know?? About 2 weeks ago we were at a Pensacola Blue Wahoos(Reds minor team) game where it was announced that Derrick Brooks was now one of the team owners. He walks on water in this area. Lastly, as we always say: Go Bull's!
  7. BulledOver

    HB QF

    Might catch hell for this but...a couple of those old boys resemble my wife's kinfolk. I'm married to an NC woman..yep from over in the mtns. Can't tell you how some of them get when the Fla Guy is up there visiting..ah, the pic brings back fond memories. Yep sure do...
  8. BulledOver

    HB QF

    Looks like the backfield at U of Alabama
  9. BulledOver

    HB QF

    "They" are everywhere you must be alert and combative...actually liked your Horror movie nooo thing so you deserved an up arrow. Least we can do to help out the downtrodden. 🤘🏻
  10. BulledOver

    HB QF

    Looking for additional info on the mini camp. Cincinnati.com Enquirer has an article with pic of three guys they signed but low/behold there's a pic underneath with QF showing off his magic. Reading around those folks sound pumped that he is coming their way. Hope it works out in a big way for Flowers.
  11. I'm thinking we trade Barnett to fsuwt for cash$(build indoor facility) and a future recruit pick..
  12. Remind me Brad, when you see a rainbow do you make a wish or...look for a pot of gold?? I enlarged this pic to see if I could see the inflate stem on your friend... enjoy SRQ I grew up there.
  13. Wow! Look at that cool surfboard!! Nice skeg...
  14. BulledOver

    NFL Draft

    Deadrin Senat Congrats. Another example of one young man's success story. What a senior class we had this past season. Go Bull's!
  15. BulledOver

    Bulls AD Harlan About to Sign an Extension

    Alas, comment was a nod to Harlan for what has transpired during his tenure. Tire slash comment was a bit of the old tongue and cheek humor. If you don't understand " tongue and cheek" then I get why there may be some confusion. Actually, only an opinion which are solely my own and not supported by the stations management....opps, there I go again. Calm..