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  1. Im hoping his body doesnt pass the football on its way to the punter..That would be an azz over tea kettle moment
  2. Wasn't upset about the ND loss but I would be very pizzd to have us lose to FAU. It would not be a good indicator that we have much of a team going into conference play. Basically, FAU and USF are pretty much on equal ground re: build a team-new coaches, etc Add in the fact that old WT needs us to throw a little payback his way. As for CJL? He likes to win. He's a good coach. The opponent is the opponent he will toss his best D at us. This will be interesting...
  3. Ha! Who knows once the numbers are covered in paint?? Presto!! A lost Picassoh( best to alter the signature a bit) and for gosh sakes dont do the PBN on velvet or...of Elvis
  4. No not embarrassed re: the missed calls. Yep, we got our azz wiped by their 3rd string poss even the ball boy and water girls suited up?? I think I saw one guy in a wheel chair make a tackle. Nice research very detailed. Nope...that was a good old fashioned shed whoopin. The players should have been embarrassed along with the coaches. I had minimal expectations for a win against ND. Not the steam rolling we took but...it's a work in progress. Just think what Michelangelo said when he was enlisted to paint the Sistine Chapel?? Holy **** you want me to paint all that with a brush!!!! USF Footba
  5. You got that one. Bad calls vs No calls. Seems holding, hanging on or taking a player to the ground( saw one that was a pure body slam w/ jersey hold) didnt get a flag. Not once but multiple times. Wouldn't have changed the score(??) or... I know it's ND so there needs to be some form of Divine Intervention but...
  6. Ha! crickets with a chocolate coating aren't to to bad.
  7. Yeah but Dude...tell us how you really feel about the azz whipping ND got 2011 Yes, I said...azz whippin Oh what fun was had by all...We even got a big write up in the Chicago Times..Huge!! I think it was hidden in the yard sale notice section..
  8. Was a great fun game not to mention a stormy-longggg game. We had a crazy loud bunch of fans there. Very nice campus w/ nice pub nearby. Their fans were very friendly but...not happy at the end. Hoping we go get the win again...
  9. That's right an N. and a S. You mean the current civil war or the old one?
  10. Is this Thing a real Thing?? Oh yeah, Hey NEB...Coastal Carolina location?? I'm thinking it might be in..ah..maybe Carolina but...don't hold me to it.
  11. Hey John, I went ahead and made a donation via Bull's Club for the Citadel win. At my age if I pledge $$ until the end of the season you might have to sue my estate to secure the money so, I'm just paying as I go that way USF gets the $$. I did donation in the name of CJS(his 1st win) and in memory of the Citadel. Thanks for all you do..Go Bull's. 

    1. John Lewis

      John Lewis

      Thank you so much for your support!!!

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