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  1. Wow! you know what would be a good premise for a horror movie?? So this college has a coach leave( actually driven out by pitch fork wielding folk and media) so they hire the Skipper(no not the one on the 3hr cruise) the son of a legend and.....he flickers hope then drives the Team into the netherworld. So they fire(literally they roast him on a fire but pay him a lot of $$ 1st) and find a new hire(like within 24 hrs) this "known" coach who just happens to be coming off a horrible horror movie of his own in Texas(no chainsaws--I think).
  2. We will be keeping on them for sure. BUT...what if they WIN?? That will screw up the entire doom and gloom scenario. It would be just like ucf just to stick it to us...
  3. Yep and know when to slide/go down. I imagine BJ will provide some great knowledge to these guys. Here's how you stay alive to play another down.
  4. Ah...I knew you knew what I meant.......(is this my ex-wife) BUT, they weren't going gangbusters last season and they still had good crowds. I think this season old Gus will field a very competitive team. He didn't come to the G5 to field a loser. Be interesting to see the product and the response from their fans. They do pretty well hyping their program and fans. Maybe because there's nothing else to do in Orlando...
  5. All this being said about ucf we, probably conveniently dismiss their fanbase. I think their stadium probably does provide that "we own it" "our home" vibe but...their fans display interest. They back that team, they fill the stadium. It would be very very sad if...USF had an OCS and couldn't fill it. Yep, maybe if we start fielding some winning teams/seasons things might change?? One step at a time... Personally, I don't like always waiting for next year or..the next big thing basically, due to my age. Putting things off after a certain life number starts to look pretty nut's. Just the way i
  6. I imagine during recruiting they might hear a reference to...You know son playing in a pro stadium, in a town with an NFL team...might just get you noticed at practice on game day?? Never know Just saying.. Seems like it along with facilities would be pretty nice inducements to an aspiring athlete.
  7. Already?? Tough way to start his college career. Hopefully he will make a quick recovery.
  8. Ok so...The seats are all figured out now...................all we need is a stadium with said seats that we can personally adorn..hmmmmm? this appears to have the makings of a quandary...
  9. These guys are fighting for a job things sometimes get out of hand as intensity gets ratcheted up. Some guys can get fired up but they focus on the next play they dont lose their cool. Immaturity? Attitude? Upbringing? Past Experience? can all have an effect on a player. Or, their just having a bad day.. As long as it gets back to normal and doesn't go into the locker room all is prob good..CJS is right to make a point and relate it to game time...15yds for a stupid move in a game can hurt the team. On the other side of things...better this than the players having brunch and signing Olivea New
  10. Maybe if it gets too outdated so the Buc's need a new one......They will just give it to USF! Then we would have a OCS-A On Campus Stadium-Almost
  11. Yep. I do think he is talented and was hopeful last season he would come out the starter by 3rd game or so..but, QB was pretty much a cluster last season. As the country starts to open up some it gives a little hope that next season will be more normalized..hope-a hope-a hope-a
  12. Memphis has Big money( Fedex Graf alumnus) behind them that wants to see them be a power house in all things athletics and academics. That helps a lot....$$
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