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  1. 🥺 I read it and I understand your take.....I believe I will go kill myself now the future of football looks bleak...
  2. I would think the huge loss of revenue would be a strong consideration...Now, if Aresco can cut a behind the scenes deal w/ TV( that he isn't doing...😉) for expansion including some schools from b12 ?? It would take a lot of dominos(teams, deals & other p5's) being set up in a perfect configuration so they all fell in line to elevate the AAC to the p6 inclusion. Maybe Aresco has the chops to put this type of thing together??? Personally, I would be very, very impressed and tickled. Which brings us back to: Ok USF go win some football games, look like you are something. Time for us to start sprinting we've languished for too long in limbo...
  3. Remember: "Pinch the Tail and Suck the Head"... welcome again and always....🙉
  4. Interesting. Went in to see who this guy is and any info available. Appears he is popular at VCU. Serves on an NCAA committee. Pursuing a poss joint venture with the Richmond minor league team to build a stadium. Opened a new basketball facility and....was interviewed on the importance of athletics in the college experience. Also, highest paid state official. Good possibility, he might have found a home at VCU. Unless, his dream job is...............Prez of USF !! Thx for the info
  5. Doesn't USF have an alumnus at this stage of our existence, that has excelled in the world of education and held elevated administrative posts at an impressive university?? That would be USF presidential material?? Maybe one that also grasps the importance of collegiate athletics and would be our highest paid cheerleader??? Our go getter/Get it done/Make it happen President? Maybe was one of the original rabid football fans at it's inception? Like maybe a home grown Judy 3.0...All things USF
  6. Crawfish, Crayfish, Mudbugs. Got almost fresh, murky water? Got muddy bottoms? Viola!! You got Mudbugs. Interestingly, Tx has 14 Crawfish suppliers. So, enjoy your Tx seafood have a boil unless, your at the Gulf Coast then you can have real seafood. Your welcome....👍
  7. Had to go in and read his bio. This guy has an impressive background. 2019 freshman starter w/ good stats. Nice size. Comes from a Michigan football family. Michigan is as fertile as FL for recruiting quality. One transfer hope he is content at USF? Great high school stats too wonder why he didn't end up in Mich or Ohio? Looking forward to watching this kid.
  8. It would make for a nice geography alignment but, too many Texas schools(wont happen). Nothing West past the middle of the Country. Now( I know fantasy) if Aresco and others with TV clout were to get a strong push from same to form a super conference???
  9. And by golly...That's a **** Fact !!❕ Not sure you should give the green light to "carry on" on TBP
  10. Then you had better been wearing your...Brown Britches
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