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  1. Probably not a big loss. I think we could do better and get a game/series that is more advantageous for USF.
  2. BulledOver

    Practice Facility updates??

    "Cousin Ricky Patio" yes it does have a nice ring to it....wonder if they would do a plaque over each urinal or stall for smaller donations??
  3. BulledOver

    Practice Facility updates??

    Say it louder some folks didn't hear you... I'm a believer in the theory that all size donations help. Sure the chunks get you there quicker. It's easy to let somebody else do it. There's nothing embarrassing in giving what you can afford were just fine with it. Sometimes I read the Alumni magazine and wonder why some of the apparent successful high rollers don't have Life Member by their name? The donating debacle at USF Is just one of life's mysteries I guess. My personal feeling is, it's being a part of something. Something I care about.
  4. Anyone.. Tampa local or with inside scoop hearing anything on the Practice Facility. I looked around found some old references and the same donation page on USF site. Seems like there is a lot of activity going on at other schools whether it's indoor practice facilities, stadium enhancement, stadiums. I saw the AAC stats regarding how low our donation level is compared to other AAC schools. I know this is old news but I hope it's continuing news so an early 2019 start date could be realized. Phases seem like a logical way to get it started. With low coaching salaries by comparison USF needs to hot foot this project somehow-someway. Any Updates?
  5. BB got up limping a couple times in the last game. Those long old legs are a good target for a killer LB. Did you see the player pull up on his knee in that game when he was getting up off the pile? They were getting some extra shots in on our players. saw a couple ankle rolls and one straight fist shot to the back of receiver going out of bounds. BB will be an open target as we go along if he keeps running. I really like his effort to stretch the play but he needs to slide sooner.
  6. BulledOver

    True BULLS FAN!

    You better move to the University of Alaska then you can win the t-shirt
  7. Cincy sports talked about Bengals other 3 backs but they did mention QF as another on practice squad. Maybe Marv will soon be ready for some direct snap fancy footwork plays. Saw 2 different references to his income. One was like mid 200k the other stated mid 400k. Either way the Q is getting a head start on life and....playing football. Win Win
  8. BulledOver

    USF Flag on Gameday!

    S said it best, "Fight for Truth, Justice and the American Way" those words prob mean more now than ever before USA USF USA USF has a nice ring to it...
  9. BulledOver

    Gotta Get This Off The Chest

    Man oh man, checked back in on this topic and saw it was going and going and going. There are all kind of fans. Some who are rabid, fun, crazy, interested and some who feel the same but just more sedate. Tough mix of folks but, they all would apparently be USF fans...a great thing. We sit, we stand, we cheer/chant/hoot/holler then we sit and wait for the next high powered moment. We are also older but...tolerant fans when it comes to some over the top crazed fans. Example,. Tulane game last year. Fun, lively nice sized fan base. So here are some USF 20 somethings who prob left kids home and are crazed out in New Orleans. Quite drunk with the stumbles. One guy may have peed himself. So, apparently one of them stuffed themselves with jumbalia, andouille, etc. the farts could clear out a theater. Lordy! I like N.O. food but going in is way better...yes, they did piss some folks off. Understandably they were rude. Loud and mainly drunk talk/yell. Gladly they left at halftime hopefully headed to the John. I will say, these farts were so bad it made you tell others it wasn't you. Moral is, fun game. Fun crowd. They got looks but nobody got on them. I calmed an older usf couple in front of us who were quiet fans. Takes all kinds at the games. But, their at the games supporting USF in their own way. Give and take.
  10. BulledOver

    Gotta Get This Off The Chest

    Ok NE, where you come up with this stuff is amazing...a creative mind for sure. Looking at dad and the kids I can only imagine that mom is apparently inflatable and at work?? Yeah yeah you guys know you were thinking it....... hopefully it's just a family that sings??
  11. Since we have 3 P5 games on schedule in 19 I believe..how about Appalachain State? They play a good brand of football and have name recognition plus, the media likes them and a good draw. It wouldn't be a patsy/gimme game at all. If it went home/home. They have a nice stadium in a fun town( Boone) that is very popular with Tampa area folks. A lot if FL kids go to App State. Away game would prob be a popular USF fan destination in the Fall in the mtns. I think they would be a good addition to AAC too.
  12. BulledOver

    Caption This...

    Remember if your explaining anything that possibly took place before 1970..nowadays you must start with "back in the day". Rotary phone? Chalk board? That's some ancient stuff.
  13. BulledOver

    Caption This...

    AhHa, went to Catholic school hey? I knew there was something about you I recognized that's my very excuse for not liking ctrl c and v. The nuns screwed me up. Yep remember the eraser projectiles.
  14. BulledOver

    Caption This...

    No but my wife does....why try to expand intellectually/electronically at this point? But your inquiry will be reviewed. You will just have to try to work through my limitations and stay strong. If it involves future counseling I'll chip in $ to make amends.