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  1. probably because he rarely gets game time speed...I think he has value
  2. USF-FSU ( wonder if a dyslexic puts those the other way) Lordy, with those 2 programs I'm surprised your even up and around. Hang on and one day both will be great again... /
  3. On the side of our Refrig. I see it every day. The L's are getting more frequent and taller. Depressing.
  4. Temple-Tulane and ECU........would be a success anything short??
  5. So, that's like a "No" for sure??? Ok. I'll take it as a "NO" from you.
  6. Try not to take these USF losses to "heart" 😉 See what I did there? Seriously, wishing you good health. Your sentiments are felt by everyone on TBP in some way. Sad testament to our days of winning that seem so long ago. I'm in 70's and for one, am tired of looking forward to more of "next year". It would be nice to partake of a couple winning seasons before the big grim sickle comes flying in for it's shot. I don't know you brother(except on TBP) but, stay well and yes.................Go Bull's!! (tell your doc that you root for USF he may have some meds for it)
  7. We have a constant in Mangham tough guy and for a big guy has some speed. Joiner? Where the hell is Joiner? He needs more than a few snaps a game. Try them as a duo--slap the O coordinator around a little tell him to get creative. He kinda reminds me of D'Johnson. Batte-showed what he can do open field set him up to use his speed-sucker is fast. One or 2 tosses to tight ends? Why? It's mainly Timmy left Timmy left and sometimes Timmy right. Can he not throw across his body yet? Does he see the field completely yet?
  8. Yep and has paid the price so to speak except, he is still getting a healthy pay check. He will be relegated to the G5 for a long run unless he builds a winner that sustains it for several seasons. Dont see P5 teams touching him
  9. Could do that. Reason for starting the #2 is, who is the #2 ? If Fortin lets take another look besides the one we got in the first game. I know McClain is CJS guy he has made that very apparent but...If we have 3 others(Williams may not be a consideration?) let's just see if the spark changes. As slow as McClain has been getting up after getting smacked he has good chance of not staying healthy in the long term.
  10. LET'S GO TIMMY...LET"S GO TIMMY I may get chastised for this(it's ok) but, I would like to see our #2 QB start this week against Temple. McClain although talented still isn't there yet plus, he has been beat to death because he runs the ball so much. Let's just see WHO the #2 guy is and see what he brings to the field.
  11. Ha! I just like his voice.... I've been Hoping for so long that it's turned mainly to Hop's..
  12. CJL took a program from zero to the top rapidly but, couldn't hold on to it. I always wondered how tough it was for an offensive coordinator to tolerate him. we needed a good one that would stay on to help build something. Holtz, had a couple moments of high point but appeared to lose interest. Thing is, he went to LaTech and has done pretty well there. Willie? I think he wishes he never left USF..he pooed the bed. He could have built USF into a dynasty if he had decreased his wants and tamed his ego. Strong? I got nothing, I think he used USF. CJS?? I have been hopeful but it's wearing thin. He is probably a nice guy and directs his players towards a quality lifestyle. But, he is being paid to Win. Football needs to be the primary focus. He may eventually be a great coach thing is, will it be somewhere else in some other time in the future??? Just don't know.... I'm real tired of the "next year" it will be "next year"
  13. It's happening all over the country. Fan's out of control. Rude. For some reason these new young ones think they are so entitled that they can do whatever, whenever to whomever w/o any repercussions. Great testament to their upbringing or lack thereof....Knock a few of them on their ass and it might help steer to a better path in life. Same on the streets, mob mentality. Watched the Memphis game the other night, after a good play or score the camera panned the crowd celebration, this guy in a cowboy hat in the 1st row looked and then gave the camera the finger. He appeared older than the ones around him. I bet Memphis was proud. Just an overabundance of look-at-me jackasses in the newer gens.
  14. Think any of the teams we play notice that the majority of our plays and McClains escapes go to the Left? On a couple of our needed first down plays he spun left looking but had open receivers on the opposite side of the field. I'm sure they play to his left because he is a lefty but... He certainly is quick to tuck and run which I'm sure did well for him in high school because of his talent but...he is getting knocked around quite a bit every game and is slow to get up. Of course, we have no other QB who has seen the light of day or field so if a substitute is needed that should be interesting(to say the least)
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