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Still giddy after this season, here's a REALLY crazy prediction

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USF should win the bowl game no matter who we face... that means a 5 game winning streak to end the year.

Next year, USF will be returning so many talented players... plus plugging a lot of gaps with transfers who sat out this year...

Assuming we can keep the coaching staff MOSTLY intact... and that may be a very big IF...

USF could easily go 12-0.  Look at this for a second:

Out of conference: Towson, Northern Illinois, and Florida State at home and Syracuse on the road.  

As with this year, FSU will be the hardest game of the year... and they may actually be better than 2015 team! Their depth chart for last night has 28 players listed on offense, 1 of whom is a senior, and 28 players listed on defense, 9 of whom are seniors.  If no one leaves early, 46 out of 56 on their "two deep" will be back next year. Yikes!  (USF returns almost the same ratio... and the game is at Raymond James).

I think we can agree the other three games are well within reach of these BULLS.

American Conference games: UCF, U Conn, Navy, and ECU at home and Memphis, Temple, Cincinnati, and SMU on the road.

Out of these teams, Navy graduates just about everyone (they had 1 offensive starter who was not a senior this year), Memphis will lose Fuentes and Lynch, UCF is rebuilding.  ECU will get their best QB back (he missed this year with an injury during camp).  U Conn will be better on offense, with most of the team coming back, but will take a step back on defense as they graduate more than half.   Temple graduates almost everyone, although Walker and Thomas return.  SMU might be the toughest road game next year, although they will have more holes to fill on an already weak defense.

Look at that schedule for a minute and tell me any game you would put down as a loss right now.  FSU? @ Cincy?  I just don't see it.  All of those games -- ALL of them -- are winnable.

Next, and this one will really throw you for a loop... our offense only loses three projected starters in 2017... and we play:
 > OOC Home: Stonybrook, Illinois, U Mass
 > OOC Away: Northern Illinois
 > AAC Home: Cincinnati, Houston, Temple, Tulsa
 > AAC Away: UCF, UConn, ECU, Tulane


If we can keep the coaching staff together for two more seasons... and we can avoid any major injuries like we did this season...

USF has the POTENTIAL to go 24-0 over the next two regular seasons...

Ponder that as you think back to where we were on October 4th.

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I think we have a very good shot at going 11-1 next season. The only game we most likely will lose is at home to FSU. the rest should be very winnable. at worst I can see us going 9-3. Our toughest road game will be temple since they will be looking to get back at us for beating them by 20. 

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