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  1. I'll be shocked if St. Felix isn't on the end of year all conference team
  2. If I take my green and gold goggles off, Cincinnati is the favorite in the conference this year with all the returning talent they have IMO. Their QB Ridder did what he did on his rookie season, and Michael Warren is the best running back in the conference
  3. AW playing out of his mind, and QF playing average (which we knew he would play average, because hes an elusive runner in a touch game in the spring, not a passer) was going to stir the most controversy possible. And after day one, sounds like this will come to fruition. I think they do what I said they should a few months ago... Let QF play the first 2 1/2 quarters vs Towson, then let AW finish the game. If the competition is still close, let AW get SOME snaps at some point during the N Illinois game. By this time, if it is still dead even, go with Flowers. If AW is better, lets do the unthinkable, and go with him vs Cuse
  4. All in all, Morillo probably gets the game ball at the half so far. McMurray is playing hard as always, and Cousins is the most physically gifted on the floor. You have to think USF would be blowing out ECU, if ECU hadn't hit all of those 3s. We will see if ECU's hot hand can keep going. USF is obviously not shooting well, but is so far superior physically that it probably won't matter. On a side note, Barkley on ECU is playing one of the worst games I have ever seen from a D1 player. Soft defense, missing shots, mental lapses. I would be surprised to see him on the court much in the second half.
  5. It looks like ECU is playing full court press, because they are noticing USF's weakness. We play lazy with the ball going up the court. COA really needs to inspire our guys to play with their heads up, and let Morrillo or McMurray take the ball up. If Perry had an offensive game, he would be one of the top players in the conference. It is too bad he cannot for the life of him put the ball in the bucket. He is so active. GO Bulls!
  6. Wow USF is just straight up being more physical than ECU. I don't know how ECU won any conference games at all. 18-9 USF
  7. It is so frustrating seeing Cousins have as much talent as he has, and then play lazy at times. The dude should be dominating the game right now. Perry is also not playing up to speed. Besides my pissing and moaning, it is good to see us up 13-9 with free throws to come right now. I just feel like we should be up so much more
  8. Its hard to take these 'advanced stats' seriously when Houston is projected at 53.. They are going to steam roll the west this year. I personally see a 10-11 win Houston team vs a 9-10 win USF team going into the CCG. And I dont think that game goes well for us
  9. I will be getting out of the navy in california in november right before the SMU game in Dallas, so that sets up perfectly for me to catch on the way home, and then obviously beating down UCF at home is a cant miss. Going through the games, i really think the goal has to be 10 wins. Id gladly take 8 wins if it includes wins over FSU and UCF
  10. Peters is garbage. McMurray, Holston, Perry, Cousins, Nunez, Ziegler and Guerrero are all better than him
  11. Thats what we are saying man. Everybody would love to have Swanson back, as he is a phenominal athlete, but he isnt a necessity. More of a luxury. Calloway is more of a necessity if we are going to push for 10 wins this year. We really need to be more dominante up front, although Calloway is a better pass rushing DT than a run stuffer imo
  12. As talented as Swanson was, we have other guys on offense who can move the ball without fumbling. Id still love to have him though. I really feel like getting Calloway back is vastly more important. He was a guy who could really rush the passer up the middle and would set up a dream rotation at DT with Senat, Bronson and Hector. Hamilton is gone right?
  13. They need to have try outs on campus and get some bodies then! I am sure USF has some talent hidden around there. Basketball is one of those sports where talent can be found anywhere. Granted, they won't be starter material, but can be serviceable off the bench.
  14. I looked at rivals today and saw that we are currently #4 today in conference recruiting rankings and was immediately worried. But actually looking at the quality of recruits, I would say we are #2 because Temple and SMU just have a lot more players committed that aren't quality. #1 Houston is having a better class than USF ever had in our history though. They are absolutely killing it right now.
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