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  1. According to Jose he and geno have already agreed to keep playing each other every year after uconn leaves. It will be a home and home. I assume we go to uconn one year and they come to Tampa the following year
  2. Big 12 was 12 members before 4 left and 2 came in to make it 10. They never were 11. I don’t think anyone ever tried 11 but some have gotten by with 10 or less
  3. How exactly would an 11 team conference work? if we go with everyone plays everyone we are looking at 10 conference games which means we could only have 2 OOC games. If we play 8 conference games then how would ties be settled if neither team played each other? How about 3 way ties where none of the 3 played each other?
  4. If we stay at 11 wouldn’t we have to go to 10 conference games thus only allowing 2 non conference games per year. If so it would be way easier to add one more just so we can keep our conference games to 8 and keep our 4 non conference games than only have 2 ooc games.
  5. We could add umass in all sports. This would fix the hole uconn leaves. Another option would be to add one of the military schools as football only and then add someone else for the Olympia sports including basketball. As far as the women’s tourney goes might as well have to top seed host it once uconn leaves
  6. They released the conference opponents today. https://gousfbulls.com/news/2019/6/18/american-conference-womens-basketball-home-and-away-opponents-announced.aspx
  7. https://gousfbulls.com/news/2019/6/13/womens-basketball-usf-non-conference-schedule-packed-with-power-house-opponents.aspx highlights are Mississippi state, Baylor, and notre dame.
  8. Mike is still hospitalized but his condition has been upgraded to fair.
  9. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26905011/ncaa-moving-3-point-line-back-next-season The main one is the 3 point line will be just over 22 feet instead of 21 feet. Also goaltending can be reviewed within the last 2 minutes and coaches may call live ball timeouts in the last 2 minutes. One rule I'd like to see if for the men to go to 4 quarters of 10 minutes each like the ladies do and just about every other level outside college.
  10. Judy just announced another $3 million gift to bring the total to $23 million
  11. My guess would be he wasn’t happy with playing time and realized it wasn’t going to get better next year. Did battle play last year at all?
  12. I doubt usf will do anything with indiana especially after they canceled the 2 game series on us on Kelly’s first day
  13. I wonder if part of the reason bama is coming here is to erase their bad memory of losing the title to Clemson at ray jay a few years back
  14. I could think of some opponents I’d love to get a 2 for 1 deal with. Michigan, Ohio state, notre dame, Southern California, Clemson just to name a few
  15. Now that we got a 2 for 1 against bama can we get a 2 for 1 with Michigan or Ohio state
  16. Former bulls TE mike McFarland was in a serious car accident in Ocala. Listed in critical condition.
  17. Big get for kelly especially since the 1st game is at ray jay
  18. Morris had SMU trending up though. His first year he went 2-10, 2nd year he went 5-7, and third year he went 7-5.
  19. Can usf block her transfer options or not really.
  20. it's not Strong;s age that is keeping him from getting a p5 gig its his record (at texas and here) and the fact he just had a collapse here (start 7-0 but finishes 7-6). Had he finished last year with a 10-2 or 11-1 record he might have very well been given a p5 gig but when you lose 6 in a row in a g5 conference and don't look competitive during that stretch, p5 schools tend to look elsewhere until you can prove that you can win at g5 conference consistently.
  21. During good years they definitely do and even to a smaller extent they get mentioned more often in bad seasons than say us baseball, softball, volleyball, or any other olympic sport. I was speaking in general terms football and mbb get more press that any olympic sport does
  22. Football is the sport that gets the most eyeballs looking at your school so a football coach tends to get around 3 years before they are fired. Sports like WBB and Baseball don't garner as much attention so those coaches can get more time since they don't get much attention from the national media like football or MBB does.
  23. I'd prefer to go out of state for softball just to get out of going to tally or Gainesville unless of course if we are hosting but lately its only been fsu and uf that has been hosting in this state.
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