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Everything posted by bullsfan27

  1. Didn’t ccs say he lets the oc handle the offense and the dc handle the defense and he doesn’t coach at all
  2. If we lose the ecu which is a strong possibility we have the bye before temple. If we are going to make the change that would be the best time to do it and see what the interim can do in the final 4
  3. Might hit the portal for a new coach. A new qb will get killed with this coaching staff
  4. Look like another 6 game losing streak to close out the season
  5. Strong will tolerate players making dumb decisions on field but won’t tolerate a player possibly smoking off the field
  6. Don’t be surprised if navy doesn’t throw the ball the rest of the game
  7. Why do we keep throwing 5+ yards short of the chain on 3rd and long
  8. If mccloud can’t throw we need to bring in someone that can
  9. Down goes Wisconsin. Illinois with a game winning 39 yard fg
  10. Illinois with a huge pic. Illinois now has the ball at Wisconsin 30 with about 30 seconds
  11. Wisconsin hanging on 23-21 with 5 minutes left in the game
  12. Wisconsin in a dog fight with illinois 20-14 late in the 3rd quarter. Might have been caught looking ahead to next week showdown with Ohio state
  13. Looks like ucf is adding uconn to the schedule in 2021 and paying them $1 million for 1 game in Orlando
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