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  1. https://www.buccaneers.com/news/bucs-2019-nfl-schedule-announced-tampa-bay-tickets-on-sale
  2. Has anyone heard anything about the kicking position. It looks like we have only 1 kicker and 1 punter. They both return from last year but our kicker couldn’t kick any fg’s outside the 20
  3. Schedules usually don’t come out until late July at the earliest but usually August is when they are released
  4. I haven’t had a chance to check the bookstore but if they are selling them that would be the most likely place. I haven’t seen anyone on campus wear cbi shirts but I’ll check into that
  5. 8 goals in the last 6 payoffs games won’t win u many games. Lightning have been outscored 24-8 over the last 6 playoff games (0-6 record)
  6. it’s safe to say this series is over. Biggest collapse in the playoffs by any team ever and we don’t even have injuries to blame
  7. John Brannen heading to Cincy. Was head coach at northern Kentucky
  8. Looks like Jacksonville scored 22 on us in a 22-2 loss in 91 according to the media guide. This would tie the 74 loss to Miami (20-3) for most runs allowed https://issuu.com/gousfbulls/docs/2019_media_guide_final_01dda1b07e1280/22?ff
  9. Helps that Cincy offered him a pay cut as a bonus for doing well at Cincy. He will make double at UCLA
  10. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26478769/cronin-leaves-cincinnati-take-ucla-job
  11. Washington is the one team that has me worried as far as the teams that can give the bolts problems go. The winner of the boston/toronto series would be the 2nd biggest threat to the lightning.
  12. Who could have predicted that we would be the only team in the AAC (men or women) to win a postseason tournament.
  13. http://www.gazellegroup.com/main/cbi/bulls-run-roman-cbi-title/
  14. This series is going 3. We haven’t played a true road game in weeks since the Tulane game and will play a desperate DePaul team that doesn’t want to see us celebrate on their home court tonight. DePaul is 5-4 in the 2nd game of teams they have played at least twice and 0-1 against teams they have played 3 times
  15. Depaul is 3-9 on the road (15-6 at home) so we must protect home court tonight if we are going to bring home the title.
  16. We caught a huge break in getting to host the semi finals. Lmu has to travel all the way across country so they will lose a entire day of preparation due to travel
  17. Coastal Carolina downs West Virginia. If we face them we would want to have them come to us as they are 6-10 on the road and 17-16 overall
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