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  1. Womens Conference Tourney will be in Forth Worth the next 2 seasons
  2. Year before the shootout game with uff we could have won it had we not lost at temple. Finished tied for first with temple but the loss kept us out
  3. I'm wondering if they do play this season with no fans at the games would it be better if they jostled the games at practice facilities or other locations on campus but not in the stadiums.
  4. Hopefully we can stay healthy next year. If we can stay healthy I can see us possibly going to the big dance or to the nit
  5. Wilcox signed with the bengals
  6. Wasn't Wilcox projected for late round last year? This season killed his prospects as he was rarely ever used. Not sure if Bell or Strong told him he would be used often but whichever one did lied to him big time
  7. Muffet McGraw has resigned from Notre Dame. Will be interesting to see who replaces her. https://www.espn.com/womens-college-basketball/story/_/id/29083572/muffet-mcgraw-steps-women-basketball-coach-notre-dame
  8. And then proceeded to hire Holtz as the replacement
  9. It’s almost a certainty at this point. Gators, seminoles have already cancelled theirs and with the CDC guidelines I don’t see a game happening in the spring. To top it off usf has made all classes online until May and are telling students to stay off campus
  10. I’d imagine the big dance will be postponed if not cancelled. Brings up an interesting question. Would the ncaa consider allowing seniors an extra year of eligibility since they would be denied an opportunity to play in the tournament
  11. Don’t be surprised if the nhl suspends the rest of the season or bans fans from the arena. NBA just called off the rest of the season and don’t be surprised if NHL follows
  12. Does the nit/wnit get called off or follow suit by banning fans
  13. Lakeland could possibly work at the place the Lakeland Magic play at. All NBA arenas would be way to big and Amelie Arena would also be way to big. An arena that holds 5-8k would be ideal
  14. Cincy knocks off ucf to set up a matchup with uconn
  15. Next year the conference will have to have the conference tourney somewhere else. You can’t keep it in Connecticut as no one will show up especially since the nearest team would be 4 hours away and temple would not bring 6k fans.
  16. courtney was our best player to ever play against them. Unfortunately for her uconn has their star studded line up that lost one game in 4 years. She still dropped 20+ on them regularly. Laksa struggles against them maria had better success than laksa against uconn
  17. It’s mercifully over. We’re most likely heading to the wnit
  18. More turnovers than points is not a recipe to beat uconn
  19. Bulls down 18-5 end of 1st. This one is over
  20. Bulls to play UCF at 1 eastern/noon central/11 al mountain/10 am pacific/8 am hawaii time on thursday
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