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  1. I am quite certain there are pool services or stores owned by USF grads that doesnt mean they are out there cleaning pools, i know of one in pinellas and he is a millionaire in property anyways....service industries can be lucrative too if you are big enough
  2. Im ok with this....it was time for a full flush and rebuild it right
  3. Man....the clemson fans are gushing over this guy
  4. Im thinking FAU is bigger to watch....if they get Taggart or Leavitt they could do some damge on recruiting
  5. To be a USF fan you must hate UCF with all your heart....proclaim it now or your not a fan
  6. I do think Kelly spoke to CJL then when Mizzou didnt hire Scott after his interview with them Kelly refocused on Scott......its a great hire dont get me wrong but I do think CJL was in play at least in Kelly’s eyes which mist be tough for CJL to swallow now....hope he lands head coach spot somewhere but not FAU as he would be in our backyard recruiting with a vengence
  7. Sounds like Kelly wanted scott from the get go, scott held out for mizzou or arky, didnt get it, kelly spoke to CJL in interim, scott came open
  8. That is one UCF grad knight slurpin skinny jean dude that i give two violation about or the station that employs him in the tampa bay area
  9. It is initially disturbing that we had to wait to see if he was getting the mizz or ark job before he “settled” on us....oh well life of a G5 i guess
  10. It is easier to recruit to clemson though just sayin
  11. Leavitt in any capacity would be gold!!! I said a few days ago as an advisor or director of fb operations, or DC....would all bury the hatchet
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