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Just a quick note to remind you the USF Bulls Fan Fest is this Saturday, August 11th, from 1-4 p.m. at the on campus Yuengling Center.

This is your opportunity to meet the USF 2018-19 teams!

More information on board and calendar (address and RSVP).

Join the Stampede at the Yuengling Center!

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  1. dausfbulls11

    QB battle narrowed to two??

    Keep in mind reporters are only let in for the end portion of the practices
  2. Now that is some bad timing, wth
  3. Would like him to get a shot where he can getting starting time on something other than special teams
  4. dausfbulls11

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    What issues did bourbon bull and others have with Harlan, im not connected enough to know, genuinely interested....also dont think Higgins would have an interest but hooe im wrong...no to Brooks, he is FSU in my mind
  5. dausfbulls11

    Couple of Bulls Don’t Make NFL Cuts

    How about Nichols, DJ, and Devin?
  6. Wow, Ocala mustve been really bored
  7. I dont have a problem with it, especially since he has two years, if people are afraid of competition then they are probably not qb1...see Woulard....another arm cant hurt
  8. dausfbulls11

    NFL Draft

    DId Abraham and Dernest land anywhere?
  9. dausfbulls11

    Bulls greatest plays/blunders

    Giving Courtney Denson his first and only start in front of 100k at Peen St would qualify as a blunder Penn
  10. dausfbulls11

    Spring Game April 14th

    Micario Stanley may have found his position, hello zion roland and St Felix, still concerned about lb depth and ol depth, either qb can lead this offense but we will have more turnovers than last year
  11. Who steps up? Weve been patient
  12. Was something missing all year....teams that bullied Latska(sp?) pretty much shut us down all year....being a native of western new york has been enjoyable to see Buffalo do well in both mens and womens but didnt like it being at our expense....we wouldve been dissapointed vs fsu regardless
  13. dausfbulls11

    🐍 Snake to Bucs

    Wasnt Nicholas in some coaching capacity at USF last year?
  14. Team seems to fold to physical teams(uconn), ohio state is a guard driven team....we def play an international style and when we are on we can beat alot of teams but when we are off on threes can easily be upset...still a great win regardless