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  1. dausfbulls11

    Renewed season tickets

    I didnt get the survey?
  2. Same crappy seats....im a creature of habit and gluton for punishment hahaha....but scored free bowl game tickets and i bullieve next year is the year dont @ me....lets go bulls roll Marshall!
  3. dausfbulls11

    USF player in Jail

    Off topic.....he is a really really good young player who will be a star before he is done, i hope we dont lose him over this
  4. dausfbulls11

    Jim Leavitt article on 247 sports.

    If youre gonna mention the millers ya better mention erskin, seminoles finest group
  5. dausfbulls11

    Bowls Ranked

    Been to everyone except canada also
  6. dausfbulls11

    Roll call

  7. Unpopular opinion...oh well....colin doesnt agree...oh well.....consistency is what this young group needs right now...Charlie is a good man and good recruiter...imagine the difference a Horne or Sawtelle wouldve had if we had them all year....we are young, we lack depth, we need a qb to step up, we need linebackers....we are not that far off, i know ive been as dissapointed as anyone and have waffled but **** i dont wanna start over again, one more year lets see what they can do
  8. Memphis is gonna beat that ass next week and im all for it
  9. dausfbulls11

    Any altercations with ucf fans?

    Go memphis
  10. dausfbulls11

    Players transferring out...

    Why is King spared the wrath is my question? What has he done and is he part of the problem? Lots of coaches are “players coaches” or good recruiters, does that make them a good coach? Lots of coaches are former players does that make them a good coach? Why has Colin( whoever he thinks he is) not hold King to the same standard? Cuz players like him? Players like Woodie too? I dont get it
  11. dausfbulls11

    Players transferring out...

    Well his opinion is that strong is his guy, king just retweeted it, in case youre too old and fat to figure that out
  12. dausfbulls11

    We need a QB...

    Especially with the 4 games to burn redshirt, why nit play them? And again with the King love affair, gimme a break he isnt the answer
  13. dausfbulls11

    Any altercations with ucf fans?

    Whatever....they are scum
  14. dausfbulls11

    Players transferring out...

    I dont get the Shaun King love affair either, other than being a good recruiter what does he bring to the table as a coodinator???? His moves at rb this year were questionable at best and last year as qb coach he had Q....i dont get it, what makes him qualified or why should he be spared the wrath of bulls fans....if anyone should be spared in my mind its BJM
  15. dausfbulls11

    WBB beat UCLA

    Its nice but of course, us being usf, our best player is out for the year....yes we will make tourney, no we wont be competitive with uconn...we are usf, we just cant have nice things