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  1. dausfbulls11

    Football event tonight

    Still pissed i didnt get free bowl tickets to game after renewing before the deadline.....couldve picked up at will call after calling again on game day but by that point i was too pissy, def a disconnect in the last year with the sales dept
  2. Yetna is the real deal, watch him flourish over the next couple years...real deal
  3. dausfbulls11

    Basketball Records

    Ill be there for the tulane game.....exciting team, great great coach!
  4. Did we win a championship with the gulf coast offense? Remember everyone ******** about Woodie and the defense? In college football 1 or 2 players make all the difference....ie, mack, ucf qb, bridgewater, etc etc
  5. That plus our safety play was as bad as ive ever seen by a bulls team, no help for the dbs and no help with run support or tackling
  6. Weed.....seems likely too, even if it was made legal(should be) im sure it would violate team rules....wonder how tough teams from states where its legal are on enforcement?
  7. It seems many of these may be academic related if i read between some peoples tweets correctly
  8. Atterbury graduated he could leave
  9. dausfbulls11

    Cannot Print Free Bowl Tickets WTF

    Im gonna back up the whiney guy....i also didnt receive the free tickets after being told several times theyd be put in my account, had to reach out again on game day only to be told they would be in will call but not club access like the rest of the season ticket renewals got....yea there were some issues with the customer service regarding these tickets
  10. dausfbulls11

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    Safeties are terrible, linebackers actually are not linebackers, no push from d-line
  11. dausfbulls11

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    We need safeties and linebackers seriously
  12. dausfbulls11

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    And a missed tackle then nowhere to be seen for safety help
  13. dausfbulls11

    Gasparilla Bowl Game Thread

    Jaymon thomas.....eeeehhh