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  1. dausfbulls11

    So, how bad does it get next week?

    Houstons defense isnt that good either, we will have to score alot of points
  2. dausfbulls11

    1 of 5

    Teams left in the nation that is undefeated.....it is until it isnt, thats why they play the games. Is cougar edible? Cuz these young bulls bout to eat!!!
  3. dausfbulls11


    Think they were hs students in the AVID program
  4. dausfbulls11

    So, how bad does it get next week?

    We will win a shoot out....temple will be our first loss
  5. dausfbulls11

    Greg Billings is a Bulls fan

    Clancys!! I worked there back in the day....Stranger was awesome live show as was Deloris Telescope, good times
  6. dausfbulls11

    Calling it

    Memphis definitely blew that game, still dont know why they didnt spike the **** ball
  7. dausfbulls11

    Calling it

    We will lose one to houston or temple, ucf will come to rayjay undeated, a sell out crowd sees usf’s best game and we beat the knights.....the following week we lose to memphis or houston in the championship game.....hope im wrong and we run the table but thats my call for now
  8. Defense has played decent for most part, i think we pull away, but i like the Jordan O implementation
  9. dausfbulls11

    Elon beat #2 james madison

    Dont know what pepridge farms is but sounds like some good ****
  10. dausfbulls11

    Elon beat #2 james madison

    Yes but they were also 37.5 point underdogs to JMU