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  1. 1) The winning team: Good Guys...USF2) The final score: 31-273) Bulls leading rusher: Ford4) Bulls leading receiver: St. Felix (we need to FEED this guy!)5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over): 369
  2. good summary. Great kid and good promoter of USF. Just not the QB we need to go bowling.
  3. 1) The winning team: Bad Guys (Cinci)2) The final score: 38-133) Bulls leading rusher: Ford4) Bulls leading receiver: Dukes5) Bulls total offensive yards: 269
  4. Tulane's stadium is an excellent high school stadium. One of my favorite road trips, though.
  5. I'll watch if he gets any real PT...otherwise, likely not. Glad he is back on the active roster.
  6. I'm late to the debate, so while I can't speak to everyone on the thread, I'll share my POV. I grew up fairly poor, raised by a single mom. I was embarrassed that my friends saw my reduced lunch card, while they got whatever they wanted & and used cash or a regular lunch card. I didn't own a brand name article of clothes till my first paying job, at 14. I had to work my way thru college. But that pales by LONG shot to what Flowers went thru and if not for football, who knows where he'd be today? Again, I won't speak for other posters, but I don't know many people who've l
  7. the silly thing is he's one hit away from being the starter. Or, a slump from getting the job. But, who knows what Trestman is telling him?
  8. When we barely took 2 of 3 from Marist, lost to FAMU and now swept by a small school from Boston, I knew this is the worst team we've had in a decade. Lots of season left, but this is bleak.
  9. anyone know where to get box scores? ESPN didn't show live stats. Watched the Seattle game...as noted above, pretty good quality of football. BJ going in at 4 & 15 sucked, with a blitz coming. Incomplete pass. Better luck next time.
  10. Knight Tweeted that he sat out last year, so he should be good for 2020.
  11. he was really only a starter for a year, but yes, I agree...the worst.
  12. W/L is not the metric, IMO, as there are so many more factors. Macon played like a stud v our toughest foe, Wisconsin & WOULD have made the potential game winning tackle v GT, if not for a questionable targeting call to end the game for us. So, yes...it's subjective. In my opinion, if I had to have one of the 2 healthy all last year, I take Macon without hesitation. I'm not knocking Sawtelle. He's a fighter. I just think he was not as good.
  13. yes, that's what I'm saying...and you're right, there's no sin in that. That said, I think there's a pretty big drop off from those 3. Yes, we were spoiled.
  14. correlation, not cause & effect, IMO. Macon was WAY better than Sawtelle. It's a moot argument, I suppose, but Sawtelle was likely the worst starting MLB we had in over a decade.
  15. OK, that makes sense. He is still very pro-USF on Twitter, which is cool. He had such a high ceiling...he'll be missed.
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