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  1. McCloud can be elusive, but holds the ball too long. And, if we're getting pressure, run screens or dump passes to make them pay. The in-game adjustments are trash.
  2. Short, crisp passes. Not there? Run or throw it away. Camping while being chased is risky AF.
  3. yup. What a shame. He's gonna land somewhere, lower level, and get a 2nd chance, I'm sure. We really miss his explosiveness, along with Horne's (slowly coming back).
  4. 1) The winning team: USF (I worry that Temple wins...but I'm hopeful it's HOT & STEAMY, and we run all night on them)2) The final score: 27-233) Bulls leading rusher: Cronk4) Bulls leading receiver: St. Felix...finally getting some looks5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over): 269 If we pressure & hit their QB, I like our chances. If not, they have very good WR's. Time for this team to step up and fight for a bowl game!
  5. We knew he was athletic. What I didn't know is he has a burst like he showed...impressive. Dude not 99 yards, and would have more if not for the injury. Tough sledding ahead, but I'm hopefully all 3 are 100% for Temple.
  6. After seeing him wide open for 2 bombs v Navy, only to get garbage passes, that's a reasonable bet.
  7. Yeah, that's not fair to say it's over for many players...I'm just suggesting that if he's truly hurt, why risk him long term. Coaches obviously have better info, as McCloud has no glove for his wrist and he looked pretty good. Oddly, and maybe it's butterflies, but Rygol had several passes that were completely off. But he settled down, and his drive extending pass to St. Felix and his TD to Horne was awesome. We need this bye week.
  8. the season is gone...why risk ruining McCloud's career and long term health?
  9. 1) The winning team - USF2) The final score - 26-233) Bulls leading rusher - Cronkrite4) Bulls leading receiver - Horne (not because I think he will, but because I really want to see him comeback)5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over) - 369
  10. No doubt! Some of our biggest wins game under CJL. Auburn, Lville, WVU, Kansas, 4-0 v UCF, FSU. Not sure why he leveled a bit, but the competition was tough and depth wasn't great.
  11. Strongholtz letting clock run out rather than getting more reps for Rygol. What a SOFT coach. We're dead as long as he's here.
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