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  1. Roberts drilled a TE, forcing a fumble. He sells out. He's not the problem.
  2. 1) The winning team: USF2) The final score: 34-173) Bulls leading rusher: Cronk...O line steps up/he finally sees SOME day light4) Bulls leading receiver: St. Felix...feed this dude!5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over): 369
  3. No way do I punt there. You die fighting, not Skip Holtz'ing it, hoping for everything to work out so can have another shot to drive 75 yards to score your 2ND TD OF THE YEAR! If you go & miss, you STILL have to stop them. Do that, they (maybe) kick a FG. So, you have a chance for a big kick return, but you still have to drive most of the field. Now, a TD doesn't win it, but take you to OT. Instead, a BS targeting call; game over. Even if that doesn't get called, we get the ball back with 1:35 or so. Still a chance, but with no time outs, it's tough (did I mention only 1 TD all year?). That just shows no stones for Coach Strong.
  4. He was rolling against his body, but you're right...that's simple pitch & catch.
  5. Do we give McCloud a series? GT rotated, and it worked. McCloud has speed/energy.
  6. this is the most anemic offense I've seen, since pre-Flowers. GT isn't bad on D, but our O just does nothing long. Everything is poorly blocked/slow developing.
  7. Signed up for free 21 day trial with YouTubeTV. game shows ready at 2:04.
  8. 1) The winning team: USF2) The final score: 27-233) Bulls leading rusher: Cronk4) Bulls leading receiver: St. Felix5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over): 269 Bulls come out pumped & angry and catch GT before they gel (or we're flat again & get smoked, and Strong is not permitted to fly back with the team).
  9. Welp...nowhere to go but up! I think we're better than UConn & UCU, but till we wash off SOME of the stench of this loss, we deserve the basement.
  10. Don't punish the players. I'm sure this sucks for them more than it sucks for us. GT will be a serious gut check time.
  11. Macon did...he's a stud. He's going to have a great season, if he doesn't get disheartened.
  12. I would think that those sections are Club access, as I have it in Section 111. But I believe the guys are right...your ticket would say Club Access. I just checked my phone tix...says Club Access next to the QR reader.
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