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  1. correlation, not cause & effect, IMO. Macon was WAY better than Sawtelle. It's a moot argument, I suppose, but Sawtelle was likely the worst starting MLB we had in over a decade.
  2. OK, that makes sense. He is still very pro-USF on Twitter, which is cool. He had such a high ceiling...he'll be missed.
  3. What happened to Macon near the end of the season. He almost disappeared. Injuries? Doghouse with Strong? I've never gotten a good answer.
  4. Maurice Clarett did years ago (OSU RB). For other reasons, his life nose dived (there's a Netflix or ESPN special on him, I believe). The argument seems to be that they aren't physically ready at 18-19 for the pounding & long season that is the NFL. Ostensibly. *edit note: Sorry, I didn't scroll to the end to see this was answered.
  5. Sad that you get off coming to a rival site to gloat. What a lonely dude.
  6. true. Austin has cool spots, including The Oasis, about 30 minutes out. Amazing sunset over Lake Travis. Cool museums and some historic sites (LBJ's library was under reno last time we were in Austin...but I hear it's cool). The Capitol is interesting, too.
  7. Danny White doesn't want Strong to leave. San Antonio is an hour away. If you've not been...it's cool.
  8. I'm very likely going because Austin kicks ass. Lived there between high school and college. Love it.
  9. McCloud can be elusive, but holds the ball too long. And, if we're getting pressure, run screens or dump passes to make them pay. The in-game adjustments are trash.
  10. Short, crisp passes. Not there? Run or throw it away. Camping while being chased is risky AF.
  11. yup. What a shame. He's gonna land somewhere, lower level, and get a 2nd chance, I'm sure. We really miss his explosiveness, along with Horne's (slowly coming back).
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