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  1. JupiterBull


    No he didn't. He was a transfer...only played 3 years.
  2. JupiterBull


    #3 is a lock, and #1 is certainly reachable. Of course, St. Felix might shatter it in 3 years.
  3. JupiterBull

    Gotta Get This Off The Chest

    I'm over 50, and I've been experiencing the same thing for nearly a decade. I try to respect that, but on 3rd down on D, I'm standing up, flapping the chair and screaming. Learn to stand and make noise, and move to the upper deck. Again, I respect not standing all game, but on big plays, you should. We don't have huge crowds, but when we get rowdy, we can affect the foe. And THAT...is what fanatics should do. Great post!
  4. 1) The winning team, ECU2) The final score, 38-343) Bulls leading rusher, Cronkrite4) Bulls leading receiver, St. Felix5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over), 469 This is more of my hedge, and to separate from the pack, but I was HOPING ECU would be coming off a physical beat down by VT, and limp into Ray Jay worn out. But they are rested, had more time to study us, will play with emotion for Hurricane Florence victims...and of course, ECU HC Montgomery has to be stinging still over the pounding & rubbing it in my Taggart in 2016. So, I'll be at the game...LOUD...and think if we play our game, we win big. But if my fears above come to light, could be a tough night.
  5. JupiterBull

    Mitch Wilcox

    He's had some TO's, but he's one of the TE's in conference. The 2 INT's weren't really his fault, and made several clutch first down catches. When I get to Ray Jay, his family sits 10 rows in front of me. They show up big, with WILCOX on their shirts and are always loud & fun...and interact with fans. Good people. Easy to like the guy.
  6. JupiterBull


    completely agree! He seems much more engaged. Now the fan base & media need to step up.
  7. JupiterBull

    Some GT Fans are Jerks

    one of my GT grad co-workers posted on my FB, when I told her we beat them: "Well, we're known to recruit more for academics than athleticism". I'm sure the bulk of their players are in Mensa. I gave her a very polite: "Oh, brother. Maybe you can move to the Ivy Leagues, and we'll take your ACC slot".
  8. JupiterBull

    Some GT Fans are Jerks

    We'd beat VT before Clemson, the #2 team in the nation.
  9. JupiterBull

    Some GT Fans are Jerks

    You're right...all 7 are winnable. Pitt, Lville, UM and UNC are all showing weakness, too. Obviously, I'd love it if GT ran the table (or at least the yellow teams).
  10. JupiterBull

    Some GT Fans are Jerks

    Always, but they hit a buzz saw of Top 25 teams, and unless they stun 1-2, they may not bowl.
  11. Ruggers 2007 is the obvious choice. The blowout by Oregon at the Sun Bowl maybe ripped me the most as I watched it, as a 3rd string QB just gashed us. One that stung a lot was the loss to UCF the year they beat Baylor. Our team was garbage, but we STILL almost beat them to derail their season. Others I hated losing a TON: UM 6-3 in Ray Jay; the White Out at WVU (Pat's last game); NC State shut out 14-0 in the Meineke Bowl, our first shut out. Of course, losing to UCF last year was painful, but we were 10+ pt dogs on the road, and we witnessed the best indy performance by a USF player ever, as Flowers threw > 500 & fan for 100. It was a great way to end his career in Florida, even if we lost. Those hurt, but the many awesome wins (WVU a few times, Aub, Clem, ND, USCe, TT, FSU, UM) outweigh the losses. Heck, we survived Holtz...may be never dip like that again.
  12. JupiterBull

    Some GT Fans are Jerks

    they will NOT win 7-8 games. They play 4 Top 25 teams, as well as some other decent foes. They'll be lucky to win 6, unless they tighten up quickly.
  13. JupiterBull

    Is it a stretch to say...

    there are 4 almost sure losses: the 4 ranked teams. The rest could go either way. I'd guess they go 5-7.
  14. JupiterBull

    Illinois game TV

    Looks like it's on Comcast, but I'd have to subscribe to BTN. Would be cool if there's a watch party in Palm Beach (or even Broward).
  15. JupiterBull

    Some GT Fans are Jerks

    This was fun to spend some time looking thru. Those whiney dudes blame the targeting calls and coaching decisions. The reality: USF made the plays in the 4th; GT did not. We also goofed that 4th & goal call in the first half AND just missed St. Felix for an easy 40 yard TD. Moving on.