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  1. 1) The winning team USF2) The final score 44-173) Bulls leading rusher Felix4) Bulls leading receiver Weaver5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over) 369
  2. this Gator team seems worse than the 2020 squad, but our D looked small and overmatched via NCSU...it may be worse today. It'll essentially be a home game for UF, sold out, mostly Gator fans, I'm betting.
  3. 1) The winning team: The Hated Gators2) The final score: 48-103) Bulls leading rusher: Felix4) Bulls leading receiver: Weaver5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over): 169
  4. Sadly, my goal is not to win, but to score...and to see a glimpse of a promising future.
  5. I was there when we last played them. It was a monsoon...and we crushed. Hoping for a repeat.
  6. 1) The winning team: the bad guys, NCSU2) The final score: 48-233) Bulls leading rusher: Mangham4) Bulls leading receiver: L. Williams5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over): 269 I hope we can establish a run game and make some big plays, but I worry about this D stopping good teams.
  7. which games are you headed to? I will try to make a few games this year, but likely later in the season.
  8. fortunately for Roberts, my opinion doesn't rule out P5 for him. I wish all transfer well.
  9. Yeah, I was a bit flippant with D2, but I don't believe he'll play for a team in a P5 or AAC team. I don't dislike the kid, I just saw him get burned far too many times in the passing game.
  10. Not trying to disrespect the guy, but NSD is over and per his Twitter has offers from Middle TN State and S. Alabama. Not upgrades.
  11. respectfully disagree. Fighter, but not even top 3 in the secondary. D2.
  12. Yeah, could be he showed some upset at the drop in production, but that's speculation. Before the season, St. Felix Tweeted that he planned for this to be his last season, implying he'd move on to the next level. Not a great season. Horne never seemed to recover from his knee injury. I had real high hopes for him.
  13. He was here 4 years, which is typical time to graduate (unless he enrolled in the Fall, in which case 3.5 years is excellent). I thought he'd break records when I was at the spring game his freshman year. I think he suffered thru mediocre QB here the post-Flowers. I think he'll do very well somewhere else...hated to see him go, but some Tweets imply CJS is nudging some players into the portal that he doesn't see have a roll in what he's building.
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