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  1. Yeah, unless we lose AND don't cover. Read this after my last post...good call.
  2. I think UCF covers easily, and they want to run up the score for the players that watched **** Taggart run it up with our starters in. Last year, I was so sure we'd get smoked, I bet on USF to cover (it was 10+, I think...maybe even 13). Of course, we saw why they play the games, and USF almost pulled off the stunner. I swore then I'd never bet for or against USF again, and I've stuck to it. So, UCF is a much better team, and we may lose by 30...but I do expect the players to ball out, at least early while it's close, despite the coaches being these massive impediments.
  3. JupiterBull

    Strong Ain’t Going No Where

    His system SUCKS. And, Barnett is his QB, and he has 2 years of recruits. I think he does have young talent, but he's going to vanquish it if he keeps running this garbage.
  4. 1) The winning team: Temple ( I hate these contests when we're such dogs)2) The final score: 48-203) Bulls leading rusher: Ford4) Bulls leading receiver: St. Felix5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over): 369
  5. In honor of Election Week, Florida will be recounting these votes.
  6. 1) The winning team, Cinci and their nasty Skyline Chili2) The final score, 38-163) Bulls leading rusher, Ford4) Bulls leading receiver, Salomon (but man, has he struggled with catching & controlling).5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over), 269 I'm hoping this team is healthy & ready to fight, and that Sterlin stops dicking around with this offense and let's them loose. And, I hope the D is ready and learns from the lack of discipline and can play over their heads. This has the potential to get REALLY ugly if we get punched in the face early, as this team may shrink and lose confidence/heart. They all need to realize this season is NOT over & they can still great things...but they need to be smart & fight for 60 minutes.
  7. JupiterBull

    Some Employee

    This is always why performance evals are sometimes silly. Your manager SHOULD expect you to do certain things...and you're paid accordingly. You should exceed those expectations some years, but the reverse is: my boss has such pedestrian expectations that I easily exceed them. If you exceed enough, you should keep getting raise, bonuses and/or promotions (and may be get Peter Principal'd...see Taggart, Willie).
  8. JupiterBull

    Some Employee

    Your sarcasm to prove a point was not lost on me, BA.
  9. JupiterBull

    UCF Stadium Takeover

    I'll be there...with 3 others. We'll likely get killed, but I don't want to be "that fan" that only shows up with the expectation of a win.
  10. JupiterBull

    Brian Jean Mary has got to go!

    Some is coaching, like DBs letting WRs get behind them ALL YEAR. But to me, it's personnel. This is the weakest LB corp we've had in years. Many complained about Auggie Sanchez, but he at least was a smart, physical guy and covered the middle well (yes, pass coverage was weak, at times). Sawtelle is good, but is a level below. McGee is a stud, but small to rely on. Reaves is a very good DE, but still struggling to learn the position on the fly. My take on the DL is we obviously miss Senat & Hector, but Livingston, Bronson and Jackson seemed to have peaked last year. The good news is the young guys at DT show a LOT of promise. I think we have some good young talent in the secondary, but still prone to getting burned. It's hard to blame coaching too much on the personnel...since most was inherited. That said, if you're undersized or weak in certain areas, coaching can help with schemes to try to cover those gaps. Tulane will try to run on us all day. Hopefully we've learned and can pressure & stick the QB.
  11. JupiterBull


    The good news is we're 28/32 in the polls. Beat Tulane & Cinci, and we're likely back (assuming we get help in front of us). I'm more concerned about finishing strong and of course, beating uCF.
  12. JupiterBull

    Keep in Mind

    That 4th & 7 King scramble for a TD had 3-4 missed tackles. Painful.
  13. They have an athletic QB who can run. Not a great passer, but has weapons. After Uconn, there is NOT offense I'm confident we can stop.
  14. JupiterBull


    What sucks is that had to covered, but lost, we'd likely be in the top 30. But losing by 21 just shows the naysayers that we didn't belong in the Top 25...and still don't.
  15. JupiterBull

    Keep in Mind

    How do they let these dudes run right by them? Are they not taught to back pedal & turn to run when it smells like a bomb? It's a LOT harder for the WR to time breaking off a route, but getting behind is death.