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  1. It will probably be either mccloud or johnson. We haven’t seen fortin all year so it wouldn’t make much sense to start him but if he is healthy they need to get him in there to see what he can do
  2. Lightning win game 4 in ot 5-4. Can win the cup tomorrow night. Brings ups an interesting decision for coop tomorrow. Do u start vasy on back to back nights or since ur up 3-1 do you start mcelhinney and give vasy game 5 off and try and end it tomorrow but know a fresh vasy would be ready for game 6 if necessary
  3. Stamkos might be back tomorrow but I suspect if he does play it will be just like in game 3 where he won’t play much but just enough to get Dallas’s attention
  4. I don’t follow the nfl really close so I don’t know much about the broncos. I don’t think the Offense will start clicking until either the packers or raiders game. Brady and the receivers are just starting to get on the same page and I suspect gronk will get more involved within the next few weeks
  5. There are times vasy scares me when he has the puck behind the net. Nearly gave Dallas one early but the bigger concern is the lightning tendency to turn the puck over deep in their own zone.
  6. Stamkos back in the lineup. Helps with depth problems but I’m not sure how effective he will be given he hasn’t skated in over 6 months
  7. Brady and the bucs need a few weeks to work out the kinks. Not having a preseason hurt the bucs as they would have had a few games to work out the kinks before facing brees and the saints
  8. I believe this series is going 7. 0% chance neither team wins it in 5 and about a 10% chance the series ends in 6.
  9. One of the biggest flags with strong was the fact he couldn’t beat Kansas in his 3rd year at Texas. One could say that loss cost him that job. Had he won Texas might have kept him but once he lost that game his fate was sealed
  10. Usf website only has 2017 numbers listed from plant. Nothing from before 2017
  11. The IPF will happen within the next year or so. The OCS will be decades off if it ever happens
  12. CJS hasn’t had very little time to get things installed. His first look at the team on a field was against the citadel which got pulverized by Clemson today. Notre Dame was his first look at what’s he had against superior competition. This is game 2 where a new coach has had only fall practices to get his team ready and most of these guys are from the previous staff so we need to give him time before calling for his head. He had this year as a freebie in terms of player development as no one loses eligibility so he gets one season to see which players will work in his system and which ones won
  13. Charlie always said he took responsibility for not having the team ready. The problem was he said this every game and the team never looked prepared nor showed improvement
  14. Historically speaking isn’t it true that schools known for great football programs are not known for their academics as well. To me when someone mentions Alabama I don’t think of academics but definitely for football
  15. The difference is they went the young energetic coordinator route after oliar left while we went with the old dinosaur retread after taggart left
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