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  1. bullsfan27

    free throws

    I’d love to hear what goes through the players heads as they shoot the free throws. It has to be something mental like shaq. My old coach used to tell us to have a saying we repeat every time we shoot the ball. Mine was float like a butterfly sting like a bee
  2. Tulane is 0-2 in true road games. Lost by an average of 26.5 points in those games. They do play opponents tougher at home though
  3. Strong is just delaying as far as possible so he can promote Burke. It's been the plan ever since Gilbert left.
  4. bullsfan27

    USF vs Tulsa - It’s Game Day Baby!

    Free throws are the achielles heal of this team
  5. Ladies up 8 with 3 minutes left in 2nd quarter. Game on CBS Sports Network
  6. Tulsa is 10-4 (0-1) coming off a 18 point loss to Houston. They have 2 guys averaging double figures.
  7. First win over uconn since joining the aac.
  8. Gregory should think about taking rideau out of the game. Too big of a liability at this stage of the game
  9. We need the IPF first followed by the OCS. The OCS would be best built after we get a p5 invite but if we are going to get the invite we have to start getting serious about winning conference titles.