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  1. bullsfan27

    How do you assess this?

    These close games will help later in the season as we will have experience in handling late game pressure. The takeaway from this game for the team has to be this is what happens when you don't come out ready to play at opening kickoff. According to Joey Strong was not happy with the entire team and has taken the blame for the team not coming out ready. Hopefully this lights a fire under the coaching staff and the team and they don't come out flat again. Otherwise when we play houston and the last 5 games we could easily lose those if we play like this again against the back half of the schedule
  2. Let’s just kept them out of the endzone and get out of here with the w
  3. Great catch by Felix. Where has then been all game
  4. We needed that badly. Now just get a stop get the ball back and score again
  5. Must punch this ball in. Leave the fg kickers in the locker room the rest of the game.
  6. Defense with a quick 3 and out. Now we need the offense to get it together and score on this drive
  7. Why do we abandon the run with Cronkite when it was clearly working
  8. We need points on this first drive of the 2nd half. A td if preferred but any points will do
  9. Mccants cramping up hurt us there. Blake hasn’t looked good at all today and hopefully he comes back in the 2nd half
  10. Bad throw by Blake. Team really needs a wake up call