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  1. Looks like Utah valley will visit the yuengling center on Monday. http://www.gazellegroup.com/main/cbi/roman-cbi-first-round-comes-end/
  2. Will host Stetson Thursday in round 1 http://www.womensnit.com/news/2019/3/18/2019-postseason-wnit-announces-first-round-matchups-locations.aspx
  3. The finals are one espnu but the other games are not televised
  4. They have one guy thats 7'0 and another that is 6'11. The 7 footer doesn't start but has played in 20 games but only 61 minutes. We should be able to control the boards which will help us out.
  5. Potential matchup with West Virginia in the semis
  6. Nit announces their bracket at 8:30. Cbi will be announced at 9 pm.
  7. https://theamerican.org/news/2019/3/11/mens-basketball-american-athletic-conference-announces-all-conference-all-freshman-teams.aspx?path=
  8. We will need to pull off a couple of major upsets if we are going to the nit
  9. Beat smu we get smu in round 1 and cincy in round 2. If we lose we get uconn in round 1 and Houston in round 2
  10. A win locks us into the 7 seed and sets up a third game with smu. Uconn plays ecu and is unlikely they lose that one so uconn would be the 9 seed. I feel we match up better against Cincy than ucf or Houston. If we could just knock down free throws we could make a deep run in the tourney and make it into the nit
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