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  1. Now the rays top hitter is in jail in mexico. Rays' Randy Arozarena detained in Mexico after allegedly trying to abduct daughter The Rays' postseason star has been detained in Mexico over an alleged family dispute.
  2. Saints are the clear favorites in the nfc. Bucs will have to go through the saints if they want to get to ray jay in February unless the saints get upset early in the playoffs which looks like a long shot at this point
  3. Maybe pull what fsu did to Clemson and call the game just before kickoff
  4. I believe they will expand to 8 within the next couple of years. The question becomes do they have the p5 champs and 3 at large or do they have p5 champs g5 champ and 2 at large. I’d like for it to go to 16 but I get the feeling they will stop at 8
  5. I could see p5 bias taking over if it comes down to an undefeated Cincy, byu, or 1 loss Texas a&m. Cincy or byu would need Texas a&m to lose one more to get any advantage over them
  6. I’d rather cancel it and get the coaches on the recruiting trail and the players that don’t want to be here into the portal. The ones that do into the weight room and add at least 15 pounds of muscle for every player
  7. Navy has Tulsa on December 5 and army on December 12 so the only date available is the 19. American Athletic Conference Announces Revised Schedule for Remainder of 2020 Football Season - American Athletic Conference IRVING, Texas – The American Athletic Conference has...
  8. No fans for the non conference games for men’s and women’s basketball. No announcement on fam attendance for conference games
  9. Now just cancel the war on i4 next week and have the coaches hit the recruiting trail and portal this week. Players can hit the portal
  10. Marshall officially resigned today. Will be payed about $8 million over 6 years
  11. Brees injury (multipe fracture and collapsed lung) could change things in the NFC. If he is done for the season including the playoffs the Saints won't be the same and depending on what the bucs do they might still win the division as the schedule gets much easier for the bucs after the bye. Saints have falcons twice along with chiefs and vikings at home with road games at broncos, panthers, and eagles Bucs have rams and chiefs at home before the bye and falcons twice along with vikings at home and at detroit. New Orleans Saints NFL - Saints News, Scores, Stats, R
  12. We lost our best asset when we lost LRS
  13. I'd put Marsh as 2nd string with Johnson 1st string. Mccloud and Fortin are 3rd string with mccloud having a slight edge since it seems fortin gets injured everytime he plays and has barely played this season.
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