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  1. It's about the 5 minute mark when the comment is made
  2. Died in a helicopter crash. RIP Black Mamba https://uk.sports.yahoo.com/news/kobe-bryant-dead-nba-star-194115307.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9yLnNlYXJjaC55YWhvby5jb20vX3lsdD1BMGdlSy5rSjdTMWVXUVlBZlJKeC45dzQ7X3lsdT1YM29ETVRCeU1EZ3lZakppQkdOdmJHOERZbVl4QkhCdmN3TXlCSFowYVdRREJITmxZd056WXctLS9SVj0yL1JFPTE1ODAwOTY5MDYvUk89MTAvUlU9aHR0cHMlM2ElMmYlMmZ1ay5zcG9ydHMueWFob28uY29tJTJmbmV3cyUyZmtvYmUtYnJ5YW50LWRlYWQtbmJhLXN0YXItMTk0MTE1MzA3Lmh0bWwvUks9Mi9SUz1CWDcxTHUwbGlSbTBfRUZybjVUcHZFUjlLMTAt&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAABbiRoICm9lt7eIZF8zLf0oNW5op-akDu5AIdb8PrCu7bzKUsAvFWKzVl0VWOC3oMExcPuMrtYYiiA5PZs1fu9wuoCM8LUGhu1vz_4uPoaP7sv2I1qyuLu6_XNQ0fs7WB0xq69yzy3sDt7-MqqA8JoIR5O3xsGw2sf8mxVNNwri
  3. If we are looking to add Boise State as a football member we should really consider adding 4 more members out west to be the first 16 team conference. I would offer Boise State full membership along with San Diego State, and either Colorado State or Utah State, and Aif Force or Army as a football only member.
  4. The tide has turned against us but it will turn against them soon. For years we dominated them but recently that tide has turned against us and will soon turn back into our favor.
  5. Looks like kc is heading to Miami. This is kc game to lose
  6. Kc only chance may be to get ahead early and force tannehil to throw to beat him. Kc can’t afford to fall behind 24-0 again. Kc needs to get ahead 21+ early
  7. Is there anyone left on Kansas City that can tackle Henry. If not I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tennessee in Miami.
  8. Rematches set for the afc and nfc title games. Titans at chiefs (week 10 titans beat chiefs by 3. Henry ran for 188) and packers at 49ers (week 12 49ers crushed packers by 30)
  9. Titans eliminate the ravens 28-12. I don’t see either kc or houston stopping Henry
  10. Titans taking the ravens to the woodshed. Ravens can’t stop Henry. Titans will be a tough matchup for either Houston or kc
  11. Saints just can’t catch a break lately in the playoffs. 3rd year in a row they were beaten on the last play of the game
  12. Titans knock out the Patriots 20-13.
  13. They usually announce the schedule in early February. Last year is was February 7 so I’d guess it will be around there
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