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  6. It's funny. How quickly they forget about a week ago. They had Oklahoma in the top 5. I believe they lost to an unranked Colorado team last week. Yeah, that is really a top 5 team. And wow, they beat TX by 7. TX got destroyed by K-State last week and Kansas beat K-State this week. They are making it sound like we lost to FAU. I am sure if USC won yesterday 23-17, they would still have them in the top 5. They were 40 point favorites. it doesn't make sense to me. On the otherhand, I don't know if I want to be #5. Michigan, W. Virginia, and Wisconsin have already gone down with that ranking this year.
  7. Yeah, I agree. I think our best chance for Gameday will be Nov 3rd against Cincy for Homecoming. Especially, if we are both undefeated. Should definitely be a top 10 matchup. But, lets not get ahead of ourselves. Also, Gameday vs Army was on tv, but it was raining so bad there that they had to leave and they did the show from the studio. Corso was going to put the Bull head on. That's why our mascot was missing until the 4th. B/C they said that Corso had it and was going to put it on.
  8. None taken. I just thought it would be cool if the cannons went off. Anything to get the stadium rockin'
  9. No, I agree with you that I would love to see a sea of Green and I love it when they paint the endzones and wish they would paint mid-field with our logo. I am just sick of hearing about the OCS b/c it is not a reality right now. I was hoping they would have painted the field for the UNC game (especially since ESPN picked it up), but with the Bucs playing there today I knew there wasn't much chance. With them on the road next week though, they could really do it up for us Friday night against WVU. Someone also told me they are trying to allow us to use the cannons for the game. Has anyone else heard anything about that?
  10. That's true Joe and while we all think Ford will be the next star back for us, Williams hasn't done anything to lose the job.
  11. RJS is our home right now. That's all I care about. Our record there should prove that they like playing there! It may be red and have a lot of Bucs stuff on the field, but that doesn't win games. Our guys on the field win games and the fans in the stands making lots of noise so the other team can't hear the calls helps to win games. When the time is right, we will have an OCS. It seems that it is such a hot topic again b/c UCiF got an on campus stadium. Who cares!!! I would much rather beat ranked teams at RayJay than have an OCS!!! That is all UCiF has and they know it. That is why they are making such a big deal about an OCS. It doesn't matter to CJL and it doesn't matter to our players, so why should it matter to us!!! When we get it, we can talk about it... for now, lets talk about the Big Game Friday Night at Raymond James Stadium, our home!!! Where we will have our first sell-out ever!!!
  12. Just remember, Ford only had 7 touches against Elon before the Auburn game. I don't think CJL wants to over use him early in the season. We don't want to show everything yet. We need to make sure some things work, but the Big East Championship is really what CJL wants! I think we will see him open up the playbook a lot more on Friday night and that should hopefully mean a lot more of Mike Ford!!!
  13. It would have been nice to be ranked after beating Auburn, but there is still a chance that we will be ranked before the UNC game, depending on what happens this weekend.
  14. I agree with you all that it's not the decision that I would make, but that may have been what he was thinking. Just like when CJL decided to attempt a field goal to tie the game at the end. We were all second guessing him and screaming for him at the stadium to go for it on 4th down and go for the win in regulation, but he decided to take a shot at the field goal and go to OT. Another miss from that range and we would be second guessing him. But, thankfully Alverado made that one and we went for it on 4th and inches in OT and completed the TD pass shortly after that to win the game!!! That's the tough part about coaching, there is always a good chance you will be second guessed if you lose the game.
  15. It was a tough decision for him, but if he goes to OT... He knows his defense hadn't given up a TD since the 1st quarter and if it becomes a battle of the kickers, they definitely have the advantage. It would have been a 3rd down play and if Cox throws an incomplete pass, it would have stopped the clock and they would have to punt. He probably figured we had a better chance returning a punt than we did making a FG at that point.
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