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  1. I am guilty of being extremely disappointed in him after the Rutgers shutout loss in 2009. Yes, the loss in 2007 was devastating, but the 2009 one had me kind of mad at CJL. Now, given what has transpired since then, I feel like a spoiled brat for even thinking that.
  2. Just reading all the current threads and thinking about how crappy this football program has become. Every time I think we're at "rock bottom," we seem to find a new way to go even lower. So I thought of how sunny and rosy everything was in from 2007-2010 compared to today. I thought about the Bulls Pen, and how even back then when we were in a power conference, nationally relevant, a giant killer, had fans in the stands, WE STILL FOUND STUFF TO ***** ABOUT. Here are some of the gems I remember...these are "2009 problems" Too many students are showing up at the games not wearing green. Some are wearing white and some are wearing gold. We need to all wear green! What's wrong with these idiots? Don't people know they need to shut the hell up when we have the ball? I swear. We look like idiots with a full stadium and people doing the freaking wave when we're on offense. We are USF. We don't need any stupid flamingos! We stole that from Auburn. That's stupid. Man, that sucks...we are the Big East game of the week again and have to have a noon kickoff. I hope people show up to see us play Pitt. This conference sucks. We should have cool rivals like Auburn and Georgia...not this WVU, Louisville, and Pitt crap. We deserve so much better. I bet we get screwed in the rankings tomorrow. We get no respect because we are in the Big Least. That McDonalds "1st down - I'm lovin' it!" thing on the jumbotron is really stupid. We need something better. I hope they don't taze us if we get a chance to rush the field this year. "Don't taze me, bro!" We want to root for other fellow conference mates to win, too, this will help our SOS and our rankings. I hope WVU can beat ND, cause then if we beat them...blah blah blah. Sure, it was a dominating win and a great crowd, but why do we have to play with that stupid unpainted white Bucs surrender flag at mid field. Why can't they paint the field for us? These are just a few that come to mind without looking. Wow. The good old days, right?
  3. That's why this loss was so bad. The apathy disappeared, and I started believing again in the 4th quarter. Only to see my hopes crushed. Kind of like the Memphis game last year, but at least I was watching that one on a boat out on the Gulf and not watching the tragedy live.
  4. A single win this Saturday would do wonders for this team. They don't know how to win. They don't know what it feels like. Winning is even more contagious than losing. Beat Temple! Find a way.
  5. You do have to ask yourself at what point you will see fans with paper bags on their heads. I remember seeing that during the final few games of the Holtz New Error in 2012. God help us before we get to that point. Beat Temple!
  6. Conversely, I'm sure I could watch the film and find 5 tackles that should've been made by our defense at or near the point of contact that would've changed the course of the game in our favor.
  7. I said the same thing about the Tulsa game, but this Temple game may be the last shot to get that elusive first FBS win. Lose this one, and I don't see how CJS keeps the players and fans on board for the rest of the season.
  8. If it’s true what I’ve been reading on this board (that we are looking at a small/weak recruiting class again next year), this is very bad.
  9. I’m with you. But it’s still ok to get pissed off at the situation. Beat Temple!
  10. I can promise you I did not and would not boo the players. But after the huge emotional letdown of leading all game while worrying about how USF would figure out how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory AND watching it happen in such a spectacular fashion, I may have booed the “outcome.” It was a bad movie I’ve seen too many times. We were upset and disgusted, and my heart goes out to those players who can’t get a win. I guess (if) I yelled “boo” it was directed at the organization. Never a student athlete. It’s an emotional game.
  11. And it’s not just the play calling/game management…why aren’t these guys making tackles. They make contact and get hands on the ball carrier, but the first guy fails to get him to the ground or even slow him down until his teammates arrive. Are we practicing tackling? We need to. Once in a while, I’ll see a good tackle, but most of the time, tackles are being missed. I have to look at coaching for this problem, too. Again, it’s not as if we aren’t getting to the ball carrier.
  12. I remember all those places. There was a “place to be” for every night of the week. Then the dynamic changed in the 90s as people became more interested in heading to ybor city instead of staying local. At least that’s how I remember it.
  13. Anybody remember a place called Patrick’s in the early 90s off off bearss ave. Like a night club in a strip mall? I guess it was more of a club than a dive bar, but I had some good times there.
  14. Faintly remember this place. I think I watched the Holyfield/ Foreman fight there.
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