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  1. Actually, 40% capacity would look pretty good compared to some of our games over the past few years. The fact that we had to move the tv cameras to the away side of the field so we could show people in the seats says it all. Either way, I'm stoked to hear this from a Steve Currall email (rather than a rumor tweet). Looking forward to a traditional Saturday tailgate and a "normal" game day experience...and by "normal," I don't mean we find a way to lose the game.
  2. Fun to watch. Man, I have to quit living in the past. We were a good football team back then. Brings back memories of the anticipation of Saturday's tailgate and the game. ****. Hope to get that feeling back someday before I leave this planet.
  3. ...but please lose the silly masks. Enough of this theater, please.
  4. Awesome! A national championship! I’ll take it! Great job, cheerleaders!
  5. I’m with you here. Maybe it’s time to buy that boat or pick up the golf clubs again—there are other ways to be entertained.
  6. Well the good news is that the CDC just said that vaccinated people can travel...that is as long as they follow all the same protocols that non-vaccinated people follow, so with that kind of logic, my hopes for a normal fan experience are waning quickly.
  7. I bet if you buy a shirt like that, you get free bowl of soup...oh, looks good on you, though.
  8. Ha. I used to think we had a great rivalry going with Louisville. We’d win then they’d win. Back and forth. Cool fans, too. Then we got demoted to the minors and they moved on to be in the acc and we haven’t played since. This is depressing.
  9. Nice to have a winning day. Changes my whole outlook. I must admit, I started doubting our guys when the lead eroded in the late 2nd half. I’m so used to heartbreaks, I almost have been trained to accept it. Not this time. Nice win for MBB and every other positive yesterday helps a lot. Go Bulls!
  10. To keep more guys from leaving, they should paint the exit door to look like an end zone. These guys would never find it.
  11. Nice to see pictures of people together on campus sitting next to each other and socializing like normal human beings. Seems like more than one year ago, doesn't it? The freakin' rona sucks. I'm no longer participating in corona virus reindeer games. The novelty of "virtual" events has long worn off. We'll call this one "year 0" as CJS gets a mulligan on his rookie year. Go Bulls.
  12. Best of luck to Mr. Hampton. Very classy tweet. As far as losing a huge amount of players goes, I'd normally be worried, but since we could not beat a single FBS team in 2020, I don't think we can really get worse. Can we?
  13. Should these 13 useless pages be merged with the other 3000+ from the conference realignment thread? We have bigger problems like trying not to be the doormat of the AAC.
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