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  1. MaltLiquorBull

    Good News for T Horne

    Take it easy and get back to 100%. Can’t wait to see you out there on the field again. The 2 returns against GA Tech were the best highlights of last season!
  2. MaltLiquorBull

    FB survey

    Yes. Didn't plan on spending that much time in the terlet. Seemed to take a long time to complete it. I think they should have a question on there that says: Are you currently taking a poo whilst you complete this survey? I'd love to see the percentages. I'm betting over 50%.
  3. Glad to hear he is returning. I hope he gets to pump up his stats can make some good film in 2019. We are very proud of him over here in north Pinellas county.
  4. MaltLiquorBull

    2018 7-6 Teams

    7-6 depends on context. Any of those other 7-6 teams start out 7-0? I don’t have time to research it.
  5. MaltLiquorBull

    Justin Burke will be the OC...

    We were #2 once, but we were 7-0 twice! now we just play like #2
  6. MaltLiquorBull

    Over\Under 5 Wins Next Year?

    I predict that if we somehow pull off the upset against Wisconsin, this board will have over 10 threads discussing USF playoff scenarios and rankings. Conversely, if we lose, there will be at least 5 threads about how we “may not win a single game this year.” I love the “pen.”
  7. MaltLiquorBull

    Over\Under 5 Wins Next Year?

    Good point. When we were 7-0, we were a very ugly and lucky 7-0. We all knew it, too. I’m going with 5 wins next year, and I hope I’m dead wrong. If we fill the holes and somehow get it together next year, I’m happy to be pleasantly surprised.
  8. Thanks USF for the tickets. Thanks to bad boy mowers for some free gear and some great planned events. Would have been a spectacular scene in lot 6D with all the stuff they had planned that was cancelled due to weather. Only disappointment was how we played. Felt bad for McCants. It was his last chance for a W. See you all next year. Again.
  9. Everyone gets a national championship trophy this year, too! yay team!
  10. MaltLiquorBull

    Roll call

    Got mine. 209. Ups envelope. I didn’t get an email with tracking or anything. They just showed up on my porch today.
  11. MaltLiquorBull

    Does USF football exist?

    Believe me, USF football exists. I renewed last week and I just saw my credit card statement. Yes, USF football exists and according to VISA, it is a totally legit organization.
  12. MaltLiquorBull

    State of The Bulls...

    I would be elated. Get to the freaking conference championship game! Lots of talk here about how our conference sucks, but we have still not been able to achieve this.
  13. MaltLiquorBull

    Justin Burke to call plays

    Me neither. The play definitely has its purpose. Will be happy just not to see it used on every single 1st and 2nd down. Also happy not to see it used in 3rd and 9. Funny thing about that play, though...when it works and we break one for long yardage, it is downright genius.
  14. There IS a serious problem with the kicking game. All of special teams, really.