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  1. Let's all hide in our homes until nothing bad ever happens again. This whole world has gone completely *******. Let's just play some football already.
  2. The terlit bowl. Featuring 2 bottom teams. the also-ran bowl the g5 spectacular bowl the 6 n 6 bowl
  3. Well, the wheels fell off of this one quickly. I suppose we could use a few more threads debating about whether we suck worse now than we sucked back then...or the other way around.
  4. I have an idea. (Please forgive me if this is already in another thread, and I missed it.) Could we start a thread for only POSITIVE NEWS facts? Seems like most of the news we get lately really sucks. I thought we could start a thread for things that resemble a "light at the end of a miserable tunnel." Maybe pin it at the top. We could all use some positives since it seems like every day for the whole month of March, we kept getting gut-punching news on a daily basis. Today, I saw 2 candidates for this kind of thread: The thread about USF health and the 3D printed swabs. Awesome! The NCAA extending eligibility for spring athletes It would be nice to start a running list of positive news (no speculation allowed, just facts)... Thoughts?
  5. This is how the media spins stuff out of control. Nobody reports facts. They just quote what people predict or speculate. This entire situation is based on projections and predictions of what “could” happen if all current data trends remain constant in the future. They won’t.
  6. Get well soon. Don’t watch any news. World has gone insane.
  7. When the next big news story comes along, this one will move to the background. People will be saying "what ever happened to that corona virus thing? Is it still around?"
  8. I am expecting/wanting 6 wins and a crappy bowl game for 2020. I know we are bad, but I really don’t think we are only a 4 win team in the AAC bad. Hope your expectations don’t turn out to be right.
  9. Replace the diet coke with a CAYBREW next time.
  10. Huge road win for our Bulls. Haven’t beaten temple in a long time.
  11. Maybe it means “toughest schedule” from the point of view of a season ticket holder looking at the upcoming home slate. As in tough to be motivated.
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