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  1. It’s always easy to get tickets and get in and out of the parking lot.
  2. I always have faith, but when we couldn’t convert that 3rd down immediately before temple ran the punt back, I knew. The momentum had shifted so much. We needed to stay on the field there. its like we played the 2nd half no to lose. beat.
  3. MaltLiquorBull

    USF MBB Undefeated

    This team seems to improve game after game going back to last season, too. I like that. Nice trend.
  4. MaltLiquorBull

    What If Scenario That Would Drive UCF Fans Mad!

    Greatest thing that ever happened this season anyway.
  5. That's terrible news. Wishing her a speedy recovery. Sometimes I feel like we as USF sports fans just can't have nice things.
  6. MaltLiquorBull

    UCF Game Time?

    Yeah. That's the catch. Watching them lose in primetime Saturday and then having to wake up early. Hmmm. Or, watching them win another one and getting a chance to END their win streak at a reasonable time like 3;30 or 4:15. Hmmm. I guess its a win-win situation.
  7. MaltLiquorBull

    What If Scenario That Would Drive UCF Fans Mad!

    This would really bring more joy to the holiday season!
  8. MaltLiquorBull

    What If Scenario That Would Drive UCF Fans Mad!

    You know what would really make them mad? If they had all the pieces in place to win the championship and had the inside track but then blew it and at the same time we came along and snatched it right from under them and then we went on and won the peach bowl and then remained undefeated in week 10 the next year after they had already crapped the bed on their season and then we got game day to come to our campus. oh wait!
  9. MaltLiquorBull

    UCF Game Time?

    I don't think our sexiness matters anymore. We look rode hard and put away wet. It's probably all about Orlando. They are the reason people will tune in nationally. My guess is the timeslot has more to do with Orlando staying undefeated after this weekend.
  10. MaltLiquorBull

    You wanted a bowl season?...

    If anything, we get some extra weeks to practice.
  11. I think when the offense is clicking and scoring points, it also gets the D pumped and gives them more to play for. It's much easier to go out there and play good D after a touchdown than it is to go back out there after yet another 3 and out.
  12. MaltLiquorBull

    You wanted a bowl season?...

    Ha. Funny when I posted the picture, I was just looking for an overflowing toilet to represent what my hopes for a "bowl season" have become. I didn't even realize it was frozen until I took another look after seeing the comments. Ha. So yeah, I suppose it could have that meaning, but either way, its a terlet. Brawndo's got what plants crave.
  13. At least by backing in to a crappy bowl game we will get some extra practice days. Assuming that extra practice days make the team better. Based on this years performance, that might not be a good assumption.