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  1. Right. If they are playing by a different set of rules, then this is bogus. I mean we already know that the UCF campus in general has less covidiocy rules than USF does...does this also apply to football? Are these rules NCAA (or AAC) rules that everyone must follow exactly, or are schools at liberty to have more or less restrictions? That's the question. If they can play everybody who is not showing symptoms and we have to sit anyone who has been within 25 feet of someone who knows someone who's brother may have been in contact with someone who may have sneezed in the last 14 days...well
  2. I agree. I really enjoyed watching him play. What a wasted talent. Hope he changes his 'tude and finds some success/happiness somewhere before it's too late.
  3. As much as I hate those d-bags, many points in this article are true. When it comes to investment stuff like the stadium, IPF, etc...this article is spot on, I'm afraid. They are right about some of the coaching blunders we have made in the past to get us to where we are today. Some of the other stuff is just hind-sight, and we could say the same about them (killing a player, going 0-fer, O'Leary's resume, etc.) but it wouldn't be as funny because they don't suck like we do. Maybe we should do a top-25 reasons why they have blown it ACADEMICALLY. It would be somethi
  4. . Not sure of the reason, but from what I hear, USF is far more restrictive than any other state university. Steven Curral? New president? Maybe he wears a mask in the shower?
  5. We've definitely had 12 good players...oh, wait, you mean on the same squad in one season. That's much harder.
  6. RIP. Very sad. Puts things in perspective about what is important.
  7. I'd like to see more of him for future consideration, but at this point in this horrid season, I think we need NJ out there from start to finish. It's our best shot at a win.
  8. Please put an end to this madness and lunacy.
  9. Ha. Me, too. I watched Wall Street like 500 times. Memorized the "greed is good" speech. I was destined to become Gordon Gecko. I used to call people in the middle of the night and say "money never sleeps, pal." Not sure how it was ever going to materialize since I was out at USF bars every night sloshing beer and trying to hook up. The plan was that someday, I'd apply myself and get serious, but that was always going to have to wait.
  10. Anybody else getting these ads? I wonder what I did to make the targeting algorithm send me these?
  11. That was funny as hell. I'm still laughing.
  12. I won’t go either. Eff that. Bad football and being treated like we live in the USSR. And we are supposed to pay for it? Suck it. I’ll watch my favorite team get embarrassed at my local bar, thanks.
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