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  1. Rebooted iphone 11. Site is formatting normally now. Back in business.
  2. As of last night, my mobile version of the site looks like it has no formatting. Looks like a site that loaded without any of the stylesheets. Pretty much unusable. I am using safari on an iPhone 11. Everything was fine until I checked yesterday evening. Anybody else having this problem?
  3. No way. First USF will have a meeting to plan to appoint a committee whose job will be to select a placement committee whose job will be to vet candidates for the job. A month later, we'll see an article about possible candidates in the paper. A month after that, there will be an "official" list released. About 6 months later, they will announce the hiring of the 2nd choice after the 1st choice declines to take the job. You know, the typical normal process.
  4. Bad things happen in 3's. Firing of CJL. Loss of LeeRoy Selmon Capitulation of the Big East (and USF getting left behind). Sad days for USF football, my friends. Prefer not to relive those moments.
  5. Game #1 vs Ky Wesleyan. Wore the only Bulls shirt I owned at the time. Had the diamond logo with the humpback Brahman Bull on it.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx6TBrfCW54
  7. I'd agree that the people did buy in. I don't think USF intentionally decided to be unsuccessful, I just think that a string of poor decisions were made that led to where we sit today.
  8. Let's use the $50 million to hire a consulting firm to perform a feasibility study to find out what would make casual Tampa fans start coming out to games and filling the stadium. I don't own a consulting firm, but I will gladly fill out the paperwork to start one so I can bid on this feasibility study project.
  9. Hi Brad: I see the new "rank" badges. How do these work? I swear, mine has gone up 2 levels in the last 3 days. I notice people who have 000s more posts than me (but haven't been around as many years), and I outrank them. Can you give us a hint on how the rank system works (or will work) and if it means anything? Thanks.
  10. Awesome. Always good to get hardware for the trophy case. I read the article quickly, but I did not see a mention of the "natty" in cheerleading. Is that even a conference "sport?"
  11. I read only the first line and instantly replied. Now that I read the whole thing, I realized I've been had. Nice work, @bulloni. You got me. 🙂
  12. Whoa. Hold on there. Any Bulls fan would just love to have that problem. First things first. Let's see if we can finally win a conference championship. Until we can show that we can do that, none of this matters. Right now, I'd just be happy enough if we could get back to beating central Florida again.
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