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  1. Am I missing something? What is the US2F hashtag about? Why the 2? Am I the only one who doesn’t understand this?
  2. Interesting. Only 3 PAC-12 total. Wow. Glad to see USF has a decent share of P5 games compared to the rest.
  3. That's pretty weak. And considering that you are required to make one to get season tickets, even weaker. Do we know the % of all alumni who have ever made a donation to USF ever (not just athletics, but any USF fund --academics, alumni association, etc.)?
  4. CJS completely "won" his press conference, and when he speaks, he always makes it sound like everything is going to be great. I agree with you. This reminds me alot of how this board was right after Holtz was hired. People were completely enamored by his quotes, metaphors, and words of wisdom in press conferences. I hope this turns out to be different that the Holtz New Error. I believe it will. With that being said, I am enjoying it, and it is nice to feel optimistic again about Bulls football.
  5. New coke was the best marketing ploy in the history of business. They wanted to replace the cane sugar in coke with cheaper high fructose corn syrup, but they couldn’t do it suddenly or people would notice. So they put new coke out (with high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar) and gave it a purposeful different taste. People hated it as planned. They demanded the old coke back. Coca Cola left new coke in production long enough to guarantee that no more original coke was left so people couldn’t compare. Finally, they brought back “classic coke” and said it was due to popular outcry and demand. But the classic coke still had high fructose corn syrup rather than sugar. They made the switch and no one was the wiser. They fooled the entire nation. If you don’t believe me, go to a Mexican store and buy a coke with real cane sugar. You’ll be able to tell immediately how much better it is.
  6. I guess we have to stop calling him "soft white" now. . (For those of you who remember.)
  7. Show improvement. 6-6 and bowl eligible is a reasonable expectation. And please beat Orlando if nothing else.
  8. Wetlands. Ha! Back in my day we just called it a swamp.
  9. 6 and 6, bowl eligible is a completely reasonable expectation. Hell, we should have been 6-6 this year if we could have scored once in a while. With next years schedule, I will be expecting at least 6-6 even with the talent we have.
  10. We used to settle this on the field and embarrass them. Until we get back to that, they can say **** like this. If/when we start regularly making them our little bitches again, they will still say **** like this, but it will just be funny.
  11. I really like Jeff Scott, and I loved the press conference...but I remember feeling the same about Skippy. Lots of us did. The difference here is that I am certain we will be better than 4-8 next year. We won’t regress. Book it.
  12. I will of course get behind Scott as the new coach. I wish him and the USF Bulls all the success in the world. I thought Holtz was going to be great. I thought Strong was going to be great. I just don't want to be let down, so I am going to support the new coach, but I expect no miracles. I want to see some improvement from game to game/season to season for a start. We need a serviceable QB to get things going. Go Bulls. Maybe the 5th coach of the USF Bulls is the one who takes us there. Cautiously optimistic. Make us competitive again, please!
  13. He may never have said it, but it is now 2019, and he is still the most powerful man in the building.
  14. I’ll pledge a 20% increase to USF for CJL to come back home.
  15. Dude I’m out of up votes. But yeah!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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