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  1. MaltLiquorBull

    USF Needs to Add 2019 Game

    We can still schedule a Pee Five. Pee Five has their share of doormat cupcakes.
  2. Secure the bag? That made me LOL. Sounds like something a pee wee coach would say to remind the kids to wear a cup.
  3. MaltLiquorBull

    Caption This...

    We’ll still be ahead of you in the polls! P5, bi-othches!
  4. After reading, its still Rutgers 07. Although I did puke after the UCONN voodoo 5 game. I was that upset.
  5. Kind devalues the whole season ticket thing. I sometimes feel like a sucker for paying face value. I guess I do it for my love for USF. But if it gets more USF fans out to the games, the hey, I'm ok with it! They might as well all say club access. If it rains or its hot or for whatever reason-- I have never known of someone that hasn't been able to enter the club if they really wanted to. Kind of makes me wonder why I pay the premium. Go Bulls.
  6. WVU 2007. Packed stadium. 2 top 20 teams. Knocking of a #5 at home. Total chaos! Had the feel of college game-day. That is the standard I am looking to beat someday. I hope it happens in my lifetime.
  7. I agree nothing was worse than the 2007 loss. But yeah, that 31-0 beatdown was pretty bad, too. I think it was 2009. I'll never forget that one. I was at home watching. The game was so out of hand that the the camera and commentators were more concerned with a fat kid in the crowd that lip-synced Bon Jovi. Talk about adding insult to injury. In hindsight, I also believe this game was sort of the beginning of the end for CJL. This thread is freaking depressing, man.
  8. Rutgers ‘07. Up until that horrid evening, it had been the uconn voodoo 5 game of ‘05. There are many painful losses since Rutgers 07, but Rutgers 07 had the biggest impact. It started a chain reaction of losses and misery. We had something to lose, and we lost it big. Also Rutgers 07 was one of those games where the officials meddled quite a bit in the outcome. I don’t normally say that, but it was pretty obvious that evening. Definitely Rutgers ‘07
  9. I’m just hoping to see titties on the Jumbotron again this year. Should be a tradition after every Bulls touchdown. We’d have no attendance problem, I assure you.
  10. MaltLiquorBull

    2018 AP Preseason Rankings

    Cool! Preseason rankings. Why even play out the season? Thanks to preseason rankings, we already know who they the best teams are. Bring on Elon. 1 game at a time.
  11. Kick coverage on the final kickoff after the TD that put us up by 3. We have been killed by short kicks and allowing huge returns. No excuse for giving up half the field. Hoping we have this issue fixed in 2018. Go Bulls!
  12. MaltLiquorBull

    Season Tickets?

    I agree. Very classy job. Love that it all came in an adidas shoe box. First class! Go Bulls.
  13. I get what ray jay is trying to do here, but I think it is way overboard and I bet they will partially reverse this policy. For the record, I am an ex-smoker. I think the ban goes to far. They should at least create 1 roped off area outside even if it’s in the rain where folks can go and do their habit. Even if it’s totally inconvenient for them to get there and it takes a 15 minute walk from their seat, the die hard smokers will make the trip. The result of this total ban policy will just lead to people sneaking off in the corner to hide and smoke a cigarette in secret like it was weed or something. This will hurt the Bucs attendance, too. When they really start kicking out long time loyal season ticket holders for burning a cigarette, the shizz will hit the fan. They will only lose a few more customers. Bulls and Bucs alike.
  14. MaltLiquorBull

    The year in review

    Nice article.
  15. MaltLiquorBull

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    We really really really need for the season to start so we have some real issues to get irritated about.