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  1. I bet if you buy a shirt like that, you get free bowl of soup...oh, looks good on you, though.
  2. Ha. I used to think we had a great rivalry going with Louisville. We’d win then they’d win. Back and forth. Cool fans, too. Then we got demoted to the minors and they moved on to be in the acc and we haven’t played since. This is depressing.
  3. Nice to have a winning day. Changes my whole outlook. I must admit, I started doubting our guys when the lead eroded in the late 2nd half. I’m so used to heartbreaks, I almost have been trained to accept it. Not this time. Nice win for MBB and every other positive yesterday helps a lot. Go Bulls!
  4. To keep more guys from leaving, they should paint the exit door to look like an end zone. These guys would never find it.
  5. Nice to see pictures of people together on campus sitting next to each other and socializing like normal human beings. Seems like more than one year ago, doesn't it? The freakin' rona sucks. I'm no longer participating in corona virus reindeer games. The novelty of "virtual" events has long worn off. We'll call this one "year 0" as CJS gets a mulligan on his rookie year. Go Bulls.
  6. Best of luck to Mr. Hampton. Very classy tweet. As far as losing a huge amount of players goes, I'd normally be worried, but since we could not beat a single FBS team in 2020, I don't think we can really get worse. Can we?
  7. Should these 13 useless pages be merged with the other 3000+ from the conference realignment thread? We have bigger problems like trying not to be the doormat of the AAC.
  8. This. Nothing would change for FCS schools, and pee-5 schools would come out clean. Another way to f over the g5 schools would be my guess. G5 is like the American middle class—always paying the bills.
  9. Thanks. That was great to watch. I had forgotten what it feels like when USF pulls off a major upset in a major sport.
  10. Right. If they are playing by a different set of rules, then this is bogus. I mean we already know that the UCF campus in general has less covidiocy rules than USF does...does this also apply to football? Are these rules NCAA (or AAC) rules that everyone must follow exactly, or are schools at liberty to have more or less restrictions? That's the question. If they can play everybody who is not showing symptoms and we have to sit anyone who has been within 25 feet of someone who knows someone who's brother may have been in contact with someone who may have sneezed in the last 14 days...well
  11. I agree. I really enjoyed watching him play. What a wasted talent. Hope he changes his 'tude and finds some success/happiness somewhere before it's too late.
  12. As much as I hate those d-bags, many points in this article are true. When it comes to investment stuff like the stadium, IPF, etc...this article is spot on, I'm afraid. They are right about some of the coaching blunders we have made in the past to get us to where we are today. Some of the other stuff is just hind-sight, and we could say the same about them (killing a player, going 0-fer, O'Leary's resume, etc.) but it wouldn't be as funny because they don't suck like we do. Maybe we should do a top-25 reasons why they have blown it ACADEMICALLY. It would be somethi
  13. . Not sure of the reason, but from what I hear, USF is far more restrictive than any other state university. Steven Curral? New president? Maybe he wears a mask in the shower?
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