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  1. I guess to them it means “you don’t ever give up on an offensive scheme” even when it’s obvious that it will not be successful enough to win the game. At least that’s what it looks like from the stands.
  2. That’s fair. Lots of emotion in that post. It was mid game last night. I had just been in a conversation with another fan who was convinced that CKB should be promoted to HC and that would be the magic bullet. Many have that opinion. Me, I don’t know. I know the guy has run very successful systems in the past. I like how he talks and brings energy. I think the players like him. It’s just that this offense is so anemic. The OL certainly isn’t helping. Scoring 20 points is not too much to ask against temple though. I don’t know if CKB could be successful here as HC or not, but I just can’t make the assumption that he is the magic bullet to save The program. I certainly hope we find that savior soon, and if it happens to be CKB, then I’ll be happy to apologize for having doubts.
  3. I will make peace tomorrow in my chair watching the he sunset on the gulf. Love my bulls but these guys blow d. Life is too short, my good friend.
  4. There is nothing in this offense you can point to that suggests we should fire strong and make this guy interim HC. This offense is one of the worst in college football. D is giving us a chance and we couldn’t score to save our lives. As we speak, we are down 14-0. If we come back and win, I’m happy, but I still will not take this back.
  5. What would be cool is to have a secondary title on certain threads to identify what the discussion has “morphed” into when it gets to where it’s nowhere’s nears what the original subject indicates. I keep opening this thread in hopes to see news about Johnny Ford coming back.
  6. Facilities in Cayman aren't much, but then again, you have this very close by...
  7. My favorite place in the world. I try to get there once a year. Not looking good for this tournament since I have to go visit colleges with my daughter. i was thinking about telling her if she just picks USF like she is going to do anyway, we can skip the college visits and head to Grand Cayman.
  8. This is an awful thought. It's so USF, though. I'm holding out for a big win against mousetown.
  9. Sure feels good to win. Especially going into the bye week. Looking forward to tailgating in the dark for the Temple game.
  10. I would love to get a W vs orlando college. 3 losses in a row to those clowns is something I don’t even want to think about. Whatever happens, I want that one the most. I think when we play them we can throw most of the stats out the window. Passion and pride take over and it comes down to who wants it more. Of course, it helps if we have the “who is our QB?” Question answered by then.
  11. We won’t lose next Saturday. Stone cold lock.
  12. It can’t be. Corey writes complete sentences with punctuation and proper capitalization.
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