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  1. Ok, you go to your office tomorrow morning to start planning for next year. Who are you building the offense around? Where do you begin on to try to put something resembling a defense together? Where do you go from here?
  2. USF needs to open the weight room tomorrow morning. Getting prepared for next year needs to start immediately.
  3. Improvement is marginal. Playing slightly better, but improvement needs to be in the won -loss column. Not just statistics. Losing by 20 points with 3 games giving up over 50 is not improvement. There is long way to go to reach competitiveness.
  4. Thats a personnel issue. That goes back to poor recruiting by Strong. Hard to get 1 yard in a power position with 175lb back
  5. So the USF-Ucf amazing game a few years ago started the demise. Maybe this game starts it back up
  6. Not yet for me. One drive all year falls into the blind squirrel category. Let's see what kind of recruits these guys can bring in.
  7. And Scott tries to outsmart again. His decision making is ridiculous
  8. Ha, UCF 3 TDs over 40 yards today. We had 2 all year and only 1 for a TD.
  9. Now let's see the defense show some balls here. Would be first time in 3 years
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