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  1. At this point just scoring against a defense with a pulse would be an improvement. 0 against Wisconsin 10 against GT 21 VS SMU-ic I recall 2 scores against their 3rd team 3 today. That is division 2 performance alright.
  2. My opinion (and just my opinon) is the receivers we have don't fit the system Bell is trying to run. Mcdoom is barely 6'0-Slot Receiver Miller 5'10-Slot receiver Ford-5'5'-slot receiver Horne-5'7" slot receiver These guys could be good if we get the ball to them in space or while they are in motion. Unless they get big separation even they have a step on the defenders downfield they don't have the size to go up and get the ball or to battle on the 50-50 balls. Our receivers' skill set calls for the ball to be delivered on short quick throws and let them do their thing with the balls in their hand. So far, seems like a lot of our throws have been downfield and it is tough for them win the majority of those contests unless they are wide open. We have a couple of bigger guys on the roster, but for whatever reason haven't seen the field that much.
  3. Not surprising about St. Felix. He had a couple of dynamic games early in the year. He dropped a lot of passes last year too. He completely disappeared in several games. He was a freshman so I didn't expect him to be the star, but got a lot playing time last year so the expectation should have been he would have grown this year. The problem with most of our receivers over the last few years have been that they are good for a spectacular play here and there or a big game, but there is no one that has been reliable or consistent that can be counted on. Even go back to Adams and MVS, a lot their big plays were either the jet sweep or the little touch pass that basically was a jet sweep. The downfield consistency was not there. Our receivers have always dropped a lot of passes.
  4. 2 point conversion was the right call. Horrible offensive PI call.
  5. Except for the keeper on 3rd down (I probably would have fed to Cronkrite again), given the field position and time situation, I don't see what else you could have run. Runs up the middle were effective the 4th quarter. You can't risk an incomplete pass to stop the clock and preserve a BYU TO. I have no problem with anything in that last drive.
  6. As the season is developing, I would say any game on the schedule is winnable. The coaches have to build on the energy and intensity of today's team. I think every game could come down to how the coaching staff preps the team and themselves. Personally, I think the offense can be dynamic with the right players. We need bigger receivers if we are going to be effective on the outside, downfield throws. I am also not sold on McCleod yet, but he deserves time to develop before judgement is passed.
  7. I give Bell credit for understanding what the defense was giving him and to stick with the run. Give the players credit for gutting out the win. The DC still scares me. Why can't we figure a way to get off the field on 3rd and 5+? Good, exciting win!
  8. Defense is great on 2 out of 3 plays in a series. We give up so many first downs on 3rd and long. This offense telegraphs its plays on 3rd down. If Wilcox comes off the field it is a pass. If he stays in it is a run. Seen it consistently last 2 weeks.
  9. Let's not get carried away. Blocked kick. Most kickoffs landing around the 15. We gave UCONN great starting position most of the game.
  10. Mathis is good. Certainly deserves to get the playing time. It was interesting to see that with all the talk about TE being an important part of this offense in preseason that the position was only targeted 3 times all game. I was also a bit surprised that the pre-season All American candidate at TE comes off the field every 3rd down.
  11. I was very impressed watching Miller run his routes in person. He runs precise, sharp routes. He makes good cuts and looks like he knows how to get open and creates space. From what I saw today, he is by far the most skilled route runner on this squad.
  12. I mentioned this in another thread. Defense has given up some big numbers. In one of the articles/interviews this week, the DC said no changes to scheme or personnel this week. They did change some drills during the practice week, but also cut down the number of practice sessions so the kids would be fresher. That concerns me on a couple of points. We were coming off a bye week. They weren't fresh enough coming off a bye week? With players out of position often, I would think more time on the field as a unit would make a difference. I understand the individual drills are designed to help develop tackling skills, but there just something that irks me that they cut back on the number sessions. I have not been a fan of the DC since he has been here. I think he is in way over his head.
  13. Could have been that he became demoralized for whatever reason, but Salomon dropped more balls than anyone the 2nd half of the year. The last few games he played in, it was obvious he had checked out.
  14. I just read the rest of the article. Does it concern anyone else besides me that the defensive coordinator said no scheme or personnel changes are being made, but they cut out a few practice sessions?
  15. He thinks it is a personnel issue? I understand why we are like we are. Basically he is saying we have a square hole. Round block didn't fit. Let's try the triangle. How about change the scheme. Maybe he will and isn't saying.
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