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  1. Big win! Is this our highest ranked win for the Ladies team?
  2. I was not a fan of St. Felix. He had one good game early in his first year then disappeared until the last game of the year. Way too many drops. Horne was a one game wonder and became a fan favorite. I hope he gets the shot at the Olympics as he wanted, but has not been effective since the injury. Hope they both find spotssomewhere
  3. I could see him going to U of Hawaii or a school where he could start immediately. The guy wants a shot to prove he can still play. With Gabriel there not a chance he will get that opportunity.
  4. You would still need to hire a couple of experienced executivesthat know what they are doing until your new, inexperienced people learn and understand the business. No way you run your business with a majority of kids right out of school. Same applies here. The long term nucleus needs to be incoming freshmen recruits. However, a few experienced, physically mature, transfers can plug some holes.
  5. Good team effort. Baylor’s D was tough. i think this game shows we can hold our own against anyone. Not sure what is needed to go from holding our own to winning games against top 10 teams.
  6. Some the passes have been lazy floaters. ladies seem to have caught the men’s scoring drought disease.
  7. I think after this year and seeing how small we were at certain positions and now understanding our lack of overall depth we definitely need to fill in the gaps with a few transfers until the younger guys develop. Scott got here rather late in the recruiting year so I am sure he didn't fully understand what the immediate needs were. Also, a couple of expected contributors opted out of this year so that made matters worse. Need a bigger, every down back. Lineman on both sides of the ball that are fully developed, a couple of LBs and secondary guys.
  8. I agree. JB is extremely inconsistent. He misses a lot of wide open 3s. We miss a lot of wide open shots from everywhere on the court. Including wide open lay ups. we desperately need scorers
  9. Realistically, does this look like a .500 team? Still early and lots of new guys, but I dunno. We may be deeper, but I am not seeing much difference from last year.
  10. Our big men look a bit lost with the ball. They really don't go up strong to the basket. Perhaps they will as the season goes on.
  11. I will add Townsell to that group. I think he has potential.
  12. I don't think anyone has anything against McCloud personally. If he continues to play as the same high level as we saw against UCF I cannot imagine anyone will complain. If he reverts to his inability to move the offense we need to look at other guys.
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