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  1. usfgrad84

    Does USF football exist?

    I am in Las Vegas for a work event. Wearing my USF windbreaker. Has just the iconic U logo. I am getting a lot of "Go Bulls" even had a guy make a comment that USF beat them in the bowl last year. Obviously a Texas Tech guy. Plenty of people know who we are.
  2. Plenty of changes are going on. Just not so much at USF.
  3. usfgrad84

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    Why is it obvious to promote Shaun King. He has no playcalling experience. It could be a good move, but he will be learning that job on the job.
  4. usfgrad84

    Bring everyone back

    In no way are we close. On defense if our guys were in place and just getting pushed back because they were young and small that’s one thing, but our guys were almost clueless at times. In the same ways over and over. That is on coaching. On offense, a guy like Horne doesn’t make a difference when its 3rd and 4 and we choose to run a 165 lb back between the tackles. 90% of our passes are to stationary receivers. We neutralize our team speed all by ourselves. All we need is an OC to understand how to utilize our athletes we have them
  5. Guess we have to see. That did not change the head coach, but they basically purged the rest of the coaching staff. At least they realized where they had deficiencies and they made changes to correct them. We have not heard about one move yet.
  6. So what we learned in this article is people in charge like Strong and think he is a good man. I don't think anyone ever questioned his integrity. We also learned, according to this article, that there may or may not be changes coming at some point in the future, but probably not in time to impact next season because the AD needs time to think about things. Sounds like the author needs to go back to the couch and watch ladies Volleyball.
  7. Entire offensive staff except King. Anyone associated with Special Teams.
  8. 99%? I would say replaced with equally productive backs, even better TE play and as a unit, at least equal talent at WR. No way to replace Flowers, but with different skill set from the QB a coach with a winning mentality has to adjust his playcalling to the skills his QB brings. Unless we are bringing in the 1974 Ohio State offensive line running the offense the way it has been run the last 2 years will yield the same results we have seen.
  9. usfgrad84

    Players transferring out...

    I remember a lot of dropped passes last year. Especially and including MVS. Barr dropped just about everything thrown his way last year. Hence, the move to DB. Last year I thought Antoine was very good. Why he dropped out of the rotation is beyond me. I thought the routes designed by the OC are atrocious. We should be better in the passing game, but I thought we were better this year than last.
  10. The special situation he walked into is his unique contract. He also walked into a top 5 offense that has been dismantled by philosophy, not just by graduations. He took over a program that had set records for most games in a row over 30 points. That was exciting and allowed it be turned into a bore fest. Even in this season’s early wins you could see (at least anyone with football acumen, although I must admit that Iwas hoping he was just letting young guys experience early) that the team was not playing a high level of ball. By all accounts, Strong took over a winning program with a lot of good, young recruits. Did he not say he felt we are reloading, not rebuilding? the downward spiral is on him and the coaching staff. If Kelly re-ups Strong and the staff he owns the hire as if he hired him. That means, in my book, the record next year is on Kelly and the increased burden of higher buyout is on Kelly. If the department/program is strapped for cash its on Kelly as the move forward.
  11. usfgrad84

    If I'm Kelly

    Ok, question, how long do you give Strong? What is the indicator of success/failure that would you need to want him out or remain? Is he gone if we start out 0-3 or 0-4 next year, which is highly likely with a tougher OOC schedule? Kelly will earn his money these coming days.
  12. usfgrad84

    We need a QB...

    I want to see what Barnett can do with an OC that actually draws up an intelligent game plan and knows how to draw up proper pass routes. How many low percentage throws can you call per game? What OC draws up pass routes with 3 receivers between the sidelines and numbers and runs them the same depth. It is basically creating triple coverage. We saw this over and over. Let's see what Barnett can do if he isn't forced into making so many 3rd and longs every drive.
  13. usfgrad84

    Depth at LB ?!?

    Nah, was better to move 3 or 4 establshed, players that were proven at a few other positions. Move them around and weaken the entire defense than to put acouple of younger guys that are actually linebackers or guys that have played LB in the past.
  14. You guys that follow BB more closely than I, do you think we really can get 10 wins?
  15. usfgrad84

    90 minutes into Saturday

    Pretty sure firing a head coach is not like firing the shopping cart guy at the local grocery store. The AD may be the executioner and have a lot of input, but I am sure he takes input from the board of trustees, president and a few other important people then there are legal procedures. I wouldn’t expect anything to happen until at least Sunday night if they decide to make a move. Will be interesting to see what happens. I can’t imagine there is anyone associated with the program that is not completely embarrassed by what they have seen the last few weeks, tonight and the attitude shown during the press conference.