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  1. Kansas in ‘08 was one of my favorite and most memorable games. The big INT by Nate Allen and the game winning field goal by Bonani at the gun in his first game. That game was up and down until the final kick. I don’t if Wisconsin will be like that, but I sure hope our defense can hold up. I have said it all off season. I have very little confidence in the defensive coaching staff. I hope they make me a believer.
  2. We were sloppy and undisciplined last year. Hopefully that changes this year.
  3. Offense sounds better. My concern remains defense. Giving up 10 TDs does nothing to alleviate the concerns.
  4. I can remember at least one or 2 missed tackles that resulted in losses.
  5. I have not really had the chance to follow the Canadian tour so closely. One name I had not read about was Rideau. I thought he was coming back. Is he not coming back? Injured?
  6. 1. Everything about the defense is my concern. Until he proves otherwise I am not convinced BJM is a top level DC. 2. LB corps 3. Interior DL 4. Overall defensive depth
  7. I think Alvarado was supposed to be a punter, but got thrown into the kicking job.
  8. Still have the SI with the article about the Florida 4. As far as football, I am not totally sold on all ills being worked out. Offense was only one unit. Special Teams and Defense still have same coaches leading the units. Until proven otherwise I don't have so much confidence in BJM as an FBS Coordinator and special teams has been horrible for two years running. Our kick off guy didn't put more than a handful of kicks past the 10. The offense should/will be better. The rest is still a mystery at this point.
  9. Don't know what to expect on offense, but I have very little confidence in BJM and the defense. That worries me most.
  10. Money loser on the surface and in the short run. If the extra playing experience, learning how to win meaningful games and confidence going in to next year translates to bigger crowds, bigger wins, attracting better recruits in the future it could turn out to be a worthy investment. Too early to tell. If I recall correctly, the ladies run of successful tourney appearances was preceded by a WNIT appearance in the championship game? Was it a win. I don't remember, but it was the last building block in their recent success. Maybe not an exact comparison, but it may turn out to be a great investment for the future of the program.
  11. Good to know there is a playbook. Happier to hear we actually have pass plays thrown inside the numbers. Haven’t seen a post in over 2 seasons.
  12. I don't know who he was jawing at, but that T was on Macmurray, who played his first two years here. He was talking crap to someone on the bench
  13. Statistically the defense 2017 was better with a bunch of NFL caliber athletes and many 3 and 4 year starters, situationally that defense was still lost at key times. Anyone recall 4th and 24? What concerned me about last years defense was our guys were out of position so often and did not improve upon that issue . Until I see consisten improvement I have little confidence in the defensive coaching staff. My opinion is that BJM is a nice guy, loyal to Strong, maybe a good position coach, but is outmatched by accomplished OCs in this league and is a CUSA DC at best
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