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  1. For me, I would have to say the Strong era was more disappointing. At least Holtz won some "bigger" games for us. Strong inherited a more exciting, accomplished team and, because of his own personal philosophy dismantled it on purpose. That started during his press conference and carried on throughout his tenure. Because our offense was so high powered under Taggart everyone kept waiting for the offense to kick it into gear at San Jose State. It never really got in gear. I vividly recall the announcers saying we looked out of sorts. That ended up being a consistent theme in almost every game for the last 3 years whether we won or lost.
  2. Gotta move quickly to get the new coach on board. Won't be the last. The recruits don't want to enter an unknown situation.
  3. Sounds like a silly coaching staff. How about throwing in a couple of accomplished coaches in the group? Other than Scott and King not much experience there. Would be more disastrous than the current group.
  4. 6 games of 10 points or less. Can't figure out why most games when we have the ball late in the game we let 20 seconds or more run off the clock before snapping the ball when most teams are snapping it in that situation after 10 to 12 seconds. No sense of urgency. The do indeed slow it down.
  5. I think he is a great guy too. I don't want to see him bashed either, but the fact is he is no longer capable of leading a program...our program... in a positive direction. I feel for the guy, but the situation is under his leadership the program has fallen into a deep downward spiral. The way I see things right now it looks like this is at least a 3 to 5 year turnaround project. Just my opinion, but I see nothing to build the team around. I think Bell very well may be able to draw plays up on paper, but either we don't have the right guys to execute them, they are too difficult to execute or they really aren't that great in the first place. Whatever reason, they simple do no not produce results. 6 games with 10 points or less. I don't care how great they look on paper. It is an inept offense. Brian Jean Marie-another seemingly great guy. Great personality. Love listening to him on the radio. He is a terrible DC. So many first downs surrendered on 3rd and long all 3 years. 3 games of 500 yards allowed or more. You can't live on a couple of good defensive games a year. There has to be consistency. I don't even want to start with the special teams. Ended last year with the worst losing streak in NCAA history that started out 7-0. Went on to make a losing streak record (or tied it, I don't remember) for USF. Now in the middle of a 4 game, that will probably be at least 5 game losing streak. And he has a 3 game losing streak to UCF. combine score last 2 years' score combined is 72-10. How do you justify another year? If it looked like a light at the end of the tunnel, then yeah, it can be justified. I just see things getting worse right now. It is not turning around with a few incoming freshmen. We do not have a serviceable QB. We have a change of pace back coming back and maybe Ford. Receivers are less than average. The only decent returning player on the OL is the center. Who do you build the offense around?
  6. Not coached up for sure. Not prepared and coordinators are clueless as to how to put the team in position to be successful. The tv announcers picked up on a lot of things tonight as well.
  7. Love the competitive spirit show by the staff. Slowed the offense down by snapping the ball with 6 seconds on almost every snap. No sense of urgency. No spirit to try to make a game of it. Again.
  8. Charles should have stayed true to for and tried a field goal.
  9. Play prediction...false start. We usually do after a timeout.
  10. If you cannot afford to fire Strong he has to clean out the coordinators. Period. Hire a coordinator that will be HC in waiting like WVU did when they hired Holgorson when Stewart was head coach Keep Strong as a figurehead, but render him powerless. This mess cannot continue. OC sucks. DC is terrible. Special Teams Is a disaster
  11. Why are slowing down on offense under 4:00 minutes. All TIME WORST OFFENSE EVER.
  12. They have almost 300 yards already. We have 4 first downs and 84 yards.
  13. I think offensive success will be if get more than 10 first downs.
  14. Come on. Even if you don't throw to #89, can't we send him out to maybe draw a defender. Why does he end up behind the QB? How is Bell a Coordinator at this level?
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