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  1. I think the clock for Gregory, as far as wins and losses go, really starts next year. Let's just hope this kid works out as well as our last BB transfer from LSU.
  2. usfgrad84

    Mark Harlan to Utah

    The big question is, is the job a no brainer for him.
  3. usfgrad84

    Former Bull Mike White got drafted

    I think White read the writing on the wall when it was clear that the offense had to transition from Taggart's first year Power Offense to what became the Gulf Coast Offense. No way White would have excelled in the GCO. I think he was in a great situation for his skill set with a great developer of QBs in Brohm.
  4. usfgrad84

    Position change for ...

    Tall is good provided he can knock the ball down on 4th and 24.
  5. usfgrad84

    USF Brand and Image Problem

    Speaking from a marketing background where I have been involved in a couple of rebranding projects, my thinking is get the logo situation down to one primary and a couple of secondary logos, create a tag line that incorporates the message of academics, research, location (whatever message they come up with) and devise a communication strategy. No need to change the actual school name. Once the # of logos are pared down ssems like a communication problem rather than a rebrand issue.
  6. Would you prefer losing or just squeaking out wins against weaker opponents. . When you are supposed to beat teams by wide margins and you do it is just fine. By your logic nothing UCONN does is impressive then. No one said we are a top ten team by any means, but we have been a solid top 20 team. Only way to keep the program moving forward is go deeper into the tournament.
  7. No delusions of winning the National Championship, but the further we get in the tournament is further growth for the program. We ended up winning pretty handily in both games. Kinda weird that we would drop two spots.
  8. So we win two games this week and we drop 2 spots to #20. We need a decent showing tonight to see if we can get better than a 6 seed. Key to staying close is to not get blown out in the first 5 minutes of the game. That seems to have been the case against UCONN in recent years. Unfortunately, we seem to get off to slow starts more often than not. I would like to see us keep it competitive for most of the game.
  9. I understand this is a team patched together at the last second, but my question is our biggest problem right now talent on the court or chemistry? I have seen a few games and each game has pretty much been the same. Score a basket then turnover or wild shot at the play clock buzzer for the next 3 or 4 possessions. Any recruits coming in that can make us anywhere near competitive within next couple of years. Competitive meaning 10 wins with the hope of staying within 6-8 points near the end of most games?
  10. usfgrad84

    Bulls end season #21 in AP

    In this offense it will be more about OL and RBs. Overall success will be determined by defense. Doubt we start ranked, but i think we compete for league title and up ranked as long as defense truly develops. It was defense and Special Teams that hurt us when it counted.
  11. That blocking call on aikens was a total bs call and it cost them. Watch for some more BS calls to keep Auburn in it.
  12. Gotta say, I had no really rooting interest, but these announcers seem to be treating UCF as the representative of the AAC as an FCS team. The way they are talking about the personnel you would think there were no FBS worthy players. Clearly the announcers don't think the AACis worthy to be competitive here. I am rooting for UCF just to shove it up the announcers and P5's ass.
  13. I thought their receiver took 2 steps upfield before the ball was snapped on their first TD. Anyone else see it?
  14. usfgrad84

    In 252 Days...

    Bigger question is who plays LB? playing experience everywhere else on the field.
  15. usfgrad84

    We have the smartest fans in the world

    Can be said about any team's fans in any sport.