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  1. usfgrad84

    Defense observation

    We have been doing some strange things on both sides of the ball all year. With a running QB that has been having success and with not much success passing, you would think we would crowd tge line a little and force some throws. On obvious passing downs I recall seeing 1 blitz all night. Pindall had about 8 seconds to throw on 2 at least plays. On offense we sleep through the first half, but then throw the ball short to the outside. Move downfield, score easily when we want, get up 2 scores then go back to running between the tackles. Were we holding back? One throw all night to Salomon? No throws to Wilcox in 2nd half? Both DCs know what needs to be done. They do it when needed then go back into slow down/prevent mode. Weird season so far.
  2. usfgrad84

    Return of the 🐐s

    My son is a Freshman at USF this year. Scantling was nice enough to take a picture with him at halftime.
  3. Wondering how much of these close games can be attributed to the fact we have so many fresmen on the field on both sides of the ball. Offense: Ford, St. Felix, 3 starting linemen defense: roberts, Lapointe, Davis, Grier, Barber
  4. usfgrad84

    So, how bad does it get next week?

    May be high scoring but will be close. Houston D is weak.
  5. Not even close. Was a clean tackle period. Runner was not even down yet.
  6. Absolutely UCONN homers. Everything is discussed from a UCONN perspective.
  7. They are cheeing us up on the run. Why dont we sell out and make them throw. We play so soft.
  8. Can’t wait to see King and Milton run against this D.
  9. On script. Up 2 scores defense backs off
  10. This is same offensive philosophy Taggart had for 2 1/2 years. He thinks the OL is good enough that the D will know what is coming, but we can still drive on them. Short quick hitters let the athletes play. Works every time we run it.
  11. Not only risking him we get no return threat out of him. Sure hands are great, but no threat of more than a yard or two out of it.