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  1. Is it just me or do our guys take a lot of the wackiest shots ever? Especially under the basket. Seems like half the time they have no idea where they are on the court.
  2. This team is painful to watch at times. They miss so many open shots and take some of the most ridiculous shots under the basket and not even talking about free throws. It is like watching a junior high team at times
  3. It looked like a lot Clemson's plays were quick hitters. Lawrence got the ball out quick. a lot of times to Etienne in the backfield and let him use his speed. That could work well here. Get the ball to the playmakers and let them do their thing. Joyner, Ford, maybe Mcdoom and the transfers are supposed are supposed to be quick. That will help with a porous line. with the exception of our punter, our special teams has been a disaster since Strong's first game. I don't think there was one game that there was not some type of error, be it a blocked kick, penalty, missed place kick. It would also be nice to find a kickoff guy that can put it past the 10.
  4. The offense will only work if our receivers learn to catch. There will need to be a big improvement there.
  5. You never know how these things go, but seems to me that with the majority of the coaches on this staff being predominantly younger, up and coming coaches that Scott's mentality is to build this program for the long haul and not just build a team to win in the short run and move on to the next position. I hope this is the case. Would love to see him build this program into a perennial contender in the conference for many years to come .
  6. Spencer was defensive coordinator at Oklahoma State for 5 years. Pretty experienced guy. Seems like it would be a nice Addition.
  7. Just hope he can teach our guys to catch.
  8. I agree with the premise of the article. Build a proper structure for the long haul. In any turnaround or rebuild situation you throw out the first year anyway. A bowl game next year is more realistic. Compete for a conference championship in year 2 is a possibilty as a goal.
  9. Could be he would be happy being here for the long term? Maybe he says where he can make this thing his own for the next 15+ years. He knows by staying here he is set to make at least 12 mil over that time. In the world of coaching if he gets to 9+ wins in the next 2 years he probably gets a new contract that doubles what he is getting. All that and his life is probably less stressful than at an SEC school. Would be nice if he has a love for the Bay area, makes the program his own and is in it for the long haul. Let's hope.
  10. There are several things I am liking about the hire. First, all indications are that he is energetic. Most important to me is that he was there at the beginning when Dabo started to build the culture and system into what it has become. The fact that he understands and has been part of building a program is more important than just being an X and O coach who runs an offensive philosophy. Building a true foundation of a program should lead to longevity of success rather than a decent season here and there. Looking forward to watch how it develops.
  11. Are there actually rumors floating around outside of speculation on this board?
  12. If it works out, does he bring Scott back to USF as the OC and HC in waiting?
  13. For me, I would have to say the Strong era was more disappointing. At least Holtz won some "bigger" games for us. Strong inherited a more exciting, accomplished team and, because of his own personal philosophy dismantled it on purpose. That started during his press conference and carried on throughout his tenure. Because our offense was so high powered under Taggart everyone kept waiting for the offense to kick it into gear at San Jose State. It never really got in gear. I vividly recall the announcers saying we looked out of sorts. That ended up being a consistent theme in almost every game for the last 3 years whether we won or lost.
  14. Gotta move quickly to get the new coach on board. Won't be the last. The recruits don't want to enter an unknown situation.
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