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  1. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bulls/2020/06/18/ncaa-inquiry-into-usf-football-focuses-on-charlie-strong-era/
  2. Would be nice to see McDoom realize his potential. I lost track, but don't we have a couple of offensive transfers coming in. I expect to see Bryce Miller break out and take on the role that Hunter Renfrew played at Clemson. There is potential on offense. Just needs to come together.
  3. No idea what to expect on offense this year. If we can get at least average play out of the QBs. There seems to be plenty of talent returning and transferring in. Scott has spent a lot of time developing receivers in his career at Clemson so I would have to believe that he can teach the guys we have to catch the ball. Although we lose Wilcox, Mathis was a 5 star out of high school at TE and has shown some glimpses of what he can do. Let's hope we have some brains calling the shots on offense that can put them in a position to make plays. If so, the offense can be dynamic. We do have the athletes, but can they be turned into football playmakers? Hopefully, we find out this fall.
  4. coaching is a profession, a job. Just because he played at USF, it doesn’t automatically entitle him or anyone else to a job at his alma mater.
  5. Coaching is a tough way to make a living. You really need the passion for the job and lifestyle. For most of the guys that make a long term profession of coaching they really don't start out looking at the money. As one example, take a look at Leavitt's entire coaching career. Early on he spent time at places like powerhouse football programs like Dubuque college and Morningside college. Before getting into upper level schools, he spent almost 9 years in little towns of Iowa. Ed Orgeron has had 14 coaching jobs before rising to the top of the profession. Perseverance and passion is what it takes to survive in the coaching ranks. Good thing Augie is finding out it is not for him early in his life. Maybe a better road for him would be coaching t the high school level, but even that is a tenuous position nowadays.
  6. Murray runs back kickoffs? I guess he can handoff on extra points as well as Flowers too.
  7. I am as big a fan of Leavitt's as anyone. Quite honestly, I never cared for Taggart or Strong, but this post is sort of clueless about USF Football. The win at Notre Dame was under Holtz. As far as measurable results, the 2 best W-L records in school history were under Taggart and Strong. NCAA record (at the time) for consecutive games of 30 points or more was set under Taggart/Strong. I am not taking the time to look it up, but I am guessing that most offensive records in school history were set under Taggart.
  8. I can see 5 or 6 wins this year. Hard to say at this point. We have no idea what our QB OL or offense will look like. If Scott shows he is as good as he is being touted, and the team matures and starts to play consistently I would think we can be come a 9 to 10 win season in Scott's 2nd season.
  9. Have been a lifelong baseball player and fan. For me, football is by far the best spectator sport. Hard to beat the strategy, toughness and excitement. In any game with fairly evenly matched talent, the outcome can come down to the last few plays. Even if a team is ahead by 2 scores. Soccer is organized keep away. Once a team is up by a couple of scores there is little doubt who will win. In just about every game I have watched, you never know when the game will end. The real time remaining is a secret. When something is on the line, like a world cup or a championship or Olympics it becomes more interesting to follow. If football games were played mostly between the 40s and just about every game would be 14-7 it would boring to watch as well. Especially, if the team went up by 2 TDs at halftime and proceeded to run between the tackles for the rest of the game the drive to the opponents 10 and turn it over on downs every drive then stop the other team at the 20 then continued to run the clock out on every drive.
  10. Pretty sure the Ladies Swim team in about 1983 or so won a national championship so we decided to drop the program shortly thereafter.
  11. I turned it off with about 12 minutes to go when we were up by 12. I told my son we lose by 6. Tuned back and didn't even phase me that we lose by 12. I understand why Gregory asked for 6 or 7 years. He is just starting to build a team now. We may be a consistent .500 team in 2 or 3 years. Gregory gets the most out of his guys. But let's be honest, this team plays like what it is. A patched together guys with less than average D1 talent overall. I think there needs to be a huge upgrade in talent to be consistent.
  12. One thing to remember, these guys are not getting paid a lot of money. Yes, it is a chance to continue playing and get scouted for another shot at Canada or the NFL, but if he is making about $50K and is getting jerked around and who knows what is going on in the locker room, who would put up with that kind of BS. At $50k it is just another job that can be easily replaced. At this point, we have no idea what was going on with him and Trestman. I tuned in halfheartedly to maybe watch Flowers because he is a USF guy and was good for us at USF. Besides Murray and maybe the other QB, can anyone name more than a few players? Let's be honest, besides maybe Aaron Murray's family will anybody tune in because they have personal attachment to any of the players? Flowers gave the Vipers a chance for area football fans a chance to build an emotional bond with the fans. Once March madness starts will anyone really care about watch second rate football?
  13. Yeah, but Trestman still thinks he is coaching the Bears.
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