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  1. I know they are young and that is why they are so streaky, but as well as they play at times, there are streaks they go through in every game where it looks like they have never played the game before. It is all about growing up, basketball wise, I guess. Why are we so bad at free throws?
  2. Talking about coaches, how is Lee Rose not in USF Hall of Fame? Along with bringing the first post season appearances to Basketball, in my opinion did as much as anyone to lay the foundation for USF sports to be where we are now. He was the original “most powerful” guy on campus.
  3. ECU's Leday is Zach Leday's brother. I have only watched a few games this year. I know they are young and a lot of guys playing together for the first time this year, but I see a lot of hustle on this team. If they don't hustle all the time they struggle. Hopefully, building a good foundation for the future. Need a pure scorer.
  4. usfgrad84

    Sean Gleeson in play for OC

    I don't know many he is responsible for, but there are 12 Florida kids on their roster. Princeton is getting kids from all over the country.
  5. usfgrad84

    Mark Richt

    In college or do we include pro? Bellicheck signed on to be head coach of the Jets. Quit the next day during the hiring press conference to take the Patriots job.
  6. Did Gilbert and any of the other coaches leaving voluntarily have to buy out their contracts from USF? Coaches pool is set to jump dramatically. We should be able to assemble a decent staff.
  7. usfgrad84

    UCF Admiration Society

    Love seeing UCF getting beaten, but can’t stand how the announcers fall back into tge company line about strength of schedule and UCF doesn’t have the OL to compete. Didn’t they beat an SEC line from Auburn last year?
  8. usfgrad84

    UCF Admiration Society

    Never seen a school that has so many flags against them picked up. It is unbelievable. Gotta say, Kelly, Strong and USF really need to take take coaching hires to the next level. Seems like a lot of programs are making big time hires at all levels while we continue to hire lower level coordinators.
  9. usfgrad84

    The Kerwin Bell As OC Thread

    Not sure how much of The offense we saw, but the pass patterns looked quite different from Gilbert's. We saw a variety of plays. Saw a few designed plays where the pocket moved, QB rollouts. Most of the completed patterns were inside the numbers.
  10. Hmm DBs sucked, DEs sucked. Most of the complaints all year were about LBs. The entire defense was a disaster. LB coach and DC are one in the same. My guess no change there. I don’t see much difference on D next year. We will still be young and smallish and we do lose a lot of experience on that side of the ball.
  11. usfgrad84

    Over\Under 5 Wins Next Year?

    based on what we know now, where are you guys seeing 5 wins?
  12. usfgrad84

    Over\Under 5 Wins Next Year?

    It is a little hard to say until we know who the OC will be. Honestly, I am having a hard time coming up with more than 2 based on how we played this year. UCONN and SC State. Maybe ECU, but after that I don't know that we will be any more competitive than we were down the stretch.
  13. My thoughts are that when asking a fan base to buy into what he (or any head coach for that matter) is trying to build or re-build, if he wants money and/or support, whether in the form of donations or even season ticket sales, there has to be some sort of explanation about what is going on behind the scenes. There does not need to be any details regarding specific players or exactly what the violations were, but sure would be nice to understand what we are getting when asked to fork over $1,000 and upwards for season tickets or other donations. As CousinRickey said, selling and PR comes with the territory of a million dollar position.
  14. If I recall correctly, he made a statement about being well behind UCF in his post game comments following that game. They have invested in IPF, on campus stadium and even brought in successful, proven assistant coaches. Woul be interesting to see what their assistant pool is budgeted for. One of my closest friends is a Louisville grad. We were discussing Strong last night. He said he did the same thing at Louisville. Then same thing at Texas. At Louisville he took over the Kragthorpe mess so anything he did there was positive. Cleaned up some bad apples at Texas, but just had some middling success on the field. The situation here is a little different. He is in the process of dismantling and rebuilding a program coming off the best run in school history. One with a fragile fan base that was just starting to see an uptick in attendance. It worked at Louisville because they pretty strong community support plus a big time AD. Even though there was a drop during the Kragthorpe era, excitement for football in the community was still strong from what was built in Petrino’s first go around. At Texas, the support there is a given. The situation here is a little different. He is working with a first time AD, a very fickle and fragile fan base that currently has minimal community support from the general area population. He is now in a position, along with Kelly, where they now have to builders of the program rather than Strong reaping the benefits of what was previously in place. I will go back to the reference I have been using lately. What Strong is doing is very similar to what McCullum did in basketball. Under Greenburg basketball was arguably at its’ height in popularity. McCullum (had the chance to have lunch with him several times, very nice man) came in, “cleaned” up the program, put a boring, atrocious brand of BB on the court and set the program back 6 to 8 years. Perhaps to the point where we are still recovering attendance wise. We are at a tenuous juncture with fooball right now. We need to get it right a couple of years before the next round of realignment comes around. I hope Strong and, more importantly, Kelly are up for the job.
  15. usfgrad84

    Possible OC's

    One way or another we are going to pony up some cash. Either pay to get a great coordinator in here this year or we are going to have pay more to buy strong out next year. Kelly is going to exert some influence sort of the way Harlan did. Otherwise this program will be set back another 4 or 5 years.