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Basketball Prediction Contest: Bulls vs SC State University - ESPN+


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Welcome to the 2021-22


 Basketball Prediction Contest


The race for the mildly prestigious Bulliever's Cup is on!

Game 7

South Florida Bulls (3-3) vs. SC State University Bulldogs


 USF.jpg      vs.  South Carolina State University Logo

 Friday, December 3   7:00 PM EST

Tampa, Fla. Yuengling Center

Radio: USF Bulls Unlimited

Congratulations to our Game Six winners @&rew Bull @NewEnglandBull !

7th scheduled game

The Contest: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to select winners and leading contributors in each Bulls hoops game this season. Prizes await, as does the respect and admiration of Bulls fans around the globe. The contest is a season-long chase so don't miss a game.


Next...the rules:

1) You must be a registered member of this message board.
2) You must completely answer the contest questions.
3) There can be no modifications to your post after scheduled game start time
4) Your prediction must be part of this original thread
5) Post must be submitted prior to game's published start time.
6) Ties will be decided by Bulliever starting with accuracy on first - last prediction.

7) (NEW/Tentative) PLEASE if you change your prediction- make a new post stating as much otherwise we will have to use whichever prediction information provides you the least total points.

PLEASE READ ABOVE CAREFULLY - If a rule is broken, your entry will not count. You may appeal any ruling, if you choose, but only Bulliever or his designee will hear appeal.

For additional contest rules, please read the small print below.


And now, the contest:

For the Bulls game vs. SC State University on Friday, December 3 (7:00 PM EST, TV: ESPN+, please select the following:

1) The winner
2) The margin of victory by your predicted winner
3) Bulls leading scorer and point total
4) Bulls leading rebounder and rebound total
5) Team Free Throw percentage (i.e. 72.9%)

Please try to keep in the above format so that it will be easier to manage. Sample response would be:

1) South Florida
2) 22
3) Murphy - 21
4) Tchewa - 11
5) 80%

The contest winner will be chosen based on a points system as follows:

1) Correct on winning team - 10 points

2) Correct on Margin of victory - 15 points (subtract one point for each variance in actual and predicted margin - 0 points awarded if actual winner not predicted.)

3a) Correct Leading Scorer - 5 points
3b) Leading Scorer's correct point total -10 points (subtract one point for each variance in actual and predicted total - 0 points awarded if correct leading scorer not predicted.)

4a) Correct Leading Rebounder - 5 points
4b) Leading Rebounder's correct rebound total - 10 points (subtract one point for each variance in actual and predicted total - 0 points awarded if correct leading rebounder not predicted.)

5) Free throw percentage - within 3 percentage points of actual - 10 points; 5 percentage points of actual - 5 points; 10 percentage points -1 point


 Games will be decided and winners announced.  There will be a Grand Prize for those with the overall greatest point, "smaller" prizes for each game winner (if indicated/or a relevant game) and prizes for other category wins: tracking of game averages, wins and total points scored for the season!  The key is to be mindful of the game schedule and enter each game!


 Winner receives:  No prize for this game.

Good Luck!


2021-2022 season:

Game 1  @NewEnglandBull 35 points W BCU 75-54

Game 2   @&rew Bull @Friscobull @79 Bull (Tie) 15 points L GSU 53-41

Game 3  @Rich Mahoney 45 points W NCATSU 56-54

Game 4  @flsportsfan83 31 points L #21 Auburn 58-52

Game 5  @Friscobull 34 points W Hampton 58-52

Game 6  @&rew Bull @NewEnglandBull (tie) 42 points L Boston College 64-49

Game 7



Have Fun and follow the Bulls throughout the 2021-22 season!


(Mildly prestigious Bulliever's Cup)


Season Stats Update:

Current season leader is @&rew Bull


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