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  1. A rule for edits is probably a good idea to help the score keeper. I remember getting tripped up by late (but timely) edits during score keeping last year. With this game's results, I'm going to go with my gut from now on and not make any updates after my initial guess. I can't believe I would've been on top with that first guess!
  2. I like to think you already own some of these.
  3. Getting into the stadium was an experience. There was no one at the gate as I walked up with my wife. Security got onto me about walking with her instead of being 6 feet apart. I'm not a doctor but I think they were focused on the wrong thing since I'm now sitting next to her for the next several hours.
  4. This year doesn't count towards eligibility for anyone so everyone on the field has the option to come back next year.
  5. It's 58th out of 76. In a normal year, that would put us around 99th based on percentile.
  6. Our tickets always arrive mid-August. I don't think the tickets not being here on 8/4 says anything about the season one way or the other. With that said, I think the need to send out season tickets will serve as a forcing function for making a final decision on whether or not fans will be allowed at any games.
  7. I don't think so. I suspect him receiving quite a bit of playing time last season means he doesn't have much of a case for a waiver for immediate eligibility.
  8. I won't argue against that at all. I'm used to flying at least once a month but won't be taking my next flight until then assuming we don't cancel our booking. I prefer driving to Atlanta and have made that trip many times in the past. We might still go that route depending on how things are looking in December. For now, we've locked in a low price and are hoping to not be on the road for a large chunk of what will be our first weekend away from the kids.
  9. Bringing this thread back for those who are thinking about traveling for the game. Southwest has a sale that ends today with one-way tickets between Tampa and Atlanta for $39 each. I booked the trip this morning because Southwest allows you to cancel and use the funds for rebooking another flight later on with no change fees. With us playing football at Tulane in 2021 and Southwest having direct flights to New Orleans, I figure I can apply these funds towards that trip if Atlanta doesn't happen.
  10. This is a photoshop. The coaches are sharing a similar graphic with all of our recruits.
  11. Men's basketball. @D1Docket is on top of men's basketball D1 schedule announcements.
  12. Another guy that's 1000% committed. Hopefully it doesn't bite us this time around.
  13. This brings AAC Men's Soccer down to 6 teams. There's some quality in those 6 teams with half of them making the NCAA tournament last year. There may be an opportunity to pull in a couple schools as soccer-only members. This is possible because conferences like the SEC and Big 12 don't sponsor men's soccer and schools that carry the program are in different conferences for the one sport. Some schools that fall under these circumstances that the AAC should reach out to (current conference in parentheses): Kentucky (CUSA) South Carolina (CUSA) West Virginia (MAC) Navy
  14. This recipe has become part of my regular rotation. If you have a pressure cooker and like Indian, I recommend trying it out. It's easy to double for a larger group or to create leftovers while you hunker down. Some of the spices are hard to come by. You can make the garam masala yourself and I tend to skip the kasoori methi. https://pipingpotcurry.com/instant-pot-chicken-tikka-masala/#wprm-recipe-container-4476 I've been baking a lot more over the past couple weeks mostly to get a break from the kids. I've had the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook collecting dust for years and finally dove in.
  15. The prediction contest turned into a tight race for the last couple months with @BrassBulls12 and @DELdaBull battling for the top spot. In the end, the two of them tied for first place with 829 points on the year. The next closest contestant was a distant 49 points off. While consistency kept this a two-person race, @Friscobull had the best prediction in 26% of the contests he participated in. He had the highest average score and most single-game wins but missed four games throughout the year. The highest single-game score of the year? That goes to @NJBull who received 64 of a possi
  16. I came onto the board for exactly this. @Brad might have a tiebreaker in mind based on performance throughout the season. If not, it's a tie.
  17. @BrassBulls12, @DELdaBull, Let's do a tiebreaker. Just the two of you for our first game of the AAC tournament. For all the marbles (or whatever else you might win), give your prediction in this post in the same format that we have had all season. I'll score it and will give the winner the tie-break.
  18. You're in there and have the highest average points for anyone with more than 7 predictions. There's a sorting error that shows you in the bottom half of the order even though points are reported correctly.
  19. With a single shot, last night's predictions were flipped upside down. @ScorpionBull takes home a convincing victory due in large part to the only prediction for Collins to be the leading scorer. User Points ScorpionBull 44 NJBull 33 BrassBulls12 33 DELdaBull 32 &rew Bull 31 NewEnglandBull 26 East lake bull 26 Friscobull 25 bcgruber 18 brybull1970
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