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  1. I definitely had a Sunbelt conference championship T-Shirt. Championships of any kind are cool to commemorate. Especially when they only come around every 20 or 30 years.
  2. And we did it with a bunch of (non-one-and-done) underclassmen and a junior. Next year will be even better! Side Note: Please let this be the one thread that allows us to have high expectations without a bunch of "let's be realistic" downer talk.
  3. As soon as I watched the team play back in November and December and all season long. I've worn my faith and belief in the team and coaches on my sleeve here in TBP. These guys will remember their championship the rest of their lives. Hopefully, they will have even better memories to cherish over the next two or three seasons. I have faith that they absolutely will! Go Bulls!
  4. We will be in the NCAA tournament next year. Zero doubt in my mind.
  5. Need to hit shots. That would make the refs irrelevant. Love the best of 3 format, though. It has made me really really want to stomp DePaul in the second half and take home their nets.
  6. Loving the balance for the Bulls so far. DePaul doesn't look nearly as intense as last game. Hope they stay down and get frustrated.
  7. Honestly, I think that gym has trick rims or something. I mean that girl even hit one from half court at halftime, USF barely missed a free throw, Q was making threes like a splash brother, and we nearly scored 100. Too bad the trick stopped working there at the end for Brown and Lang. Friday!!!
  8. Fun. Terrifyingly. As usual. Looking forward to a great game on Friday!
  9. There was one replay that clearly showed the ball out of bounds, and in the top right of the video frame there was a bright red "1" on the shot clock. The announcers claimed the officials didn't have the same angle that they had. Guess even the video review process is not perfect. Glad it didn't matter.
  10. My son is a sophomore at USF. He attended every home men's game during that time. He said tonight was the best home game atmosphere since he's been there by far. So glad he's getting a taste of a pumped up dome. Next year should be even better.
  11. Did anyone catch Kiir on the bench right after Collins hit the last shot? He hilariously "fainted" backwards into the arms of a teammate. These guys are having a blast. So are the fans!
  12. I say differently, and I assure you I am not a fool. Love your passion though.
  13. Yes. Next year's team will break the tie and take first place. IMHO
  14. I'm not saying lightly that this is the best team ever. There is a strong case to be made. I don't have the time or energy to write a full dissertation on the topic, but I know what I see and what I have seen. I get it that 2012 was a very good team, and I completely understand the case for them being the GOAT. Maybe we can say it's a tie until next year's NCAA tournament wins. By the way, Jordan or LeBron? I say it's M.J. See... I'm an expert.
  15. Especially thankful I get to watch the best ever USF men's basketball team play a few more games to (hopefully) set the new record for most wins in a season. I mean, USF hoops in April! Go Bulls!
  16. Any championship is awesome if you win it. Hell, I'm still happy about that old USF hoops Sunbelt conference championship. Oh, and winning that USF Ultimate Frisbee campus championship in 1993 still feels darn good too.
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