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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  1. Okay, which one of you TBP guys is getting a poster signed in this one?
  2. Found this in my Google Photos archive from August 2003 Fan Appreciation day. Jim was very gracious to all of us that day. He signed posters, shook hands, and talked some USF football. Those were the days...
  3. "Go Bulls?" vs. "Go Bulls!" is an ongoing theme in TBP. I'm with you though.
  4. My grandfather (born in 1928) used to say the basket should be raised to 12 feet and that dunking ruins the game. My father (born in 1947) still says the shot clock and three point line have ruined the game. Evolving rules are inevitable, just like old guys talking and arguing about how to make the game better. I like the new rules. Now if only they'd raise the hoop a couple of feet...
  5. Good way to look at it. USF recruits might also see us playing Bama as a positive.
  6. It is official according to this... https://www.bizjournals.com/tampabay/news/2019/05/06/usf-changes-logo-after-months-of-backlash.html
  7. www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/bostons-fenway-park-to-host-new-2020-college-football-bowl-game-between-acc-aac-teams/amp/ The CBS Sports version of this story is hoping for Miami vs USF for the inaugural game. Not sure if they are behind sarcastic, but I'd go to that game!
  8. My optimism for Bulls sports has never been higher. Of course that means (according to some on TBP) I will probably be sorely disappointed, and that's okay because to me that's the risk of being a fan (yeah, yeah, I know... somebody please "fix it for me" by adding "Bulls" in front of the word fan ). Just remember, in TBP (and I've been here a whole lot longer than my profile lets on), the meme will likely end up like this...
  9. I definitely had a Sunbelt conference championship T-Shirt. Championships of any kind are cool to commemorate. Especially when they only come around every 20 or 30 years.
  10. Nothing in the bookstore in campus as of yesterday.
  11. And we did it with a bunch of (non-one-and-done) underclassmen and a junior. Next year will be even better! Side Note: Please let this be the one thread that allows us to have high expectations without a bunch of "let's be realistic" downer talk.
  12. As soon as I watched the team play back in November and December and all season long. I've worn my faith and belief in the team and coaches on my sleeve here in TBP. These guys will remember their championship the rest of their lives. Hopefully, they will have even better memories to cherish over the next two or three seasons. I have faith that they absolutely will! Go Bulls!
  13. We will be in the NCAA tournament next year. Zero doubt in my mind.
  14. Need to hit shots. That would make the refs irrelevant. Love the best of 3 format, though. It has made me really really want to stomp DePaul in the second half and take home their nets.
  15. Loving the balance for the Bulls so far. DePaul doesn't look nearly as intense as last game. Hope they stay down and get frustrated.
  16. Honestly, I think that gym has trick rims or something. I mean that girl even hit one from half court at halftime, USF barely missed a free throw, Q was making threes like a splash brother, and we nearly scored 100. Too bad the trick stopped working there at the end for Brown and Lang. Friday!!!
  17. Fun. Terrifyingly. As usual. Looking forward to a great game on Friday!
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