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  1. I know, right? I was actually able to meet CJL in real life once.
  2. I wore mine to the game but didn't get to meet any TBP members.
  3. Just got home from Annapolis. The Navy fans were great as usual. I sat next to a gentleman from the Naval Academy Class of 1966. He was there with his grandson (about 4 years old) and family. I showed the grandson the Go Bulls hand sign, and we caught him doing it early in the game. I learned some cool stuff about the history and traditions of Navy football from the Grandpa, Popop (that's what his grandson called him). He even wished us good luck as they left the game right after the 3rd quarter. For a minute I thought some TBP kids were sitting behind me... They were actually a couple of young boys that were Navy fans. They were saying, "Man, their QB is terrible." And after the first two touchdowns the same boys were saying, "It's just too easy." I couldn't really say much back to them because, well, they were right about tonight's team at least. Glad I went to the game. Not happy with the results and USF's embarrassing effort and lack of ability today, but at least the Navy fans didn't make me feel bad about the crushing defeat. Bring on the ECU Pirates! No quarter!!
  4. It is grey and chilly in the stadium. Makes this game even more fun.
  5. I love that 89-90 team. They are likely the most "special" team in terms of USF hoops history. This current team, however, is the best USF men's basketball team I've witnessed in 30 years. I'll say the 89-90 team was like Bird and Magic for me, and this current team in MJ; both were amazing but only one greatest ever. Not a perfect analogy, I know, but close enough. Now, gotta go get ready for my drive up to Annapolis. Go Bulls!
  6. We all know who you are referring to, of course, but in case any unknowing Navy fans stumble across this thread, it's Central not USF.
  7. You have a lot of Bulls family out here thinking of you Mike. You better give a big ol' CJL headbutt to whatever has you in the hospital. Get well soon! Thoughts and prayers are with you.
  8. At least we're going to be able to say we got blown out by the 2020 National Champions.
  9. Us too. We live an hour and a half south of Annapolis and have family living in Greenville, so no hotel expense. Now if only I get to witness one or two wins in person, this train wreck of a football season will actually be one I'll remember fondly in the future.
  10. Well, since you mentioned optimism, I can't resist dusting off this classic...
  11. Wait. I thought you said it was for entertainment purposes only.
  12. Great observation. They definitely seemed more professional now that you mention it. Most ESPN guys we get seem like they are from the JV squad (probably because they are).
  13. In my mind we're 4-2. I'm looking at you GT replay cameras.
  14. I'll be there rocking my TBP polo. Hope to see lots of green and gold there!
  15. As ugly as this is, it is actually sort of fun to see a non-blowout Bulls game. Gotta get the W now!!
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