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  1. This is from my Dish Network app for today's game. Do they know something? The only thing missing is the "2.0".
  2. Gat-Rat Bull

    USF Brand Survey

    My additional comments were: "The new bull logo needs to become the old bull logo immediately. The new font makes me cringe. The entire new logo is the visual equivalent of fingernails on a chalk board."
  3. Gat-Rat Bull

    We will be back at the top..

    This thread makes me think of throwing food to a seagull.
  4. Gat-Rat Bull

    Look Who Showed Up to Talk to the Team

    Hope he brought his secret stuff.
  5. This guy used a simulation site that has this Saturday's game scenarios all over the place. I have no opinion on it other than thinking it was an interesting way of looking at both teams against each other. Pick your prediction from the list... https://www.downthedrive.com/platform/amp/2018/11/7/18069812/simulating-cincinnati-bearcats-vs-usf-bulls-michael-warren-desmond-ridder-blake-barnett
  6. Gat-Rat Bull

    CCS in Consideration for Maryland Job?

    Nope. This is what a Knight's hanky looks like.
  7. USF 42-24 Cronkrite Salomon 565
  8. USF gets a mention near the end of this guy's light-hearted video. (Spoiler Alert: It's related to 0-12 C.) FSU is also featured. https://www.theringer.com/video/2018/10/31/18048934/mastersports-with-rodger-sherman-sad-college-football-fans
  9. Gat-Rat Bull

    CCS in Consideration for Maryland Job?

    "That's what the minor leagues are there for." - ESPN
  10. Good one. You got me.
  11. Gat-Rat Bull

    Matt Baker's Worst Nightmare

    He wrote that tweet in his mind before the season started.