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  1. Used to coach my son @MDBull20 in AAU hoops in PG county a few years back. We were usually way overmatched. A lot of our tournaments were held in a facility that K.D. played at as a youth. Good players in that area for sure.
  2. I'll be paying out-of-$tate tuition for my rising USF freshman next year, so that alone should cover the extra cost for USF's seniors.
  3. I wonder what UCF's odds are? CBS Sports must have thought South Florida and UCF are the same school?
  4. CBS Sports AAC tournament odds. There seems to be a team missing, and it's not us for once.
  5. Yep. UConn travels well and has a lot of fans. Winning tends to cause that. Clearly, USF women will have a better chance of winning more games and conference championships without all that UConn dominance in the way. Maybe, just maybe that extra winning will generate even more fan interest and higher attendance from actual USF fans.
  6. UConn beat every AAC team (multiple times) for 7 years. Three of USF's losses were to UConn this season. It makes you wonder if a 22 win season (i.e. turn the 3 UConn losses into wins against lesser opponents) would put USF on the bubble. Not to mention USF would have had a realistic chance of winning the AAC tourny. I for one will not miss having 2 or 3 built-in losses every year with zero percent chance of winning the conference. Farewell UConn. Thanks for all the good times...
  7. That video is awesome!! So much better than the ESPN3 feed. Love that fan reaction. So glad my son @MDBull20 was in the house for me tonight. Go Bulls!
  8. Historical. Are we sure that wasn't CGI special effects? Unbelievable. Such a Rideau way to end it.
  9. In addition to this, I wish he'd play above the rim more often. He tends to want to finesse layups like he is 6'1" playing at the YMCA instead of a legit 7 foot D1 big guy. I love having Durr as a Bull. Don't get me wrong. I hope next year he really starts to realize just how long and tall he actually is. (Getting in better condition would help too.)
  10. Holy crap! That doesn't sound good. She's one of my favorite players. I hope she gets whatever help she needs to get well.
  11. I'd say there is somewhere between a 1% and 100% chance that USF wins the WNIT. Definitely not 0%. Predicting tournament winners is a fool's errand, though. I guess that's why they play the games.
  12. Watched on the American Athletic Conference Facebook feed (112 of us were viewing it by the end). The Bulls scored 31 points in the second quarter. Lots of love given to USF by the announcers. One of them predicted USF would win the WNIT this year despite losing Alvarez. That would be a nice way to finish the season for sure.
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