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  1. It helped that UCF has a pretty bad defense, but I was happy to see the ball moving and USF scoring TDs.
  2. Wait... I thought Twitter and @NewEnglandBull were our only beat writers?
  3. I was mearly pointing out that USF (and all first year coaches with programs in a rebuild) are impacted more than teams with established systems and coaching staffs.
  4. Teams and coaches with a year or more under their belts playing and practicing together should, in theory, be less impacted by Covid and a shortened off-season.
  5. I've enjoyed watching USF beat ECU in person 5 times in Greenville. I was starting to feel sorry for them. Not anymore.
  6. Gotta keep watching this season. Hard to take your eyes off a train wreck.
  7. Won't be long before they can repurpose UCF's old sign.
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