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  1. Pinzan is a star. This team has so many solid players, and they play so well as a team.
  2. The fact that she was so loud that she inspired other nearby USF fans to add "sucks!" after her obnoxious UCF chant. But I get your point.
  3. So fun to watch in person! ECU coaches were mad about something post-game. Maybe because we threw up that final shot? Anyway, scoreboard and Go Bulls! Now for the main event of this doubleheader. Hope the men get a W too.
  4. I'm in Tampa and wasn't about to miss a chance to see live Bulls games. I haven't even been to a live USF hoops game since the Dome renovations. My "family pod" of 4 will definitely be rocking on both the 2nd and the 6th.
  5. Seemed like the officials had no whistles. Normally, I'm good with that, but this Bulls team does not fit a "let 'em play" style of basketball. Not an excuse for the turnovers. It is a lot easier to play overly aggressive defense if you know you can get away with ticky-tack fouls though. Don't get me wrong. The lack of whistles went both ways, but no whistles definitely favored Memphis' style of play. Regardless, they have to be able to handle pressure regardless of the refs. Hope Collins and Yetna heal up fast. There are plenty of wins left for this team.
  6. I was *this* excited tonight! Will be in Tampa to drop off my second USF student for spring semester. Just got two sets of 4 tickets for the double header games. Ticketmaster has tickets still. Can't wait to see both teams in person for once. Go Bulls!
  7. I'm 50 years old. I was a 17 year old senior in high school the last time USF won in Cincinnati.
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