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  1. Gat-Rat Bull

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    You guys are making me feel guilty that I haven't paid my $15 cover charge yet. 🍻😂
  2. Gat-Rat Bull

    USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Lots of conversation being generated over at: http://www.coogfans.com/t/future-of-conference-realignment/12421/21
  3. Gat-Rat Bull

    USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    This is exactly why the P5 moniker is a joke. Regardless of how much extra $ the crappy "P5" schools get just from being in a conference, they simply don't move the needle.
  4. On March 25th both USF Club Basketball teams competed in the championship of the Swamp Shootout at UF. USF Men’s Club Basketball are your 2018 Swamp Shootout champions! With this victory, they have gained free entry into the NIRSA national tournament at the Ohio State University! USF Women’s Club Basketball did not win it all but played hard in the championship game against a tough Georgia Tech team. I wasn't there to watch. Just figured I'd share this cool news with the USF sports community. Go Bulls! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=986660128153107&id=395210627298063
  5. I cannot stand when kids do this. To me it makes them look like punks. Exaggerating a foul to get the refs' attention is okay, but it should at least be a natural-looking action. That head thing is nails on a chalkboard for me.
  6. Gat-Rat Bull

    Finally ....

    If you can't have an OCS, at least you can have an OCP! 🤘
  7. Gat-Rat Bull

    Truly hoped to never see OA again, but

    I guess when you suck, you also suck at cheating? 🤔
  8. Gat-Rat Bull


    Final ESPN Power Rankings (yes, we're in there). 🤘
  9. Gat-Rat Bull


    We are not a mid-major if you go by this... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mid-major Mid-major is a term used in American NCAA Division I college sports, especially men's basketball, to refer to athletic conferences that are not among the so-called "Power Five conferences" (the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac-12, and SEC), the American, the Atlantic 10, Mountain West and the Big East[1] the programs of which are sometimes referred to as "high majors" by comparison. The term "mid-major" was coined in 1977 by Jack Kvancz, head coach of Catholic University's men's basketball team.[2] Such a distinction is not officially acknowledged by the NCAA, nor does the NCAA use the terms "major" and "mid-major" to differentiate between Division I athletic conferences. It is considered offensive and derogatory by some fans and schools.
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  11. Gat-Rat Bull


    My point is that it is stupid to perpetuate the myth that somehow a crappy team is magically a major "power" program just because of their conference. Just do us a favor and keep that "mid-major" talk to a minimum. Just like a terrible nickname, the mid-major lable can stick if enough people (even *gag* USF fans) keep throwing it around. Why is that controversial on a USF fan board?
  12. Gat-Rat Bull

    USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Good point he made here: "Obviously with ESPN as the media partner for the College Football Playoff, I also just wanted to show how important the geography of central Florida is to ESPN's parent company (Disney)," Olszewski said.
  13. Gat-Rat Bull


    The mid-major label for USF football is an insult and simply is not accurate. Not every college football team in a so-called "P5" conference should be anointed as a "major" program just because they happen to be in the Big Whatever Conference. Conference affiliation is certainly not the sole criteria for determining the level of "major" to assign to a program, so can we please dispense with the generalization that USF is a mid-major football program solely because we are in a so-called "G5" conference. I submit that any FBS program in the top 25 is automatically a major program.