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  1. I was at the 2008 NC State game in Raleigh and the 2015 game at ECU, both had terrible downpours. Funny how rain games stand out in our memories, especially when we win.
  2. All of the above. Plus... Quentin Flowers leading us to back-to-back double digit wins seasons. Seeing USF at #2 just behind Ohio State.
  3. The OG game 1997. What a great feeling it was! 🤘 Mrs. GatRat Bull and I are moving back to Tampa in a few weeks after our 17+ year stint in Maryland, so I am REALLY looking forward to being able to attend every home game again. 🌴😎
  4. I sure hope so. The perception of "G5" being officially a lower tier than "P5" (or P6 if you prefer) is just stupid. Of course there are more "powerful" programs in certain conferences (always have been, even without giving them some special name like Power Five), but those same conferences also have mostly less-than-powerful programs/teams. I get that the money structure is different for certain conferences (and do not discount that distinction), but the whole idea of giving hierarchical names to D1 conferences (and us landing at the so-called lower level) is terrible for USF sports. It's like getting stuck with a really bad nickname that may or may not be an accurate description. I mean, whose nickname is "Gat Rat" for goodness sake. 😉🤘
  5. Maybe the NCAA should open up a new portal so that a school could sign up to switch conferences. 🤔🤘
  6. This team is such a bright spot for USF sports fans. I have loved watching their grit, teamwork, and winning attitude all season. I wasn't always a women's basketball fan, but for the past several years I have been all-in for USF women's hoops and will be for the rest of my days (win or lose). Go Bulls!🤘
  7. Pinzan is a star. This team has so many solid players, and they play so well as a team. 👀🤘
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