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    In Game Chat: USF vs Cincy

    From a Cincinnati 247 article that popped in to my Google news feed... Nothing we don't already know, but confirmation from our opponents followers is kinda nice. "COLOR ME IMPRESSED: Man. South Florida is a nightmare to play. I believe Brian Gregory should be awarded AAC Coach of the Year right now based on how he has turned that program around. LaQuincy Rideau? What a find by Gregory. Plucked him from Gardner Webb. Rideau, a fearless bowling ball, dominated UC, finishing with 26 points, 4 assists and 2 steals. Overall the Bulls have size, athleticism and guardplay. Don’t be surprised if they’re battling for an NCAA Tournament at-large bid next season." Link: https://247sports.com/college/cincinnati/Article/Cincinnati-Bearcats-Defeat-South-Florida-Bulls-82-74-127894875/Amp/
  2. Nope. I haven't missed a season since 1988.
  3. All we hear about in college sports these days is the "eye test" and my long-time USF basketball fan eyes respectfully disagree. These guys more than pass the eye test for me. You are right though, lots of teams to beat on the schedule before they earn the official title of best USF team ever. For me, though, they are the best in the past 30 years and I believe they will prove me right. We'll see...
  4. Best team in my 30 years as a Bulls fan. I'll just keep saying it, and they'll just keep proving it.
  5. Gat-Rat Bull

    USF vs Uconn - It’s Gameday Baby!!!!!

    The ebedded video has some quick player interviews. Any of you locals noticing any buzz building around Tampa for these Bulls yet? http://amp.fox13news.com/sports/usf-s-win-over-uconn-could-set-the-tone-for-remainder-of-season
  6. Gat-Rat Bull

    USF vs Uconn - It’s Gameday Baby!!!!!

    Fan = Fanatic = Crazy I say, the crazier Bulls fans get for this hoops team, the better. Go crazy Bull's fans! Go crazy!
  7. Gat-Rat Bull

    USF vs Uconn - It’s Gameday Baby!!!!!

    This team will be special this year! So many good lineup possibilities are available to Coach Gregory. They are big, strong, talented, and play with heart, effort, and energy. I've said it here before... This is the best USF men's basketball team (and probably the best head coach) I have witnessed in 30 years. No exaggeration. No green and gold goggles. Just calling it like I see it. Go Bulls!
  8. Gat-Rat Bull

    WBB on SEC Network vs LSU 4pm 12/30

    Louize Septa will help this season.
  9. Channel 408 on Dish if you have it. Go Bulls!
  10. Sort of matches the thread topic... https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2017/6/27/15711654/most-overrated-teams-ever-ap-preseason-poll Oh, and congrats to UM for being the 2018 winner... https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/12/28/18159487/miami-hurricanes-mark-richt-2018-overrated
  11. Gat-Rat Bull

    USF MBB Now Projected to Have 19 Wins!

    19 wins will not surprise me. I think this team is really really good. And it's not just because of a weak schedule so far. The coaching staff seem to be first class, and the depth of talent/size/athleticism of these players is 100% the best I've seen for USF in the 30 years that I've been following the team. Let's go Bulls!!
  12. Gat-Rat Bull

    Good luck against Marshall

    I think he called someone a ho, but I can't be sure.