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  1. But it just might be a lunatic you're looking for.
  2. I am so glad they accepted the invitation and paid the price to play. That comeback victory to get to 20 wins will go down as a memorable moment for USF men's basketball fans. Imagine no 25 point comeback, no Yetna double-double, no 31 points 7 steals will-us-to-victory DC performance, no reason for Coach Gregory to get choked up after the game, no baby hooks and free throws from Durr, no opportunity for some legit team building that will only make the team stronger next year, no chance to build confidence for the future, no game next Monday to keep this team playing and getting better. I'm loving that the program went all in for this "lowly" tournament because it already has helped raise the team up. Get ready for launch next season fellas! This team is about to give us even more great moments! Go Bulls!!
  3. At what point does the re-seeding happen? The brackets say after the quarter finals I think.
  4. I never doubted they'd come back and win. Of course, that is easy to claim when that's how I feel about every USF game. Simply amazing how this team consistently plays so flat and sloppy and then grits it out all the way to the end of the game (win or lose). 20 wins feels so nice. Hoping this game lights a fire in these guys that keeps on burning all the way into next season and beyond. What an amazing time to be a USF basketball fan...
  5. "More basketball is better than less basketball." - GatRat Bull
  6. I was sort of excited when Orlando was first hired. Boy was I wrong. Watching Coach Gregory's first two years vs Coach Antigua's time at USF really is a perfect case study on how important it is to hire the right college head coach. So happy we landed Gregory. https://watchstadium.com/news/the-10-worst-college-basketball-coaching-hires-this-decade-03-07-2019/amp/ T10. Orlando Antigua, USF – Mark Harlan, who is now the AD at Utah, hired the former Kentucky and Pittsburgh assistant to replace Stan Heath. The Antigua tenure lasted a little more than two years due to poor on-court performance and also NCAA violations from his brother – who was on his staff.
  7. This team is literally a missed shot away at the end of 4 or 5 games from everybody talking about a potential bye in the AAC tournament; we'd already have 22 wins; and NIT would seem beneath us. I guess we'll just have to wait and see about that NIT bid this season. I'm thinking win 20 games and we are in.
  8. I wish the current USF students and the Tampa community knew what they are missing. This team is literally a few shots away from having a 23-4 record (Citadel, 2 Temple games, Tulsa, Georgetown) in a really decent conference. I for one don't think this team is better than they are. I think they are exactly as good as they are, which is pretty darn good. Too bad more local fans, students, and alumni are missing out. Hopefully the Dome will start to fill up in the next couple of seasons!
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