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  1. Hey can Tampa Bayron shoot FTs? looks like maybe not
  2. Thanks for info about Tampa Bayron. i agree that we may be building a team that can play around the exceptional speed of Murphy and Trey Moss. No disrespect intended towards the excellent players that transfered out, but i don't think we're gonna miss them that much. People have underestimated USFMBB's coaching staff, they were prepared for major turnover, and i think USFMBB will benefit from it. Count on tremendous leadership from transfer Greene to trickle down. I got my front row seats again, and i'm ready!
  3. how were our incoming transfers rated?
  4. this news is shocking, i have a hard time believing it. Doesn't fit at all with what i know about Coach Herrion.
  5. I think Caleb Murphy is listed as a PG. I think incoming recruit Trey Moss is listed as a PG. X was listed as a PG. Is it possible they knew X wasn't gonna play much? Could that be a factor in X's decision to transfer? X had a good year though, I'm surprised as everyone else.
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