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  1. Mr. Shaw, I am impressed with the Mott the Hoople reference. Let hear some "All the Young Dudes" .
  2. Coming from a Bruins fan, Take it home, Lightening!
  3. Doesn't bode well for this next game. No time in the pocket for QB. Quick passes and will need to utilize a blocking tight end.
  4. It can only help in the recruiting process . Grab some kids so may have been overlooked by these programs.
  5. Congratulations! Hope all are in good health.
  6. What name would you use "Ratdog School of Music"?
  7. Had an impressive offensive line to run behind. 3 have committed to power 5 schools. Still impressive. Has good size.
  8. Tough competition for him, including Harvard. Never under estimate an Ivy league team. Harvard been doing ok recruiting football this year.
  9. Bruins,nasty? This isn't the Don Cherry 's team of the past. Now they were nasty. Kick arse then take names. Except for ownership, player as classy (except Marchand). They do a lot of charity events. Unfortunately, the window is closing on them also. It may be now or never with this make up of the team. Wouldn't worry about Red Sox, starting pitching is horrendous. Wins will be from the bats (less Betts). Thank goodness it only 60 games this year. Will say tho Rangers are trending up. Lindquist might be a expensive back up. Don't the blueshirts have 2 good young goa
  10. Maybe he can bring a bit of hockey attitude with his height.
  11. Another tall receiver. Good for red zone. Might be a "sleeper".
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