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  1. Thanks, would like to have seen a Bull win though. Also would like to defer the prize to the 2nd place person or anyone who would have use for it. No flagpole to run it up on. Thanks again though.
  2. Probably both. Wish he had a little more size to him though. Going to need to learn how to avoid getting lit up or else a talented player with injury issues.
  3. They need to start on this IPF also. Show the commitment to these kids. Define well on the 2023 recruiting, most I see are 4/5 star kids that will be scooped up by P5 programs. Wins are important but that schedule is a killer, may have only 1 win in first 5 games. Hope I am wrong. Wonder what the recruiting budget is? Wasn't Georgia's like $30 million a few years back. That's what being in the SEC gets ya. $$$$$$$.
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