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USF Football Attendance: is it really about an OCS?

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I think it has so much to do with (1) who we play and  (2) if we play against good teams an win.

We need to continue to schedule better and better out of conference teams.


Largest Crowd at Raymond James Stadiums
1. 67,012West Virginia9/28/2007
2. 66,469Miami11/28/2009
3. 65,948UCF10/13/2007
4. 63,976Cincinnati10/15/2009
5. 58,755Kansas9/12/2008
6. 57,379Cincinnati11/3/2007
7. 57,288Louisville11/17/2007
8. 51,384Syracuse10/18/2008
9. 50,307Pittsburgh10/2/2008
10. 49,388Louisville11/21/2009
11. 48,058UT-Martin8/30/2008
12. 47,216Rutgers11/15/2008
13. 45,274West Virginia12/3/2005
14. 45,139UCF9/17/2005
15. 43,844Pittsburgh11/20/2010
16. 43,122Florida A&M9/10/2005
17. 42,422UConn10/23/2008

Here's Voodoofive.com's compiled numbers.

verage TSA Actual Attendance Average USF Announced Attendance % of Actual vs. Announced
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We have good out of conference teams scheduled.  That isn't the problem.  The attendance issue is 90% due to losing and the 5 year bowl drought.  Tampa fans are serious bandwagon fans.  Win and they will come.  There is always a lag though.  You won't see attendance spike until next year, when our averages should go up at least 10 thousand, especially with FSU at home.

Look at UCF.  They were saying what a great fan base they have, and how they're better than USF.  Then, what happens when the losing begins.  An empty Bright House networks stadium.  They may have announced 23-24K at some games, but a couple games I watched, there weren't more than 10K actual bodies in the stands and that's being VERY generous.  A sea of metal bleachers with a smattering of fans.

Sustained winning solves most attendance issues (not a one year uptick but sustained).   

And by the way, the teams we are playing now are every bit as good as the ones we played in the Big East.  Houston, Memphis, and Navy would demolish most of the old BE teams.  When was the last time the Big East had 4 teams ranked at the same time like we did this year.  Currently there are FIVE AAC teams either ranked or receiving votes, including USF.  

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it's like a cross between the Easter bunny, Santa Claus, and Optimus Prime. But that's only what I've heard

Yeah?  Well, I heard that it's a cross between Winn-Dixie (unacceptable from the jump), CiCi's Pizza and Home Depot.  So I'm not sure who to believe. I can't just go off of rumors.  I need facts, man.  FACTS.  


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