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  1. Hey Brad, some fair points were made well after I posted that. Check out puc's (surprise!) and Trip's responses after my post that you quoted for more info. Thanks very much!
  2. He's been at this for longer than you realize.
  3. Just came here to see what the latest board position on UCF mentions was.
  4. GaUSFBull

    ECU Game: Not a gimme

    Lol, two years and a whole new coaching staff later and they are still mad about that? Just because Q was still passing in the final seconds? That's too lame for words.
  5. Screw both you guys. Message board posters know all.
  6. I agree but those old arguments have been consistent since 2013 or so and haven't gotten us anywhere. We'll see how it plays out in the next 5-6 years but clearly the P5 powers-that-be feel we are missing something.
  7. Not going to post too much on this because it been covered ad nauseum on this board, but it is all about the TV ratings. Remember what one of the top games of 2017 was. Funny you think that even in a hypothetical situation that USF would ever be considered on their own, especially considering our attendance, if UCF was a bad team.
  8. It's circled not in order to save fledgling attendance, but because MOST rational people agree that we would have to be a package deal to get out of this conference. This is why I find hilarious that you cry so much about the state of this conference, but you also are in favor of UCF losing every game even though a strong USF and UCF together are what is likely needed to either become a true P6 or get out of this conference - one of these days. Your stances are contradictory in this case, and the funny thing is you don't seem to see it, and you seem like a bright guy. You just can't live in a fantasy world and have it both ways. I hate UCF as much as the next Bull but I also live in reality.
  9. You would be correct! So an even better reason to forgo the series!
  10. No good unless PJ Fleck was coach. I like the decision. Now let's get a good series against a P5. I recommend Georgia.
  11. GaUSFBull

    ECU Game: Not a gimme

    We are young but we have battled through adversity on the field the last two weeks and come out on top. Those are huge confidence-builders for a young team. Hope we can keep it up. I trust CCS and the team to keep things pointed in the right direction.
  12. GaUSFBull

    ECU Game: Not a gimme

    Don't know specifically what he was saying to Mazzi but he was NOT happy with that overall game at all.
  13. GaUSFBull

    ECU Game: Not a gimme

    UNC is probably the biggest dumpster fire of any P5 school this year. No surprise on that score above. With this game being in Tampa, and the way CCS looked like he was going to rip some ass after after the Illinois game, I'm not terribly worried. And I normally get nervous about the Bulls games.
  14. GaUSFBull


    I get what you mean, but last year's training camp, all of the QBs looked pretty bad in practice. This year through only two weeks ... yeah. So I believe it does mean something ...