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  1. But did she have much back?
  2. Casey Phillips and Scott Smith of the Bucs do a great job of in-house reporting on the Bucs.
  3. GaUSFBull

    free throws

    That's what she said too.
  4. GaUSFBull

    free throws

    That's what she said.
  5. GaUSFBull

    Why some ucf fans are scumbags....

    Chapelbull vs brybull The monkey humping a doorknob bit was especially funny.
  6. Are you one of those guys I see that is on the phone with the wife one or two times getting her to help you through the options of what to get? Don't worry, I am too.
  7. I know this belongs on the State of Florida or American board, but since it's the offseason, thought we'd get a conversation started: https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/college/article223360920.html This would really suck for us. Mods, feel free to move if it absolutely has to.
  8. GaUSFBull

    The elephant in the room

    That certainly has worked for Bull94 for a very long time, so I endorse this.
  9. GaUSFBull

    The elephant in the room

    This thread was pretty great. I knew from the OP that it would trigger Bull94. Always great to see him septuple and octuple down on a point, but clearly weed is more precious to him than Bulls football.
  10. GaUSFBull

    The elephant in the room

    What is this gootball you speak of?
  11. Maybe sometimes, but most of the time it's you impersonating a guy named Richard.
  12. @Bausfkid with his superiority complex just couldn't resist.
  13. GaUSFBull

    I miss Sterlin Gilbert

    No, he's the Georgia coach.