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  1. GaUSFBull

    BJ Daniels

    I wonder if I'm know that I am going crazy, does that mean I am not insane?
  2. GaUSFBull

    BJ Daniels

    I wonder how much more wondering we'll do ...
  3. GaUSFBull

    BJ Daniels

    I wonder how many total threads in the lifetime of The Bullspen have been simply named "BJ Daniels." I'm sure I could find the answer myself, but I'll leave this as a rhetorical question.
  4. It's pretty much criminal that only one SB title came out of that defense. Kind of like the Atlanta Braves with Bobby Cox and the pitching staff they had for years.
  5. GaUSFBull

    Lightning Tickets for Mon 4/30

    Thread title much?
  6. GaUSFBull

    Lightning Tickets for Mon 4/30

    At this rate, there may not be a Lightning game on 04/30.
  7. If he liked cinnamon, he'd be the exact opposite of a tiger.
  8. A new stadium not helping with attendance? I swear I've read on this very site an assertion that the exact opposite is true.
  9. GaUSFBull

    Russian Machine Never Breaks...

    Definitely looking that way. These don't look like the Caps who struggled to get out of the Blue Jackets and Pens series ...
  10. EXACTLY. Watch film of Greg Maddux when he pitched. He won multiple Gold Gloves as a pitcher because he did this very thing.
  11. Also THIS Russian ... hope he has a better series. I predict he will.
  12. GaUSFBull

    For Bourbon Folks

    If I were you, I would stop mixing the two and drinking it immediately!
  13. GaUSFBull

    BJ Daniels still has it at QB

    Holy crap, that was a bullet. Nice throw, BJ.