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  1. GaUSFBull


    Man, wish this could be on a Saturday since I'll be down in Bradenton Thursday-Saturday before - I'd extend the trip if it was ... but good that the tradition continues. Well done, Mutt!
  2. I didn't read your whole post, but just wanted to point out that I merely said Grothe needs to be on there, and nothing I posted said anything about a preclusion for Tino being on it as well.
  3. I'll go ahead and say my point still stands, solely based on the games leading up to as well as including the 2007 WVU game. For a Tampa Bay team, I'm not sure that stadium has ever been that full since then. That was HUGE for Tampa Bay and without Grothe, that never comes close to happening.
  4. Agreed. Any discussion of a USF mount Rushmore that doesn't include Grothe is a non starter
  5. GaUSFBull

    QB Reportedly Suspended, Story Disputed

    I have almost the exact same dream, like I forgot to go to class and I'm failing.
  6. GaUSFBull

    Adidas Has Arrived at USF

    Or at least the shield with the Bull for @TripleB
  7. GaUSFBull

    Adidas Has Arrived at USF

    I hate cotton polos. Dri fit all the way. Hopefully there are some good clearance polos from UA still available.
  8. This was one of my favorite CWT phrases.
  9. GaUSFBull

    Quinton Flowers

    Here's hoping it's Jon Gruden/Bill Callahan-smart.
  10. GaUSFBull

    New AD Search

    You say I’m premature, I just call it ecstasy.
  11. GaUSFBull

    Critiquing Joey Knight

    I appreciate that. I also, apparently, need to stop being so predictable.
  12. GaUSFBull

    Critiquing Joey Knight

  13. GaUSFBull

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    Hard to argue with Dozer as usual ...
  14. GaUSFBull

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    Exactly this.