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  1. That's certainly true, but you're referencing one snippet of time. We purchased a home in 2007 here in GA, weathered the recession, and sold at a profit in 2013. We then purchased a short sale home for about what we got for the other one, renovated before moving in and 7 years later, we've got well over $100k in equity. Other investment vehicles are much more volatile. One of the best ways to build wealth is to move to a bigger house every 3-5 years, then you can probably sit on a pile of cash when you downsize later in life.
  2. Thanks for the reminder that I can live the rest of my life without ever reading TDS again and I will be content.
  3. Real estate is one of those things in life where, even if you might be stretching, you buy it. It's the best investment there is. Good for him for purchasing something big like that.
  4. You can tell it's the real smazza by the formatting of his posts. I'm glad he's back, his posts have been strong lately.
  5. It could legit be argued that puc is a CJL fan ahead of his allegiance to USF. Will I make a strong case for it? No ... but there's enough evidence to at least mention it.
  6. I didn't take you for a nihilist. That must be exhausting.
  7. Actually in that case I was talking about hypocrisy ... not one's general outlook.
  8. All true. Certain thick-headed people don't get it, or choose not to. *cough* puc *cough*
  9. Yeah those records really matter unless you're talking about in-conference records ... Those are no big deal.
  10. Publix spicy wings are quite literally the weakest spicy/hot wings EVER.
  11. Highest ranking ever. First top 50 ranking ever, and America's fastest rising university ... awesome news. https://www.usf.edu/news/2019/usf-enters-top-50-us-news-rankings-for-first-time.aspx
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