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  1. Who's got it better than us? Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive people!!
  2. Could have been LA Fitness, I could see a place like that doing a private opening in this situation.
  3. LOL - I'm not sure if you're serious, but if you are, this is incredibly naive. It's the nature of sports fandom to always want more. A few years of 8-5 would be fine but any coach that plateaus out at 8 wins is not long for their job for many years afterward. I mean, isn't that unofficially what got CJL run from USF?
  4. I just turned 40, too. I've got Florida ties and I have no buyout. I'm waiting on MK's call.
  5. Well, I think, it's a good thing to remember any time you're going through a hardship in life. Ya never know who is going through one.
  6. Agreed, I didn't say it well, but I was really speaking more to the point about why BJM was IC and KB was not, and how that doesn't really affect any consideration of KB as a candidate.
  7. I'll bet BJM got it on seniority with the team. KB is just as much a candidate for the job as anyone is.
  8. It was a plunger-worthy porcelain pounding.
  9. Yeah I definitely stretched the ol' belly that day.
  10. There's still football to be played in this season. No need to hurry, plus USF needs to know how Tagg's contract will be played out, and I'm sure they have their eyes on some candidates who are on teams still in the hunt. Buckle up, this may take a while.
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