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  1. Apologies, I'm reading the last few posts on this and reacting to some of the more sarcastic posts... Anything other than a... thank you, Dr Genshaft... Seems inappropriate. As a recent return poster, I may be misunderstanding our local memes / customs.
  2. Dr Genshaft is awesome. Not Betty Castor awesome; but if the lady wants to give $20MM to my University. I'll be damned if I question her motives. Good for her. Thank you, Dr Genshaft.
  3. I'm with you on that. If you're saying what I think you're saying... I was not aligned with the firing of CJL. And wish he was here coaching today. But I'm willing to give our current coaching staff a chance.
  4. You guys know I'm a CJL guy. Obviously. I'll hold back my opinions. CJS has won me over for now. His press conferences are fine; and I'm on board with Clemson pedigree being what we need. With that said, the man fired Shaun King. I'm side eyeing that a bit. Seems out of touch with Tampa Bay.
  5. What? I'm talking about a coach having three years to develop talent and show progress. Any indication. If we suck in three years - then he's the wrong choice. I'm on board with the family values coming through in instagram, the pedigree from a national championship team... Awesome. But if in three years we're still in rebuild mode. Goodbye.
  6. If this happens... This board is going to hate the CJL people.
  7. I did enjoy year 4. I was at the bowl game in Alabama where CCS was in attendance and cheered him on as well. Year 3 was okay. Man, I only want the best for my Bulls... Don't wave me off because I like a coaching candidate you don't think we need.
  8. Nah, you've seen me around. Hate to say that football was exciting before CWT, CCS, CSH... You know it, I know it... Nothing else to be said, really. Maybe the new coach will light a fire that this program desperately needs. I'm not interested at this point.
  9. The only reason there's excitement on this board is Jim Leavitt was mentioned as being hired. The guy who could take a group of football players and get them to play up to their competition. Time to go back to USF hibernation and knowing we don't have a chance against good teams on any given Saturday... Zzzz...
  10. Unfortunately, less and less USF (graduated 2003) since we've fallen off hard... No denying that. I'm now in the Midwest (Chicago) and also went to Northwestern (grad school) so I follow them. I also have ties to Purdue since I was born in Lafayette, IN. Not a lot of amazing football out of my three teams, but watching the Big10 is fun. Also going to admit that the Leavitt hype brought me back to this board. Was getting pretty excited... Looks like we're probably not hiring him so back to Big10 football for me.
  11. It's time to bring back Leavitt. I know this is a worn out trope, but I haven't been truly excited about the football team since Leavitt. We can probably afford him, and everyone associated with his firing has moved on - right?
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