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    UConn Info...

    Combined record for UConn opponents: 34-9. Our opponents: 15-23, the only winning record on that list being 4-2 Elon. I watched UConn-Boise this year, and the Huskies looked horrible. I don't think Charlie can possibly come up with a way to NOT blow this team out.
  2. USFBulls727

    Gilbert has to go

    I know. I think Elon & Illinois are the only opponents of our's above .500 right now, and that won't last in Illinois' case....
  3. USFBulls727

    Gilbert has to go

    So you're telling me that ECU, Umass, and Tulsa are sub-par?
  4. USFBulls727

    Bulls best 6-0 football team

    Couldn't agree more more with #1. These games are closer than they should be for the reasons you mentioned here, and I doubt this changes. UCF undoubtedly blows Tulsa and ECU out, and the talent level between us and UCF probably isn't all that different. Huge difference in coaching philosophy though...
  5. USFBulls727

    Fire Skip Ho.. *cough* CCS

    Not sure if the OP was sarcasm or not, but we do play down to the level of our opponent. Houston, for example, will force him to drop that slow paced, eat the clock and rest our defense approach, and kick it into another gear, as we saw with GT. We score when we need to, and we'll mostly likely have to do a whole lot of it to beat Houston
  6. USFBulls727


    UConn might be one of about 3 or 4 FBS teams that don't worry me in the least. They might rank in the 200-220 range if you were to combine the FBS & FCS...
  7. USFBulls727

    Gilbert has to go

    I get the feeling that Gilbert running the vanilla offense, and running it straight ahead so often is what Strong wants. This team can be explosive when it needs to...like vs. GT, or these late 4th quarter comebacks, but if the defense is holding up, we see the garbage, unimaginative offense. Charlie has been saying this since he got here. It might be that Gilbert has his hands tied... https://www.thedailystampede.com/2016/12/22/14051144/usf-football-charlie-strong-gulf-coast-offense-pace-slow-down
  8. USFBulls727

    Accept our identity

    This is a very good comparison...
  9. USFBulls727


    There are many reasons to be optimistic about next year. Barnett will have a full season under his belt with this offense. CronKrite returns (I think), a solid receiving corps return, and the young defense can only get better. It's the coaching that worries me. Strong seems to want to slow the offense down....and I think I remember him saying something to that affect when he got here last year...and it feels like he's doing to our offense what Taggart did to his offense in his first 1.5 years here. Somebody on another thread compared Strong's style to the Rope-a-dope, where we wear opponents down and squeak past them in the second half. It seems we can score quickly when we have to, but Strong is content to chew up clock, and beat teams like ECU and Tulsa on late 4th quarter touchdowns. This isn't my favorite style of football, but if he manages to deliver a Conference Championship, which is still on the table, I'll like it a lot more....
  10. USFBulls727


    Agree with the first two sentences, and I'm tempted to agree with the last one, but if I had a Nickel for every time I heard that, or thought that way myself, I'd have a ****load of Nickels...
  11. USFBulls727

    I was wrong and I apologize

    You may be right, but those were mostly designed runs. What was the point of that?
  12. USFBulls727


    This team is doing what the Hurricanes did last year with all the close wins. Glad we're 6-0 and still in the hunt, but uncomfortable with the fact that in most games, we are a play or two better than mediocre to bad teams...