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  1. I also thought it was a little fishy that they were National Champions a mere two years after going 0-12.
  2. USFBulls727

    2019 USF Football Schedule

    Yes. 41-15 loss. It was largely mistaken for a Globetrotters game
  3. USFBulls727

    2019 USF Football Schedule

    He did this at Texas, and had a top 10 recruiting class in 2015, and they went 6-7, 5-7, & 5-7 in his three years there, so this won't necessarily mean more wins. What needs to change is Charlie walking up to the podium for each and every post-game presser and informing everybody that the team wasn't prepared. On paper, this recruiting class is pretty typical for us. Our success hinges on Bell, and what he's able to do with the offense. The talent level probably won't be much different than it has been in recent years, Charlie is Charlie....it really comes down to what Bell is able to do IMO.
  4. USFBulls727

    2019 USF Football Schedule

    If they did, they might want to give us 3 losses for that Tulane game....
  5. USFBulls727

    Brett Kean found a new home

    Good luck to BK. Whoever takes over that 3rd String QB spot will have some big pants to fill.
  6. USFBulls727

    OT: reaction suggestion

    Just keep your fingers crossed that the powers that be don't revoke it for calling this forum "TPB" in your acceptance speech.... Where's my cookie?
  7. Not sure how much BB learned from Gilbert, if anything. He regressed as the season went on it seemed. No adjustments were made. That offense was a really dumbed down version of Briles offense that wasn't complicated, and had no plan B when things weren't working. BB rarely had time to go through his progressions, and seemed not to when he did have time. I'm still worried about the OL, but I have a strong feeling that Bell is 10 times the teacher that Gilbert was, and he may be able to get way more out of BB, who clearly has considerable talent.
  8. Sounds like there's enthusiasm when he speaks...not a guy who's just going through the motions. I would imagine that there will be a night & day difference in the morale among the team with him here, assuming we are winning a decent amount of games of course. Really nothing not to like so far.
  9. Yes, this exactly what I was talking about. I definitely like what I'm hearing from him. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like in action.
  10. I liked what he said about the 5 progression reads, and the check-downs. That's something that apparently wasn't taught under Gilbert, or something that they couldn't get BB to grasp. It seemed he would lock in on one receiver, and if that wasn't there, we were screwed it seemed.
  11. USFBulls727

    Transferring players

    My bad. I rarely look outside the USF Athletics Forum.
  12. USFBulls727

    Transferring players

    Probably already mentioned, but.... http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25769275/brandon-wimbush-transfer-notre-dame-fighting-irish-ucf-knights
  13. USFBulls727

    Transferring players

    I'm waiting to see if our OL can give BB all day to throw like Valdosta State did for their QB, because that appears to be a necessity in Bell's offense. If that unit has improved enough to make that happen, then we can probably put up great numbers. Hopefully KB is capable of adjusting the offense a little if the OL still sucks. He does throw screens, uses the middle of the field, and runs sweeps occasionally, so there's that. Sean Gleeson had a GCO element to his offense that certainly would have worked here, but I can't tell with Bell based on film I've seen. I really hope Bell is the answer, but I'll have to see that offense in action before I can say I'm thrilled with the hire.
  14. USFBulls727

    Transferring players

    I asked because I have no idea. I didn't even know he was coaching until about a month ago, and I'm not trying to be negative. I have no idea what his offense will look like here. Might be great, might look like Gilbert's. Just not sure why this is a home-run hire when I hadn't even heard his name since around the time of the nut spike.
  15. USFBulls727

    Transferring players

    Sorry for changing the subject, but I thought this same thing regarding the excitement around the Kerwin Bell hire. Were there any other FBS teams interested in him? Seemed most were down on Charlie and his staff, now Kerwin arrives and we have donors throwing money into our IPF simply because Kerwin graced us with his presence. You'd think we just landed Dabo Swinney. I guess some of that excitement is just having someone other than Gilbert running the offense