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  1. Agreed. Was having Holtz flashbacks when that decision was made.
  2. Florida sticking with Jones at QB over Richardson as long as they did wasn't all that brilliant either. It felt like the score could have been a lot worse for us if they stuck with Richardson. Whatever the case, I think we have the talent to do well in conference play.
  3. Agreed with you 100%. I believe this offense will be quite good once we settle on a QB (McClain), and are going against defenses that maybe aren't quite as stout as we faced today. Saw flashes vs. NC State, and saw more today. There is talent and a lot of fight in this team. Florida & NC State is a rough way to start the season with 40 new players on the roster. I would put the "Fire Jeff Scott" crap on hold for now.
  4. 3rd down inside the 5, and they snap it over McClain's head for a big loss. A perfect microcosm of USF football in recent years.
  5. Feels a little weird saying this, being that we've been outscored 80-3 so far this season, but the offense has shown flashes of competence, and may end up being decent this season. There is clearly some talent at WR and RB, just in way over our heads today, which I thought we all knew coming into today. We'll see what happens starting next with FAMU. I must say though, this looks a little more like a Globetrotter's game than I thought it would. Some of the TDs given up were just way too easy....
  6. Watching Wisconsin-Penn State. I normally don't pay attention to things like this, but I can't help but notice that Wisconsin seems to consistently be the whitest team in the FBS. Is that just my imagination, and if not, why would that be the case with them?
  7. Good point, but I doubt any of the former Big East programs are bleeding money though...
  8. Yep. I believe we were being shut out in that one before before bringing Mike White in to save the game .
  9. Absolutely. Will be interesting to see who gets the nod next week at QB. I think either guy could be good in this offense, but I love the possibilities with McClain in there.
  10. Coastal Carolina crossed my mind too. West Florida as well. They won a Division 2 National Championship in their second or third year in existence I believe, if you're talking about ANY College Football team, regardless of division...
  11. That crossed my mind as well. I read an article leading up to gameday mentioning what a well-oiled machine the offense was in practice with Fortin, but they seem to write similar hype pieces every year leading up to game 1 (along with the amazing change of culture by whatever coach is in place). I'm not ready to write him off quite yet though. Could have been jitters. We're just one game in. Still a long way to go.
  12. Frustrating for sure, but I haven't lost interest yet. We were never going to win this game....I think most here knew we would be overmatched against what might be a very good NC State team coming into this....but we had several opportunities to at least make it look a little better on the scoreboard. I didn't think the design of the offense was bad, just had too many misfires by both QBs tonight, including a couple of deep balls that might have gone for TDs. Also had McClain just seemingly panic and make a couple of bad throws in the red zone, but there's clearly a ton of potential there. I still like the potential of the WR corps, and can see the possibility of one of these QBs settling down and being effective in this offense. This doesn't feel as hopeless as our 2019 opener against Wisky, where there was ZERO signs of that offense being any good. We WILL get smashed by Florida in another game in which we will be badly overmatched, but at least wait until conference play before deciding whether there's been any improvement or not. We knew coming in that we weren't there yet. Many predicted 1-3 through four games. Too early to be calling for Scott's head.
  13. I was hoping we wouldn't suffer a 49 point blowout like we did against Wisky, and BAM!! Jeff Scott and company delivered.
  14. The phrase "culture change" almost makes me nervous anymore when it comes to USF football. I'm reminded of Charlie coming in and changing the culture by kicking a dozen players off the team, banning earrings, basically creating misery and sending the program into a nosedive. Also found this thread about Skip coming in and changing the culture here. We all know how that turned out....
  15. I used to get a kick out of Taggart doing things like having the offense throw a deep ball to the end zone with a 16 point lead on the last play of the 4th qtr vs. ECU. He did something similar vs. UCF as well. Used to totally piss off the other team. I'm certainly glad that Willie passed through here. He brought us Mack, Adams, Q, DJ, and I believe McCants as well (or was that Holtz?), among others, and eventually delivered the best offense we've had. The one glaring mistake he made, IMO anyway, was sticking an inexperienced Raymond Woodie in at DC in 2016. That might have been the difference in us winning or not winning the conference that year.
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