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  1. GT was a little better than us last year IMO, but other than that, I agree
  2. I watched video of Valdosta St. vs. Ferris State, and a lot of the passing plays in Kerwin's playbook took time to develop, and is why the OL, which sucked last year, is especially a concern. I'm sure he has other things in the playbook to compensate for a potentially bad OL though, and I'm getting the feeling that we'll be fine there.
  3. Don't be so sure. I can think of at least two members of TBP who are capable of coming to that conclusion....
  4. Had to search this. Never really watched this show, but this is great. His reminiscing sounds really familiar
  5. Does this go on with every team's blog? If we visit SMU's message board, are we gonna see "We had the Pony Express. What are we messin' around with the AAC for?" Sounds like Napoleon Dynamite's uncle clinging to his glory days in here. Seriously, I hope there's at least a smidgeon of joking going on...
  6. First you said: "No one has said we're "too good" for them. " Then you said: "the vision was ALWAYS to be at the highest level, to beat the best. it was never to make a rival out of those assclowns." Sounds like you're trying to wish into existence that we're above them. This discussion keeps leading back to the good ol' days, and our mastery of them back then. I could see trying to move on to better things when we were in the Big East, and they were CUSA. That's long gone, and we are the most obvious, natural rivals of any two teams in our conference. Who do you think our rival is today?
  7. Exactly. I don't know his reasoning for not seeing them as a rival exactly, but hopefully it's not because he thinks we're above them. Anyone who thinks that truly hasn't moved on from 2007 and that 64-12 game. Any post stating that we're too good for them at this point has to be hilarious to their fans. My concern is that they eventually get a P5 invite and we don't.
  8. It's the reason we're currently way too good for the AAC
  9. Man, I tried to thumbs up this, but have exceeded my limit for the day. This **** is hilarious.
  10. Also, what would be the best possible outcome for us in 2019 WITHOUT an AAC title? Don't we have to win our conference to be considered for an NY6 bowl? What's the alternative? I can't believe there is even a need to debate this.....
  11. Now that I think of it, that GT win last year did us worlds of good. It didn't matter that we were humiliated by Tulane while UCF went on to win another AAC title, leading to another NY6 bowl. The 5 game losing streak to end the regular season meant nothing, because we beat GT and Illinois, and that's what people will remember. You better believe that the P5 aficionados took notice. We were the toast of the G5 last year.
  12. I'm guessing that the "we don't care about AAC Championships" folks see the AAC as not being worthy of us? If this is the case, the unjustified arrogance here is comical. If we were a "must have" program for any P5 conference, then believe me, that's where we would be. Just curious, for those who aren't interested in winning the AAC, what exactly would you like us to achieve this season that is within our control?
  13. Pretty mind blowing that they wouldn't care about this. I wonder what exactly they do want this year. I guess the attitude is that we're too good for this crap conference. We don't care if we win this thing, we're just waiting for our inevitable P5 invite. We'll just go ahead and let UCF continuously win this garbage conference championship. We're above this, even though we can't come close to winning it...
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