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  1. Except their over/under for the USF-GT game being at 61 points. That was obviously unlikely, and the point total would up being less than half of that. They were pretty accurate on the point spread though.
  2. The game at Cincy will be very interesting. Whoever wins that probably wins the East. C may have taken a step back, but they're still good by AAC standards.
  3. If Skip was at FSU and had that kind of spotlight, they would be posting every time he lost. He's under the radar at La Tech. Nobody cares. I saw a couple of "Fire Huepel" posts on UCF's message board. He's 15-2 there and has been living in the Top25. Not crazy about the racism implication if somebody criticizes Taggart or Strong.
  4. Had to verify this. I didn't realize that was the case. 48-31 back in 2016 under Coach Taggart.
  5. I doubt "we" will dethrone them, but somebody might this season. That's their first regular season loss in quite some time. Might want to hold off on writing them off so soon...
  6. Stats on ESPN showing the TCU QB is 1-10 with 22 yards. Is this a typo?
  7. They didn't hesitate to run Skip out of town after his third season. The team steadily declined under his watch, more or less everyone wanted him gone, and he was canned. Skip was a white guy last I checked. Should come as no surprise that people are down on Charlie after losing eight straight. Race has nothing to do with this.
  8. We'll have to agree to disagree on that one. Ugly uniform or not, they have looked pretty good so far this year.
  9. ...and Charlie is still here and being given the opportunity. We'll see what he does with it. Hopefully it works out.
  10. Tulane needs to seriously think about a complete uniform makeover though. Looks like something out of the World League (remember the Orlando Thunder?).
  11. Tulane had 3 wins in each of the two seasons before Fritz got there. He inherited crap. Charlie walked in to a better situation. Tulane has steadily moved in one direction, we've steadily moved in the other. I'm not on the "Fire Charlie" bandwagon just yet. I think he did what he could in the offseason to fix things here, but it's looking like it's going to take a little luck to reach .500 this season. Improvement in the Win column is what really matters. Fritz took an abysmal team and has them somewhat respectable right now.
  12. Not at all. They have improved each year since their HC Fritz arrived, and that trend is continuing this year.
  13. What happened to Houston on Tulane's last score was worse than Houston's 4th & 24 against us.
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