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  1. Can't believe they're that high on the list. Their revenue & expenses are exactly the same to the dollar. We're bleeding $5 Million a year. How does that happen?
  2. GT and Cincy should have been wins for sure. We didn't play well enough to beat Temple, and never led, so that one is more debatable. While you may be right, this sounds like Holtz after his 5-7 season saying that we were 5 plays away from being 10-2. Skip did just enough to lose close games, but always pointed out that they "competed their tails off". I do feel like there's potential for Charlie to turn this around. It felt like we were going down the drain with Skip.
  3. I agree with this, although many of us on this board accused this staff/team of quitting just last week.
  4. Found this.....we're at # 68, only 7 spots behind...….James Madison? https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/finances/
  5. I think that if the OL & QB play improves, we may have something next year...with this same staff. I won't get too involved with the "Fire Charlie" debate, because I understand why people want that, but under the circumstances, I'm OK with another year and think we might be close. Even though it's year three for Charlie, this is something of a rebuilding year. I would expect Bell's offense to be quite a bit better next year, especially if we get an upgrade when Atterbury & Norman graduate.
  6. ...yet remains our starter. How bad can Rygol be, or is our staff just making the wrong decision on who to play?
  7. Agreed. Just unfortunate tonight. I thought I was starting not to care much, but this was is sickening. Feel bad for Charlie and the team. Would have been the closest thing to a Signature Win for him. Sucks.
  8. Was hoping for the best of course, but had a feeling we'd find a way to give this thing away. Wonder how Michael Kelly sees this.
  9. We've looked like trash at times this year, but this wasn't one of those games. Really had a win within reach here against a ranked team. Offense looked competent, and the defense played well for long stretches. Still a loss, and that sucks, but by our standards this wasn't a bad performance.
  10. We care enough to be here posting about it, but yes, the casual fans in Tampa can't possibly be that interested at this point.
  11. I'm guessing there are many here that knew we'd find a way to lose, even when it was looking good early
  12. GAUSFBull pointed out that Strong was 0-4 vs. ranked teams. You asked if Willie was any better. My answer: Yes. Willie won two, so as of now, Willie has done better no matter his overall record. Beating a ranked team is something Willie has accomplished. Charlie hasn't yet (here anyway). If Charlie manages to get that done during his tenure here, then there's a debate to be had. Right now there really isn't IMO, so I'll let you continue, which I'm sure you will...
  13. He beat 2 ranked teams, Charlie has yet to accomplish that. Taggart's winning percentage against ranked teams, whatever it is, is above .000
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