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  1. Casey Phillips and Scott Smith of the Bucs do a great job of in-house reporting on the Bucs.
  2. Chapelbull vs brybull The monkey humping a doorknob bit was especially funny.
  3. Are you one of those guys I see that is on the phone with the wife one or two times getting her to help you through the options of what to get? Don't worry, I am too.
  4. I know this belongs on the State of Florida or American board, but since it's the offseason, thought we'd get a conversation started: https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/college/article223360920.html This would really suck for us. Mods, feel free to move if it absolutely has to.
  5. That certainly has worked for Bull94 for a very long time, so I endorse this.
  6. This thread was pretty great. I knew from the OP that it would trigger Bull94. Always great to see him septuple and octuple down on a point, but clearly weed is more precious to him than Bulls football.
  7. More creativity on offense tonight than we ever saw from Gilbert. Even though we lost, bye Gilbert. I'll take my chances with Burke.
  8. ^^^Wonder if that means they alternate Kean and Oladokun every quarter. Would make sense, seeing how well that's worked this season. Also waiting for O to break out his QF speed any time now.
  9. Marshall #5 in sacks USF near the bottom in sacks allowed If Barnett plays, he will definitely need to get the ball out quickly, and he hasn't done that very well, so hopefully Burke will call some draws and counters along with the vaunted halfback dive. Definitely need to take the ball out of Blake's hands as much as possible. Could be a long night for the Bulls if we cant get Cronk and Ford going.
  10. As a Lakeland native, I would have to respectfully disagree.
  11. I would say a better comparison is Eagle Lake is the Temple Terrance and Winter Haven is the Brandon of Lakeland.
  12. Thomas Nance's high school is Lake Region. Eagle Lake (Winter Haven) is the name of the area he lives in.
  13. This. I usually have no problem with NEB's post but I clearly stated what the poop emoji will be used for just two small pages ago.
  14. Thanks for confirming the alternate ending I asserted isn't in the book, and the book is therefore dead on arrival.
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