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  1. I do too. The question is, will FSU give him the time to get there?
  2. The only thing that remains 5 star for BB is his measurables. That's it.
  3. One example is all I need to overcome your absolute assertion saying that "his career would have been over if he stayed at Alabama." However, I literally never said that Blake was as good as Brad Johnson. I'm not sure where you got that twisted up.
  4. At the end of the day, I don't really blame him either. He did what he thought was best for him. I would imagine, in hindsight, he might have done a few things differently, as developmentally he lacks more than a few skills that successful QBs have, but he's never given himself a chance to learn them because when he didn't get the job (edit: or lost the job), he left. I've just thought for a while now that he isn't the right fit for USF, and his presence on the field did USF absolutely no good if it was hindering someone else from getting PT. I'm happy for myself to say that I feel I've been proved correct with McCloud's rise but I do wish BB luck down the road. He could certainly earn a decent living on a scout team somewhere, I guess. But NFL defenses would eat him alive. Just being real about it.
  5. Um, yeah, that's literally not what I was saying at all. For the contextually challenged, let's just say he certainly could have stayed and developed under some of the best coaches in college football. His moving around was clearly to his detriment.
  6. Brad Johnson would probably disagree with you. He stayed at FSU behind Casey Weldon and did all right in the NFL later. For sure, he probably would have developed more if he had stayed in one spot.
  7. That confidence comes from knowing you're led by a player who can actually win a game for you. Let's hope we can do it against better competition in a couple weeks.
  8. Mike White balled out at WKU after he left here. Blake cut and run from two programs, lost 8 games in a row at USF and got his job ganked from him by a redshirt freshman. I'm sure he's a great guy, but I'm going on record as saying he has no shot in the NFL. He will be the next Nathan Peterman.
  9. Definitely a subculture, or cult following at best. I would certainly need to drink Jim Jones' Koolaid in order to wear one ...
  10. You da man. I missed the game the other night so I'll check out this version later. Much appreciated.
  11. I'm shocked that Bulls fans left due to the heat. It was hot but not nearly as humid as it would have been in Tampa.
  12. *in my best British accent from the movie Snatch* I ******* hate war flamingo The only good war flamingo.
  13. It absolutely mattered. At that point with 7 seconds you could still get maybe 2 plays there, also factoring in a potential defensive penalty leading to an untimed down. Agreed they should have spiked the ball but every second matters in that situation.
  14. Some time ticked off after the first down that shouldn't have. Crazy ending.
  15. One of these days I'll have to make it down there for Clean, Old Fashioned Hate.
  16. Courtesy is most definitely not common.
  17. Imagine it when the stadium is actually full. I've been there for Clemson & Florida State games and it's crazy, but it's fun. I'll bet Ray Jay had that feel in 2007 against WVU.
  18. Exactly. I love going to games at GT. You get a college town atmosphere in the middle of the big city. They do it right.
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