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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

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  1. I wish I was better informed to respond to this, but I am not.
  2. I mean, I would go, and so would everyone else that loves USF football.
  3. Those that care will come if we built it for 75mil (exaggeration, yes). Point being is that it is way past time to stop pandering to the “I want my special things” crowd and get those on campus that want to be here, plus the walkability for students. The fans will come no matter what, the others can pound sand.
  4. If we are looking at 250 mil, we are doing it wrong, we can agree on that. That dollar amount can be way, way lower.
  5. If one is looking for an ROI on the structure, then no, but that is not the investment potential. You can’t look at it as you would a real property investment, that is missing the point. The IPF, the Sun Dome, etc are not money makers, they are facilities investments. Football will always drive the bus and every year that goes by without us having an OCS is a missed opportunity. There are plenty of options that would work for us, P5 or not. We don’t need to build Rayjay on campus.
  6. Always so much confirmation bias going on in these threads. Made up facts about how awful owning an OCS is (save the one or two FCS articles please). If we had an OCS we would not be clamoring to get into Ray jay, we would be talking about how awesome it is to have our own place. Can’t think of one other college football fan base that would even suggest they would rather not own an OCS. The OCS discussion is always the same. Simply put, an OCS is an investment in the future fan base, brings people back to campus, builds the college tradition, etc. But some just refuse to see that.
  7. Personally, the problem is that folks fail to realize that our own CCG IS the big game we have to win. That game will be against the likes of c, Houston, Memphis, etc. if we don’t win that..... well, failed season. That should be our goal every year and the biggest game on the calendar.
  8. Not complicated, must win the games that matter; i.e., the conference championship and the NY6. No one cares about anything else because not accomplishing that means we lost to another AAC team when it mattered. We can schedule Ohio State, Bama, Clemson all in the same year, but if we can’t beat c, Houston, or Memphis when it matters no one will care.
  9. ...what year are we only going to have three home games? I am really okay with the Bama 2 for 1. Never thought I would see that happen, but hope we don't keep this up.
  10. Kinda, just confirms we will not have an OCS in the next four years at least.
  11. That being said, build the OCS and bring on the likes of Southern Mississippi and Appalachian State.
  12. I mean, we are a better draw than c. While I want an OCS, the fact that we play in 65k seat stadium allows us to schedule games like these. Visiting teams know that at a minimum it will be a 50/50 crowd. If we had our own 45k place there would barely be room for the visiting teams fans. No way would Bama travel to a stadium with only a 3-4K guaranteed allotment. I guess that it a silver lining in the OCS debate.
  13. Agree, scheduling and losing most of these games is worse than not scheduling them at all. The conference and access bowl is the only thing truly in reach. If we can’t get through Memphis, Houston, or c, it does not really matter.
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