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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  1. ...what year are we only going to have three home games? I am really okay with the Bama 2 for 1. Never thought I would see that happen, but hope we don't keep this up.
  2. Kinda, just confirms we will not have an OCS in the next four years at least.
  3. That being said, build the OCS and bring on the likes of Southern Mississippi and Appalachian State.
  4. I mean, we are a better draw than c. While I want an OCS, the fact that we play in 65k seat stadium allows us to schedule games like these. Visiting teams know that at a minimum it will be a 50/50 crowd. If we had our own 45k place there would barely be room for the visiting teams fans. No way would Bama travel to a stadium with only a 3-4K guaranteed allotment. I guess that it a silver lining in the OCS debate.
  5. Agree, scheduling and losing most of these games is worse than not scheduling them at all. The conference and access bowl is the only thing truly in reach. If we can’t get through Memphis, Houston, or c, it does not really matter.
  6. Would be an awful match up. Toledo usually runs high tempo and is very solid.
  7. When the expansion announcement comes, the time for “killing” will have well past. When exactly do you plan on starting?
  8. Good lord, we sound pathetic. Like losing a game and blaming the refs x1000 pathetic. Sugarcoat it however you like, they are bad people, took shortcuts, nobody likes them, blah blah blah. We would kill for that record and their success right about now. That is all that matters. The moral high horse some are taking when discussing the absolutely dirty business of college sports is laughable.
  9. Winning the AAC (most years) will give us the opportunity to play a high level P5 in a game that matters. That is what we need.. and to win those games.
  10. Pretty much the result of what happens when you waste an opportunity like we had with the BE. We had every opportunity to "Do Something" and separate ourselves, but we could never put it all together. Like it or not, c is now at the top of the G5 mountain and seem to have taken advantage of every opportunity presented.
  11. Same old conversation. c. florida has done just about everything right and the timing, which is really out of their control, has been perfect. They look like a program that is a number one pick for P5 conference looking to expand. I used to think it was just about winning, but that is over simplistic. It is about winning the right games, not the P5 games, but the CC games that lead to the access bowl games, that is what gets attention. No one really cares that G5 programs occasionally beat P5 programs, it happens every year. They have had a combination of good coaching hires that have utilized their talent to maximum efficiency. They sell out their stadium (yes the OCS is a big deal, always has been, always will be), fan support is off the charts, the city supports them, College Gameday going there was a gut punch. CCS was right, they are the blueprint. We can learn from them and hopefully do it better.
  12. A little late to the party, but this is the best decision we have made in the last three years.
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