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  1. I think your comment is off here. I hire people all of the time and University Perception is a thing. Most people have “heard” of a University based on athletics, i.e. does your university show up on ESPN? Unless you are attending an Ivy League or a very specific field where a university is known for a particular program of study, no hiring manager cares about the difference between academics of say USF or Florida. So yes, attending a university that has a positive athletic program is very marketable, especially if that program has a national following. It is smart to consider such things and quality athletics adds to the value of your degree, period.
  2. Feel like this post comes around every couple of years at a minimum.
  3. Sorry man, but I think your math is wrong, I believe Florida gets a cut as well as Rayjay, but I would really like to know what our true forecast is on what we will pocket from this game. Assuming we hit 50k I doubt it will be a sellout.
  4. Beating Florida will not do much... we have beaten plenty of name brands over the years and here we are. Sucks that everything goes back to what c is doing. I am just talking about us. It feels like the majority of the board simply forms this blind resistance to whatever c does, therefore we must form the opposite opinion. It’s not about them.
  5. Would rather keep or dignity. Personally, I would love to see the AAC take a unified stance against 2 for 1s and anything else that makes us look inferior.
  6. Well, that is one way to look at it. Florida teams see a benefit because they know they can fill that stadium up as if it was a home game. I for one do not view that as advantageous.
  7. Guess I am in the minority here. I don’t think taking an aweful deal that is referred to as “highway robbery” is a good thing. We will not be changing perception by simply playing Florida, even if we win. Florida is making out like bandits. They essentially are playing three home games and getting paid for it. Our admin allowing us to be bent over a barrel by the top tier P5 is not honorable, does not improve recruiting, etc. It is a small time mindset. I would absolutely rather play other P5 teams with home and homes vs. willingly admitting that we are second class and should take whatever the might P5 gives.
  8. I like the opportunities, but I will never agree that a two for one is good for us, no matter who the name is. Especially if we are not making a boat load of money.
  9. So I ran into this today while playing on the interwebs: https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-football/first-and-10-its-not-just-lsu-vs-ucf-its-the-sec-vs-ucf-with-reputations-at-stake/amp/ It's an SEC blog, relatively well written and we were mentioned. Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin said last week he’d play UCF if the Gators get two home games for the Knights’ one. White doesn’t want that, and says UCF has established itself to deserve a one-for-one deal. Realistically, if UCF hasn’t yet established itself to get those deals with the SEC, when will it? Florida recently agreed to a two-for-one with USF, and it might as well have been highway robbery. The Gators are paying $750,000 for two games in Gainesville (total, not each) and receiving $250,000 (and 12,000 tickets; about 4-6,000 above typical road games) for the game in Tampa. That’s a net of at least $1 million over the three seasons because guarantee games typically costing Power 5 schools at least $750,000. Here’s another reason Florida is playing at USF: the Bulls play in an off-campus, NFL stadium, and the 2023 USF home game will likely be at least half-full of Gators fans. I remember when we made this deal. I did not like it because I think two for ones are stupid but the chance to beat UF three times did have an appeal; however, I did not realize the deal was as lopsided as it appears. Also, figured this would also turn into a nice OCS thread!
  10. My only issue with this line of thinking is that it assumes that Gilbert would not have taken the Mcneese job had he had an outstanding year as OC?
  11. It will certainly be interesting to see how CCS plays this. I mean we could have a new permanent OC before the bowl.
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