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In our efforts to raise funds for USF Football, the site is giving away a football season full of ad-free surfing at The Bulls Pen.

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The Bulls Pen Ad-free Raffle in support of USF Football

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  1. So how do you define commuter school? Per the interwebs, we have roughly 18% of our (31k undergraduate) students living on campus. UF 22% of 35k, FSU 20% of 33k, Central Florida 18% of 56k, Miami, 39% of 10k - I have always found the whole “commuter school” bit to be an uninformed stance. We are on par with other state universities so that excuse can go back to the 90s.
  2. Thanks - that seems a pretty good bargain for what they have over there. So they can pretty much pay ALL of their athletic debt with just ticket revenue? That does not sound right.
  3. Would love a source on this - guy at the office constantly talks about all of c’s new sports related building projects. I am a believer in an OCS for reasons well outside of revenue and investment.
  4. Still think half these posts are created by undercover trolls.
  5. They were 0-12 (or whatever) when Scott Frost came to town. Of all the things to hate about c. florida, their leadership and vision is light years ahead of ours.
  6. Do they "have" to care? We are a stepping stone conference. They just need to come in, right the ship, and make us the most attractive non-upper P5 program around. We need to be able to attract talent. I am over caring about findng coaches who "care" about this program, we need results and hired guns to get us where we should be.
  7. I mean, I have some ideas, but if c. florida, SMU, and others can figure it out, I trust that those people are out there and our leadership is just inept at finding them.
  8. I actually wish I could be apathetic. I wish I did not care, I wish I did not know who, when, and where we were playing every week. The problem is that I am just mad and can't move to apathy. Further, if you are even posting here you are not apathetic, just mad. Apathetic people don't care enough to come here. Don't get that confused and try to mask anger with faux apathy.
  9. Love the nostalgic effect of CJL, but we need to mimik what has worked for other programs in our conference. Find a younger offensive minded coach, bring in an established DC, and use our athletes to score some points. That will work for us. Even in a loss, scoring lots of points is fun for a crowd.
  10. If that really is the case, he is not the future, and should not be the present.
  11. Maybe the McCloud experiment is over.... I had high hopes.
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