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  1. wow, surprised that c floridas club level is twice as much as ours.
  2. So true, but there is a also a bit of bad luck involved. I keep thinking if we had won that 2017 ucf game, which was entirely possible, how different would things be right now? Maybe a lot, maybe not at all.
  3. You have come a long way. I am proud of you.
  4. Who knows what the future holds. Maybe a whole new structure is created, but I tend to think that the "alliance" has no desire to consolidate the autonomy votes for the SEC to simply have more control. A weaker Big12 is still anti-SEC votes.
  5. Because the rest of the gang would have to change bylaws and take it away. That is unlikely to happen because a bad precedent would be set. The PAC 12 is not far in front of, or maybe not at all, the Big 12. Think about it like the complications involved with kicking a single team out of a conference. P5 is a thing created by, well, the P5.
  6. This - even while it may be the smallest sliver of hope for expansion in the coming years, there is no evidence that we will be in a different position than we are right now. We are trending sideways(because we are already at the bottom) Football wise this season is already looking like another disaster. I am sure we will learn more when conference play starts. The majority of the AAC is also a disaster so maybe we will rise to the top of the disaster heap. I get triggered about stadium talk. For years I have been making that point and the common retorts have always been something along the lines of that our fans expect a pro stadium atmosphere (which is a big problem for a team that needs to develop a college football culture) and the stadium must be xxx million because we can’t build something less expensive. We need a 35000 seat stadium that can expand to 50000 if need be. Build it out aluminum, hemp, plastic, whatever. Just get it on campus so everyone can actually go to USF for the games.
  7. Honestly, I have no idea anymore who in this place is an actual USF fan or a ucf fan.
  8. This well placed logic did not work for me when I wanted Alyssa Milano to be my wife in the late 1990s
  9. And they need to be vocal about, make football a priority, tell the world about our plans, have a freaking vision that is football focused. Football has been, is, and will continue to be the driver. If the admin can't grasp that, then keep pushing on to be the Harvard of the south. Make a financial investment into football's future and stop waiting for donors to step up.... build it and they will come. It baffles me that the admin could not see this years ago. When the roof was coming off the "new sombrero," that was the time to capitalize, and we did squat. Anyway, maybe this will be the time the admin decides to wake up, and get a freaking loan, pan handle on the streets, hire of bunch of day traders, put up a craig's list ad for some bitcoin hackers...... just DO SOMETHING!
  10. FAU/FIU are a lock, my bet is FAU. App State is a no brainer. Coastal.... don't know, very recent success which would be the only reason to add them. Perhaps Boise would come if the deal was sweet enough, but doubt it. La Tech, probably. Marshall, North Texas, UAB, plenty of options to bring in quality programs.
  11. It will be coming in hot all week: https://twitter.com/CAustinCox/status/1433903654369730564?s=20
  12. This, hopefully the CFP changes keep trending toward playoff expansion. We still have a future. BUT, we have to make football a priority. The teams left, Memphis, Navy, SMU, plus whoever they bring in are not exactly teams we have dominated. The newbies plus those listed above are already better programs than we are. It is not like we just missed the cut for Big 12 consideration.
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