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  1. Simply not impressed with GT. We should win this game going away.
  2. I know that is a popular opinion, but is the summer heat and humidity really that different in Tampa than Atlanta? I mean we are not playing a team from Northern Washington State.
  3. Scared or smart? I would not let horne touch the ball the rest of the game.
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    Gender neutral bull - it is all the rage these days.
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    I mean, its a full length bull.. it is bound to look similar to other full length bulls.... its what the animal looks like.
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    The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    It was a win and it was good to see the other QBs get reps. Our defense as a whole was concerning. But for the numerous tipped ints, the game would have been much closer than it should have been. But hey, this has become normal for our first game over the years. GT will provide the first real test and I am excited to see B.B. throw against an FBS opponent.
  7. Strong is limping, hope he can go next week.
  8. We were very fortunate with the tipped ball ints
  9. Okay - we need to stop dicking around now.
  10. Elon was smart to run that play so fast - we should have been on that