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  1. FAU is the absolute worst team to play next week. I hope the game is canceled. They will run through us like hot butter and losing to a lower conference in state opponent is the last thing we need. Marshall would probably take the opportunity, but they would also likely destroy us. Bring on Rice or Coastal... we have a shot against them.
  2. Its not that it is so much of a surprise, but it just gets old going through the "total rebuild" and " empty cupboard" talk every three years. And in between the same rhetoric, we still under perform. Just tired and frustrated.
  3. Saying "we are an academic school" is worse than saying "we are a basketball school." I guess this is where we are.
  4. Watching the GT game. I will never get used to how far we have fallen. We have fired everyone, there is no one left to blame but god.
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