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  1. ArmyBull

    ABC commentators remark on Heupel

    Gonna cause a riot around here with that kind of talk.
  2. ArmyBull

    I was glad CCS was hired

    100% agree, but my point is simply that winning will absolutely not fix our problems. We always point to the West Virginia game as a way of saying "hey look, we have awesome attendance when we win, so we just need to win and everything will be fine," but the days of riding our P5 attendance bumps are gone. I honestly do not know how attendance would look if we were playing for a shot at the CCG next week, but if last year was any indication, we would still probably be out numbered by central fl. fans.
  3. ArmyBull

    I was glad CCS was hired

    But it does not - being in a P5 and winning may cure everything. We have been over this. Despite the loses, we are in the midst of an incredible winning percentage in our program's history over the last several years We have been winning and attendance has pretty much sucked.
  4. ArmyBull

    I was glad CCS was hired

    I honestly knew it was a bad idea the minute I saw the TMZ style video of him at the airport wearing sandals with socks. It has really all been downhill since then.
  5. Seriously mods, can we not simply ban these accounts?
  6. ...and they are here now... out, burn the thread.
  7. ArmyBull

    Petrino is out ...

    CCS will have a number of opportunities this year.
  8. The conference that every single team wants out of. We are a pot of lobsters and only a few are going to make it out and I fear we are not looking like the best adds.
  9. Yup, should have started work on an IPF and OCS 10 years ago.... good thing we waited.
  10. No, it is 100% accurate - (1) It is really happening, (2) I do not know the answer to his other question, (3) I do not believe, that they have ever been to a G5 team's place.
  11. Its not hypothetical.... it is really happening. I do not know about your other question but I do not believe they have ever been to a G5 team's place, which in and of itself is a big deal.
  12. He is saying that College Game Day is actually going to be on c’s campus.... it is different. A three hour national brand and recruiting campaign.
  13. Anyone still laughing at thier natty/marketing campaign? This is not good for us. The only thing left for them to do is to get a P5 invite and we will be out is sight, we are already way back in their rearview mirror. We are a case study in blown potential.
  14. ArmyBull


    I think that is my point. We have been solid, but various conference mates simply seem to rotate being better than us every year.
  15. That's just what all of these threads are. Looking for people to blame, coaches, play calling, fan support, players. It is what it is. We have been a solid team for the past 5 years. We have an incredible win-loss percentage over that time. Bottom line is that we just can't get over the hump and into a conference championship game, that is really what this is all about. I certainly don't have any answers but I am just frustrated that we seem to end up in the same spot every year. Over the last five years, our conference mates seem to go through ebbs and flows with their lows being lower than ours but their highs being higher than ours. All that being said, I will still be hooked during every Spring and hopeful that our Bulls will finally win the conference. Frustrated rant over.