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  1. The Asiantii Woulard saga cured me of transfer hype.
  2. But is he going to build a wall around Tampa?
  3. Not sure what you are referring to by "So you're not on board with the hire", but yes, I do think the CCS era set the program back. I am simply referring to the OP's original post: At 7-0 last year, most people - pollsters, people not showing up to games and most importantly myself - knew that it was an illusion (see my post predicting we would lose 4 of our last 5 games). Agree with the above. Kelly then had to witness six straight losses validating the underlying mess hidden by a 7-0 start. By bringing Strong back for the 2019 season he is now culpable for the disaster that everyone has been set up for this season, and the likelihood that the program will now be set back for years. Agree with the above. Kelly is the AD. He owns the disaster or greatness of the coaches he hires or those he allows to stay employed. Kelly can schedule as many 2-for-1's he wants against P5 schools that look great in the headlines, but every game he allows the Charlie Strong disaster to continue, Kelly becomes more of the problem of what's wrong with USF football. Again, I agree. I hate the 2 for 1s and again, Kelly owns it, he is the decision maker (he is the problem causer and problem solver).... That all being said, he made the right move by letting CCS go. So what is the beef here? What part are people getting all hurt about and demanding apologies over?
  4. Yea, not really sure what the problem with the OPs post is. Like he said, better late than never. It was Kellys problem to deal with and he dealt with it, even with the secret buy out problems. What exactly does he have to apologize for? If Kelly would have kept Strong on another year it would have absolutely been on Kelly. So what?
  5. I always thought it was a shame that the poor bull had to run so far to the stadium. An OCS would fix this.
  6. We are now CWT’s best option. It is embarrassing, who else would take him at this point? This is the Strong blueprint all over again. I have to believe Kelly knows better.
  7. Anyone else being considered with his resume and it would be laughable, but hey, it’s CWT, so it’s all good... SMH.
  8. Resume: 10 years of head coaching experience. 0-1 in bowl games. (That’s right, present for 1 bowl game in 10 years and lost it). Overall record of 56-62. One season of 9 wins or more. Zero conference championships won. Zero conference championships played for. .... but yet, some are acting like CWT was our savior. I just don’t get it. We can do better.
  9. This x1000, people act like you must either be for him coming back or you hate his guts and always have. Build the statue and look to the future.
  10. Should I have said 3 games? C'mon man, straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel here. I am sure there is a thread, or 7, from 2015 that this was discussed in great detail.
  11. Dude, leave him and Trip alone, they remember things differently.
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