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  1. I had I hopes that this would turn into an OCS thread, disappointed.
  2. Still don’t get all the love for CWT. It’s like we have romanticized his time here. He was a few games away from Getting fired before he broke down and started QF. Without QF, CWT would likely been fired that year. QF made CWT, look at what is happening at FSU, the guy is the definition of “falling up.” further, he never won us even a division title nor a bowl game, if I recall.
  3. Good thing we had the heat and humidity on our side, Wisconsin might have scored 100 otherwise.
  4. Oddly enough, the score makes the game look closer than it is.
  5. We will continue to attract top ranked teams... Listen folks, there is a reason they want to play us, and it is not a good thing.
  6. The **** show continues. Now we are inviting ways to give Wisconsin yardage.
  7. I still think Blake is playing well. Almost all on the receivers.
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