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  1. Flowers4Heisman

    Football: better year?

    Here's the other wildcard. If we have a great defense, we can win a lot of games. We hadn't had that in a long time or so it seems to me.
  2. Flowers4Heisman

    Football: better year?

    If we have an accurate QB (who's not laid out flat on his back), we can be pretty dangerous. We've never had more than one go-to receiver who will catch clutch balls for us. This year is going to be different. RBs? I'll wait and see... Mack made his own yards. The O-line, let's see how that goes.
  3. Flowers4Heisman

    Football: better year?

    In your Green N Gold heart, do you foresee a better year or a worse year than last year? I guess the measuring stick is winning the AAC. Making a bowl would be expected --worse would be going to St. Pete, I guess. I think this staff is trying to change the offense to their style (pocket passer).
  4. We have a bag man now -with lots and lots of coupons and buy-1-get-1-free deals.
  5. Flowers4Heisman

    JK breaking news

    Probably for not studying. We'll tutor the hell out of him!
  6. Regarding the QB position (sorry to change the subject), I think it's going to come down to our O-line. If there's protection, the new guy might have a real shot at starting. But if the O-line is porous like in past years, we are going to need a mobile Q --who can run for his life or otherwise. I think the staff wants to play traditional football at USF (pocket passer), but can they make the O-line do what no other staff has been able to do? 1st play: run up the middle for 1 yard gain. 2nd play: run up the middle for 3 yard loss. 3rd and long: What are you going to do?
  7. Flowers4Heisman

    Betting on college sports

    I bet nothing changes. Haven't people been gambling all this time?
  8. Flowers4Heisman

    HB QF

    I say QF will be in the NFL for at least the next 3 years. Don't know the position(s). Don't know the team(s). But I know the man knows football.
  9. Flowers4Heisman

    We're everywhere .............

    Free Mike Tyson!
  10. Flowers4Heisman

    Men's Basketball assistant

    His bio didn't list it, so I don't know. How are his tutoring skills?
  11. Flowers4Heisman

    HB QF

    He will know the HB dive by heart.
  12. Another QB, that's great. It's a long season.
  13. Flowers4Heisman

    So You’re Saying There is a Chance...

    Wait... Before I throw down my cash, is this the ucf version or the Alabama version?
  14. They have it on their stadium... I'm embarrassed for their fans and I don't even like them. Bravo, Frost!
  15. Flowers4Heisman

    Y’all Ready to Go Bowling? Here is the Bowl Schedule

    I want us to go to a Jan. 1st bowl and win, so we can have our own National Championship banner! But for the parade, let's have it Fowler Avenue!