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  1. Say, does this make 'Bama Stronger or Weaker?
  2. I'm glad we have fresh blood. I mean what the heck happened with that great deal that we got from Texas?! Now, we have a new chapter. Great. I'm all for it. Here's the thing. GET USF An O-LINE and then play pocket QB. Otherwise, have a mobile QB. Everything else will take care of itself. You cannot play pocket QB and no O-line! Please look at the history of the program and the recruiting. BTW, just to make a note now, when Ca$h and Leavitt play the Bulls, we need to win by 3 TDs or I'll be very upset!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSMxFp0_U3U
  4. I tell 'ya, sometimes the dream is so good that we forget it's a dream.
  5. Remember how long it took Willie Ca$h to find out that we needed a mobile QB at USF? What is it with people coming into USF and not paying attention to what works and doesn't work when it comes to USF football? Thankfully, we still have plenty of football left this year. Remember this poor guy before Flowers took over? https://sportdfw.com/2019/08/22/dallas-cowboys-backup-quarterback-mike-white-is-done-in-dallas/
  6. Truth be told, I was gonnne after 4-0 last year. I knew the mighty drop off was coming and I just didn't want to go down with the ship, so to speak. My reasoning: anybody who'd allow a last-minute play from the gnats to erase Flowers and the team's TD to win the game doesn't deserve my trust (talking about the coach). I was finally back for the season opener and 49-0. I did have a coping plan before the game; I suspected some kind of pain was coming. (1) Wisconsin in Tampa: I'm calling it a bowl game! Heck, getting to play Wisconsin in Tampa at the end of the year would be a happy thing. Good crowd. Bad score. Done! I'm over it! (2) What's good? Lots and lots of good things. USF football. Yup, just that. I'll never be so sad that I can forget that USF didn't have football. Good QB -he needs time to throw. Some decent WRs. Nice RBs, but they can't run anywhere without space! Pretty decent defense, except when they play the whole game. And, yes, there's the whole season ahead. Now that the bowl game is over, let's get six wins to earn the bowl that we just played in. (3) OK, coaching... I remember being overjoyed when we got him and his staff from Texas and what a bargain, too. I was excited about the whole thing. I'll live with that decision, for better or for worse. Not going to complain now. (4) USF Men's bball... We're back, baby! It's awesome! --------------------- What does this have to do with anything? Nothing! I don't play one down. I don't know any of the players. I just invest my emotions and I'm going to make sure I win. It is my university (3 USF degrees) and I do care about the scoreboard. But I have to enjoy it, not wallow in pain.
  7. Here's the problem ---since Leavitt wuz here: We have never had a good O-line. This is why we go spread on the offense. Play traditional football and it's 3 and out (unless they score on you while on O). Defensively, we're no worse than past USF teams, not that bad, really. It's just that the guys are playing D the whole time. I think the coaching staff is too much into X's and O's to realize the problem we've always had at USF. You put Matt Grothe in there or Flowers in there and play spread offense and it's a close game. Watch, when this team plays inferior athletes, they will look like world beaters and you'll all start drinking the cool-aid again.
  8. I think we were just a bit too young to make the NCAA this past year; we lost a lot of games due to youth and the lack of floor maturity. So, if we are to make the dance next year, what do we need to do? For me, if Kiir, Brown and Durr improve their games, we dance next year. (1) Kiir needs to be able to score more. I don't know what he needs to do but he just needs to add more points to his PT. (2) Brown is probably one of the best shooters on the team, a very natural shot. However, his scoring selection is a little iffy -he goes for too many 3s and passes up a lot of shots. And (3) Durr, I think he really picked up his game towards the end of the season. Man, if he improves that much more over the summer and into the start of the next season, look out! Yeah, I know, team-wise, our free throw % is bad... But our style is hustle bball and being tired probably has a lot to do with it. Bad excuse, I know! What about the rest of the roster? And what about the two new incoming guys? For sure, we'll miss Lang and Nik (moral support and one of the crew in practice). Holy crud, this is the first time in a long time that I can honestly say that I'm first a USF bball fan and then a USF football fan...
  9. I'm officially putting my foot down and hitting the reset in all the bad voodoo that's been associated with USF men's bball! (1) Indian Burial Ground in the formerly named Sun Dome: GONE! And we have a new name now! (2) A long history of just really bad basketball and not winning: GONE! It's all in the past! (3) Bad coaches and just a badly run program. I mean what program gets caught for cheating --because of illegal tutoring? GONE! (4) Apathetic students: I still remember I was on campus wayyy back when and in the rec room and they guys wouldn't agree to turn on the USF C-USA Tournament game. Instead, they wanted to keep it on MTV... : GONE! Thank You, Players and Coaches, you've brought us new vibes and new enthusiasm! I've never seen this kind of happiness and energy from Coaches and Players --and winning basketball.
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