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  1. Here's a quote from somebody who heard it from somebody else. This is what Coach said. "I was coaching my kids to make sandwiches in the kitchen when I got the call. I had to call a timeout to take the call. Glad to be back to football. Sandwiches are tough... NFL! exciting times!"
  2. I just hope we are not doing a basketball version of football. As in, hire an assistant from a national champion and then watch it all burn to the ground. Let it not be so!
  3. I was worried after the last game against Wofford. But them dawgs lost to a ranked team in a close game. Not a pushover team. No. 19 Richmond beat Wofford, 77-72 Fingers crossed on this season...
  4. I was so elated when we got former Coach Strong from Texas. I was following ever minute of the action when people were spotting him on the road coming to USF to interview... And then we got the discounted-kickback singing offer. Texas was actually paying USF to take him. That was a happy time for me. BIG MISTAKE! Look at what all that did and where we are now as a football program. Holy cow. Mooooo! Mooooo! So, how long before we can actually play decent football again? I mean since Flowers and his classmates left, what's been good about USF football?
  5. Let's DANCE this year, wherever it is, even if it's a barn Dance!
  6. Look at our history and tell me I'm wrong. When men's bball does well, football stinks like rotten eggs. Sooo... The silver lining is this: This is probably going to be a good year of men's bball, considering how we are playing football only for the exercise. Get ready for USF men's hoops!
  7. Yes! We need Cumberland Farm and schools like that. Let's get this done ASAP!
  8. I don't think they need our support: they have million$ of reasons$.
  9. Can't you hurt yourself another way? --that's really painful! (watching USF "play") (Just kidding!)
  10. I've not been following the team updates. So, many of you are saying we'll be worse than when "I'm not so Strong" wuz at USF last season? A follow-up question: Are we going to underdogs to Ca$h and his Defensive Coach ????
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