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  1. Flowers4Heisman

    Well, there's a missed opportunity . . .

    Their thinking is probably that they need money. Entering freshmen are broke: why bother? Let's get them when they graduate!
  2. Flowers4Heisman

    The Mount Rushmore of Tampa Bay College Sports

    Yes, I was very surprised to see him smile.
  3. Flowers4Heisman

    The Mount Rushmore of Tampa Bay College Sports

    Why is one person's list more important than another's list? It's summertime. We need to wait it out for football to start... I finally watched the C-USA-Big East Game where we beat Pitt @Pitt. Awesome game. I only listened when it happened. Man, MB can throw... He's like Flowers, except maybe slower and more accurate on shorter passes at times. No, I had never seen MB play... Was always working or whatever. Only listened. Go Bulls!
  4. Flowers4Heisman

    More on Blake Barnett

    EXACTLY!!!! ---What was that all about? He wasn't hurt. Tired?
  5. Flowers4Heisman

    So, what about Charlie?

    Just win! In my mind, this is the first year to really see what CCS and his coaching staff can do on the field.
  6. I guess somebody on here said Judy didn't get so involved in athletics decisions anymore and that made me think that she was only over academics. BTW, blocking profiles on here works great!
  7. Flowers4Heisman

    Back to football! Watch and compare the 2 bowls

    If you are missing USF football, watch the two bowl games and see the types of plays that were called (or not called). wow.
  8. OK, if he's vice pres of athletics, who's president? Judy?
  9. Flowers4Heisman

    Back to football! Watch and compare the 2 bowls

    Dave is a genius! Mike White was a pretty good QB... and he got eaten alive!
  10. Flowers4Heisman

    We Made It!!

  11. I recently watched the bowl game against Texas Tech. Gonna watch the South Carolina game soon. I thought we were really good as a team against South Carolina. I wasn't impressed against Texas Tech. Good, yes, but not as good as the team against South Carolina. Why talk about ancient history? (1) Dying for USF football! (2) Defensively, we've been iffy for a long time. (3) What are we going to do without QF bailing us out? --I'm trying to predict what we'll see this season.
  12. Flowers4Heisman

    New AD Search

    My only thought is this: people make decisions based on their feelings. He's decided to come back to USF after many years, which means he has good feelings about the place. He probably didn't need the money (speculation). Sooo, that warms my Bull heart. I hate people in important Bull positions who do it for the money and say, "Go Bulls!" mostly because of the paycheck. This looks to be an improvement on what's his name @Utah. Hey, he got the seal of approval from LRS and that's good enough for me.
  13. Flowers4Heisman

    New AD Search

    I don't trust the people who make decisions for USF Athletics (big cheese people). USF fired Stan Heath, made an offer to a guy without his degree, and then hired a guy who made the men's bball program even worse than our bad times. That's three awful moves in a row. I think there was a search committee and all of that for the post-firing of Stan Heath. Sooo... now, I watch and I wait. I trust nothing! Nothing!
  14. Flowers4Heisman

    New AD Search

    Right now, I'll settle for an improvement on what's his name who left for Utah. USF has never, ever taken risks with hires (on paper). I don't see that changing right now.
  15. Flowers4Heisman

    New AD Search

    Here's your answer on Jurich: