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  1. Would like to see Jackson State on the schedule in the next 2 years. Deion is killing it in recruiting and has a really good staff.
  2. This is a great hire for them. However, y'all keep bringing up Strong. This is Scott's team and I sure as hell saw who he is this fall. The best move he made is go to the portal and find some players. This is what Strong should have did. USF would make a great Last Chance U kinda school.
  3. This statement was after your researched. However, it's all good. I don't know why you don't think a guy that was one of the best players to play can't coach a team. It's a little ridiculous to make the statement about infractions with the NCAA. Bro, hating does not look good on you. If this program had brought in this kind of talent you would be jumping for joy.
  4. Well you are just flat out wrong. Trinity Christian did not go bankrupt. Regardless of your opinion, his experience at the highest level of football qualifies him. Also, he will have more P5 talent on his team in year 2 than most G5 teams with more scholarships. For example, he has already gathered players headed to Georgia, 2 from UF, 2 from Missouri and 1 from UT. He has only been on the job since Dec. 1. I am pretty sure, G5 schools will not want to schedule him. I forgot the 4 star DL from Auburn and the DE from USC.
  5. Hmmm I guess that discount 2 Texas State High School Championships. Yeah, it seems that nobody is buying into his hype just look at their recruiting. LOL
  6. That team is stacking up rapidly and McCloud would not be on the radar for what Deion is building. There will be a transfer from a P5 school with one year left, if one comes in. They play this spring. Deion still has signing day in Feb. and then after spring ball to load up on talent from P5 schools.
  7. Sounds like this thread is a year late. I remember a guy that said this kid and Roberts probably needed to transfer and that the new coach really needs to hit the portal. Buy that guy a beer! lol
  8. Congrats CJS, this is the best way to build a program under the current condition. You have to know CJS is auditioning for a better gig. Bringing in P5 types will certainly move the needle up. This what I have been saying the whole time. If CCS would have hit the portal for P5 players that legit, then he would still be here. He should should have moved on Buechele from Texas.
  9. Just curious, If he does great at JSU and CJS doesn't pan out, would you welcome coach prime here?
  10. After year 3.....he will make the jump and he is already making waves in the portal.
  11. Well Well....I guess ol CJS has been reading my guide to rebuild this team. LOL I know y'all thought I was off of my rocker, but given the financial position of the program, it's the only way to do it. People want to win right now and if he don't win he will be out the door too. Y'all need to see what Deion Sanders has done in the portal in two months. Like he gets it!!! Mike Norvell better have FSU turned around by year 3 or Deion will be in Tallahassee.
  12. Rebuild is what Mack Brown did at UNC. He found him a qb and stuck with him. He took players from a failed former staff and got them to believe they could win. Herm Edwards took a program in the dumpster and got them to believe. He took a true freshmen in year 2 and sticking with him. Mike Lockesly has taken a dumpster fire and put a product on the field for year 2. USF does not have a big recruiting budget, but the portal is free. lol
  13. At this point CJS better start playing for a year three team that wins at least 8 games. He has no choice but to put 11 on the field that want to be there and that will play hard on every play. If talent is the problem, he better go find some immediate help or CJS will be asking to become a analyst for Saban or Dabo.
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