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  1. I want to see and enjoy an OCS for some time before I die; so **** it and go in debt and do it ASAP I say.
  2. I wondered how good of a decision it was to bring in almost it's entirety a fired football coaching staff to fill your ranks; gives the impression that not much effort and due diligence was made.
  3. What Student body? Where do they sit? I saw the band surrounded by red seats; but I saw no student body.
  4. I didn't see much progress; seems like he wasn't making good reads and just ducking and running a lot of the time. Hope he learns from the game film.
  5. For me I have to reload the app every time I want to look at my tickets (Android phone). So I get to the stadium show my parking pass then I have to delete and reload again before I walk into the gate and again anytime I have to show proof of my ticket/seat. I'll look into the cache option.
  6. There's a very large thread on the subject; just search for it (hint; latest rumor is the announcement will be made at homecoming)
  7. We missed our chance for reasons that have been discussed. Just move on. Hopefully we will be in a better position next time the P5 expands (but don't hold your breath).
  8. I'm very aware of USF's schedule. Most season ticket holders are.
  9. Almost as bad as getting a participation trophy
  10. Beside ucf, who is our biggest rivalry in football? USF, we keep beating ourselves. What will be our highest attended remaining Home Game in 2021? Tulsa, Temple, Houston(Homecoming) or Cincinnati? Houston What is the AAC game you are most interested in this week and who are you cheering against? Not much interest in any of them; but I guess I'll be rooting for ECU to beat UCF What is your favorite helmet color? White, Black, Green or Gold? Green Which one would you prefer: have no nose but have really good smelling fingers or be blind but have a really nice smile? fingers (odd question)
  11. I like them. I say put iconic "U" on one side and "USF" on the other.
  12. Yes!! With an early start we will have most of the day to celebrate a Bulls Victory!!!
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