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  1. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to figure out that I'm an old fart
  2. I didn't go to a single football game when I was a student.
  3. Congratulations! Now all you new alumni, go out and buy season tickets
  4. Does he have any offers or try outs planned? I'm assuming it would not be in the NFL, so CFL is only other option that I know.
  5. We should have went after a coach who's talent level was comparable to coach Frost. Frost was able to turn around a losing team in one season (sarcasm intended). Bowl eligibility is the minimum expectation I have for this team this year (assuming there is a season).
  6. You need to hire a staff if you want to poo-poo all negativity on this board
  7. You can take the man out of the Bull, but you can't take the Bull out of the man
  8. Wow, so are you her boyfriend, Dad, Mother, Brother, Husband of just a KNOW IT ALL?
  9. Terrific news, way to represent! Best of Luck to Kitija!
  10. I hear that Austin has a clothing optional beach
  11. I moved out of 110 this season to a lower cost area (not because of your move to 110). It was a compromise from throwing in the towel and giving the new staff a shot at regaining my trust and respect.
  12. Kill a Commie for Mommy (ahh my Glory days; reliving the cold war brings back fond memories of being much younger).
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