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  1. Win A pro-bono coach whom agrees to wait until we win the AAC championship before accepting a check. Someone who is excited to be here and it shows; by the way he engages the community Great recruiter with FL connections Can develop players Must have a sexy wife
  2. Great teams win conferences; still waiting for the day we hoist our first trophy. As big of a school we are and with all the talent we've had we should have 1/2 a dozen trophies by now ...overall, I'd say at best we are an average team in a below average conference.
  3. I thought Strong was going to be a good fit for us but it was soon apparent that he wasn't. Maybe he opened up to the players and staff; but from day one he never seemed to be happy to be here. Very dour vibe in all his press conferences. Never made eye contact, mumbled alot, never smiled, never showed any outgoing personality traits. On game day, He never made eye contact or shook hands with the fans as the team walked into the stadium; he was always talking to a player or coach as he walked. He did not have a STRONG personality.
  4. It will be freedom day from and for Charlie too, $5MM golden parachute will help him fade away
  5. Ford would be a better coach than what we currently have
  6. Strong has no HC talent and as much media savvy as an ostrich
  7. I'm out, back after I see a conference championship (in football); I have a lot better options for my time than watching a losing and VERY EMBARRISING program.
  8. There's a Black Friday discount if ordered before midnight.
  9. I'll throw in the pennies I have in my spare change cup
  10. Anyone want a ticket to go watch USF lose?
  11. Exactly; It's called sarcasm, there's 1 day left in the season.
  12. Lets sponsor a TheBulslPen.com Fire CCS fund. We could have $10 MM by the end of the season.
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