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  1. Very Nice. Will the IPF when finished have a locker room? I initially thought yes, with a lot of other amenities; but now I guess no.
  2. If USF wants Corporate sponsors then they should say so and call it a corporate luncheon event.
  3. Weekends are best for most people who work but I proposed another option too in my original comment, more people could and would attend if they held these events on Fridays.
  4. Does USF know that most of it's fan base works? Apparently not. It's a little frustrating that they do a lot of these fan/alumni type events on weekdays when most people are working and can't attend. I have never been able to attend the luncheon because of this approach. Who the Hell is behind scheduling these events? Common sense should prevail where if they are going to do it on a weekday then they should do it on Fridays; at least w/ some folks working a flex work schedule then more would be able to attend. Might as well schedule a couple of games this way too. And they wonder why they can't grow their fan base.
  5. I believe there's already a thread on this topic with a quite a bit of banter/feedback.
  6. If I didn't know better, I'd think we got a winning program. Awesome Job Bulls!
  7. At the rate we're going, most of us will be under 6 feet of dirt when that happens.🤣
  8. Hillsborough River State Park has great amenities and a lot of shaded spots. Estimate it's 30 to 40 min drive to the stadium. I'm more of a day visitor, but drove through the camp sites a couple times and they look very nice.
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