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  1. Hey, I'm not an English major; but I'd like to think I'm an appreciator of "Ass" major; at least in my own mind (aka dirty old man)
  2. Lease it out to a hunt club...plenty of deer and pigs to shoot.
  3. I'm used to it, I've been cheering on the Bulls since 1997.
  4. I'm tired of waiting for a conference championship. I've been patient for to long. We are a big enough school in a mediocre conference; no excuse for not being competitive. If we can't compete for a championship 75% of the time then we should give up football.
  5. **** rebuilding. UCF went 0-12 in 2015; went to a bowl game the next season when Frost came in. Frost had worse of a talent pool when he took over than what CJS has; if we don't go to a bowl next year then it's a failure. If we aren't in the conf. championship the following year then CJS is not meeting expectations.
  6. Yes I do want to see where the money is going. They all ready have the info, it's just a matter of sharing it with their supporters; It's called common courtesy. I get a prospectous on my investments. USF can easily do the same. Maybe if USF did a better job then they would be closer to the other programs.
  7. Imaginary conversation: "USF to faithful season ticket holder: we are increasing prices this year because of X, Y, and Z. We hope that we can count on your continued support. Faithful season ticket holder to USF: thanks for keeping me informed as to why prices are increasing. As an alumni and rabid supporter I appreciate knowing where my money is going." So why wanting to know how and why USF is spending my money such a negative? BTW, I've been on board since 1996. On top of season tickets, over the years I've donated thousands to both athletics and academia sides, including 10 K commitment to the IPF. USF is part of my legacy, where they will get 90% of my estate. I think I'm on board, but I like to be informed too. Everyone on this board is free to their opinion but when it comes to my money I don't like to assume why im paying more for my seats, I want to hear why fom the source.
  8. Then let USF come out and publically say this is the reason. Let the faithful in on their long term plans instead of jacking up prices with no explanation.
  9. So all you lemmings are content to pay more after seeing the product that has been put on the field for the last two years, which to say it kindly is an embarrassment to the whole USF community? Ever hear of supply and demand? You actually think we are going to sell more season tickets just because we have changed coaches. Well I got news for you; until we start winning, season ticket sales will continue to trend down.
  10. I would like to know USF's justification for raising season ticket prices.
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