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  1. We are lucky Ca$h left when he did. And we were lucky to get Coach Strong & his staff after they left Texas -with Texas helping. And we are lucky to have BB at QB. And we are lucky to have our current undefeated record. I'm a lucky Bull and I'm happy!
  2. Man, I'm torn. Do we want FAU to upset the gnats?
  3. So, 4-0. Things are good. How does this happy story turn out?
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    Déjà vu all over again

    Nah, man, I'm happy as hell.
  5. The low end, I think we will make a bowl. 6 wins total, that's pretty much guaranteed. The high end, 9-3.
  6. Agreed! Everybody on the team, including the coaches, needs to hug it out!
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    On a better note

    What about Lefty out in Vegas who made the 21-pt line and who will now lose a finger?
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    Do we crack it?

  9. Most fans probably think that we can just phone this one in... After last week, this team needs to show up to play Bulls football. Any other assumption from the players is foolhardy. East Carolina beats North Carolina 41-19 in instate matchup http://www.espn.com/college-football/recap?gameId=401013103
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    ECU Game: Not a gimme

    When a team can't stop the run, there's no guarantee of anything. I call this game a 50/50. Flip a coin to see which USF team plays. We might cover the spread or we might just lay an egg. This coaching staff is iffy in my book. Losing to Houston last year was unforgivable. Losing to the gnats on special teams at the end... C'mon! And then playing like they did at Illinois? Remember, most of this staff was fired from Texas. coaching staff
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    ECU Game: Not a gimme

    Are any of you prepared for a loss to ECU? After last week, I'm certainly ready anything.
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    Taggart SBNation Comment on USF

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    What about emotional gambling? --I think we are all gamblers!
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    Who Voted For USF in the AP Polls?

    I have always liked him; that man's a genius!
  17. Man, I don't see why we are not on the top 25. We are really good!
  18. 1. Get 6 wins ASAP --for bowl eligibility. 2. Improve our bowl position (more wins). 3. All those highly-paid coaches on the football staff need to start earning their money!
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    How do you assess this?

    1. We won. 2. Best team between Fowler and Fletcher. 3. Go Bulls!
  20. We are still the BEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM between Fletcher & Fowler!
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    Injury Updates

    I'm hurt.
  22. Two old guys playing shuffleboard and we just pulled a muscle... Or maybe it's cramps.