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    Anyone brew their own?

    Just cracked open my first batch this past Sunday, it was from the Brooklyn Beershop Everyday IPA kit. Not too bad, light on the aroma but a solid beer overall. Definitely looking forward to brewing my own recipes soon.
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    Feel free to follow me as well, username is mcgies
  3. bullsmeanbusiness

    Baseball Preseason Preview

    https://d1baseball.com/analysis/2019-preseason-staff-bold-predictions/ Kendall Rogers Aaron Fitt Mark Etheridge David Seifert National Champion Vanderbilt Vanderbilt Arkansas LSU Player of the Year Adley Rutschman, Oregon State Adley Rutschman, Oregon State Andrew Vaughn, Cal JJ Bleday, Vanderbilt Pitcher of the Year Graeme Stinson, Duke Graeme Stinson, Duke Drew Parrish, Florida State Noah Song, Navy Freshman of the Year Landon Marceaux, LSU Matt McClain, UCLA Landon Marceaux, LSU Landon Marceaux, LSU Non-Top 25 Sleeper Southern Miss Georgia Tech Southern Miss Sam Houston State Non-Field of 64 Sleeper Louisiana Tech South Florida Louisiana Illinois Breakout Star Josh Smith, LSU Noah Campbell, South Carolina Elijah MacNamee, Miss. State Daniel Cabrera, LSU -- -- -- -- -- Eric Sorenson Shotgun Spratling Nick Faleris Burke Granger National Champion Vanderbilt UCLA Vanderbilt LSU Player of the Year Adley Rutschman, Oregon State Andrew Vaughn, Cal Adley Rutschman, Oregon State Andrew Vaughn, Cal Pitcher of the Year Nick Lodolo, TCU Andrew Pallante, UC Irvine Graeme Stinson, Duke Tyler Dyson, Florida Freshman of the Year Matt McClain, UCLA Matt McClain, UCLA Nander De Sedas, Florida State Landon Marceaux, LSU Non-Top 25 Sleeper Connecticut South Carolina Minnesota Minnesota Non-Field of 64 Sleeper Illinois Oregon Oregon Kentucky Breakout Star Herbert Iser, Dallas Baptist Riley Ornido, San Francisco JT Ginn, Miss. State Tyler Fitzgerald, Louisville
  4. bullsmeanbusiness

    Roll Call for Tonight

    lol shouldn't be too bad. Last couple of times I've been on their campus I've encountered more civilized fans thankfully. I'll be in Sect 102 row c
  5. bullsmeanbusiness

    Roll Call for Tonight

    I'll be there!
  6. bullsmeanbusiness

    What is your prediction? MBB next five games

    at UCF - W Temple - W at Houston - W UCF - W at UConn - W
  7. USF 11 Brown - 22 Durr - 12 75%
  8. bullsmeanbusiness

    Updated NET Ranking

    Rank-Previous-School 7-7-Houston 24-24-Cinci 46-46-UCF 55-50-Temple 67-64-USF 68-69-Memphis 79-77-UConn 81-99-Tulsa 107-114-SMU 116-115-Wichita St 270-272-ECU 292-294-Tulane
  9. bullsmeanbusiness

    Baseball Preseason Preview

    Hadn't seen this posted yet, so here is another preseason prediction. https://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=16026 Predicted Order of Finish Overall/conference win-loss records from 2018 indicated | * Denotes projected conference automatic bid No. Team W L W L 1 East Carolina* 44 18 14 10 2 UConn 37 22 14 10 3 Houston 38 25 16 8 4 UCF 35 21 13 10 5 South Florida 36 22 14 9 6 Wichita State 35 21 9 14 7 Tulane 25 33 9 14 8 Cincinnati 28 28 12 12 9 Memphis 20 36 5 19 Preseason All-Conference Team Pos. Name Class School Stats/Notes C Jacob Washer R-Jr. East Carolina .287-6-40; cleanup hitter, juice to all fields 1B Joe Genord Sr. South Florida .306-16-53; big-time juice, middle-of-order bat 2B Luke Ritter Sr. Wichita State .341-6-31; contact-oriented app. w/ some pop 3B Jared Triolo Jr. Houston .344-5-28; 3-hole hitter, raw hitter, juice to all fields SS Anthony Prato Jr. UConn .324-2-23; repeat preseason All-AAC SS, pure hitter OF Bryant Packard Jr. East Carolina .406-14-50; Preseason All-American, 5-tool player OF Kyle Phillips Sr. South Florida .333-5-22; leadoff bat, pure hitter w/ all-fields app. OF Tyler Osik R-Sr. UCF .310-9-56; cleanup hitter, advanced hit tool DH Joe Davis Sr. Houston .318-13-62; Houston's all-time HR & RBI leader UT Alec Burleson So. East Carolina .252-0-18, 3.33, 54, 14:16; legitimate 2-way talent SP Mason Feole Jr. UConn 2.50, 100.2, 120:49; AAC PiOY, low-90s FB, + CB SP Chris Williams R-Sr. UCF 2.81, 93, 79:17; outstanding command, senior leader SP Tyler Smith Jr. East Carolina 1.78, 60.2, 34:12; 2018 AAC ERA leader, misses bats SP Keagan Gillies Jr. Tulane 3.36, 80.1, 57:31; adv. feel for strike zone RP Ricky (Trey) Benton Jr. East Carolina 3.13, 69, 68:31; lively FB, feel for CB w/ late bite Player of the Year: Bryant Packard, of, East CarolinaPitcher of the Year: Mason Feole, lhp, UConnFreshman of the Year: Brandon Schrepf, of, South Florida
  10. bullsmeanbusiness

    New DB Coach

  11. bullsmeanbusiness

    Let’s this sink in for a moment....

    Not born yet, only 7 months late to the game.
  12. bullsmeanbusiness

    Baseball Preseason Preview

    Level of difficulty: 8 ( would be 9 if UF and FSU were on the road) Projected 5 game record - Realistic: 3-2 (UF-L, 2 of 3 in Chapel Hill, FSU-W) Expectation: 4-1 (UF-W, 2 of 3 in Chapel Hill, FSU-W)
  13. bullsmeanbusiness

    Baseball Preseason Preview

    Carson had to get Tommy John
  14. bullsmeanbusiness

    MBB NET Ranking