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  1. ECU & Charlie gets left in Greenville 38-17 Joiner Miller 275
  2. Agreed. And for the coaching staff to leave him knowing this, is pathetic. If you (coaching staff) are not going to put your team in a position to win, why bother get the team off the bus?
  3. Difference between Blake and Jordan, when playing while hurt Blake would do whatever it took regardless how injured and Jordan finds away to avoid contact at all cost even if it means losing yards or turnovers.
  4. I hope these 2 commits are better than McCloud because it'll be another longgg season if we have to settle for him at the helm next year.
  5. USF 17-10 McCloud St Felix 300 Officially off of the explosive offense hype train
  6. I know this was done the last couple years, but hadn't seen anything made/announced for this season. If you are interested I created a group called TheBullsPen, feel free to join.
  7. USF 45-31 Kronk - Runs for 165 with 1td - Blake runs for 50 and 1td McDoom - B2 Bomber throws for 410 with 4tds (1-Wilcox, 1-Ford, 1-McDoom, 1-St Felix). 625
  8. Just dropped in the dry hops for my first recipe that I made last weekend. Current schedule should have the beer conditioned and ready to go for the season kickoff! Looking forward to see how this Orange Blossom IPA is going to turn out when it's all said and done.
  9. If I'm not mistaken, this season they are giving out Marlon Mack bobble heads for Season Ticket Holders.
  10. I was waiting to add those, as the only game that week worth note is the UF/Miami game which would get added once the Top 25 rankings are announced.
  11. As we inch closer to the official kickoff of the new football season here are the games that will have or could have an impact on USF Football in week 1. Once the official rankings for week 1 come out, I will add the recap for them in a follow up post. AAC Schedule: Thursday Aug 29th UCLA at Cinci 7:00 ESPN Wagner at UConn 7:30 ESPN3 FAMU at UCF 7:30 CBSSN FIU at Tulane 8:00 ESPN3 Friday Aug 30th Tulsa at Mich St 7:00 FS1 Saturday Aug 31st ECU at NC St 12:00 ACCN Ole Miss at Memphis 12:00 ABC Bucknell at Temple 3:00 ESPN3 Holy Cross at Navy 3:00 CBSSN SMU at Arkansas St 7:00 ESPN+ Sunday Sept 1st Houston at Oklahoma 7:30 ABC OOC: Thursday Aug 29th Georgia Tech at Clemson 8:00 ACCN Utah at BYU 10:15 ESPN
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