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  1. Losing confidence that he is going to stick with his commitment after being offered by FSU today
  2. https://247sports.com/Player/Lavonte-Valentine-46039550/
  3. Interested to see where he ends up because based off his timeline on twitter, USF and MTSU are the only 2 schools showing him love.
  4. This kid has built up quite the offer list since we offered him back in May. Now holds offers in football from: UF, UGA, Pitt, WVU, Bama, Iowa St, LSU, Oregon St, Butgers, Kentucky, and GT.
  5. Based on his film, he's quick of the snap and isn't afraid to give up his body for the tackle. Also based on his size, you wouldn't expect him to be as quick as he is. Give him some time in the weight room, and soon we could be having a 6'5 300+ DT run stopping beast. He looks like a taller & more athletic version of Senat, which we have missed big time the last 2 seasons
  6. Many of the recruiting services were saying that he was comparable to Hollywood Brown
  7. ECU & Charlie gets left in Greenville 38-17 Joiner Miller 275
  8. Agreed. And for the coaching staff to leave him knowing this, is pathetic. If you (coaching staff) are not going to put your team in a position to win, why bother get the team off the bus?
  9. Difference between Blake and Jordan, when playing while hurt Blake would do whatever it took regardless how injured and Jordan finds away to avoid contact at all cost even if it means losing yards or turnovers.
  10. I hope these 2 commits are better than McCloud because it'll be another longgg season if we have to settle for him at the helm next year.
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