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  1. Got to love the 7 on their board that think they win by 35+ and one that as us winning. 2020 Week Two Prediction Poll (USF @ ND) - Irish Envy | Notre Dame Football Discussion 2020 Week Two Prediction Poll (USF @ ND) Notre Dame Football
  2. @Brad Just a heads up the link for IrishEnvy currently takes you to The Gridiron for Citadel.
  3. Haven’t seen anything official on this yet, but based on his Instagram it appears Isaac Nunez, formally of Lake Brantley HS and UF, has decided to transfer to USF. https://www.instagram.com/p/CBl49KwlVXU/?igshid=10ni3q0dhl8t0 https://www.perfectgame.org/Players/Playerprofile.aspx?ID=348083
  4. Losing confidence that he is going to stick with his commitment after being offered by FSU today
  5. https://247sports.com/Player/Lavonte-Valentine-46039550/
  6. Interested to see where he ends up because based off his timeline on twitter, USF and MTSU are the only 2 schools showing him love.
  7. This kid has built up quite the offer list since we offered him back in May. Now holds offers in football from: UF, UGA, Pitt, WVU, Bama, Iowa St, LSU, Oregon St, Butgers, Kentucky, and GT.
  8. Based on his film, he's quick of the snap and isn't afraid to give up his body for the tackle. Also based on his size, you wouldn't expect him to be as quick as he is. Give him some time in the weight room, and soon we could be having a 6'5 300+ DT run stopping beast. He looks like a taller & more athletic version of Senat, which we have missed big time the last 2 seasons
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