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  1. USF - And we prevent C. from tying our 30+ streak 31-27 Bell Bronson - with a 50+ bomb to secure it early 575
  2. bullsmeanbusiness

    What would you give to USF if you won the Mega Millions?

    Athletic: Remainder of IPF, D1 status for W Lax & M Hockey, 100 mill to OCS. Academic: Old logo, College of Business & Nursing, land for College of Agriculture (to help with our own live Bull for gameday)
  3. bullsmeanbusiness

    I smell way too much fear on this board.

    Here are the updated stats USF – Offense - 11th, Defense 88th Houston – Offense – 3rd, Defense 117th Tulane – Offense - 95th, Defense 102nd Temple – Offense – 92nd, Defense – 26th Cincinnati – Offense - 36th, Defense – 5th C. – Offense - 6th, Defense- 73rd
  4. bullsmeanbusiness

    2 Tickets for UConn

    Tickets have been claimed
  5. bullsmeanbusiness

    2 Tickets for UConn

    Won't be able to go to the game tomorrow as I have a family event that came up last minute. Tickets are in Sect. 124 Row F, giving this away for FREE. If interested, shoot me a pm with your email so I can transfer them to you! Go Bulls!!
  6. bullsmeanbusiness

    Percentages Graph For Rest Of Year

    Updated after Week 7 games
  7. USF finally shows up with their 1st complete game of the season to win 66-17, with BB throwing for 350+ w/ 6 Total TDs and Cronk running for 200yd w/ 2 TDs McCants will tie the USF Career Receiving TDs w/ 2 TDs 650
  8. Noted, should have noticed who made the comments /sarcasm
  9. USF true freshman defensive back Keyon Helton underwent successful surgery to repair his left shoulder on Thursday. Helton is a former three-star prospect and was ranked the 120th safety in the nation during the 2018 recruiting cycle. After the surgery, it appears that Helton is headed for a redshirt year. https://247sports.com/college/south-florida/Article/USF-DB-Keyon-Helton-has-successful-surgery-123207509/