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From the Memphis game till now

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I bailed on CWT after the Memphis game. If I had it my way, I would fired him after the Memphis game. I admit that I was wrong; he's turned things around. So, I'm glad that I don't have such powers.

But that doesn't mean CWT is a completely changed man. I think he's very conservative with his play selections. And then he'll roll the dice with something wild. Anyway, how is the team better and what are the weaknesses?


Flowers. He's leading the team and making plays. Very impressive.

CWT has opened it up a little bit, maybe by 30%. But he's still very conservative. I'm talking Ronald Regan 1980s conservative! --But then he'll do a trick play or something.

The O-line: I'm actually seeing some production from the O-line in some games and at different parts of a game.

The defense has been playing solid football. But they do go numb at times and let things fall off the shelf for some reason.

The D-line. Solid!

Questionable stuff

Receivers. It seems like 50% of the balls will be dropped. If you are a receiver and you don't catch the ball, you are just a dude running around for no reason...

CWT's play selections. When the other team stacks the box, there's no place to run inside!

Penalties: different players tend to take turns at self-destructing in a given game.

Special Teams: field goals, punting, punt coverage... It's like rolling the dice.


Can we beat Temple? Sure! We could have beaten Memphis and Navy. But the questionable stuff cost us those games.


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Mostly agree... I think CWT needs to get a bit more of a killer instinct. He seems to get REALLY conservative around the middle of games with a tight score. Even ahead a bit (ECU game), he starts trying to run the clock out in the 3rd quarter. I'd like to see us try to step on the opponent's throat.

The flip side of that is... if we weren't running the boring offense we were running against ECU, there is no way Adams would have been that wide open on the TD. I kind of see a grind it out, use the clock, quick strike offense that he is using. I think were we have had some issues are with your first note under "questionable stuff" above. The drops have really killed a number of big plays this year. Also, QF nearly missed that throw to Adams, if you are relying on the big play all the time, there is always a chance that it misses and you have to figure out a way to move the ball a bit more conventionally.

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One note, whether an opponent is stacking the box or not, you have to try to run up the middle from time to time to keep them honest.  I think the play calling has been fine of late (not great, mind you).  Flowers hits a few of those open long passes and you'd see the defense not crowd the line so much.  Play calling would open up if the execution was there.

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At this point I think the drops are the biggest problem, followed by kicks and kick coverage. Somebody in the 45,000 student population should be able to put the ball in the endzone consistently.

Kick coverage seems to have improved.  Even with the short kicks, the returner rarely gets past the 25.

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