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  1. People are going to throw out things that fit their narrative whether they're accurate or not.
  2. Apis Bull

    2019 4th OOC Opponent Is....

    ESPN certainly thinks so.
  3. Apis Bull

    2019 4th OOC Opponent Is....

    Haven't you been paying attention? This was a last resort
  4. Apis Bull

    Early FB Renewal?

    Not according to ESPN. We can just schedule better teams, they told us we could. /sarcasm
  5. Apis Bull

    Wilcox 2019 draft?

    I guess that depends on whether or not he can increase his draft stock, taking into account the chance for injuries.
  6. We're title contenders until we're not.
  7. Well, we are playing in the Buccaneers' stadium
  8. No, they couldn't. The Citrus Bowl was scheduled to go through major renovations (basically rebuilding it). They would have been without a home for at least two seasons. There really were no other options in the area.
  9. Both UCF and FAU had to build stadiums. They had no where else to play. If they did, I think, and it's just my opinion, they would have waited to build something better also.
  10. Apis Bull

    I had forgotten

    It was a failed attempt at a joke. But the OP is suggesting that we model after a team that has as many if not more issues that USF does.
  11. Apis Bull

    Charlie Strong contract

    I don't know that CCS has to go 180. Maybe 60 to 90 will be enough