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  1. From a quality standpoint, I agree. I just think that they're too much of an outlier geographically.
  2. It's not about being picky. It's just trying to make sure that you minimize suprises close to signing day.
  3. That is effectively kicking them out. Of you call it, "leaving" then we're on the hook for exit fees. I think adding Boise State, AFA, and BYU (CSU) still accomplishes what you want.
  4. This won't happen. We're not going to leave the AAC for this and we're certainly not going to kick teams out. Why do you say this? And, if so, replace them with CSU.
  5. Move Memphis and Navy to the East. Add Boise State, BYU, and Air Force to the West. Play 9 conference games (6 in division, 3 cross division). Done!
  6. I am very observant. To be fair, there are people that don't pay attention to those things though.
  7. The wink emoji and the lips zipped emoji lead me to believe that we're about to hear something good.
  8. I don't know what job CJS would feel was, "right" for him, but I'm pretty sure he won't just leave for the money, ala xCWT. As far as Kelly goes, he's got a lot of local ties. I think (hope) that as long as USF does right by him, he stays.
  9. He would be the highest rated. Best would remain to be seen.
  10. Since this is all speculation anyway, I would imagine that Dabo and CJS were trying to do all they could to get Brice to stay. So, yes, I believe that CJS wouldn't chat with Brice about transferring.
  11. It doesn't matter. Until he announces, a coach can't talk to him and there's no way the CJS would try to recruit him from Clemson before that.
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