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  1. Not that risky a bet as almost every (I was going to say every, but there might be one or two exceptions) team in the league will add an RB or two, either through the draft or FA before camp.
  2. He only had 2 seasons with 8 or more wins. It's not a large enough sample size to day whether he could have maintained that or not, especially after Flowers left.
  3. Apis Bull

    Geek Alert

    I've already watched it five times!!
  4. Wanting to play the game and wanting CJL gone are not mutually exclusive
  5. Neither of them stated that they wanted CJL gone because of not playing the game.
  6. The interesting part to me, is that he has a video playbook. I don't know if this is common or not, but it's got to help visualize your assignments vs. just line on paper.
  7. I just downloaded it. I'm Apis on there.
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