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  1. USF 2 Rideau 16 Yetna 10 (Durr 8 ) if Yetna is still out 65%
  2. I'm going to say all 5, until we don't.
  3. Apis Bull

    Favorite way...

    I just got a mold set that makes 4 large spheres' and 4 large cubes.
  4. Apis Bull

    New DB Coach

    Not really that huge. They're G5, just like we are.
  5. I'm looking to top $300 million too.
  6. Apis Bull

    This mornings AAC MBB standings

    Remaining Conference Schedules USF - ECU, @UCF, Temple, @Houston, UCF, @UConn, @Tulane, SMU UCF - @SMU, USF, Memphis, @Cincy, SMU, @USF, @Houston, Cincy, @Temple Temple - @Tulsa, SMU, @USF, Tulsa, @Memphis, Tulane, @Uconn, UCF
  7. Apis Bull

    MBB Postseason Projection

    True, but this is the first season in a while that I think we have a chance and that's real progress.
  8. Apis Bull

    Proposed MLB rule changes

    Any proposed unwritten changes to the unwritten rules?
  9. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here.
  10. These are two very different takes. If you think our class should be better than the teams listed, that's one thing, but to expect the top class in the conference, based on our recent history, is quite different.