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  1. Apis Bull

    Gear grab Wednesday

    USF Equipment‏ @USF_Equipment Pricing for the @USFAthletics close out sale
  2. Apis Bull

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    What do you say about Flowers and xCWT?
  3. Apis Bull

    Judy Steps Up for USF Athletics

    Jusy's been great for USF as a whole
  4. Yeah, but those TVs could actually be repaired. I remember the TV repair guy coming to the house to fix ours that looked just like that one.
  5. Apis Bull

    NCAA changes redshirt rule

    This rule actually hurts schools like us. Playing time is a big draw and if they can get a quarter of a season at a P5 and still get four more years...
  6. Apis Bull

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    Foam Dome
  7. Apis Bull

    2018 Football Game Times

    Love this!
  8. Apis Bull

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    Is it still going to be Yuengling?
  9. Apis Bull

    IBG - USF not the only victims

    That doesn't justify vegecide!
  10. Apis Bull

    New AD Search

    Because it's almost always more expensive to hire someone than it is to retain them
  11. Apis Bull

    New AD Search

    Do we really think that TDS knows anything other than speculation?
  12. Apis Bull

    Adidas is official

    Just want to point out that at the Fan Fest, it's likely that only UA will be available for sale. There shouldn't be any surplus Adidas gear at that time.
  13. Apis Bull

    New AD Search

    Not pursuing is not the same as not being pursued. He may be definitely out, but you can't be sure based on that article.
  14. Two big problems with this. The first one is logistics, it takes a whole lot more for football to go to an away game. The second is that we are trying to distance ourselves from the other G5 conferences. UCF's would not have made the top 4 if they had beaten Boise State. If they lose to Boise State, then they would have lost their chance for a NY6 bowl. This is really a no-win situation for the AAC.
  15. Apis Bull

    IBG - USF not the only victims

    I'm horrified that they killed corn!!