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  1. The biggest difference between CJS and xCOA is CJS was there and partially responsible for Clemson's rise. UK was a power well before xCOA got there.
  2. Show me any AAC team with American players that beats UConn and I'll agree with you. I'll wait.
  3. He gets a lot of love. I don't think he's underrated at all.
  4. I get it. It's not your thing. My family and I love it.
  5. You're certainly welcome to have your own opinion, but no steak that I've ever had at Longhorns has been better than what I get at Berns. Also, Berns is as much about the experience as it is the food.
  6. Dunderbak's is too far away. Mellow Mushroom is a chain and just meh IMO. La Teresita is amazing. Holy Hog is great. Wrights Gourmet Deli is terrific. Berns if you want to drop some coin. There are a lot of good bars and restaurants in the International Plaza, which is near the airport.
  7. Unless you want to be near Sanibel, there's a Fairfield Inn right around the corner from the arena
  8. Some people would have you believe that if it isn't mentioned every day between now and then, that no one will know that our football team will be playing.
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