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  1. Probably, but would he be willing to break NCAA rules?
  2. They couldn't have turned it down because no one can talk to them until Sunday.
  3. So, I've scoured the interwebs, twits, and message boards, and this is what I gathered our staff will be: HC Steve Spurrier OC Willie Taggart DC Jim Leavitt Or not.
  4. So, grapes and olives are taken from their home and crushed to death to satisfy the desires of others? Or am I reading this wrong?
  5. Well, since he cant talk to the Clemson coaches until Sunday, it cant be them.
  6. Wasn't Tom Herman a HS coach when he got hired by Houston?
  7. Schools have to wait until Sunday to talk to coaches that are in conference championship games.
  8. Different kind of seasoning. Seasoning is also done to cast iron.
  9. Pepper is a spice, Seasoning usually refers to salt, I digress...
  10. This is true, but it's not the whole story. xCWT went 4-8 and started 1-3 with Flowers on the team. If his hand wasn't forced, wouldn't he have implemented his, "OWN" offense during the off-season between 2014 and 2015 instead of during the Syracuse game? If he gets hired, I hope he's flexible enough to adjust the offense to his players, I'm just not totally convinced that he is.
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