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  1. My $0.02... Yes, I think he's the guy for the next 3 years if he gets any coaching at all. The kid played 1-2 years of QB in HS and is 3 games into his career here... For that little experience, he's dare I say special. Touch on his throws when he needs it. Decent accuracy. Good feel for the pocket. If he were a life long QB, you'd expect all of those things, but, with him having so little experience, it's a really foundation to build on as he gains experience.
  2. This is reasonable, but, it can still be done in the context of firing Strong in my opinion. You don't have to fire him and immediately replace with someone having the same salary, or, assistant pool. Maybe the "suck it up" phase is with some "prove it" coaches... Joe Kinnan brought something special to CWT's staff. The Plant coach has a big following in the Tampa area... could someone like that be interested in coaching the Bulls? Maybe a St Thomas Aquinas coach? High school may be too large of a gap (though recruiting implications could be big), but, without CCS, we could hire the next coach on the cheap... or, bust out with some wacky contract that is highly incentive laden... Bonus for wins, bonus for conference/division championships, bonus for bowl games, etc... Stop paying people just to show up. If CCS didn't get paid unless the team was winning, I bet he would stop turning over all football decisions to other people and just focusing on making the players better men... he'd figure out how to make them better men and winners. I know there is a large group here that hates KB solely because he was a DII coach before coming here and therefore, he's not qualified, but, to that, I would say... Jim Tressel, Gus Malzahn... these guys jumped over huge gaps in their careers and have been/were pretty successful. I am a "football is football" kind of person. A good football mind at any level can adjust when talent is ramped up. If we need to save money, figure out how to do it while also winning... the "suck it up, we're poor" excuse shouldn't be an option. That's the difference between losers in the world that blame their circumstances and the Mark Cuban stories. You can either wallow in your misfortunes, or, DO SOMETHING about it.
  3. 2 quick points... (these ended up being not at all quick) A guy I work with went to a career fair at Florida Tech this week to try and find some decent engineers... he bumped into none other than Bobby Eveld! Apparently he played some minor league baseball and then went back to school, getting ready to graduate with his engineering degree. I'd hire him, but, unfortunately, he said he fully wants to be in the field and doesn't want to do office stuff, so, I know he wouldn't be happy here. Second - the OL is bad, BUT... if I recall, the first couple of drives, they were holding their own against SMU... In the Wisconsin and Ga Tech games, they go better when McCloud came in. McCloud was moving in the pocket and helping those guys because he can feel pressure and adjust his body to avoid it. What I saw happen in that game was McCloud threw 2 picks and got scared to pull the trigger. He started holding on to the ball longer because his confidence was shaken and started thinking too much. This made the OL have to hold their blocks longer, and they were not up to the task. So... my point is that it's not entirely an offensive scheme issue, or, a personnel issue (OL or QB - though Blake is a problem IMHO when he's in because he doesn't have good pocket awareness)... A good bit of the issue is confidence and pressure these guys are putting themselves under. I think McCloud, while disappointed in his picks, was more overwhelmed because the culture of this team is that there is zero margin of error. WRs cant catch because they are probably thinking "this is our one chance for a big play" the whole time the ball is coming to them. In our "good" years, one side of the ball has been dominant, taking the pressure off of the other side to an extent. With Q, the defense knew we could score. This allows guys to take some chances and probably led to more turnovers. In the Grothe years, the defense was dominant. While Grothe was good, there were very few times the team went into a game feeling like they needed to score 30+ points to win. Bottom line, our team has no identity. I don't know how you fix that without either some creative coaching (Leavitt/Burnham's defenses), or, incredible talent (Q, Mack, DJ, McCants/ Selvie, Jenks, Trae, steady string of LBs). We're not getting the coaching out of this crew, though I am not writing off KB yet. We don't have those special players, which in our current situation is not going to be the norm, so, we have to find a coach who can do things with lesser talent and lead a team. CCS aint it and the sooner we rip off that band-aid, the sooner we have a chance to turn things around. I 100% would fire CCS right now and give Bell the rest of the season. I know his offense is failing, but, he has HC experience, and is actually COACHing his guys and holding them accountable. I don't know if he's the long term answer, but, I don't think we're going to do any worse this year with him than we would do with CCS. If I have to hear on the TV one more time how CCS doesn't really "coach" the team so much as he manages the coaches and tries to make the players into better men, I am going to puke. I don't think that is what he is paid to do! I also don't think I have ever seen a successful head coach that isn't intimately involved with some aspect of the... you know... COACHING
  4. Yep... Same old Barnett. Couple good throws... Then... Back to transfer material.
  5. BS... I don't think his helmet was the issue, no one said a word to him that whole time, he could have easily made it on the field. Coaches decision there. These announcers are awful and also very presumptive on what's going on.
  6. What was he making at VS? May help make up for some of the buy out.
  7. I know everyone hates bell, but, I'd take him over CCS as head coach. He's actually engaged with the team. CCS looks like that little old lady that keeps score at a baseball game. Too interested to get up and go get a beer, but, just an interested spectator none the less.
  8. No, he's gun shy because of the picks. He's afraid to pull trigger.
  9. Referee was standing in front of QB, not entirely sure Reaves was faking on that, it wasn't necessary. They substituted I think and we had the chance to do the same.
  10. I hate CCS football. Wilcox can't let a much smaller defender post him up. Throw was behind him, but, you can't let the defender get it. Bad throw by McCloud on second pick, but, I still like what i see from him. For those calling for bb, I really hope you're joking. We are not good, bb doesn't change that, and likely makes us worse. We have a full season to see that. Defense is awful and not prepared for the pace. More coaching issues. How do you not have your team prepared...again!
  11. So far, I'm ok with Bell. He called plays against Wisconsin that would have been working if the team executed. He was all over BB for missed reads. I think the offense will look better with McCloud.
  12. And height. Jackson is quite a bit taller. I would love to see Q get a shot at QB, I actually think Baltimore should consider him as Jackson's backup. That way if Lamar goes down, their entire offense doesn't have to change. Also, given the opportunity, Jackson has become a very good passer as well. It's possible Q could develop the same way.
  13. I don't think anyone is saying that McCloud is the next Q... but, he's going to give us a better chance than Blake... we also saw him last week and he actually crossed the 50 against Wisky as well... This is actually the worst he has looked. If CCS really didnt tell them who was starting until just before the game, I'd say that is on him. Just commit to the kid and let him work.
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