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  1. I think that Mack looked good in the GCO partly due to Flowers and having some large holes and good speed. But, don't sell Mack short... his first season here he was in a more pro-style offense and honestly, his draft stock may have been even higher if CWT had stuck with that. From his first game, you could tell that there was an extra level of vision and patience that he possessed to allow things to open up. Cronk probably has all of the skills, but, I don't know if he has the vision that Mack had. Forget speed, vision is something that RBs at the next level need to be successful. Frank Gore at 35 years old had a heck of a season for Miami this year because he has elite vision, probably as good as anyone who has ever played... He certainly doesn't have 4.4. or 4.5 speed (I don't think he ever did), but, a guy who can get you 5 ypc in the NFL is more valuable than a guy who can break a big one every 200 carries or so. As a dolphins fan, following the reporters, it was fun seeing how they all marveled at how Gore looked in practice and how different he is than the guys on the team that probably have more physical talent at this point. I think Mack is a good combo of speed a vision. He has homerun ability, but, decent enough vision to wait for a hole to open up and get what is there on most plays too. His size may limit him at some point as the speed fades because he does struggle to break tackles on negative plays to minimize the damage.
  2. If Bell comes here and the O looks good, but, team isn't winning, I could see Bell being promoted to HC after CCS is dismissed. Budget option for sure.
  3. Going to be a bad hire. Anyone can see that CCS has failed miserably and is likely on his way out, so, who is going to take a job that is likely a 1-year deal? I know who... Someone nobody else wants and doesnt already have a more solid position. Bell is likely better off staying at his current job and making a move up next year than taking this job, getting hamstrung by CCS and fired at the end of the year. Just because the hire isn't done doesn't mean we haven't offered, it's just not that attractive of a job. Best case is a position coach looking to make a move to OC.
  4. ...said Alabama, AZ St, and now our fanbase. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck...
  5. Good coaches plan ahead... If you're going on 4th down, run a play to get a few yards to make the 4th down more manageable. 4th and 15? I don't like it.
  6. Overthrow and too hot. Wide open, a little touch would let him make that play.
  7. I still have some hope that Kelly is reviewing things. Would make sense for CCS to have BB out there only if he thought his job was on the line.
  8. Haha, yep... But CO has that added dimension according to our coach.
  9. And Barnetts first throw misses by a mile. Panics with pressure and runs for 3 yards... Punt again.
  10. I really don't understand why Barnett is in. He's been sacked because that's what he does. He's fumbled, I'll blame coaches for putting him in cold, and he's handed off. What's the point?
  11. I thought our defense had to hold for us to have a chance to play a 4th QB in the quarter, but, USF football can show a new way for everything.
  12. If our defense can hold, there's still time to get a 4th in there.
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