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  1. Again, in 2 partial games, how many passes has Fortin thrown that a WR couldn't even get a hand on? Bad misses. That ain't going to cut it. Timmy better be the starter next week.
  2. Can some just convince Scott that we can out athlete most of our competition if he just gears his recruiting that way and schemes that way? I am so sick of coaches implementing some system that works great with 5 star recruits at all positions and be shocked that it fails for us.
  3. You want to protect your QB, first, you open your eyes and see that he gives us the best chance to win after last week. 2, when the kid gets his faced shoved into the ground, you get a penalty for attacking a ref before you allow another play. Especially if you're going to punt anyway. What's 15 yards to show your team you have their back?
  4. You know Jim Leavitt would have been in a referees face if that happened to one of his guys. When you coach soft, your team plays soft.
  5. Done with Scott. His QB just got his face pushed into the turf after the play and he's standing over there in the sidelines like skip Holtz.
  6. In mullens defense, I suspect the kid is bad about not snapping his chin strap, so, he's teaching him a lesson in being selfish in a game that means nothing.
  7. Can we call just one hold? Great pass, but the hold on the back side of the play gave him the opportunity to make it.
  8. Anyone remember when our defense scared the opposition enough to make them make mistakes like that?
  9. What happened to short passes, screens, etc we saw on the one good drive we have had in 6 quarters of football?
  10. Yet again, not even close enough to the receiver for him to get a hand on.
  11. McClain time. Too many passes from Fortin that a receiver can't even get a hand on.
  12. Officials are awful, batting the ball out of receivers hand is unsportsmanlike all day long.
  13. I mean, they're running safe throws right now, not asking too much of him. Hopefully just to get him comfortable, not due to lack of faith that he can complete a harder throw.
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