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  1. OK... I was an extended family member to the USF softball program for a while. Even my actual family is divided on the state of the program. This was many years ago, but I got to know Ken well during that time. Ken is one of the best minds the game has to offer in my opinion. The dude would run trick plays that had good coaches (Lisa Fernandez if I recall) yelling at their players when they didn't fall for it. He wanted them to throw the ball to third for instance, they didn't, coach got mad. From what I know, there are players that went through the system that love him, there are al
  2. To me the score matters. First quarter, I take Grothe. Game on the line, I take Q. Kid was as clutch as I have ever seen. He made bad throws early in games, but when the chips we're down at the end of the game, he elevated to a crazy level. If Wilcox hadn't fumbled that ball, I have very little doubt that Q would have won that game.
  3. My dad has been through some probably more mild stuff, but valve issue was causing him to go into AFib. They just did an ablation, seems to be working so far. Anyway, what is the procedure for replacement? Is it catheter, or do they have to open you up? If catheter, my opinion (which is worthless) would be to make the trip to the best place possible. Obviously, if it's a more intense surgery and thus recovery, it makes the decision harder. I don't know anything about it, but I know Advent Health over here in Orlando is well known for Cardiology. I also know that hospitals are big business
  4. Good luck McCloud. I am actually excited about Williams... wife is a big canes fan, so we watch all of their games. He actually did some good things with them. He will need a solid OL. Starting so young, he was getting blown up due to bad OL play, it messed with his confidence, probably his health, and he couldn't overcome it. King then transfers in and he wasn't going to get another shot. We'll see what happens, but I think he has some talent.
  5. On a block down field on a pass play... OPI, but look, he trucked our LB who was watching the QB for A PASS. Used to respect Dungy.
  6. I would like to see a series where we pretend like we can pass. A 3 and out is the same either way.
  7. They're paying us back with a home sellout. We're not trending toward doing that with an AAC game
  8. If they can't overcome a letdown, after last year, then it's going to be a long season anyway.
  9. Ok Coach... Someone has to challenge that incomplete pass. Can't blame strong for that one.
  10. As depressing as this is for us, imagine coach scott going from Clemson to this. Bless his heart.
  11. In fairness, I think McCloud run was supposed to be a pitch, but, ND was on it. Bad call on the fake.
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