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  1. Allegedly, or, did you forget that USF paid a settlement to keep him from filing a wrongful termination suit? Not saying he didn't do it, but, there must not have been enough conclusive evidence to make it a solid win for USF.
  2. Orlando Bull

    Spring Game

    Thanks, good insight. I am sure you are right, but, I wonder if the team believes that he actually WON the job, or, if they feel like it was handed to him. It's so hard to tell anyway. I am sure that Q probably didn't look stellar in practice, but, it's hard to judge the "it" factor until they're on the field. Q had "it". Maybe none of our options now have it...
  3. I was wondering if someone who attended the spring game could give some insight into CO and BK? Before BB was in the picture, one of these guys would have been our QB this year. How did they look? I think BB is a good kid/man/whatever you want to call him. I applaud him for chasing his dream and I want to see him succeed. However, at this point, I think I see why he didn't stick at his previous schools. He has a ton of physical talent, he's made some big plays for us to win some games, but, he seems like a 1-read QB. If pressure gets to him, at best, he can take off and pick up a few yards, but, he's not looking to throw any more. He's missing throws badly. The dart he threw to McCants should have had some air under it to allow him to make a run after the catch, as it was, McCants had to make a miraculous play to even catch the ball. The Salomon fumble play was another bad throw. Darnell had his guy beat, but, had to stop and wait for the ball. This allowed defenders to gather around him and he screwed up trying to make a play. Totally his fault, gotta secure the football, but, if it had been out in front of him, that play doesn't happen. So... I don't really care to bash BB, that wasn't the goal, just some weaknesses that I see watching him. Bringing it back around to the original question... I am assuming BB is the best we have and that's why he's playing. For those who were at the spring game, were we completely lost? Was this team sunk if CO or BK had to be the QB this year? Any intangibles that jumped out? Throwing accuracy off? I guess against our defense, anyone could look OK, I am just trying to understand the unwavering loyalty to BB. I've said it before, even if one of those guys is a step back, I think you get more out of the team. The team battled together in the spring, the guys saw them behind Q last year. I think there is a team-mentality that <CO/BK> is OUR guy and if this "new" guy is going to be given the job, he's got to make more plays. I can't find reference, but, I always heard a tale of one of the Marks brothers for the Dolphins making a comment when asked about a play he missed saying something to the effect of "the man with the million dollar arm" has to make a better throw.... or something like that. I wonder if this team has that mentality about BB... he's the "anointed" one, so, they are relying on him to make the plays.
  4. Orlando Bull

    Something to Ponder

    I agree with points 2, 4, 5, but... 1. We did NOT have BCS talent players for CJL's entire time in the BE. He coached 5 years in the BE, not 6... One of which he lost his starting QB and had to play a rookie, everyone remembers the FSU game, but, BJD struggled that year in a lot of games. In 2005, we were playing with seniors that started their career playing with no conference affiliation at all, after that, we were recruiting into C-USA for a year. I honestly don't think there is enough there to say he plateaued, but, that will be debated. I don't think anyone would have wanted him fired after 2 years in the BE, that's nonsense. I get your point though, I am not on the FIRE CCS train yet. I think OC needs to be changed. We fans got spoiled by getting to the top of the mountain and now anything less seems like failure. Whether CJL plateaued or not, to me, there is no argument that they way he was fired, and the subsequent hire of Holtz set the program back quite a bit. I often wonder if CJL had stayed if we really would have been left out of the conference realignment. Probably, but, it wasn't a good look that we had scandal and terrible football when all of that was happening.
  5. Orlando Bull

    Something to Ponder

    Top-30 class his last year with I believe 4 NFL caliber guys. Williams, Barrington, Webster, JPP. Carlton mitchell was also there along with BJD on offense. Skippy had plenty of talent to squander. (Yes, I know JPP and mitchell left, Mitchell because of the coaching change)
  6. Holding there, but, if BB puts that ball out in front of the WR, he's walking into the endzone... guy gets held... meaning slowed down... and he throws BEHIND him still?
  7. so... we are NOT going to win this game... can we try another QB? Let one of the guys get a few series to see if they can spark this offense? Even on the move there, it seems sluggish and like it's got to be 100% error free for anything good to happen.
  8. I feel like we should be running more of a hurry up at some point...
  9. In fairness to Darnell on that particular play, if the ball wasn't 5 yards under thrown, he likely would have either caught it because he had his man beat, dropped it, or, it may have been deflected. Kid was trying to make a play after having to stop and come back to the ball. Still... can't let that happen, but, other things were wrong with that. The overthrow to McCants cost us 6 as well.
  10. We did something good... announcer calls us UCF... makes sense at this point.
  11. Everyone's complaining about the DB... I want to know why the QB has 10 seconds to run around with the ball without any pressure?
  12. I seriously would like to see if CO could provide a spark to this offense... and not just running the ball, give the kid a series to run the offense.