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  1. Working with PR firm to run through all possible spins for the media with CJL returning. Gotta have a great statement prepared.
  2. Leavitt: I'm so excited to be home. VPoA MK and I have discussed the circumstances of my previous dismissal. We have cleared the air and former players and coaches have recounted the events to Mr. Kelly. While I maintain my innocence, I understand the position this great institution took at the time based upon the misinformation in the media. The safety of all students is of paramount importance and Mr Woolard acted as he saw fit. It was unfortunate that the facts were clouded by conjecture. I am thankful for the opportunity to return home and finish what we started in 1997. Go Bulls!
  3. This started nothing... McMurphy had it out for Leavitt long before that. That year started off with a bang when an 18-year old kid used the N word at practice and McMurphy wrote a piece about it, insinuating that Leavitt was complicit in the language of his freshman recruits who had been on campus for all of 2-3 months (max). Previously, McMurphy also had run-ins with Leavitt. It was an ongoing mission for BMM to cause trouble for CJL... honestly, I don't know if CJL really engaged that much other than to razz McMurphy occasionally. He did ban the media after the incident above. Funny though, CCS's practices were closed to the media, that's not unusual, but, Leavitt took some shots over banning them. I guess it was different then... the media actually wanted to cover USF football... now, I bet the media guys are hoping the new coach keeps practices closed so they don't have to worry about extra work for a terrible team. https://www.thebullspen.com/topic/60645-idiot-of-the-year-awardbrett-mcmurphyno-media-allowed-now-wonder-why/#comments
  4. I don't think I could do it... but... scroll down his twitter feed... the guy LOVES tampa (has something on there about being a lot of places, but, he cant stop smiling when he lands in Tampa). He also loves his momma, who is in the Tampa Bay area. I think there are a lot of intangibles here. Depends on what MKs pitch to him is if he does indeed want to bring CJL home. Does anyone know how LRS felt about CJL? Was there ever any sentiment by the "founding fathers" of the program that firing CJL was the worst thing that could happen for the program? Does MK have knowledge of something like that from his contacts? As much as there has been discussion of CWTs dream job being FSU, I think that this is CJLs dream job. Only he can decide if he can put the past behind him and live that dream again if given the opportunity. I hope MK gives him a chance. I still think it's highly unlikely, but, CJL's "crazy world/trust in the Lord and all things will work out" tweet makes me think there is something going on. He could be up for any number of jobs though, so, there could be something going on that has nothing to do with USF... just him being in Tampa right now makes it interesting.
  5. Forget about CWT in the equation. I see no way that CJL would even consider coming back here in a lesser position than where he left. He can be DC somewhere else most likely, make more money, and not have to feel emaciated on a daily basis. How demeaning to think of going back to your old employer with a demotion. I sure as hell wouldn't do it in my position. Working for Taggart and even being "demoted" somewhere else is one thing... going back to USF as anything less than HC just aint happenin'. Best case is co-HCs or Leavitt as HC and CWT as asst HC/HCIW since CJL is getting older. CWT and CJL have some chemistry and if CWT is serious about settling down somewhere and was "happiest" in Tampa (I 100% believe his family was probably better here than WKU/Oregon/Tally), then, he may actually go for a slight demotion with the bigger job being his later down the road.
  6. For those that want CJL and CWT... the only possible scenario is co-HCs, but, that is crazy talk... along with anyone who thinks CJL would even consider being our DC. (in other news... God I hope this tweet is real, #bringhimhome!)
  7. In fairness... the team practiced all spring and fall with a pro-style QB who in theory fit Bell's system. I'm not defending him, but, I suspect that it is really hard to install a new offense mid season when you realize that your pro-style guy has happy feet and your OL is terrible. In my profession, I have learned my greatest lessons from my mistakes. Apply this to Bell or Scott, or anyone else we're talking about... people are capable of adapting and improving. Hopefully no one is written off by a single season's performance or one choke/slap.
  8. I'm not saying to hire him... but, out of everyone that Miami could have made interim when Golden was let go, they went with Scott and the team rallied around him. I don't know what all goes into that, but, for some reason that is where they went. And... For reference... Dabo Swinney was never a coordinator... he was a WR coach before being interim and then HC at Clemson. I am sure there are other examples, but, it is possible to be a successful head coach without being a successful coordinator first... again though, I am not pining for Scott, just don't think he's as far off as some people think. 1000% agree with the second part here. I don't think CWT is the greatest game-day coach, probably not bad though. He did call the plays here, but, Q made a lot happen on his own. When you can just call QB run on 3rd and 7 and the special talent you have at QB converts 75% of them, I can't credit the play calling completely. He put guys in position to succeed and could have just as easily called bad plays on those 3rd downs that didn't convert. He knew Q could pick them up most of the time, so, he went with it. But, Q was a generational talent. That's my only hesitation about CWT, can he do it in the absence of a phenom at QB (or, at least consistently recruit that type of guy, which would be even more impressive). To me, CWT proves that this conference can be won by out-talenting people. He recruited well and we had the most talent on the field at all times, leading to a great record and scoring like crazy. BUT, his time since here and in games against equally talented teams (FSU), he left a lot to be desired from a coaching perspective. I wouldn't want to rely on him to game plan to beat Nick Saban, but, that's not our position in the college football landscape, so, let's do the talent thing for a while by hiring a great recruiter/adequate coach. CWT or someone else.
  9. But imagine if USF fired CWT after his 2-10 season. You'd be saying... 'yeah, let's hire a guy who's 1 year as a head coach he went 2-10' Not saying I'm all in on Scott, but, that's not the only thing you can look at. Also, Scott wouldn't be coming in as OC, I suspect he would hire someone for that. He ran pro-style there, but, was part of spread offenses here... People adapt. Edit: forgot tags was HC at WKU, same argument applies because his record there in year 1 was bad also.
  10. Absolutely not. No way no how. What a slap in the face that would be (I know, bad joke, but seriously, no way) Maybe CJL as HC, Tags as HCIW/OC for 3 years.
  11. I'd only be embarrassed if he fails, or, leaves us high and dry again after 3 years. Honestly, I want to hear from Q. The way Tags left was bad, but, my heart went out to Q. They were close, Q has so much personal pain, I was hurt for the kid that Tags couldn't stick it out one more year with him. If Q wasn't hurt by it, there's no reason for me to be.
  12. Worse than 4th and 24? I wasn't in love with Woody, but, I don't know how you possibly prepare kids to try to play through a full back running at them full speed and diving at their knees. BS "blocking" by that kid.
  13. Actually, if that was indeed the plan, I like MK even more... that means he identified his guy last year, got him on board with a "prove it" one year deal and was able to determine that he wasn't "the guy" without giving him a contract/3-years/buyout... Brilliant! I guess the down side is if that was indeed "his guy", what's in store for us now?
  14. I get where you're coming from and understand you have a personal situation that applies here... BUT... "think of the children"... Let's say that horrible thing that happened between you and your ex ended up resulting in her/him taking your child, filling them with mental poison about you, and ruining your relationship not only with your ex (AD/Judy), but, also your kid (team) and your ex's family who you really like (fans)... When your ex is tragically struck by a bus and dies... don't you JUMP at the opportunity to have a relationship with your child again? When the family (fans again) wants you back in their life and it's your kid that you helped to raise, it's this different than the scenario you reference? Again, I get where you're coming from and you may be 100% correct, but, I don't know if it can be applied across the board and if you put it in "kid" context, I have seen some people do some pretty terrible things to their parents, but, the parents always forgive them and want to have as much of a relationship as possible. Its different with a spouse, cousin, sister/brother, but, a parent always has a place in their heart for their own children.
  15. I have no inside knowledge, but... With fans clamoring for him, I would think someone in the athletic department would leak the real terms if it wasn't possible just to keep order with the fans. My other hunch is that there could be a larger force that has to be overcome. The fact that FSU hired him helps me with that a bit. At some point, USF is a state institution (as is FSU) and the state could step in and say no I suspect... again... with FSU hiring him, it would be hard to say that he's not stable enough to work for a public institution that's not in the panhandle... Maybe, but, there could be just as many of those people who weren't on board with her decision in the first place (or at the very least, see the error in it now)... also, if MK is your guy, you run the risk of losing him very quickly if he gets over ruled on hiring the person he wants to hire.
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