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  1. I'd say Grothe's injury is where the USF world fractured. If MG had been healthy, that team would have been better, CJL would have been less stressed, players would have been less likely to stab him in the back. I really think that was our year before MG's knee.
  2. Man, this just made me feel old. We have Gators here in orlando, so, I thought all were closing... then... clicked on an article that it was the Tampa location on fowler and closing after 17 years... I was racking my brain to try and remember where it was when I was in school only to realize that I have been out of there for a little longer than that. When I first saw it, I was like "no way, I don't remember them being there!" I would have remembered, the local Gators Dockside was a hangout when I was in HS, so, it would have stuck out to me if opened while I was in school... Anyway, on topic... For people saying the other sports aren't being played... there are still coaches getting paid, scholarships getting paid out, possibly more schollys coming if NCAA allows a 1-year change since they are adding eligibility for seniors. There's still going to be incoming freshmen that have been promised scholarships. There's quite a bit of money going out on all sports even when they aren't actively playing games. Will be interesting to see how things rebound. How sweet it would be though if this took down ESPN and the P5 as a result of their cash cow being gone. One can dream right?
  3. If Mack stays healthy this year and puts up a good ypc average, he'll be just fine. Someone will pay him. I wish Miami had traded for him instead of Brieda is Indy is going to part ways with him. He'll split carries, so, they will diminish his value a little by using him less. He will need a good agent to get him a lucrative incentive deal if he can't get the guaranteed money based on losing some value this year. From Indy's standpoint, I get it. Mack has had some nagging injuries that have kept him off the field, I just don't know that a guy with 6 million college carries has a better outlook on his body not breaking down. Who remembers the UCF kid that was pretty good, but, his legs gave out about a year in because he took on too much at UCF? These kids love the hype they get from be "the guy" in college, but, running as much as a lot of them do is taking it's toll on their long-term health and football earnings.
  4. This... as much as I want to forget, I keep going back to the Q magic that we were seeing that day and thinking Q would have gotten us the win if Mitch held on to that ball. I wish him well, but, its all I think of when I hear his name.
  5. If I was Baltimore, I would have him. If something happens to Jackson, they would have Q and RG3. I don't know if Q's arm is an issue, definitely needs to work on touch, but, IMHO, he's light years ahead of Tebow's passing when he was drafted. Delivery may be a concern. He has a long throwing motion that takes a little more time than most. I hope he gets to start for the XFL and dominates that league, then gets a shot to at least hold a clip board in the NFL and make some money.
  6. I wonder how hard the switch to safety would be for Q now... Maybe throw a good season on tape as safety and return specialist, then catch on with an NFL team. I am so proud of what Q did here and overcoming so many hurdles. It's bitter sweet though, would he have been a first round safety if he had gone to play that position for Saban? Hope the kid has success wherever he ends up.
  7. In your rant... do you see the pieces coming together? You are basically saying that we need to pull in a full team of P5 recruits while in a G5 conference, going up against basically every P5 program east of the Mississippi that tries to recruit Florida heavily. We can occasionally have one or 2 pieces of that puzzle in place (for instance, Mack and MVS), but, it's not the norm, nor sustainable for us. I completely agree with you, we can certainly make a pro-style work if we get the pieces in place, but, it's going to be hard to consistently have that talent level at all positions. Eventually though, good coaching can mask some deficiencies on the OL, even in a "pro-style" system. Hopefully we have the right coach and he gets the right staff to maximize his talent. I have always thought great coaches adapt to their talent. You see it with John Harbaugh in Baltimore right now. He has embraced Jackson and changed their style and is being rewarded with wins and a ton of fun. The great quote about Don Shula is my favorite... "He can take his'n and beat your'n and you'rn and beat his'n." - Houston Oilers coach Bum Phillips on Don Shula's coaching talent Basically, if CJS can come in here and recruit the best players we can recruit and coach them up to be the best players they can be, he'll have a ton of success. If he sets his sights on only players that fit his system, we'll likely miss on the rare talents like Q who can lift the team on their shoulders and carry us to wins.
  8. puc - I feel like you're holding something back... Can you tell us how you really feel about CKB? Inquiring minds want to know.
  9. I completely agree... looked like a kid that hasn't been playing the position very long. The fact that he accomplished what he did with so little experience is what gave me some hope. Not sure if he can make a huge leap or not, but, I am not in the camp of completely writing the kid off just yet.
  10. Just remember that Scott coached McCloud's brother at Clemson. There is already a connection there and I wouldn't be shocked if Jordan enters the season as the starter. I saw some good things out of McCloud. Was he perfect? Absolutely not!... but... for a kid in his, what, 3rd year at the position, he did some good things. He has the tools (I don't think his arm is as weak as some of you, I guess it is when he's playing with a separated shoulder, but, hopefully that's not the norm).. He had a little bit of Q clutch-ness in him during the close games at the end. I certainly think we could do better, but, I KNOW we could do a whole lot worse. Prop up the line and tailor the offense to him and JM can win some games. We'll lose some too, but, that is our world. I am 1000% opposed to Franks. His demeanor and arrogance are a turn off for me in addition to bad decisions. He's a WAY less likable Blake Barnett.
  11. And skip signed up for a BCS conference. Its a different ball game now. I guess we're lucky he was a bad coach so that we didn't have to see him jump when we got demoted.
  12. Like the Schiano Tennessee buyout? That's good work if you can get it! $2.5M to never set foot on campus.
  13. So... does this mean that CJL is still in play? Maybe MK took both to the BoT with Scott as first choice, but, then gave him an offer with a $10M buyout if he leaves and a $1M buyout if we fire him, knowing that JS wouldn't take it... so he could get his guy in the end!
  14. Honestly... if he comes in here with the mind set that there are recruits "above our level"... I have to say, I already don't like this hire. I know this is hearsay at best, so, I'll assume it's not real. But, I don't want our coach recruiting for someone else or thinking thoughts like "this guy is too good for us, I'll pass him off to a real program". I get where Clemson fans would see it that way though, so, again, I'll consider the source here.
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