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  1. In your rant... do you see the pieces coming together? You are basically saying that we need to pull in a full team of P5 recruits while in a G5 conference, going up against basically every P5 program east of the Mississippi that tries to recruit Florida heavily. We can occasionally have one or 2 pieces of that puzzle in place (for instance, Mack and MVS), but, it's not the norm, nor sustainable for us. I completely agree with you, we can certainly make a pro-style work if we get the pieces in place, but, it's going to be hard to consistently have that talent level at all positions. Eventually though, good coaching can mask some deficiencies on the OL, even in a "pro-style" system. Hopefully we have the right coach and he gets the right staff to maximize his talent. I have always thought great coaches adapt to their talent. You see it with John Harbaugh in Baltimore right now. He has embraced Jackson and changed their style and is being rewarded with wins and a ton of fun. The great quote about Don Shula is my favorite... "He can take his'n and beat your'n and you'rn and beat his'n." - Houston Oilers coach Bum Phillips on Don Shula's coaching talent Basically, if CJS can come in here and recruit the best players we can recruit and coach them up to be the best players they can be, he'll have a ton of success. If he sets his sights on only players that fit his system, we'll likely miss on the rare talents like Q who can lift the team on their shoulders and carry us to wins.
  2. puc - I feel like you're holding something back... Can you tell us how you really feel about CKB? Inquiring minds want to know.
  3. I completely agree... looked like a kid that hasn't been playing the position very long. The fact that he accomplished what he did with so little experience is what gave me some hope. Not sure if he can make a huge leap or not, but, I am not in the camp of completely writing the kid off just yet.
  4. Just remember that Scott coached McCloud's brother at Clemson. There is already a connection there and I wouldn't be shocked if Jordan enters the season as the starter. I saw some good things out of McCloud. Was he perfect? Absolutely not!... but... for a kid in his, what, 3rd year at the position, he did some good things. He has the tools (I don't think his arm is as weak as some of you, I guess it is when he's playing with a separated shoulder, but, hopefully that's not the norm).. He had a little bit of Q clutch-ness in him during the close games at the end. I certainly think we could do better, but, I KNOW we could do a whole lot worse. Prop up the line and tailor the offense to him and JM can win some games. We'll lose some too, but, that is our world. I am 1000% opposed to Franks. His demeanor and arrogance are a turn off for me in addition to bad decisions. He's a WAY less likable Blake Barnett.
  5. And skip signed up for a BCS conference. Its a different ball game now. I guess we're lucky he was a bad coach so that we didn't have to see him jump when we got demoted.
  6. Like the Schiano Tennessee buyout? That's good work if you can get it! $2.5M to never set foot on campus.
  7. So... does this mean that CJL is still in play? Maybe MK took both to the BoT with Scott as first choice, but, then gave him an offer with a $10M buyout if he leaves and a $1M buyout if we fire him, knowing that JS wouldn't take it... so he could get his guy in the end!
  8. Honestly... if he comes in here with the mind set that there are recruits "above our level"... I have to say, I already don't like this hire. I know this is hearsay at best, so, I'll assume it's not real. But, I don't want our coach recruiting for someone else or thinking thoughts like "this guy is too good for us, I'll pass him off to a real program". I get where Clemson fans would see it that way though, so, again, I'll consider the source here.
  9. I agree, but, it seems odd that we as fans, and I think the USF Athletic Department wants this coach (whoever it is) to be a rain maker with donors... if it's truly about the University and not the coach, shouldn't we hire someone else to be doing that work? Wasn't that originally Selmon's position? It all speaks to a lack of commitment from USF to the football program. If we need an IPF, someone needs to figure out how to get it done. As others mentioned. We had some $$ from the BE days. I know we needed a baseball and softball stadium, soccer stadium, etc, but, someone needs to stretch that money into football facilities too.
  10. This... Forget about CJL for a minute here... IF indeed CJL was MKs guy and the BoT vetoed it... I think we have bigger issues and wouldn't get too attached to MK. I highly doubt that this is true, but, it would be a real cause for concern about how much USF is really supporting their athletics department and specifically the guy they have tasked with running it if they won't let him make the decisions.
  11. Leavitt was a lifer. Skip wasn't a rental because we were still in a BCS conference CCS is interesting... not sure if it's better for him to have been a rental (if he had some success), or, him staying here for a few years because it was a low-pressure/not quite retirement job. I really hope Scott has success first and foremost. Then... ideally he would stick around. I can think of only 2 legit names that would have been loyal... Leavitt and L Scott. Other than that, J Scott is probably the best of the "field" and will likely have more success than L Scott. I'm happy with the hire, just stating my opinion on where we are as a program. Stepping stone, not destination for 99% of the candidates.
  12. Yes... because in every program across America, when a new coach is hired, 100% of fans love the hire! We "grumpy old men" have just had enough of the rental coach... either he is good and he's gone in 3 years, or, he's bad and he's gone in 3 years (if we can afford it, which is fun). On the good side, it takes a bad hire about 1.5 years to tear it down again. As for donors... I hope you're right, but, I would be hard pressed to open my checkbook as a big time donor when this guy tells me that "we're building something here" and that thing we're building is a ladder for him to climb off this ship to a bigger one. Having said that, I don't know that anyone is "bashing" him that I have seen. I am optimistic that he will be a good fit. Maybe he even sticks around a bit because his father lives close and they will get to coach together. There's a sliver of a chance that he either falls in love with Tampa, or, we get invited to a P5 conference during his tenure and he decides to stay. As far as "anyone other than Leavitt" candidates, I am very pleased with the hire and he would have been my top choice. Larry Scott would have been more loyal most likely, but, Jeff Scott is the better hire today. Hell, maybe he'll have a ton of success and Larry Scott will get more experience and he can be our next HC when this guy bolts and we'll have the best of both worlds. While a number of us really wanted Leavitt back, deep down, I knew that it was highly unlikely. I would have been thrilled, but, I am not destroyed by it not being him. I hope he gets the FAU job and does well there.
  13. We'll see... unfortunately, the pattern continues... Scott has had opportunities. Seems like he slow-played MK to see if he could get a better job, so, I suspect he'll bolt for that better job as soon as he gets a chance if he has success here... or, he will fail, like Skip/Charlie and we'll have to fire him and start again. If MK is here for the long haul and can hit on hire after hire, we can do the rental thing. As long as each guy is successful... Great! But, it only takes about 2 years to tear down a good foundation. Skip inherited a team with a promising QB and top 30 defense. Year 1 was fine, but, it went down hill from there. CCS inherited a top-5 QB in all of college football. Year 1, Q carried the team, but, after that, it has been all down hill. Hopefully Scott can turn in around. Will he be able to recruit to USF? I suspect that wearing those NC rings will help and telling players how he helped develop Etienne (sp?), Watson, Lawrence, Higgins, Renfrow, etc... guys that our current recruits have been watching in the playoffs for the last several years. Does Scott have a connection with McCloud already with his brother being at Clemson? How involved was he with Clemson's OL? What is his work schedule going to be going into the playoffs? Does he recruit hard for us over the next 8-9 days and then head back to Clemson to finish the season with them (honestly, I think I'd be more impressed if he does, even though it hurts us to an extent maybe). What kind of staff is he going to bring in? Is he going to watch film from this year to see what he has to work with (I pity him)? Leavitt was my number 1 choice and I still wish USF had gone that route, but, I am open to seeing what Scott can do. Maybe he strikes gold and wants to stay here where he can work with his dad. Who knows. I'll just be happy if he puts a team on the field that plays the game with passion and if I can tell by watching him on the sidelines that he actually cares a little bit... that would be awesome.
  14. Are you just getting home from drinking all night? You're not making sense. Those of us old guys are asking for Leavitt for the exact reason you state. This program needs some juice. Not a rental coach using us for his career ascent. Leavitt is the guy to bring that juice. If he's hired, I'd like for Brad to post some site stats. There will be a surge in activity.
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