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  1. So... there are definitely varied opinions of this, but... Would everyone prefer an undefeated matchup with UCF for the glory of that one game, or, for UCF to come in with 2 conference losses and us having clinched our division no matter what happens in that game? We're 3 weeks into the season. If UCF gets to 9-0 and we get to 10-0, then, I won't be pulling for them to lose their last game leading up to our showdown, but, for now, I hope they get embarrassed every time they step on the field. I'd rather them be out of the conversation and us coasting to the CCG without worry in that game.
  2. Sorry, I don't follow your logic. Are you saying that UM ignoring MSU made them mad? But now MSU is ignoring UM and it's making them mad? Again, it's a different situation here... Ask any college football fan who is Michigan's rival, and anyone but an MSU fan will say Ohio State. ANYONE. Ask anyone who actually knows that us and UCF aren't the same school who each other's rivals are and most will either shrug their shoulders, or, say that we're each others' rival. Back when we were BCS and they were not, their fans would say that USF was their rival, but, our fans would not. We were superior in every way. They had never beaten us, we had the edge... that did get under their skin. It's been 10 years since we have played them with the ability to really rub it in their face that they were beneath us. I don't think pretending that they are beneath us now will fool them or anyone else for that matter.
  3. Well, the world is a different place than when CJL was here... we were undefeated against them, in a better conference, had more money, and were on an upward trajectory, no matter how many crappy conference championships they had. Now, we're equals... hence rivalry. I don't disagree that we didn't want them on our level in the past, but, that ship has sailed. I don't frequent any other message boards, but, I suspect there are threads on the UF boards about FSU, tOSU probably has some Michigan talk, Alabama probably has some Auburn talk... It's college football. While my joy from a USF win is always high, I get a pretty good kick out of losses by the teams I hate too.
  4. THIS... Milton threw 3 INTs against an FCS team in their last outing... a loss to FAU will have them doubting the world around them...
  5. I would say that would be a hard NO... they would have to move the game to Saturday for it to even be a possibility. But, every year, you also have Auburn/Alabama and Ohio State/Michigan... I think it would be hard to overcome those games and moving the game to Saturday wouldn't be feasible...
  6. Orlando Bull


    Just to clarify for everyone... We had a pocket passer before... Chad Barhardt Also, Rodney Adams didn't leave early, he had transferred in from toledo and played his full eligibility. BUT, on a serious note... If my memory serves me correctly, Blackwell was mostly a pocket passer as well. (I checked some stats, looks like in MBs senior year he ran on approximately 18% of plays, by comparison, Grothe ran on closer to 28% of plays in his Jr season, and Barnett is running on about 24% right now... this is QB plays, eliminating handoffs)
  7. Go FAU! I agree, that IF both us and UCF are undefeated on black Friday it would be an amazing opportunity for us... HOWEVER, having been a USF fan since around 1999, I don't have any evidence that we are going to take care of 100% of our own business. I'm not being negative, I think we can do it, but, pulling for UCF on the hopes that we win our next 8 games is a line I am not willing to cross. If this was November and we were both undefeated, I may change my tune, but, a september game with a long season ahead doesn't make me a UCF fan. At this point, I don't care if they come into our game at 2-8... You don't see UM or UF fans hoping that Willie get's his crap together at FSU because it will ultimately help them, those guys are rolling around laughing at the implosion in Tallahassee.
  8. Orlando Bull

    Gotta Get This Off The Chest

    I won't say that I read every post here, but, I have a general rule that I try to follow... don't be a nuisance to others... So, even if I REALLY want to stand for the entire time, if I am going to block someone else by doing so, I'll sit my butt down so as not to inhibit someone else. I tend to think it's just being courteous, but, it seems I am more the exception than the rule these days. This is not directed at anyone in particular, but, if you're standing and the people behind you can't see, do you realize that you are making a statement that you are more important than them? That you have decided that your enjoyment of the game is the most important thing in the world and they can go fly a kite? This isn't really about sitting or standing at a football game, it's all facets of life. Try to be mindful of others, look for ways that you can get what you want without trampling on someone else. The world will be a better place. For the specific issue here, nothing you can do at an away game except try to let everyone enjoy without putting yourself first. But, for home games, I completely agree that USF should market sections of the stadium as standing areas and let everyone know that this section is likely to have obstructed views from the seated position.
  9. Orlando Bull


    Mitchell would hold the top spot if he hadn't left early most likely. He was probably our most talented WR to date in my opinion. Good combo of speed and size. StFelix could get there as well. He needs to add some weight and I don't think he's as tall as listed. Across the board, I feel like our WR corps is deeper than it has ever been. McCants is a beast, he should move well up the board by the end of the year.
  10. I know what everyone is saying, but, I can't remember a ton of games where a QF led offense was held to only 7 points through 3 quarters... and on one hand (after Tags let him play) the number of games with less than 30 points... I don't care what it looks like, I want to see wins. Phillip Rivers is one of the best QBs in the NFL, what has that gotten his team during his career? A whole lot of nothing. Meanwhile, Joe Flacco and Nick Foles have super bowl rings. I personally vote than any thread about BB not have any comparisons at all to QF. IF and it's a big IF there is one comparison, I would say that they both seem to have a second gear in crunch time. How many times did QF put the team on his back late in a game. That was my biggest concern coming it. It appears as though BB has that same ability. It is going to look different, but, there is no reason to compare.
  11. Orlando Bull

    Blake Barnett

    Just getting back in town, didn't get to watch the game, and haven't caught up on things... but, keep in mind that BB hasn't really played in like 3 years and is just now getting his real experience at this level. He's more refined than a freshman most likely, but, certainly not to the level of a seasoned junior yet. He has all of the tools, can his feel for the game be accelerated? We'll see...
  12. I am on the bubble... on the one hand, what happened to UCF last year is depressing as a USF fan in that it basically proves that no one from the AAC is going to get in... on the other hand, if we had not lost to Houston, it would have been interesting to see our ranking going into the UCF game and if that would have given the winner enough of a boost to get in. Highly unlikely without another signature win for either team. It's definitely important to schedule whoever will play us... I know everyone wants the home and home series, but, 2-for-1's or even payday games are what we'll need to get them on the schedule.
  13. Did you guys see that UCF/UNC is cancelled? They'll have something to whine about again, losing their chance to beat a P5 team... I have dreamed about how fun the marketing campaign could be if by a huge miracle we could actually sneak in the playoff and win it... you know... like "Actual National Champs" billboards and such. I'm not saying that I allow myself to believe it, but, it would be hilarious!
  14. Orlando Bull

    Barnett: Real Deal

    On the defensive side, one thing I was shocked by was the lack of rotation... maybe I missed it and a lot more guys played than I noticed, but, it seemed like the same guys were on the field a lot. That worries me a bit for depth if we don't have guys we can rotate in in a game like that one. Hopefully I missed some changes. I literally was expecting 5-6 guys to be running off and on at times. It was likely more subtle than that.