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  1. Have to start with... My sister (softball) Flowers Grothe Selvie Andre Hall Leigh Ann Ellis - one-woman wrecking crew for softball team, doesn't get the credit of Nevins, but, she was more of a work horse Ken Eriksen - former USF baseball player, has done a lot for the school Kohn Ean Randolph Amarri Jackson (if he could have been consistent, he would have been unstoppable) Mack Skinny Raymon Huey Whittaker DeAndrew Rubin
  2. Orlando Bull

    You just got hired...

    My thoughts... Play anyone, anywhere, any time. If we have to play road games against top-5 teams 3x per year, do it. No strings attached. No return game. Take some money, but, don't be greedy. If we're not going to have the fans at home anyway, might as well get air time against good opponents. Shove the academic review committee back into the closet they were hiding in before Skippy. Marginal student = kid who needs an opportunity. I know there is a fine line here, but, ride that line. Another fine line... get your core community partners to treat the players like royalty. Don't give them things that can be quantified and get us into trouble, but, every player that leaves here should go back to their home town singing the praises of life in Tampa while on the football team. Recruit dirty... "hello mr. 4* RB, this is coach Strong. I see you are looking at UF as your top pick... well, let me tell you about the other guys they have coming in, and, the other guys who they recruited and told that they could be a star... in fact, when you come for a visit, I'll let mr Cronkrite tell you all about how that worked out for him." "Look, I know the allure of playing for UF is a big deal, heck, I even wanted to coach there, but, the key to your future is PLAYING, don't risk throwing it away because you like the way you look in Orange" Call Jim Leavitt and figure out a way to bury the hatchet and break the curse. Not saying hire him, but, let your fans know that the past is the past. Make a deal with him to retire his visor right here in his home town as soon as he decides to retire. Make it very public. Own our style. I actually don't think CWT is a great coach and think that he's become a very wealthy man on the back of Quinton Flowers. BUT, one thing I'll say for him is that he had a true identity. The game was over when the whistle blew. He'd put in his backups, but, if they could score 30 on you, then, shame on you. The Miami glory days, they had an identity. The USF glory days, we actually had an identity. Maybe it wasn't everyone's favorite, but, we were a nasty team with a fierce defense that would play out of our minds when the lights were the brightest. Sure, some personal fouls and other 15 yard penalties came with that. So be it! Balls to the wall 4 full quarters, no apologies. Sure it will cost us some games, but, there were a hell of a lot more fans in the stands when we really believed we could beat No.5 WVU. Totally agree about brainwashing students. Make them bleed green and gold, some how, some way. That's really the only thing that builds a fan base. Dead serious... turn people away at the gates if they are wearing garb from any other team than what will be on the field. Get behind USF, or, get out.
  3. Orlando Bull

    USF football tier 2 in the AAC

    New coaching staff hurts, it changes things. The whole "let Q be Q" debate is a hard one. I agree to an extent, but, our offense was still potent last year, but, the DEFENSE made HUGE strides. I really wanted to see Q just do his thing all game every game, but, I get it. The role of ball control offense cannot be overlooked. In 2016, our defense was gassed most of the time because the offense scored so fast. Yes, it was exciting, but, Temple gave the world the blue print for beating us. Keep Q off the field and you win, simple as that. By ticking up in time of possession, the defense was able to stay a little more fresh and actually get a few stops when needed. I anticipate a big drop off on offense this year, but, I expect the defense to continue to improve.
  4. Not for nothing, but, generally, NFL ready OL are not regularly coming from the state of florida... Pounceys being the exception that I can think of... I just did a quick scan, not one OL drafted this year from any Florida school (quick scan, could have missed something)... with the spread-option offenses and speed being more important than "beef" in most cases, it's not a position that is made NFL-ready down here. Just because USF doesn't have a huge, solid OL doesn't mean that everyone running our style of offense is running away from us in that regard. It's the main reason that CWTs Stanford offense didn't work here, and, CCS will have a hard time going with a power run scheme... I believe that CCS will adjust though, he was on that UF staff that did pretty OK at one point, and, has always been a Florida recruiter. He knows what kind of players he's going to be able to get. Sterlin will have to adjust.
  5. Orlando Bull

    Mack Attack 2.0?

    I disagree... When Andre Hall played, the QB was ineffective and he still did pretty well. I don't think the 2018 QBs will be as bad as that, but, I don't know if the RBs will be as good as Hall either.
  6. Orlando Bull

    Bulls greatest plays/blunders

    I'll throw a few in that I haven't seen mentioned... Good 2007- Jenks pick at Auburn, that game felt like it was about to slip away when he pulled down that red zone pick 2009- Nate Allen had a big hit early in the FSU game that set the tone, next time through, WR got alligator arms and FSU punted on their first possession I believe 2005 - someone mentioned 1 A Jackson play, but, really, give the kid the whole game. He went beast mode. 2007 - C Mitchell catch on the sidelines against WVU for a TD 2016 - Flowers gets it out to Adams as he's being tackled for a huge first down against Memphis to stay in the game 2016 - pretty much every 3rd and 7ish when the whole world knew Q was going to run and he still got the first Bad 2007 - Alverado almost kills a cheerleader with one of his many shanks against Auburn (to be fair, the tying FG he hit may have been one of my favorite plays, kid had to feel like garbage that day, but, he made it when we needed it the most) 2016 - that GD MF'n FB for Temple diving at people's knees trying to end careers the whole game and the announcers acting like he was a badass out there "blocking" Any time we played Ray Rice 2009 - backstage Louisville (or at least the "story" about it)
  7. I'll offer a couple of reasons... 1. Prestige - softball has become a rich/entitled kids sport. USF isn't exciting to the brand of kid playing these days compared to an SEC school with $$$ to burn. Let's just say that kids start at 10, playing year-round until they are 18... probably 15 tournaments/year. Average family probably spends $500/tourney for travel, food, etc. People have $60k in their kid's softball career by the time they are off to college. I 100% bet that's a LOW estimate. When parents put that kind of money into something, they treat their kids like royalty and only the best for their little princess when it comes to picking a college. 2. Facilities - not necessarily now, but, USF failed Ken by putting his team on a rec field for all those years. He was winning 50+ games per year while half of the SEC and ACC were thinking about starting their programs. They quickly left USF in the dust on the recruiting trail. These are my opinions, could be totally off base. My sister played for Ken from 98-01. I worked with the team and directly with Ken for 3 years as well (01-03). He's the best I saw back then. Smart man, very cerebral. Treats players differently based on their motivational needs (which can cause issues, but, generally gets the best out of everyone), plays mind games with opposing players and coaches, looks for any edge to help his players succeed. I don't think there are many coaches better, I just think that for some reason, he can't get the players to compete at the highest level. I'm not sure if he's still running any trick plays, but, I have seen a trick play of his not actually work one time because the player didn't fall for it, only to see her coach SCREAMING at her for not "falling for it"... this was a legendary coach too. It totally flew over her head that if the kid did what she was screaming at her to do, the trick play works. One of my best memories of seeing him just completely out smart the coach on the other side of the field.
  8. Orlando Bull

    Your take on this past football season

    "It was a blast to watch Quinton Flowers do his thing, especially in the last 2 games, to be a part of watching a special kid put a team on his back the way he did will be the memory I am left with" Not for nothing, but, I fully believe this team would have lost at least 1 game even if CWT had stayed. The defense would have continued to regress and teams would have done everything they could to play keep away from us. CCS may not have put the product on the field that some were expecting, but, the only take-away from that is that we as fans had inflated expectations, especially of CCS being able to come in and improve what we had. It's always a transition. In the long run, I actually think he's a better coach than CWT, but, CWT had some lightning in a bottle with the offense. Thinking we were going to see that again was our own fault.
  9. I also think there was a real focus of keeping Q healthy. He had a lot of those dynamic plays in 2016 early in games, or, even at times where we were pulling away from teams. Last year, we really only used him sparingly as a runner unless the game was on the line. When he did run, he was definitely cognizant of taking hits. As for his build not working at the next level... Russell Wilson is almost the same exact build and he's been pretty durable. Not exactly the same type of player, but, Q would have to be more like this year but better passing to make it at the next level. He can't be the running threat that he was in 2015/2016. He'd have to pick spots and take off only when things break down, limiting himself to 10 or so runs per game.
  10. Orlando Bull

    Official Spring Practice Thread

    I'm confused... Was the HB dive about focusing on flowers? I actually feel like Gilbert tried to make DJ more of a focus, but, it didn't work that well. It will come down to trench play, if the OL can hold up and give the QB time, we'll be ok.
  11. Orlando Bull

    Official Spring Practice Thread

    This. I see your point, but... honest to God, in the UCF game and the TTU game I really thought... "uh oh, you guys scored too quick and gave the ball back to Q". With him at the helm, after proving himself, I never felt like I'd rather leave a game up to our defense, or, we were going to need a great kick return to make something happen. I kind of looked at it like... "If Q couldn't win it with the ball in his hands at the end of the game, no one could, so, oh well" Yes, I hope the overall team gets better and we don't have to be in that situation as often as Q had to carry us, but, it's completely unavoidable. At some point, our QB is going to be in that situation. I am not saying it wasn't stressful, just saying that I always felt like if there was a play to be made in those situations, Q was going to make it. Fingers crossed that we win... yes. Fingers crossed that Q wouldn't screw it up and would make some decent plays? - nope, he did it too many times for us to really have to worry about that. I almost wrote last night that he is/was the most clutch performer that I have ever seen on any level. I'm probably too close to his last couple of games to say that with full conviction though. Still, he is at his best when the pressure is the highest.
  12. Orlando Bull

    Official Spring Practice Thread

    I disagree, when it was crunch time with QF, I wanted to grab some popcorn and watch the magic. Didn't have to cross any fingers, he did it too many times for me to doubt him. Hope the next guy doesn't have to do that, but, I suspect we're going to miss it at some point.
  13. Orlando Bull

    Q is Flexible

    Learning WR would be a big ask, but, I would bet that Q can use his elusiveness to sell a route and get wide open. I don't know how his hands are, but, you look at NFL slot receivers, and most of them are not freak athletes, they are quick, sure-handed, and smart. Q has that potential, it's just not an easy position to jump right in to. If he can make it as a returner and then add those skills, it could work for him long-term.
  14. I agree with this and it's most everyone's take... If Q is going to make it at QB, I see him in Seattle, Carolina, Houston backing up Wilson/Cam/Watson. Those offenses are where he would fit, and, if there is an injury, he could get a chance to prove that he's a winner, regardless of stats/accuracy/size. I think Michael Vick kind of ruined the NFL for dual threats. In his time, there was no one like him, so, you couldn't have a viable backup and create an offense that best suited Vick. Plus, due to the style of play, there is a slightly higher risk of injury for these guys (Watson's was non-contact and not related to him running at all if I recall). Now, there are a lot of these QBs. A guy like Q could backup any of those guys I mentioned and if the starter goes down, you're not left with a square peg in a round hole for your backup. You keep running the same offense, let your QB use their feet, etc. I don't care what anyone says, those guys I mentioned above are fan favorites. They're exciting, way more exciting than watching Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, etc... The hesitation has been from coaches set in their ways, and terrified that they will build an offense around a guy that could get hurt and can't be replaced. I'd like to see someone go all-in with Jackson and Q. Let them do their thing. I think Jackson probably has more tools, but, Q is more of a winner. Either way, build an offense for these guys, either one will make noise and win games.
  15. See... most people want this... I however want a QB that will do anything it takes to win. Run, Pass, hand-off, drop kick, pooch punt. I don't care. Win the game. Go back to the bowl game. How many of you had the same feeling I did when TTU scored? That feeling... "You guys just gave Q too much time". I had supreme confidence that our QB could pull out a win. Didn't care if he did it all with his legs, or, a deep ball, or, several intermediate passes. I knew that he could get it done. We won't have that this year and I'll personally miss it as a fan. (btw, I felt the same against UCF and will always wonder if Q would have come through again if not for the fumble) Whoever wins the QB battle has a long ways to go before the fans can feel that way. Back in the CJL days, I wanted our defense on the field with the game on the line. Maybe it will go back to that under CCS. Put them out there with a 2-pt lead and watch them completely stifle the opponent and force a mistake. I'm good with that as long as the result is a W.