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  1. His evaluation after the first 12 games is F+. He can only go up from here.
  2. Jordan went off in that game and McCloud played well enough to win. Lets do it again.
  3. Not a fan of this ghost USF logo. I love the oversized U but make it GOLD
  4. I like the way Battie runs but he seems to trip over a blade of grass as soon as he gets to the next level. He can take it to the house for sure.
  5. So does the fact that Timmy got the start mean we are done with The Cade experiment?
  6. So does yesterday’s game show that Cade is done? Did he lose the team? Timmy from now on?
  7. Time to show just who the **** you are.
  8. and USF winning this was a great Saturday.
  9. If he can’t beat out Fortin that’s a huge red flag. I have been completely underwhelmed by CF. Really a bummer after all the fluff n stuff I read.
  10. After two games we’ve seen a beleaguered defense that gets worn down cause they are playing 50 minutes a game. And Caden Fortin is not our QB giving us the chance to win.
  11. I was gonna make a thread Do we beat FAMU Saturday? After watching Jax State beat FSU coupled with what I’ve seen the last two games, this is not a lay up. If we play Fortin it’s 14 7 us at half time. If we play Timmy I’d say 21 -0 halftime.
  12. It’s been twenty a car/ truck for the longest time. I don’t know if they take cash. My guess is yess. Enjoy the atmosphere. It will be booming.
  13. At least they are pretending to support USF in Gainesville South
  14. Me too. I updated my address in early July and still nothing. Maybe they don’t ship out of state?
  15. Then the team should do their best to keep’em out of the end zone.
  16. Judy simply didn’t care about silly football. She wanted student athletes and a renovated Sun Dome.
  17. Yes it will start with the President. I want to like Mike but he saw this coming and nothing really changed. Maybe he did and it was too late but we are stuck here fir the foreseeable future. We got what Genshaft wanted and UCF got what they wanted too.
  18. I wonder if Cade is like a former QB we had before where he’s litghs out in practice but has stage fright when it’s game time.?
  19. My opinion , sad as it is, there is no next move. Cluelessness from the administration will keep on keeping on. Had a lot of hope for Mike but bungle in the jungle.
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