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Folks -- its gotta be Willie T.

Ties to the area and can recruit like crazy.

We can get him for 1.2 mil.

Took a TERRIBLE WKU program and made it respectable.

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Holtz/coaches/players botched that hire. You won't find 1 in 10 in the college football world that think that was a bad hire at the time ...

I'm sorry but I have a very bad feeling about this hire guys... I hope I am wrong but I think I will be posting a big ole I told you so in 2 years.

or bmm

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turned down by who? We NEED a guy that can recruit the hell out of this state and thats Taggart.

We can't bring another guy with no ties to the area.

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What other then a cup of coffee with Jim Har at Stanford makes you think he's a great choice? 16-20 at WKU.......If Charlie Strong had a hard time finally getting a good job after RINGS with FL....this guy needs to move up to UCF....not us! Seems like a loyal guy though...if we get turned down by 10+ peeps then he would be a good back up....

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He has done a good job at WKU, but hiring a guy just so we can get recruits from his old high school seems a little crazy to me!

The current coach at Manatee should be ashamed of himself for black balling USF, what Holtz did was by no means acceptable, but not allowing any of your kids to sign with USF could be doing them a huge disservice! He's suppose to have their best interest in mind not forbidding them to go to a school cause one guy got his scholarship offers taken away. Again, I'm not trying to defend what Holtz did to that kid.

Name a big name guy that chose WKU over USF.......

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