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  1. I’d take what UCF has over ray Jay every day of the week. They have ave a real game day atmosphere on campus and the stadium is fine. Hate all you want but memory mall + spectrum >>>>>>>> parking lot and ray jay by a long shot.
  2. This is the most concerning part. No improvement... we're actually regressing.
  3. rome's show is awesome - listened all the time in college
  4. i may be out of the loop but have they stated publicly that they're accepting donations for an OCS?
  5. i purposely get seats in the last row so that i can stand whenever i want
  6. Very bizarre on Bronson now that I think about it. Didn’t give it much consideration during the game but he and Mack not playing is interesting.
  7. Really enjoyed watching Barnett out there. He’s got some wheels too.
  8. This is absolute garbage. Whose makes these decisions at the university? Embarrassing
  9. MVS has a ton of potential. Great speed, frame eTc. It’ll be exciting to watch his career.
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