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  1. Apparently coaches decision. Not sure the coach meant for him to take his pads off and leave.
  2. Should be interesting to see what happened. Looks like he took off his pads and went to the locker room solo.
  3. Props to you for trying to see positives. I had very low expectations for this season... despite that I’m still shocked at how small our team looked/played. I’d still grade the coaches pretty poorly today. Didn’t do enough to account for the mismatches.
  4. There’s no talent on the team. Not sure there’s anything the coaches can do.
  5. We look like we’re playing a back yard pick up game. Our QBs are terrible. Overall the team looks small, slow, soft, unprepared etc.
  6. We aren’t barely competitive... We’re literally not competitive.
  7. did BMM actually break this? Seems like it was everywhere... He prob knows someone on BoT
  8. This is a really solid hire. Both OCs at Clemson were in demand!
  9. Brad what’s the scoop on that bullpen twitter post we need more info!!
  10. If the Clemson guys are out... I’d prefer Leavitt over Scott
  11. So I didn’t think about the BOT... How many are still onboard from the Leavitt era?
  12. He has to be getting paid for his advertising right ?
  13. Why would it be great to see Grothe on staff? Is there any evidence at all that he's a good football coach?
  14. There's probably still diligence that needs to be done... if the Clemson guys won't talk until after they're done... who knows how long it might be. If CJL was the #1 choice and he wanted to come here... i'd probably be done by now, no?
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