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  1. Most fun game of the year. Always like going to Orlando for it too.
  2. That’s really the only explanation. Wild.
  3. It isn’t true that we need someone who has a long term commitment to USF… Frost>>Huepel>Malzahn
  4. I’m still stunned that this staff thought Fortin was a better player and gave us the best chance to win.
  5. Shame. You’ll be able to pay 5-10 bucks for a ticket in the coming weeks… sit anywhere you want in the stadium and access club.
  6. I don’t think their tv money will drop much. I think they were expecting a huge uptick when they renegotiated. Now, they may just stay status-quo or see a minor dip.
  7. IMO, this is a predictable statement. I’m struggling with how long I give the administration before I start to think what they’re saying is smoke and mirrors. There’s two things I’m watching out for: 1. We went from a football facility that included an IPF to just the IPF. When are they going to fully commit to the football facility? 2. The OCS comments loom large IMO. USF/Weatherford/Kelly do not have months and months to sit on what was said without action. The excitement generated By Weatherford’s comments will turn to further frustration if we don’t see action. Time-wise, what should our expectations be about seeing the strategy and then words to actions?
  8. Random thought… and I know the cost of a stadium is far higher than lost ray jay revenues… got it. Seeing as nobody is going to USF games this season… how damaging is the lack of attendance, parking, concessions to the day jay rental business case?
  9. This is an intriguing first step. It is such a shame that it has taken this long. I'll reserve full judgement for when we actually see the plans he is referring too. Until then it is lip service. Curious... For projects like these, does USF enable donations that are locked to a specific project/purpose?
  10. We need to beat out Memphis, BSU, Colorado State etc USF leadership needs a very clear plan and a way to re-engage the ticket holders, fans, donor base.
  11. Most former players aren’t coaching… probably because they wouldn’t be good coaches. Very few former USF assistants across all head coaching regimes are doing much.
  12. Clickbait. He knows USF fans are frenzied right now. That headline is going to get views.
  13. I think part 2 is well done We Need to Talk About USF, Part 2 Buckle up. Dr. Matt comes with the love and care needed for USF to fix their...
  14. Such an embarrassing move… That locker room remodel cost $3m!?
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