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  1. Filled mine in. Was clear that I'd increase my donation/ticket purchases with an OCS.
  2. But is it needed to get into a ‘real conference’?
  3. cmhatter

    Somebody has to step up

    whats the definition of support?
  4. cmhatter

    Did Not See This

    Very disappointing. Wonder if he will comment on it.
  5. cmhatter

    The ucf Experience

    Been saying it forever. The erector set trumps Ray Jay every week. Game day on campus is just different and if you were at UCF on friday you’d know it. Much better environment and atmosphere.
  6. if we're going to eun up the middle every play... tice makes more sense
  7. cmhatter

    Looking to score

    Taggart had a year to figure it out. Strong has 6 days.
  8. cmhatter

    Looking to score

    It was pretty miserable. Numerous hams around me were complaining about continued, forced runs up the middle.
  9. cmhatter

    It's Unanimous (I Think)

    lots of hype will be interesting to see how the team responds to pressure
  10. cannot believe i didn't weigh in on the thread... quickly went through all 39 pages
  11. cmhatter

    USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    I'm not sure they're totally caught up in the fact that it's not on campus. I do believe they care about production value of a TV broadcast. 33% capacity doesn't scream big game.
  12. cmhatter


    i'd be disappointed if they went away from soflo
  13. cmhatter

    USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    Here's the way I see it: When I go to on-campus college football games... it's unequivocally different than attending a game in an NFL stadium miles from the school. I want an OCS to get that college football feel at MY school, not someone else's. I want to tailgate at USF, not in a dale mabry parking lot. Beyond my own interests.... I have to imagine that an OCS makes a profound impact on student life. Walking to the stadium is a lot different than driving, bussing, whatever... it becomes a center piece of the university. Additionally, I DO think it's relevant to future P5 consideration. UCF has one and we don't... the differences in our universities are relatively small and we should address any area that makes UCF a more attractive option. Yes, it's a ton of money... but it's a long term investment in athletics, student life and the university as a whole.