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  1. you have to wonder what the national commentary will look like if CJL is hired it has been a decade... but you know it'll get attention
  2. Why are people suggesting that we should bring him in as Asst AD or Dir of Football Ops??? Coach is the only way. He's an instant upgrade over CCS. I'd say hire him or an up and coming assistant from a major power.
  3. I’m completely shocked by the suggestion that USF would consider KB as the head coach going forward. No chance...
  4. Have to add to this one... a few thoughts: IMO, Leavitt is better than all coaches to came after him. if we were to rehire Jim Leavitt... we know that he can have successful seasons (at least the games were fun...) that span the careers of multiple QBs. Having watched the team this season... it’s fairly obvious that Leavitt is a far better coach and motivator than Charlie Strong. The doubts about his coaching abilities in this thread are puzzling. We know he can coach... can he solve the things that hurt him in the past with the last season collapses? Maybe his newfound experience addresses that... I don’t know. Would I consider a change after 3-4 years of being in the spotlight but not quite getting it done... Of course! But even getting back to that is something that would be a major accomplishment at this point. Regarding his settlement language... I’m not a lawyer but I have to believe that if both parties want this to happen... that can be worked out pretty easily. As for other options... Taggart was an amazing recruiter but his last few stints make you question whether or not he puts all the eggs in that recruiting basket... hopes to land a generational talent to ride to success? Or did he build something sustainable that Strong dismantled? If we don’t go the Leavitt route... we should get an up and coming Coordinator from a big school. Whatever happens... I’m just looking forward to actually having fun at the games again... it has been awhile since we have played in a meaningful matchup...
  5. Yeah I kinda like it would be a lot cooler if we won games
  6. I can’t believe this is even a debate. BB is what he is... you’ve got years of film on him. He’s not better today than he was at Alabama or when he first arrived. He has some of the worst mechanics... can’t figure out how to set his feet and is simply an average qb at best. We’re 0-2 with one QB who is clearly playing better in live action. We don’t know exactly what we have in McCloud but I’m willing to bet he’s not going to be worse than what we saw out of the BB led offense...
  7. Worked fine for me. My passes say club access on them.
  8. I can’t believe this is a debate. Gotta be McCloud
  9. im spending more than ever on usf season tickets. Even when we're trash I still enjoy gameday, tailgating, and the first half until it gets out of control
  10. Kerwin Bell is completely lost. He’s a deer in headlights out there. His offense looks atrocious against a bad GT team. The play calling, the execution... all of it. It was absolutely unwatchable with Barnett in the game. The reality is that Blake shouldn’t be the starting QB. He still can’t set his feet and he has virtually no field awareness. It has to be McCloud for the rest of the year.
  11. got it I figured if he got sick it'd be like disclosing an ankle injury
  12. great point... but why wouldn't CCS just say that?
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