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  1. Supersurch

    Gilbert Deserves Coal in His Stocking Thread

    I don't know of it's gilbert or strong or both, but the disappointment with the offense for me was when we are on roll...why step off the gas pedal? Ride QF all the way. The runs up the middle is disconcerting after driving down the field like mad men.
  2. Supersurch

    Adjustments but no game plan?

    Absolutely. Our dc have made some great calls during certain situations all year. As for Sterlin, i dont know. It seems like to me that he is inconsistent making the right adjustments during the game.
  3. Supersurch

    Our achilles heel

    Or maybe its CCS lacking those traits. Or both.
  4. Supersurch

    Our achilles heel

    Sterlin is a good "OC", but he lacks a killer instinct and situational awareness. For instance...we're only up by 6 with 9 mins of game time left and he goes conservative. Q was on fire and Mccants was having a great game. The D just made a great stop. We're playing against a formidable foe at THEIR place and we clam up like we didnt want to lose. I thought that was the turning point to the game. Had we scored again or at least kicked a field goal, we would have put Ucf on their heels.
  5. Supersurch

    Our achilles heel

    If we gonna run we should run Q. Ucf is fast and strong. They have pushed r offensive line backwards on power run plays. Sterling has to trust QF.
  6. Supersurch


    MVS has NFL caliber tools except consistent hands. IMHO.
  7. Supersurch

    USF Football - Immokalee

    Watching this truly brings to light that we are all the same regardless of race, culture, upbringing, or anything else that divides us today. Just trying to make a better life for oneself and one's family. I hope these kids make it big for all of the hard work they've put into their football career and school. All the B.S. they have to put up with from fans. Godspeed to all of those guys.
  8. Supersurch

    4th and F'n 24!!!!

    Game management at the end was the primary reason we lost that game. And i have never been a fan of sitting back watching the qb assess the field on 4th and long.
  9. On where I think he should go: Deatrick Nichols. Although going that high will be slim given our history of circumstances: being South Florida, weak schedule, yada and more yada. Good closing speed. Good tackler. Excellent quickness. Incredible instincts. And decent hands.
  10. Supersurch

    Mack News

    Pagano: It'd be wise to get Marlon Mack more involved Kevin Patra Around the NFL writer Print Look out for the Marlon Mack locomotive. It just hit the second-level and is about to blast off. The rookie running back burst out in Week 5, churning just nine carries into 91 yards and a touchdown. After the big day -- which followed him missing the previous two weeks -- coach Chuck Pagano said he'd like to see Mack's role increase. "I think it'd be wise to try to find ways to get him the football and get him more involved," Pagano said, via the team's official website. "I think that would've happened by itself had he been available the entire time. But it's good to have him back." After flashing in the preseason, Mack saw 16 carries for 21 yards the first two weeks before sitting out Weeks 3 and 4. The rookie returned in a big way. Mack displayed blazing speed to the edge and good one-cut vision. With defensive backs chasing T.Y. Hilton downfield, there is plenty of space on the second level for Colts running backs -- if they can get there. Mack's ability to out-flank box defenders provided plenty of galloping space in the 49ers' secondary Sunday. Mack started to heat up in the second half, ripping off runs of 11 yards, 22 yards (touchdown), 16 yards (overturned touchdown) and a 35-yarder in overtime that set up the winning field goal. A player with Mack's burst can threaten the defense from any vantage point on the field. It's a threat Pagano would like to see employed more as the season progresses. "No matter if he's right here next to the quarterback or you motion him or line him up out of the backfield and you get into some empty situations -- much like San Fran did to us [Sunday] and most of our opponents are going to do with us," Pagano said. "You get those playmakers, you get them out in space and you're going to create the matchups that you want. He's a tough matchup." Mack isn't the first running back to come after Frank Gore's throne. The rookie, however, has the best shot at a timeshare with the 34-year-old veteran. Mack's speed makes him the perfect complement to Gore, so long as the rookie doesn't obtain Knile Davis-syndrome and decide he must try to break every run outside. If Mack can help jumpstart the Colts' running game, it will take pressure off Jacoby Brissettin the short term and aid Andrew Luckimmensely when he eventually returns. Still in striking distance in the AFC South, the Colts' offense getting in gear for Luck's arrival to the lineup is dangerous for the rest of the division. Read More Print < PREVIOUS RELATED STORIES: Pagano: It'd be wise to get Marlon Mack more involved Nolan Carroll to be released by Dallas Cowboys Aaron Rodgers, Earl Thomas among Players of Week Lions place Haloti Ngata (elbow) on injured reserve Kevin Hogan to start for Browns versus Texans Thomas Rawls, Eddie Lacy will have 'equal status' Texans agree to terms with LB Houston, sign Langford New Bucs kicker has been consulting with a medium Sam Bradford dealing with wear and tear to knee Thomas Davis: Eagles game is fight for No. 1 seed What's This? YOU MAY LIKE Giant Movie Bloopers We Just Can't Forgive!DirectExpose Create Your Own GalaxyRooms to Go Kids Most Americans Don't Know This Trick to Save on Their Cable and Internet Bills.Hottest Cable Deals - Sponsored Ads Niners' Bowman, Hyde on benchings: 'I don't like it' Week 6 fantasy football waiver-wire targets Winners and losers of the Adrian Peterson trade DISCUSS (3) BACK TO TOP
  11. USA Today: Ole Miss, Tennessee could pursue Charlie Strong By Austin Nivison Oct 6, 2017 • 1 min read Only five weeks have been played in this college football season, but that doesn't mean coaching carousel talk hasn't already gotten fired up. One coach that could be on the move after the 2017 season is South Florida's Charlie Strong. According to Dan Wolken of USA Today, Strong just hasn't been as happy coaching a Group of Five team and would really like to get back to a Power Five school for 2018. The Ole Miss job is currently occupied by interim head coach Matt Luke — who will almost certainly be done at the end of the year. Tennessee, on the other hand, would have to fire head coach Butch Jones to create an opening for Strong. It's a fair question to wonder how Strong would be received in Knoxville even though he was a candidate for that job before Butch Jones was hired. Strong had a tumultuous tenure at Texas, which could raise some concerns. As for Ole Miss, possible NCAA bowl bans would make that job incredibly difficult for the next coach so that could deter Strong from making the move to Oxford. Regardless, Strong will likely have a few opportunities to take another job in the Power Five if he keeps the Bulls playing the way they have through the first five weeks of the season.
  12. Supersurch

    Attendance is an embarrassment

    U guys ready for the answer?? It's Tampa. All other factors (conf affiliation, ranked, no ocs, etc. does not matter.) Look at our other sports teams in the bay area. Same thing. And the bay area has a lombardi trophy, stanley cup, and a world series. Tampa Bay is a vacation destination. People who lives here or have lived here come and go. Most have no attachment to the area therefore no attachment to the sports teams.
  13. Supersurch

    Tice vs DJ

    Tice is a lead back while dj is a complimentary back back...imho.
  14. Supersurch

    You've got to ask yourself

    QF struggled. His throws were off except the 1 to mccants. Yes, they should've been caught but the receivers were working in bad conditions. This was a "let's just escape with a win game."