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  1. Firing Strong is not the answer...we will be starting from scratch...again. No one wants to coach here long term unless there's a connection to the university. We fired the only coach that truly wanted to be here for life.
  2. Fire Strong and our futility continues because of new coaches, schemes, philosophy, etc. Don't fire Strong and we get to watch this the rest of the season. Strong possibility that it continues to next season. Stinks for our program either way. We have to get out of G5 some how or it will be like this for a long time. Most coaches use us as a stepping stone to greener pastures, which puts us right back to square one.
  3. If I have the right person in mind...I absolutely loved those rainbow threes you made back in the days. Mid 90's at USF were great!
  4. I dont want to have any more coaching changes. I believe that is one of the major factors plaguing this program. Every few years we keep starting over. And we as fans keep hoping the new ride is better than the last. Constant changes to leadership have profound effects on the athletes and our program.
  5. Our program has never had a solid group of OL. Ever. Maybe 1 or 2 guys are ok but as a unit they have been horrible. Only when we get a dynamic player (Blackwell, Grothe, Daniels, Flowers) can we overshadow that achilles heel.
  6. I swear to you BJM asked CS: "boxers or briefs, coach?"
  7. How are the winners determined? Lottery? Please sign me up any way. Thanks.
  8. I wholeheartedly agree with you 100%. While I do not know the full circumstances, if this is validated then ot is the nature of society right now. Doesn't matter if you're liberal, conservative, black, white, or something in between...this is how we are treating one another right now. No one cares any more. Thousands of empty seats and we can't make concessions??? Todd...I will apologize for the rest of the bulls family. I fully remeber who you are and how much you gave to our school and community. Please remember...ni matter how crappy the world is, there are good people and people who cares.
  9. 2 TE sets or at least an extra lineman to help protect BB. Screens to neutralize blitzes...TE or RB screens. Not just bubble screens. Man to man defense with1 safety in the box to stop run. Mix it up by pulling the safety back into coverage once in awhile.
  10. Better research on the "Girls of..." thread. You guys are too original with those pictures.
  11. There's no way we are saving plays..it is mid-season. That seems illogical and makes no sense. I think Gilbert should be to blamed for the offensive performances as he is the leader of the offense. Just like if your sales are down, you would put the "onus" on the manager first, then move up the chain of command. But the problem is a full-body of work. I believe we haven't seen more variety in play-calling is because everything starts in the trenches. And right now those guys can't seem to get it together. And it is the whole group. Watching the Tulsa game, Norman and Atterbury were having major difficulties. Although, I believe their struggles is not only their wrong-doing but also the guys next to them as well. They, as a group, are not blocking well. How can Gilbert possibly call a more sophisticated play than the runs up the middle with occasional WR bubble screens, and taking deep shots? It's also a domino effect. How can we ask Barnett not to stare down his first read when he knows somebody will be coming around the edge in a split second? He is purely using his instincts in trying to make something happen with the number 1 receiver. In addition, the 2nd read is not even in his break yet. There's just not enough time for BB to go down his progressions. And I think this was also the case last year. But the major difference was we had a guy named Quinton Flowers. Dynamic with his feet, 3 plus years of game experience, and a big arm (albeit not the most accurate), but just enough to keep defenses honest. Gotta give Gilbert or whoever credit for bringing in an extra blocker. I'd say let's work off of that philosophy instead of going down the same path, because you guys are right about one thing...we're not going to beat the teams in our bottom half of the schedule.
  12. Who do guys think our leaders are this year? I can't seem to pinpoint 1 on either side of the ball right now. Last year I thought Q was offense and Auggie on defense. Leaders don't have to be vocal, but definitely lead by example.
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