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  1. Bingo! Thanks. He was really good IMO. Unfortunately he didnt last long. He was an excellent passer for the 4 position.
  2. BJ MACK. It's been a long time since I've seen a big man with soft of hands and shoot mid range jumpers like that. Anybody remember the guy from California who used to play for us with the same type of skill sets? He was about 6'8" and had a wide body. Soft hands (caught everything), played inside and out, and was an excellent passer. I believe he just couldn't stay off the weed that ended his career here at USF.
  3. Would anybody be bored if we were to do this week in week out?
  4. Who just saw atterbury tell evans to secure the ball? Do i dare to say "being a leader?"
  5. Dude (and i say dude because i love that hanging out with the guys sarcasm in college days...miss those days sometimes) that is hilarious!
  6. Holtz does have a signature win against Notre Dame... What do you guys think is Strong's sig win?
  7. I don't know what CJL did in that locker room...but he was the only coach who TRULY wanted to coach at the University of South Florida.
  8. So do we really want him to be fired? What are our chances with bringing in better talent with a new regime? Even with a new coaching staff, we are looking at 2 yrs minimum in turning the program around.
  9. Overall: coaching, talent, schemes, fan support, performance.
  10. At best he is playing like a high school qb. Tentative, slow reaction to coverage, and no confidence. There's nothing to lose at this point with going with rygol.
  11. Contact. (I know he's hurt so maybe he is shying away from doing too much with ball)
  12. Firing Strong is not the answer...we will be starting from scratch...again. No one wants to coach here long term unless there's a connection to the university. We fired the only coach that truly wanted to be here for life.
  13. Fire Strong and our futility continues because of new coaches, schemes, philosophy, etc. Don't fire Strong and we get to watch this the rest of the season. Strong possibility that it continues to next season. Stinks for our program either way. We have to get out of G5 some how or it will be like this for a long time. Most coaches use us as a stepping stone to greener pastures, which puts us right back to square one.
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