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  1. Usf 63-6 ye of little faith in our d Tice Amake or whatever the spelling is 728 yards
  2. Why we as a board are always frustrated even during a 43-7 game with d giving up -21 rushing yards. The announcers have hammered the whole game about our slow starts and San Diego state beating other teams. It matters how you finish. Ask the gaytiurds. Plus our d has put up a shutout plus negative rushing yards. D wins championships.
  3. Tice not only a beast but has speed and moves.
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 36/100 My Time 158 seconds  
  5. Upon watching replay, looked like an old fashioned Charley horse from helmet hit on thigh.
  6. Good- oline, white, Davis except for drops Bad- missed and hand tackles on runs, dropped passes Ugly- second half coaching
  7. The only adjustment I saw is once again going away from what works. Why do we stop pounding the rock just because we completed a few passes? We have the lead, keep running until they stop us, Once again our coaches snatch defeat from victory.
  8. Make them our homecoming game next year. We can finally have a guaranteed victory and the idiot fans will have less time to get hammered beforehand. Lots of schools play out of conference after conference play starts.
  9. Need opinions. My sister and her family now want to go to Rutgers game with me. So, I need five tickets together. Is it too late to go through USF? Does anyone know scalping situation there?
  10. ...if they expand to 12 teams. Sileo had writer from one of the DC papers on. He is going to publish an article this weekend breaking down the realignment mess. He claims that USF and Louisville are in the mix if Big 12 goes to 12 teams. He also said Boise, SMU, Houston, UCF and Navy are accepting Big East bids this week. Then going after Army.
  11. One ticket in section 115 row 19 I think (they're at home). PM me with offer. Paid $75 all in.
  12. Please tell me you are all higher than green jacket and higher than 1300 on list. Otherwise, I got screwed. I got section 47 in the upper bleachers. Brutal.
  13. Just like with the screwup on the club access on season tickets, they want me to go to the ticket office to pick up my FSU tickets. First, they e-mail me that they are fedexing them, now I got an e-mail that I have to pick them up, an extreme inconvenience. Does anyone else have John Lewis as their ticket rep? I'd like to know if it's just my luck or if we have an issue with the rep.
  14. I'm not using 4 tickets in section 137, Row C, 35 yd line, club access. I would like to donate them to a family or a charity that can use them. Please let me know by pm if anyone knows of either. Thanks, Glenn
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