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Everything posted by emrober5

  1. So why do we hate the coach that led the best team USF has ever had again? It's pathetic.
  2. Loss is entirely on the coaches here. Team is undisciplined and gave the game away.
  3. Hopefully one of these bad snaps go our way today. Only way we have a chance.
  4. With the exception of those two big penalties, our defense has looked pretty good. Swarming and solid tackling. Offense...not so much. Barnett is struggling seeing guys when they break open and Cronkrite is no threat at all right now
  5. Taggart would have USF on fire right now if he had stayed. He could have been a legend here, but he chased the money (I don't blame him for that). He is an excellent recruiter and in his third year he discovered an offense that works for the type of players we get. FSU is a totally toxic program with players that think they are entitled to win because they have a 4 or 5 star next to their names. It's no wonder he is struggling.
  6. The less you think about the state of UCFs football program, the better your mental health will be. Let's focus on crossing the 50 before the fourth quarter against GT.
  7. Hard to argue with anything there. The team looked like the Holtz years out there last night. Watching some games today it is clear to me how small and hurting for talent this team is. There are no Mack's, Adams, for Flowers on this team, not even close. The program is dead until Strong is let go.
  8. Someone correct me if I'm wrong...but I don't believe we have crossed midfield yet.
  9. Hope we enjoyed the students showing up. Won't happen again this year if the he keeps going this way. I see bright spots on this team, but you are not going to hang with Wisconsin if you don't take the opportunities they gave you. At least 4 drops and a dropped INT. That's why we are down 3 scores
  10. Defense is going to be gassed by halftime. Can't get off the field...and when we do, we flop and they reconsider.
  11. Barnett has looked pretty good. It's a shame we don't have anyone that can help him out.
  12. The destruction of the Big East killed enthusiasm for many fans I'm sure. Despite how much trash was talked about the Big East, it WAS a BCS conference. The American isn't a bad conference by any means, but the drop in perception now with the Power 5 and the Greater 5 we are on the outside looking in. Also, Skip Holtz. I am excited about the season of course, but USF is going to live on die hards until an invite to one of the P5 conferences. Nobody is packing the stands for USF-Tulsa. It is what it is.
  13. I've said it before and I'll say it again. There was a reason Barnett remained the starter...Kean and O weren't any good. They both seem like good people but we need an answer at quarterback and they weren't it. Good luck to the them, I have no ill will.
  14. I mean...I only go by what I see on the field, and it's not good. Barnett is by no means perfect but he has shown flashes.
  15. I wish Kean the best but I would be shocked if he sees the field again. He doesn't have it. Same with Chris O.
  16. Holtz for now, just because of how terrible we were at the end, but I think Charlie will take that title if he gets another season. This season went a lot like Skip's season where we went 5-7. USF was in many games that year that just went the wrong way on a fumble or missed FG or something crazy. We caught those breaks this year. Could've easily missed a bowl game.
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