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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again. There was a reason Barnett remained the starter...Kean and O weren't any good. They both seem like good people but we need an answer at quarterback and they weren't it. Good luck to the them, I have no ill will.
  2. I mean...I only go by what I see on the field, and it's not good. Barnett is by no means perfect but he has shown flashes.
  3. I wish Kean the best but I would be shocked if he sees the field again. He doesn't have it. Same with Chris O.
  4. Holtz for now, just because of how terrible we were at the end, but I think Charlie will take that title if he gets another season. This season went a lot like Skip's season where we went 5-7. USF was in many games that year that just went the wrong way on a fumble or missed FG or something crazy. We caught those breaks this year. Could've easily missed a bowl game.
  5. To clarify, by cheap I meant less than Strong. Don't see many people turning down a raise 3-4x their salary.
  6. Jake Spavital. WVU Offensive coordinator. Has been learning from Sumlin and Holgorson for years, coached great college QBs Whedon, Manziel and Grier, makes $500k at WVU. Would be able to get him for cheap, give him a large pool for a solid DC and we are set. He would bring back the killer instinct that Taggart teams had.
  7. I'm not for rehiring Leavitt, mainly because I want a young blood in there (like the WVU OC), but I don't think the idea that we would go 7-5 with him really holds any weight. We aren't playing WVU, Pitt, Louisville, UConn is a joke for the foreseeable future. Leavitt would do very well in the American.
  8. No other excuse for sitting out this game. Though he seemed to be moving around fine on the sidelines. Tape that **** up and drive on!
  9. I've seen enough. I've been for keeping Strong and getting rid of Gilbert but it would just be a band aid. He's gutless and the game has passed him. Cut the cord before it ends up costing usf millions.
  10. This is the worst coaching I have seen, maybe ever. Holtz was bad, very bad, but I never felt he was coaching scared, just incompetent. Strong is giving this team no chance.
  11. Interception didn't really hurt us, but other than that CO was looking okay. If USF is going to have any chance our defense needs to play a huge game. Don't see this offense scoring very often.
  12. Absolutely no evidence to support this claim, but I guess that's why they play the game. USF needs a miracle.
  13. I think we saw last week why Barnett is the starter and will remain the starter.
  14. I can't believe our offense lays this egg in the only game of the year the defense shows up. Temple clearly wants it more in the second half. We will need a miracle drive to win this.
  15. Good luck replacing Charlie Strong after firing him after two years with winning records (one of them being a great year). Who would come here? I hate the losses too, and I agree with most of your post, but we have Strong for at least another year unless he gets another job. It is what it is.
  16. I don't think I've ever turned off a USF game before halftime. That might change today. This was the only game I was comfortable with USG winning the rest of this year. I am okay with a young team that is improving throughout the season. This team is not that.
  17. It's not that the team is 7-1. It's that the team lost to the only opponent with a pulse so far, and has looked terrible in many wins against garbage teams. We could very realistically lose to Cincy, Temple, and UCF. Although I think we take at least one.
  18. Jean Mary always looks like he is explaining his garbage defense to Strong at the end of the game. Strong needs to tell him to STFU and fix it.
  19. Barnett is having a great game. He could really be special if the recievers quit letting him down.
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