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  1. Now if we only knew who was responsible for recruiting and developing a QB......
  2. it's beyond dumb to continue to blame Taggart in year 3 of Strong's tenure. true Taggart's classes were front loaded (his first 3 classes were rated #1 in AAC) so there wasn't much room in his 4th class (strong's first). But this is year 3 and depth and talent is all on Strong. I'm guessing if Strong's first 3 classes were #1 in AAC we would be just fine. In Taggart's 3rd year we had Quniton Flowers. Marlon Mack and D'ernest Johnson in the backfield. MVS, Rodney Adams and McCants Wilcox wasn't even a starter. Not to mention NFL talent on defense.
  3. we just played the #115 and #123 rush defense. Navy is #9 (#16 total defense) sometimes how well you play has more to do with who you play than how you play.
  4. we just played the #122(#123 scoring) and #107(#105 scoring) run offenses. that might have as much to do with our improvement as anything else. we are about to play the #1 rush offense
  5. yeah just force them to run the ball and we should be good....
  6. the fact that they showed no quit means a lot.
  7. you're reading the chart wrong, I believe. It states that the +2 is compared to getting the +1 ( +2 (VS. +1) ) therefore the 3.1% difference is not the increase of win % overall. It is the increase in win % compared to making the 1 pt attempt.
  8. How to decide when to go for 2 EST. CHANGE IN WIN PROB. IF YOU GET … EST. CHANGE IN WIN PROB. IF YOU GET … MARGIN AFTER TD +1 +2 (VS. +1) BETTER OPTION MARGIN AFTER TD +1 +2 (VS. +1) BETTER OPTION -15 0.5 1.0 Two 0 8.4 1.8 One -14 1.0 0.4 One 1 1.8 6.5 Two -13 0.4 1.1 Two 2 6.5 5.0 One -12 1.1 1.3 Same 3 5.0 2.9 One -11 1.3 2.2 Two 4 2.9 3.1 Same -10 2.2 2.9 Two 5 3.1 5.2 Two -9 2.9 3.3 Same 6 5.2 3.3 One -8 3.3 5.2 Two 7 3.3 2.9 Same -7 5.2 3.1 One 8 2.9 2.2 One -6 3.1 2.9 Same 9 2.2 1.3 One -5 2.9 5.0 Two 10 1.3 1.1 Same -4 5.0 6.5 Two 11 1.1 0.4 One -3 6.5 1.8 One 12 0.4 1.0 Two -2 1.8 8.4 Two 13 1.0 0.5 One -1 8.4 8.4 Same 14 0.5 0.7 Same Win probability changes apply to the listed situations when there are 10 minutes remaining in the game. Virtually the same. Margin after TD is 4 points. +1 = 2.9% increase in win probablility +2 = 3.1% increase in win probability
  9. we bent over backwards to hire him. we gave him all the leverage. hopefully we have learned our lesson. it never makes sense for us to overpay for a "name" . hire someone who is young and wants to make a name for himself. don't have to break the bank and then if they get hired away due to success we get paid. if we have to fire them then it won't cost us a boatload.
  10. that is the $ he would have to pay us if he was hired away. that's not the amount we would owe him if we fired him.
  11. you offer no support for yours. mentioning some guy said something on a message board and then saying maybe this means it was academic related could hardly be considered support. nor is mentioning that a player that was suspended didn't get picked up and this somehow proved that what he did was obviously very bad. you just believe what you want to believe and try to frame that message with "support". fact is you don't know. nobody does. the only fact we know is that strong likes to suspend players. lots and lots of players.
  12. rebuilding year?? we had the second most returning starters in the AAC. not only that but strong used the portal to plug holes in this team. that's a temporary solution to win now.
  13. CCS can have whatever archaic rules he wants. Soloman obviously didn't sign with him. It's clear though that CCS is willing to run kids off to the detriment of his program. 20 kids dismissed at 2 different programs. it wasn't just Soloman. no coach in the country has done that. Just don't be surprised when the program falls apart. and yes his limited eligibility could be a reason why he didn't get offers. of course you and trip and neb will assume it's some nefarious reason.
  14. oh I thought you meant eligible to actually play.... you're right. he was eligible to sit out a year so I guess that means multiple years. lol actually the degrees some of these kids get especially at the football factories aren't to help them better their lives. it's to keep them eligible to play
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