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  1. Bull94

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    Huge spike in production? His QBR was 141.2 the year before they arrived. It was 141.7 his senior year. he averaged 4.9 ypc the year before and 2.9ypc his senior year. 7.6 ypa passing year before. 7.6 ypa passing senior year. TD:INT ratio 1.71 the year before. 1.69 senior year. comp % 67.3 the year before 68% senior year his splits were almost identical. if anything he was a far less effective runner his senior year.
  2. Bull94

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    Taggart ran a top 10 offense at Oregon. He also had 2 RBs at WKU that were top 10 runners in the country. and Taggart recruited Flowers as a QB and designed a top 10 offense around him on a complete dumpster fire of a program when he got here. Herman was like Holtz in that he inherited a good QB and won with him in his first year. Herman is obviously a good coach. I didn't bring up the comparison. Someone else did. A better comparison would have been Frost who brought in his own QB designed an offense around him and totally turned around a program. BTW I think they are all good coaches. I thought it was dumb to compare a 41 year old coach (and resume) still on the rise to a 57 year old coach (and resume) that has peaked.
  3. Bull94

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    What you fail to mention is that Greg Ward Jr took over as a starter those last 8 games before herman was hired. They were a completely different team with him as starting QB.He went 6-2 with a bowl win over Pitt. He then went on to start for both of Herman's years at Houston.He had 4,000 yards of offense and 42 TDs Herman's first year.
  4. Bull94

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    Herman coached 2 years at Houston. in his 2nd year he finished 4th in the vaunted AAC West division. He was setup for success as Houston went 6-2 in the last 8 games before he arrived and won a bowl game against a P5 team. He caught lightning in a bottle. BTW I could look like an offensive guru under urban Meyer
  5. Bull94

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    I'm sure career trajectory has some correlation to ultimate career success. where you are at 40 has a lot to do with where you get by 65 in any career. Urban Meyer became a HC at 37. Obviously you can't predict the future with any certainty but odds are pretty good that Taggart is well on his way to a very successful career as a HC. He earned his way to a top 10 job in college football. He didn't just fall into it like Tom Herman with 1 good year at Houston with someone else's players.Taggart has 8 years of experience as a HC. 2 big turnarounds and a year running a top 10 offense for a P5 team. Not many can say that by the time they reached 41.
  6. Bull94

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    I don't disagree where he is ranked. I also believe there are plenty of current coaches with better resumes but if you were to compare their resumes at 41 to his current resume then it's not even close. Not many guys would be on a list like this at the age of 41 let alone ranked this high. Most of them hadn't even been a HC yet. Nick Saban hadn't even been a head coach by the time he was 41. Taggart has already completely rebuilt 2 programs and proven he can run a top 10 offense in the P5. I have no idea what his future holds but he has earned his current position and I won't be surprised to see him become the first African American HC as national champ.
  7. Bull94

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    half this board loves to take shots at Taggart. didn't single anybody out. the comparison that was made was between Taggart and Strong. Look at where they both were at 41. it's not even close. Herman is 43. He walked into a perfect situation in Houston. they finished the season 6-2 and won a bowl game against a P5 program the year before Herman arrived. not exactly a rebuild job. He caught fire for 1 year. In his second year they finished 4th in the AAC west division. That's nothing close to turning around 2 programs that were absolute disasters when he got there and leading a P5 program that won 4 games the year before to a top 10 offensive finish without his starting QB for a good chunk of the season all before the ripe old age of 41.
  8. Bull94

    Sporting News Coach Rankings

    comparing these two coaches is insane. one is 41 and is on a rocket ship trajectory for his career. the other is 57 and has probably peaked. of course the older guy has a better resume. Strong was into his 3rd year at his first DC job when he was 41. Taggart is now HC of his 4th program (2 of them being top National programs) where he has proven himself as a very good rebuilder at the ripe old age of 41. not sure why people bash the man who resurrected our program.
  9. Bull94

    USF's possibilities to crash the 2019 CFP

    problem is I don't have faith in this coaching staff. they are too conservative in nature which leads to games being close where a long 4th down play or kickoff return for TD in final minute can determine the outcome of a game. look at Strong's record at texas and louisville. most games were very close. even games against far less talented teams. he wants to sit on a 3 point lead. doesn't like to open up offense unless down by multiple scores.
  10. Bull94

    USF's possibilities to crash the 2019 CFP

    Not sure where that screen shot came from but couldn't be more deceptive. unless of course you think a 7-6 FSU is the 20th best team in the country or an 8-5 Louisville is 22nd best team. FPI is garbage and is ESPN's power index. Couldn't be a conflict of interest there? It had 7-6 Texas at 25 while 10-2 USF is 44th. If you look at final rankings then Clemson beat 2 final ranked teams. Oklahoma beat 4. Georgia beat 3 Alabama beat 2 (one of those was mighty 9-4 LSU who lost at home to Troy) and UCF beat 3 (memphis twice and us)
  11. Bull94

    What Charlie Strong Did Before the Game...

    we barely beat a 6-6 big 12 team. they finished 8th in their conference with a 3-6 record. we would be middle of the pack at best against p5 competition.
  12. Bull94

    QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    never said he was going to succeed at the next level. just said his speed is comparable to some very successful players.
  13. Bull94

    QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    Anquan Boldin's combine numbers 72.6 inches (6' ) 216 lbs 4.73 40 yard dash Quinton Flowers according to nfl draft scout 6' 210 lbs 4.57 40 yard dash funny thing is he didn't mention anything about height or weight.Just speed. Alfred Morris 2 time probowler is shorter(5'10"), slower (4.67) and only 5 pounds heavier. oh and Quinton had more rushing yards in college than he had. Le'Veon Bell ran a slower 40 (4.6)
  14. Bull94

    QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    you mean like anquan boldin who ran a 4.77 or larry fitzgerald who ran a 4.63..... QF 4.57
  15. Bull94

    What Texas Tech thinks of USF

    not to get into the middle of this but those teams don't cancel on us because they are scared. they cancel on us because the buyout is low and they can generate far more revenue playing a cupcake at home. whoever signed those deals for us had to know it was likely to happen. personally I'd like to see us do one and dones against top competition. don't bother thinking they will return a game. they will just pay the measly buyout and screw up our schedule.