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  1. sweet so now we are using message board posters as our source of info. how do you know he was ever offered in order for him to turn it down?
  2. he's never coming back here. not sure he would even show for the ceremony if we named a stadium after him. he certainly won't come back as a coordinator who makes $300k a year.
  3. the bloggers and fanboys with "sources close to the matter" have told us so. it's like believing the national enquirer
  4. we definitely had better talent on offense than many teams that finished ranked higher scoring wise than us. you can't tell me there were #121 offenses that had more talent than us in the country. there is no way UConn has more talent than us on offense
  5. didn't say anything about his recruiting. the kids he coached this year did not get better as the season went on. he did not put them in a position to succeed.
  6. could be that Flowers wants to come back to USF and coach one day. Probably wouldn't help if we hire someone else and he backed Taggart.
  7. wasn't that before Orlando? at least that was covered by legit media with real sources.
  8. yeah I doubt it. so I can just call someones agent(hi I'm from rivals online. I was just wondering if USF offered your client their job? oh he's angling for a raise?) and they are going to tell me honestly that USF offered but we declined?? sure does rivals use a writers name for their articles? do they just quote "anonymous sources"? who was that southern miss coach who lobbied for a raise every year whose agent floated that he was offered jobs all over the place? sorry but they just want your $10 per month
  9. no hire is without risk. do you never hire a good recruiter/assistant again? + our basketball job is a different beast. Gregory does yeoman's work.
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