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  1. great field awarness barnett. take on 3 tacklers instead of lobbing it to your wide open guy in the back of the endzone
  2. they had him run on 2nd and 4 from the 4 yard line early. we ended up kicking a FG
  3. yeah never understood why people think he can run. never did in high school.
  4. Bull94

    Charlie Strong?

    said it from day one. first you don't hire a defensive minded coach to replace a coach that loaded this program on the offensive side of the ball. second strong ran into a lucky run with bridgewater and the miami five with an illegal recruiter and suspect signings. he isn't a good coach or motivator. easy to tell if you look at his body of work closely.
  5. only 25 more times and he'll break one off for 75 yard TD
  6. you run it 35 times a game and an athlete is bound to break one against these teams we play.
  7. certainly not against a 1-4 team on national television
  8. he makes that play call 35 times a game. run between the tackles
  9. what a great play call..LOL Dilbert is lucky Cronkrite has been bailing him out with long runs