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  1. OK so the ones that want to break off leave the undesirables. Just like OU and Texas did. semantics I guess. The big east found a way to kick temple out though. the big 12 was formed when baylor, tech, a&m, and texas broke off from southwest conference leaving behind rice, smu, tcu and houston
  2. there will only be two left when all is said and done IMO. ESPN doesn't want to have to pay Duke, BC, Syracuse, etc top dollar just to get Clemson, FSU inventory. same with Pac 12 and USC. the top programs know that they are subsidizing the lesser programs and they will want all the money for themselves. The Big 10 and SEC will grab up the last few remaining programs worth anything and probably get rid of the less desirable ones they currently have.
  3. look what happened to UCF. True freshman has to start now with all of 7 attempts. Gabriel must have really needed those extra 36 reps against bethune cookman
  4. so it's irrelevant that the game was never in doubt? I wonder if UCF will have their QB figured out by the time they play us? Bet they wish they got their backup more reps against Bethune Cookman now. I guess they figured gabriel needed those 36 pass attempts for his development
  5. they got the ball back with 3 minutes left down by 14 on their own 5 yard line. their 80 yard drive that ended on downs happened when they were down 3 scores. again the game was never in doubt. I'm not sure why that's so difficult to understand
  6. they were down 2 scores with 3 minutes left and the ball on their own 5 yard line the next time they touched the ball. the game was never in doubt
  7. 31-10 at the end of 3 is over. They had less than 100 yards of offense at the half. You must not watch college football much if you don't think coaches run up scores to impress voters. It was a terrible time to do it. You have absolutely nothing to gain by playing your starters in a blowout. Even Lane Kiffin agrees. BTW him playing in practice against his starting D is much tougher and they won't injure him. completely agree.
  8. I bet we see him against BYU if we are getting rolled. top 15 team on the road is a big spot for a true freshman.
  9. exactly. it isn't just the QB who sat. apparently chapel thinks we should send Mcclain out there with 3rd stringers in a blowout so he could get a few more reps.
  10. next time we are ranked 13th and need to impress the polls then we can leave our all american in until the end of the 3rd quarter in a blowout. one thing we both had in common is that we sat our starter in the 4th quarter during a blowout. which pretty much any coach with half a brain would do.
  11. apparently not because you just don't get it. where was ole miss QB in 4th quarter? on the bench same as ours. which is where a starter belongs in a blowout game. no offense but getting 3 more pass attempts against FAMU isn't going to accelerate his learning curve. getting hurt and losing the rest of this season will not only take him out of conference play but will also retard his development. I suspect that if BYU is a blowout in the other direction he will sit him as well. It's stupid risking injury in a meaningless situation.
  12. I guess you think we should just risk him getting injured in a blowout against a 1-aa team....glad our coach doesn't think this way. Grothe going down his senior year against a 1-aa team sure did wonders for us.
  13. did you watch the game.? he was hobbled more than once. we were up 31-10 with 1 minute left in third quarter remember when we lost Grothe in a meaningless game against charleston southern? Not sure what Ricky's comment has to do with your issues. Like I said they split reps in practice with Fortin likely getting the starts against two P4 programs. Clearly he sees the upside a true freshman has and wanted to give him his first start against a 1-aa team.
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