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  1. No I'm looking at the fact that we were a play or two away from playing in the conference championship even on our low budget. That's called competing. It's possible if you spend your money wisely. Of course you probably don't think the rays can compete in the American East because they haven't won a world series yet. I'm not sure where you think all these dollars are that the school is withholding
  2. honestly I didn't bother reading all of this. He set us up for 35-6 run over the end of his time here and into Strong's early period of success. That's what you hope for when you bring a guy in for a rebuild.
  3. so this magical "more money" would have ensured a victory over Temple the year we tied for division? Or would have allowed Wilcox to hold onto the ball against UCF? or maybe it would have stopped D'eriq King from scoring with under a minute left? Or maybe Strong doesn't play for the field goal at the end by running 3 times into the line against Houston? or all those piles of magical money would have prevented UCF from returning a kick off? face it we can easily compete in this conference even with our low budget. Just because a couple of plays didn't go our way doesn't prove your point.
  4. CWT was the reason we had a 35-6 run and finished ranked for the first time.
  5. we are like 6 weeks into the season. Fortin , if he had covid, couldn't practice or play for the first 2 weeks. possible he had lingering symptoms too.
  6. I've seen your boy Leavitt make some absolutely terrible coaching decisions and his teams played awful more than once. Scott has been head coach for all of 6 games in a year when he had no spring practice, games cancelled and players out due to virus.
  7. pretty small sample size but 2 of our 4 hires have been good.
  8. BTW we will never have the budget most programs do. we need to spend our money more wisely. The rays are in the world series with one of the lowest budgets in baseball. We should never back up the brinks truck to hire a coach. Our two best coaches were our lowest paid. We actually got paid when Taggart left. Hiring strong and Holtz absolutely killed us financially. I honestly felt like we overpaid for Scott too.
  9. it doesn't always end well but there's only one way to find out. I'm not sure you and optimistic belong in the same paragraph let alone sentence.
  10. it's common for a new coach to come in and have problems with the previous coach's players. it's why strong had to run off all Taggart's and Mack's guys..... we will see a purge again this year. We will start to see young guys who buy in take over.
  11. odd statement considering we had a run of 35-6 just 5 short years ago. Now i guess after we hired an absolute disaster of a head coach that destroyed this program you can come back and say that it's because he didn't have the facilities.... obviously you buy the company line that you have to sell to donors that we need more money in order to win.
  12. clearly they thought it would work. it did earlier in the game. bad calls can have good results just as good play calls can have bad outcomes.
  13. that's the thing. if it worked nobody would say a thing about it being a bad play call.
  14. there was no pass option so it didn't need to be defended. There were no receivers running routes. plenty of QBs have rolled to the opposite side and completed passes. again I'm not defending the call just saying that the same play worked earlier in the game. What you need to understand is that we have a coach in his first year with a 27 year old OC. They are human and will make mistakes. I'm sure they will learn from them. even experienced older coaches make bad play calls or misuse timeouts. You have the benefit of hindsight. It's easy to say it was a bad call after it didn't
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