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  1. I'm no recruiting fan boy like some on here but this is not an average class since joining the g5. it's in fact the 2nd worst class since joining g5 according to gatorbull's previous post. the worst class was Strong's first class here. an average class would be around 61. oh and we didn't have a football only facility when those classes were signed either so that excuse doesn't hold water. Strong will be in his 3rd year here next year. Things better look much better on the field than they did the last 6 games of this year. It was a total **** show. there better not be any "we're young" excuses or we don't have the depth or we don't have facilities or fan support or our players are too small and too slow. He had all the money in the world and incredible fan support and his own espn channel and still failed miserably.
  2. and guess who fills out the roster? Strong and staff are the ones who brought them in even with their history so they have no responsibility? no I don't think it was a good option to have a safety and DE convert to LB but guess who did Coaches have a say in the roster they build so to blame it on "work with what you got" is lame.
  3. we had two p5 transfer d-linemen that were suspended for the better part of the season. he seemed satisfied to replace LBs with a safety and a DE
  4. you made mention of the CCS haters as if the offense (and OC) was the sole reason for our disappointing finish
  5. you're assuming they could while the guy I'm talking about did place 2nd in the d2 heisman we have a long list of QBs who have started here that wouldn't sniff that trophy including the 2 that just left and they were D1 talent supposedly.
  6. I wasn't a fan of Gilbert or the offense he ran. People compare it to the offense Taggart ran the year before which is why people didn't think much of it. If you look at his offense without the comparison then you should certainly think it was a good one just not as good. I'm glad the veer and shoot is gone. It is based on a power run (between the tackles) and deep sideline routes. Neither of which uses space very well. We have never been a good power run team. We can't seem to get a dominant o-line. I think speed to the outside is to our benefit with a zone blocking scheme with the type of athletes we can get. I also like misdirection and for our receivers to use the entire field.
  7. the VSU QB just finished 2nd for the equivalent of the D2 heisman trophy as a sophomore. that's certainly closer to elite than a special teams player. I'm talking about making our roster not some NFL roster we just had our 2 primary backups leave
  8. Not saying he is NFL talent just that a scholarship wouldn't be wasted on him. The team he just threw 5 TDs against in the national championship game has 6 players on NFL rosters. Not even sure why I'm arguing this because it will never happen. There are 83 former DII football players on current NFL rosters, down from the 90 that opened up the 2017 season*. Some have made themselves household names, like Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler and 2017 breakout star Adam Thielen. Others are rookies simply looking for a chance, like 2018 Harlon Hill winner and national champion quarterback Luis Perez.
  9. he ran Bell's system last year and finished runner up for the best player in div 2. why would we bring him on if he wasn't any good regardless of what system he ran?
  10. so the QB who won the Harlon Hill Trophy (Div 2 top player) in 2017 can impress Sean McVay enough to make the Rams practice team but we can't waste one of 85 scholarships on the sophomore Qb runner up to that trophy in 2018?
  11. BTW Mike White played as a true freshman for us on a crappy team. something tells me the experience and talent surrounding him would have improved just as he would have. comparing true freshman mike white on a crappy team to junior/senior mike white on a good team is foolish.
  12. Listen I'm not saying he is the second coming of Flowers but it wouldn't be a waste of a scholarship to bring in his QB who just happened to be the 2nd best player in Div 2. He is also familiar with the system. Again it was just a suggestion and one that I don't even think will happen. God knows we have wasted them on far less talented QBs.
  13. you mean guys like Adam Thielen, Delanie Walker, Tyreek Hill, Chris Ivory? 6 -- The number of former DII linebackers and running backs each in the NFL. Tiffin's Chris Ivory earned a Pro Bowl trip in 2015 with a 1,000-yard season. 6 -- NFL teams without a single DII player on its roster. The Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, and Washington Redskins had some in camp, but none made the final cut. 6 -- The number of former DII players the Indianapolis Colts roster, tied for most in the NFL. The Baltimore Ravens, Los Angeles Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers also have six apiece. 10 -- Tight ends on NFL rosters that played DII football. Central Missouri's Delanie Walker may be the best known of the bunch. 13 -- Former defensive linemen on NFL rosters. 14 -- Wide receivers and offensive linemen on NFL rosters. West Alabama's Tyreek Hill is a star in the making, already with two All-Pro appearances, while the aforementioned Thielen is widely considered one of the better receivers in football. https://www.ncaa.com/news/football/article/2018-09-04/dii-football-players-2018-nfl-rosters
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