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  1. Ooph. Can't even down a punt. This team needs a lot of work. Should have been expected this year, but our offense is really disappointing after last week.
  2. Strong won a national championship as a defensive coordinator. Don't ask me how.
  3. PF was on Mayes. Honestly looked like he just fell down and their legs got tangled, but maybe I'm biased.
  4. I agree with going for it, I would've thrown to McCants if I had to throw it though. Soloman has questionable hands to say the least.
  5. Honestly, he could have had two of those right now. Very impressive. If our defense can keep limiting GT to field goals USF could win this.
  6. I think the point was that White started as a true freshman halfway through the season because we were terrible. It would be a disaster if Kean or Oladokun are not starting this season. I don’t think anyone is debating that White turned out to be a good QB, just didn’t work out for USF.
  7. That was so predictable, why not give flowers an rpo? I have no confidence in these coaches on 4th and short.
  8. We used up all our offense against UCF apparently. Defense is giving up a lot of yards but we are lucky to only be down a score with this offense.
  9. ...but they are from the P5. We very well could have faced FAU, FIU, Southern Miss etc.
  10. Could've been much worse. Shame we didn't get FSU though.
  11. Honestly we are lucky Taggart left when he did and we landed Strong. There are so many openings this year that Taggart would have been gone for sure, and we wouldn't have had a shot at Strong. Now, he had an "okay" year and I don't see him leaving, even with his name being thrown around a little bit.
  12. St. Pete bowl against FAU would be a true nightmare scenario. Completely meaningless game to us, big game for them, and frankly, they are pretty good. Probably similar to how many teams feel about playing USF.
  13. emrober5


    They won a BCS bowl before that 0-12 season, and have won multiple conference championships. They are going to the Peach Bowl this year. It isn't just a one year thing. Unfortunately, UCF grew while Holtz tanked our program. We climbed back from the Holtz years but it wasn't nearly as high or as fast as UCF from their 0-12 season. If they make the right hire, they aren't going anywhere. "Passed" us is subjective, but I would much rather have their recent years over our recent years. Including 0-12. Hell, 2-10 isn't much better.