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  1. A consistent product and a ranked opponent would sell out the stadium. Say we had another year of the QF era and this year's Cincy was coming (they are 8th I believe). Ray Jay would be rocking. Problem is, as soon as our team started to look decent the coach ran off and CCS was not the answer. IF (and that's a big if) CJS gets this program back on track, he will get hired away. We can't miss with his successor like we did when we hired Strong. Also, I'm not believing USF is getting a stadium until I see it going up.
  2. I feel better than last week but this is still going to be a rough year. I didn't watch the second half but I'm glad the team got a few scores to build on for next week. I don't expect a lot, but I expect to see improvements each week. Hopefully McClain gets the nod next week before BYU.
  3. I'm done with this game. Oregon and Ohio State has my attention right now. The takeover of RayJay by Gator fans was gross to see, and ABC certainly loved those cuts to the crowd.
  4. Our defense looks non-existent. Pretty surprising after that first drive. Florida looks to be the weakest they have been in years. It's such a shame that we got them in the worst years of our football program.
  5. Offense was looking solid on this drive but it really feels like those 2 runs on first and goal from the 10 are going to hurt.
  6. Oh, so all it took was our rival leaving us behind to get some traction on this? Great. The college football landscape will change once again, well before this thing is ever built. I am happy that the current powers are focusing on the future, (and I don't think there really is a too little too late scenario here until all conferences are at 16 teams), but this really just pisses me off about the past decade.
  7. McMurphy and O'Leary are both cretins but they aren't exactly wrong. Especially the 2014 comment. Boy did we look bad that year and have never fully recovered. Even in our best years of the Taggart era, UCF was better. A program that went 0-12 less than a decade ago!
  8. Love Leavitt but that time has passed. He wouldn't bring back the best days of USF. The once rising Florida school has been surpassed by many. We are not even a thought in the college football landscape. At best, he would have three marginal years and the university would fire him a second time.
  9. Not a big deal. If Fortin can't move the ball we will see McClain quickly. (Like 3rd or 4th drive quickly). USF ain't winning this game. Give the kid another shot if you REALLY think he has something.
  10. Tulane is playing well. Especially their defense (which is odd to say when OU has 40), but they are laying some hits. OU is playing pretty carelessly though. Rattler has just thrown it up for grabs multiple times. They look like they were expecting a warm up game...that's not what they got.
  11. What a depressing opening week to college football. USF needs a stadium. Raymond James is an excellent facility. It isn't USF's home and we need to move on.
  12. CJS gets 3 years and anything less is foolish. We were going to lose to NC State. It is concerning that special teams appears to be the only bright spot but McClain showed some promise. USF is at the bottom of college football, has been for years. A revolving door of coaches doesn't help that. If he can't get it done in three years then you move on.
  13. Hard to not be excited about what CJS is doing on the recruiting trail. Still have to sign them, but there is definitely more excitement around the program than there would be with Strong.
  14. His drama has vastly outweighed his production. No doubt he is talented, but not worth it in my opinion.
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