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  1. Hard to not be excited about what CJS is doing on the recruiting trail. Still have to sign them, but there is definitely more excitement around the program than there would be with Strong.
  2. His drama has vastly outweighed his production. No doubt he is talented, but not worth it in my opinion.
  3. I expect the team to look better in game 12 than they do in game 1. I will consider that an improvement over the previous regime, as we always looked worse as the year went on. That said, I think anyone expecting a bowl game is setting themselves up for disappointment. This team is sorely lacking talent.
  4. We will likely get beat by two ex coaches in a packed on campus stadium of a "weaker" program. It's tough be a USF fan sometimes. I have faith Scott will pull us out of the funk...but it's not going to be next year.
  5. It remains to be seen how good this QB is, but there is no shame in losing your job to Sam Howell. That dude is a beast. Put up better numbers than Trevor Lawrence this year.
  6. Franks is God awful. He was propped up by a solid defense and replaced by Kyle freaking Trask. He will do nothing here if he did come.
  7. I was on board with a Taggart or Leavitt re-hire, but as far as up and coming assistants this is an outstanding hire at first look. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, but nobody should be questioning this one now that the deed is done. It makes sense. It is incredible how fast my excitement for usf football can increase. Can't wait for next year!
  8. Can't even believe this is being asked but I'll bite.... 1. We aren't winning this game. 2. We are missing a bowl game in year 3 and the team has looked terrible at least 90% of the time. Charlie must go.
  9. Taggart would dominate here if we brought him back. Once we moved from the Stanford pro style to the Gulf Coast O we were set. Can't blame him for moving to Oregon. Now that he flamed out at fsu it would scare power 5 schools away a bit once he starts winning here again. I'm fine with looking at other options, but Taggart should be at the top of the list.
  10. Do you think we have Joe Burrow waiting on the sideline or something? McCloud is starting because he is unfortunately the best we have. USF fans have a long history of requesting the back ups...and guess what? They are usually not very good either. McCloud isn't the reason USF lost today, but I don't think he is the future either. We need a complete reset. Beginning with the coach.
  11. Flowers looked like a terrible passer in his freshman year as well. I think that worked out okay. Not saying McCloud is the next Flowers by any means, but this team has many, MANY problems...he can have some time to develop.
  12. He's our next HC. Leavitt as DC. Say what you want, it would be much better than our current situation.
  13. 2-2 is the absolute best case scenario. And that would involve a miracle win like the Cincy win in Taggarts first year. 1-3 or 0-4 is much more likely. Don't be fooled by how this team looks when we play ECU and UCONN. This team is terrible.
  14. Backup QB is always the most popular player. He looks fine. McCloud looked solid as well before the half. It's ECU. Not a great measurement.
  15. He has the potential to be. He is dynamic and opens up the offense, he can hit the short and intermediate throws well, and is accurate on the long ball but so far has either put too much air under it or has thrown into triple coverage. He is a freshman in a new offense. If we see some growth throughout the rest of the year I definitely could see him being the guy for the next few years. But if we go 2-10 - 4-8 (which is very much a possibility), nobody's job is safe.
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