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  1. Flowers looked like a terrible passer in his freshman year as well. I think that worked out okay. Not saying McCloud is the next Flowers by any means, but this team has many, MANY problems...he can have some time to develop.
  2. He's our next HC. Leavitt as DC. Say what you want, it would be much better than our current situation.
  3. 2-2 is the absolute best case scenario. And that would involve a miracle win like the Cincy win in Taggarts first year. 1-3 or 0-4 is much more likely. Don't be fooled by how this team looks when we play ECU and UCONN. This team is terrible.
  4. Backup QB is always the most popular player. He looks fine. McCloud looked solid as well before the half. It's ECU. Not a great measurement.
  5. He has the potential to be. He is dynamic and opens up the offense, he can hit the short and intermediate throws well, and is accurate on the long ball but so far has either put too much air under it or has thrown into triple coverage. He is a freshman in a new offense. If we see some growth throughout the rest of the year I definitely could see him being the guy for the next few years. But if we go 2-10 - 4-8 (which is very much a possibility), nobody's job is safe.
  6. Not taking time outs here is classic Strong. What a punk. Could at least try for a FG if you force a punt there.
  7. McCloud has certainly looked good today. If we can hold onto him and keep him healthy he could be great.
  8. Berating players is never acceptable. I'll allow boos.
  9. Absolutely no reason Blake should see the field barring injury or mop up time. We suck. Might as well see what the freshman has and get him experience.
  10. I'd take Taggart all day. He rebuilt the program once already.
  11. Strong has no future here. It is absolutely a win to fire him. In the long term, it has a better upside. I was happy with the Strong hire. Every year he has been here the team has gotten worse. This is his third year...where we should be seeing "his guys" take over. I've seen enough. Get rid of him early, get a hot coordinator before they are taken by someone else.
  12. I've seen enough. Going to watch UNC and Clemson after halftime
  13. A promising drive ending with an INT, followed by an implosion...I don't know why I expected anything different.
  14. So why do we hate the coach that led the best team USF has ever had again? It's pathetic.
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