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  1. Also, that's an added revenue stream for ND. A rather large added revenue stream.
  2. Where's the Robles crowd?! We need to get some insanity in this debate.
  3. Word on the street is that Egbunu was gone either way
  4. Travel partner has very little to do with Football. Football is revenue generating and there are only a handful of conference road games. The travel issues is a little dicier for basketball, but manageable. It's when the soccer, softball, baseball, track, cross country, tennis, and golf teams have to travel for conference games it gets bad. Some of the schools, Baylor and Texas Tech in particular, are in the middle of ******* nowhere. There may not be more than a single direct flight from Tampa to any of those schools. So that's tons of travel time. Having a travel partner would be a
  5. If I ever get the opportunity, I plan to start buying property in the area to begin the gentrification process myself.
  6. The Cure bowl might have crappy gifts, but Miami isn't far ahead http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2015/12/8/9872892/bowl-game-gifts-2015-rankings
  7. Since the University of South Florida is located in West Central Florida, I don't think many of us will be taking you to task on university name vs location.
  8. Honest mistake. The American is basically CUSA 2.0 and CUSA is basically Sun Belt 2.0
  9. They are in the exact same vein as us. This is a game that they probably have an equal chance at winning or losing. The opponent is pretty good, but JQP will immediately write off a win as, “Obviously you won you played an overrated opponent.” Beating 6-6 Auburn would be more respected than beating 11-2 (!) WKU or 8-4 USF. It is what it is. The truth is this should be a pretty good game between evenly matched teams. Hopefully we avoid the tirades from people lambasting the extension because we lost to “some terrible” Sun Belt team. WKU is a good team. The same people will also
  10. You do realize that was all on Skip Holtz and not Taggart, right? Skip and Woolard should be the ones to handing money back to the University. Nobody was going to win in year 1. Could someone have done better in year 2? Sure maybe, but we're here in year 3 at 8-4 from nothing and you're complaining?
  11. No, we was mentioned off the cuff in one article about Missouri. Tags is not going there.
  12. Well, ECU played them. They scored a late TD to make it look sort of close, but I wouldn't really call it that close a game.
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